Wings Laser Beams 2

These two images are from my personal collection. The insert was produced in different shades of blue plus at least in tan as well.

Wings Laser Beams lbl

Wings Laser Beams OG

Definitely a real Wizardo product but also the end of the ‘300’ series. Every release from # 383 to 408 either never happened or was a fake Wizardo.

Source: LA/Inglewood Form, 21 June 1976 (not the 23rd as stated in Hot Wacks). Wings’ first of three nights on their last tour stop on their triumphant 1976 North American Tour.

Side 1: Live And Let Die (4:42)/ Picasso’s Last Words (2:17)/ Richard Corey/ Bluebird (4:31)/ I’ve Just Seen A Face (2:34)/ Blackbird (2:57) / Star Spangled Banner (0:25) – Yesterday (1:58)       
Side 2:  Magneto And Titanium Man (4:06)/ Go Now/ Band On The Run (5:40)/ Hi Hi Hi (3:29)/ Sollie (5:29)

Quality rating: “Exm” (HW);”good audience recording” (Eight Arms To Hold You book); “Nice sound quality!” (collector review)


WRMB 383: Paul McCartney ‘US Tour 1976’ – as listed in the back of Hot Wacks, does not seem to exist.


Almost all of the rest of the tracks from the first night were released on Ken’s TKRWM label. The two missing tracks are ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ and ‘My Love’. Unfortunately, space was wasted where these songs could have been included by duplicating four tracks found here on Laser Beams (I do understand that Ken & John were probably not holding meetings to coordinate their efforts) but at least the Wizardo LP provides a slight quality upgrade for those shared tracks. All of these tracks are still core as no track from June 21st was selected for inclusion on the official triple live album.

Wings LA Forum detail

Wings LA Forum

Wings LA Forum pink


This footage includes backstage footage of Wings hanging out with Ringo, John Bonham and Harry Nilsson:

1976 series of repackaged Beatles titles.

TAKRL 1985: Number One – A copy of sides 3 & 4 of the 1975 TAKRL release Hahst Az Sön

TAKRL 1986: Number Two – Claims to contain live tracks from Shea Stadium in 1964 [impossible as they only played there in ’65 & ’66], Hollywood Bowl and Washington DC, which looks correct for the last two tracks on side 2. ‘Love me do’ and ‘Please please me’ on side 1 are attributed to the Hollywood Bowl, which is impossible as they were not on the set list anymore after 1963. The Shea tracks are likely from the Vancouver or Philadelphia concert recordings.

Beatles VBotBRarest 2


TAKRL 1986: Number Three

Side 1: Tracks 1 – 7 and last three tracks on side 2 are from Tokyo 1966, falsely advertized as “Their Last One Anywhere” and track 8 from the Hollywood Bowl in 1964. Track 9 is a copy of the officially released song.                                 

Side 2: Tracks 1 – 3 are from their BBC radio program “Pop Go The Beatles” for which the Beatles had recorded a new version for each broadcast. The “Candlestick Park, San Francisco 1964” are from who knows where as the Beatles played Candlestick Park in 1966 only, coincidentally that had really been “Their Last One Anywhere” then but none of these three songs were part of the setlist.

Beatles VBotBRarest 3


TAKRL 1988: Number Four

Side 1: Nowhere Man (listed as “Japan ’66” and probably correct)/ No Pakistanis (“’69 studio” – Get Back sessions)/ What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party (“’69 outtake” – correct date is August 1968)/ All My Loving (“Shea 1964” – live ’64)/ The Walk; Teddy Boy (“Martin demos for Let It Be” – lifted from bootlegs containing the first informal Glyn Johns mix of the Get Back sessions)/ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (’69 studio – Get Back sessions)/ Besame Mucho (“BBC ’65” – likely a copy of the Deccagone 45 from their January 1 1962 Audition at Decca, which had just come out in October of ’76)

Side 2: You Really Got  A Hold On Me / Do You want To Know A Secret (both BBC ’63)/ Medley: Love Me Do; Please Please Me; From Me To You; She Loves You; I Want To Hold Your Hand (“Germany ’64” – medley recorded specifically in a studio for the “Around The Beatles”TV show that the Beatles then mimed to with the added screams of the live audience, April 1964)/ White Power (Get Back sessions ’69)/ You Can’t Do That (“Lennon ’65” – real source unknown at this time)/ A Hard Day’s Night (“Shea ’64” – Live ’64 but not Shea)

Beatles VBotBRarest 4


TAKRL 1989: Number Five

Side 1: Day Tripper (Tokyo ’66)/ Two Of Us; Maggie Mae (Get Back sessions)/ Twist and Shout; You Can’t Do That; All My Loving (Hollywood Bowl, August 23 1964)/ Dig It; When It Gets To Suzy Parker Everybody Gets Well Done (more Get back sessions – the 2nd track, an unreleased Beatles improvisation about the US model, is commonly just referred to as ‘Suzy Parker’)

Side 2: Till There Was You; I want To Hold Your Hand; This Boy; All My loving; Yesterday; Nowhere Man; I Feel Fine; Can’t Buy Me Love (unknown live tracks, 5&6 look like Tokyo ’66 again)

Beatles VBotBRarest 5


TAKRL 1995: Number Six

See ZAP 7866 Next To Last Recording Session


TAKRL 1998: Number Seven

See ZAP 7869 Liverpool Flash


It’s nice to be able to put the TKRWM label to rest with this post as this last post was a bit of a chore.

Rolling Stones CS Blues 2

Side 1
– Cocksucker Blues [03:30]  1970-05-09: RS Mobile Recording Studio, Stargroves, Newbury, Studio Session
– Brown Sugar [04:07]  with Eric Clapton, 1970-12-18: Olympic Sound Studios, London, U.K., Studio Session
– Jumping Jack Flash [03:25]  1972-07-26: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY, Live Concert (also rest of side 1 and last 3 tracks on side 2)
– Love In Vain [06:39]
– Sweet Virginia [04:57]

Side 2
– Con Le Mie Lacrime [02:43]   released version
– Exile On Main St. Blues   Medley containing parts of released songs
– You Can’t Always Get What You Want [08:11]
– All Down The Line [04:33]
– Midnight Rambler [11:22]


Rolling Stones CS Blues 3

Deep Purple Prisoners of Rock

Side A:             Mandrake Root                                                                                                                         Side B:             Wring That Neck                                                                                                                      Side C:             Black Night                                                                                                                               Side D:             Paint It Black

When Deep Purple took the stage at the rock festival in Aachen, Germany on July 10 1970 an enterprising individual(s) had managed to run an extra line into the soundboard and a recorder was running out of sight. The resulting recording became the first DP bootleg: 

Deep Purple Space

“Some information about the bootleg origin:
The first pressing was titled simply “Space” and was available in late 1970, either as a double (two discs in a single cover) or as two single discs. “Mandrake Root” was split over two sides of the second disc. The second pressing was called “H-Bomb”, which a more professionally produced single album which lacked “Mandrake Root” and also had slight edits to the other songs. “Kustom Records” (ASC 001) was the (Bootleg-) Label which distributed the disc across Europe and UK in early 1971.”

From what I have gathered so far, Kustom Records seems to have been a US bootleg label, so the above comment is perhaps a little exaggerated.

DeepPurple H Bomb K

Deep Purple H Bomb

Meanwhile in the US, the decent quality – for the time – made it an easy target for copying:                    Deep Purple HB Dittolini

Deep Purple SZ CBM ss

Deep Purple Sonic Zoom 1 Deep Purple Sonic Zoom 2


Contraband advertized this as “Live In Chicago” – but that’s OK as some DP websites still list the source as being a Swedish concert.

Deep Purple Sonic Zoom 3                                                Deep Purple Sonic Zoom lbl


And before “Prisoners of Rock”, Ken apparently had already copied this single album containing the Aachen recording before:

Deep Purple Darker Than Blue

Originally on Purple Records:

Deep Purple Darker TB P lbl

Deep Purple Darker Than Blue


Deep Purple SZ TLB

A Vicki Vinyl produced version with a This Little Bird label on one side and an Idle Mind logo label on the other.


Deep Purple LFEurope

This sealed copy sold for a remarkable $131.50 in November of 2013

Deep Purple LFEurope detail

Deep Purple LFEurope lbl

Found with 70’s style GLC labels.


The band officially released this title, mastered from a bootleg source, in 2001 as Space Vol. 1 & 2 – on the Sonic Zoom label no less, so CBM got a nod as well – and again in 2006 as Live in Aachen with a cover showing all the bootleg LP’s this appeared on earlier.

Pink Floyd Barrett's Revenge

Side 4: SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN / A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS (AMSTERDAM FREE CONCERT 26.6.71 – songs have been edited to make them fit on one LP)




KNOWN LABEL VARIATIONS: TAKRL PLAIN [for the original pressings with insert]- MONIQUE D’OZO – BLANK RECORDS.

Pink Floyd Barrett's R 2

From collectorsmusicreviews:

“Amsterdam Free Concert, Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 26th, 1971

(76:32):  Careful With That Axe Eugene, Cymbaline, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, A Saucerful Of Secrets, The Embryo

While Pink Floyd took an enormous step between Atom Heart Mother and Meddle, it was the older material that were the basis of their live show during 1971.  In June they played dates around Europe and most of the shows include their newest epic “Return Of The Sons Of Nothing.”  On June 26th they played the Free Concert festival in Amsterdam. 

Almost a year to the day since their last festival appearance in the Netherlands (the famous Stamping Ground show in Rotterdam), they played a shorter set devoid of any new material.  The “newest” song performed is “Cymbaline” recorded in 1969. 

Three tapes exist for this show.  The first to surface is very good to excellent but is cut between the songs.  It was used to source several vinyl releases including  Early Tours ’70-’71 (Space Records FET 771 A/B), Barrett’s Revenge (TKRWM 2820-A/D), Amsterdam ’71, Sysyphus (S-1001) with “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” from this show, and Pink Floyd (Angry Taxman Records ATR 003-S1001).

The second tape to surface is also very good and clear which includes all of the tuning and introductions.  [It was only released on CD] (A third tape surfaced several years ago in excellent quality.  It’s superior to these two but only had “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” and “The Embryo.”)

Pink Floyd headlined this event.  The tape begins with the words of the mc welcoming them to the stage saying:  “with enormous difficulty but with great joy we bring you the Pink Floyd.”  It is a hurried yet extremely intense performance.  (After the performance the mc mentioned Floyd having to catch a plane). 

Even though they play neither of their two epics “Atom Heart Mother” or “Echoes,” the numbers included are improvised greatly and have interesting performances.  “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” is very quiet and mellow until the scream.  Waters is loud enough to cause distortion in the sound system as the noise shakes the stage.

“Cymbaline” retains its melodic beauty.  The middle tape section entertains the audience, not with footsteps and a slammed door, but with the sound of a woman in orgiastic passion (to the surprise and amusement of the audience). 

After a twelve minute version of “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” there is a five minute long delay as they fix the equipment.  The set closes with a lengthy version of “The Embryo.”  It is a rare instance where this song closes a show.  By this time in the song’s performance history Gilmour would play the seabirds from “Echoes” in the middle.  Also in this performance Waters duplicates the Scottish rant from “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict” from Ummagumma.

At the end the audience is begging for more as the mc thanks Pink Floyd, the crew, and all the other bands for participating in the event.  He also asks the audience to, as they are leaving, to take their trash with them.

Blue OC Fantasy Distilation oR

Released 1977.
Live in New York, 1972 and Stalk-Forrest Group Promo Single.
Source: The Blue Öyster Cult Bootleg EP and Stalk-Forrest Group 7″ single (marked +)
Workshop of the Telescopes
Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll
The Red and The Black
Buck’s Boogie
What is Quicksand?+
Arthur Comics+

Rochester, N.Y.
Nugget’s Pizza Parlor                                                                                                                              WCMF-FM broadcast

01. The Red and the Black
02. Stairway to the stars
03. Transmaniacon M.C.
04. Then Came the Last Days of May
05. Before the Kiss (A Redcap)
06. Workshop of the Telescopes
07. Cities on Flame (with Rock and Roll)
08. Born to Be Wild

Read below why ‘Buck’s Boogie’ was not included on the broadcast and why it can be found on the bootlegs anyway.

“The recording from this gig resulted in the famous “official bootleg” disk, Fantasy Distillation of Reality/Live in Montreal (!!)/Live in New York 1972 etc (it had a number of names). My copy was in a nicely printed glossy black sleeve featuring the famous Bethesda Fountain promo shot…”

BOC SWUnderbelly

BOC SWU front

French bootleg from 1975/6 referred to as The Soft White Underbelly and the “inspiration” for the IMP EP and the TKRWM album a year later. With that font on the cover, no wonder the copy came out on “Reichstag Records” (see disc image below).

“In 1972/3 as a pre-release to Tyranny & Mutation Columbia issued this 4 Track 12” single/EP called the BOC Bootleg EP. It did contain: Side One: The Red & The Black, and Buck’s Boogie. Side Two was: Workshop Of The Telescopes, and Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll.

Blue OC Bootleg EP

Blue OC Bootleg EP lbl

It was a 4 Track Live recording from a Radio Station (WCMF-FM) broadcast in an edited format a week after the day of the recording 72-04-03, from The Nugget’s Pizza Parlour in Rochester, New York. The Full Broadcast was 36 minutes long and actually didn’t include Buck’s Boogie as that song lacked Publishing copyrights security at the time of the broadcast.

The Radio Show did have the following setlist though: The Red & The Black, Stairway To The Stars, Transmaniacon MC, Then Came the Last Days Of May, Before the Kiss, A Redcap (Strange attempt at a re-arrangement), Workshop Of the telescopes, Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll, and Born To Be Wild.

Backline Power fuse blew just as they started that last song, but the power came back and the band went through the song and then some…..

The Vinyl History of “The Bootleg EP” COLUMBIA AS-40 is as such… the 12″ was only released to radio Station as a White label promo EP. Then it was Bootlegged in 1976 by Vicky Vinyl company Idle Mind Productions as IMP-1106 and presented as “In My Mouth Or On The Ground” in a 10″ format on Blue Vinyl and Black Vinyl on re-issues.

Two different covers were issued for this release, One artwork the other a Photograph from the Famous Publicity shoot in 1971 at “Needles Park” in New York.

Using that Photo and some great artwork the record was released in Europe as another 12″ Vinyl in a deluxe packaging with a special Presskit fold out inner encosure with Lyrics to the first albums and the fantastic promo pic from Secret treaties called “Max Effo:rt” (supposed to be read as a diacritic) and became commonly known as The Soft White Underbelly record, thus creating massive misunderstanding and a popular misconception of what the real SWU was all about…

This all due to the fact that the labels on the Vinyl read Soft White Underbelly… this was issued in 1976. In 1978 TKRWM released “Fantasy Distillation….” which had a rubber stamp with the erroneous info of “Live In Montreal” on the cover sheet. and included a poorly centered SFG single on that 12″ vinyl and more people got this rare collectible than ever before….

CD age and French semi-legal label SkyDog re-issued the EP and just called it Live in New York 1972, and actually issued a Vinyl to go along with it and to complete the story of its release. So there you have it…”

BOC orig IMP

BOC orig IMP 2



Blue OC lbl

Now, that’s a nice label.


Note the changed cover design which had already started with the previous release: TKRWM 1818 Pink Floyd – Gotta Be Crazy

Jeff Beck Alive & Kicking

In 1973 Epic Japan decided to record some of the band’s Japan dates in May of that year with the goal of releasing a Japan only live album that came out on October 21 1973 as Beck, Bogert & Appice Live (ECPJ-11-12).

“After another tour break, the band resumed their tour of US, starting at the Seattle Centre Arena on May 26 [sic, April 26 is correct] and finishing at the Honolulu International centre Hawaii on May 8, and they flew onto a Japanese tour which started at Nippon Budokan centre on May 14 and ended five days later on May 19, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka.

“Recorded on May 18th & 19th, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka. Original Issue has “ECPJ” Catalog Numbers and GREEN Obi. Includes 10″x10″ 4-page Black and White Booklet, with Lyrics in Japanese and English.”

A1         Superstition     5:12     
A2         Lose Myself With You     10:35     
A3         Jeff’s Boogie     3:25     
B1         Going Down     3:25     
B2         Boogie     4:53     
B3         Morning Dew     13:52     
C1         Sweet Sweet Surrender     4:30     
C2         Livin’ Alone     6:10     
C3         I’m So Proud     5:42     
C4         Lady     6:07     
D1         Black Cat Moan     9:18     
D2         Why Should I Care     7:18     
D3         Plynth/Shotgun (Medley)     5:40

BBA Live Japan inner

Ken simply copied sides 1 & 3 of this import album.