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Yes ... Indeed

Source: Yes live in Tampa, FL – Curtis Hixon Hall on 21 April 1973

Yes Tampa 73 stub

Side 1: Roundabout/ Starship Trooper
Side 2: Close To The Edge/ Wakeman Solo

Quality: “the recording was very good.” – Comment on a torrent site. “Gs”: Hot Wacks rating.      Another Contraband exclusive. The rest of the show has never surfaced.

Complete set list was:

Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
I’ve Seen All Good People
Mood For A Day
Heart Of The Sunrise
And You And I
Close To The Edge
Wakeman Solo
Yours Is No Disgrace
Starship Trooper

Yes ... Indeed green lbl

Concert goer comment: “This was my second time seeing the band (after the DeLand Fla show 11/21/71). The concert was sold out. We had not purchased advanced tickets. We managed to buy 3 from scalpers. We paid $8.00 for one $10.00 for the other two. Scalpers were extremely scarce. The rumor floating around by showtime was that one person had paid $55.00 for a single ticket (a fortune in 1973). Poco, the opening act, was an unexpected treat. The Yes show, besides being great, was the LOUDEST rock show I’ve ever attended. My ears rang for a full day after seeing them that evening.”

Listener comment: “Last Night I listened to the Starship Trooper from this show. Just amazing, better than Yessongs.”

Beatles Some Other Guy large

Side 1: Some Other Guy (see description)/ Lucille / Boys (BBC recordings)/ Instant Karma (Top of the Pops, 11 February 1970 – live vocal over backing track)/ Act Naturally  (Ringo Starr & Cilla Black; 6 February 1968, ‘Cilla’ TV show)/ Tony Barrow discusses the Butcher Cover recall (telephone interview)
Side 2: From Us To You (BBC recording)/ Shout (Around the Beatles TV Show, 28 April 1964)/  What’s The New Mary Jane (not faded out as on CBM’s Mary Jane)/ Hop On The Bus (dialogue from Magical Mystery Tour film)/ Across The Universe (No One’s Gonna Change Our World charity LP, released in UK on 12 December 1969)/ Twist & Shout  – Roll Over Beethoven – I Wanna Be Your Man – Long Tall Sally (more Around The Beatles songs)
I tried to retrace how the audio part of the Beatles performing “Some Other Guy” live at the Cavern (isn’t it surprising how precious few ‘live at the Cavern’ minutes exist?) on 22 August 1962 ended up on this bootleg but it is not possible. It is probably an off air TV sourced recording made when the clip was first aired on 6 November 1963.

This was such a milestone in Beatles history (that the rest of the country did not get to see until Beatlemania had taken a firm hold) the last piece of the puzzle in place, caught just four days after Ringo had joined. In a parallel universe, a Beatles Live At The Cavern EP would have been recorded and released and “Some Other Guy” would have been on it. This showcases the band’s appeal so much more than their first single. Although, not a strong enough cover in my opinion, to be included on any of the first two albums, it served its purpose very well in this live setting. The Beatles were at the start of the runway with their engines ramping up – they just didn’t know it yet.


Beatles Some Other Guy

CBM green disc lbl SOGuyBeatles Some Other Guy double

Beatles Some Other Guy KK

Dylan Gaslight Tapes + Alias

Above: A complete early package with the Alias EP, a very rare find these days and worth about four to six times as much as the average CBM release.

The EP is shown here with a white label and no cover, as opposed to what is described on The following is supposed to be the first issue EP cover:

Bob Dylan Alias 2

Dylan Alias EP label

Dylan Alias EP Mogul

“Later it became individually available with a slightly different sleeve (the one shown above).”

Dylan Alias v 3Above: A third version (?), shown inserted into the back of The Gaslight Tapes LP


Dylan Alias + Gaslight TDylan Alias EP lbl 2




Side 1: BILLY 1/ INSTRUMENTAL / BILLY 2 / BILLY 3                                                                                  Side 2: KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S DOOR / RIVER THEME / FINAL THEME / BILLY 4

From “First released along with The Gaslight Tapes, this EP was then to be found alone, with a white cover and a slightly different insert. This EP is a selection of music from the “Real” soundtrack of the film “Pat Garrett and Billy the kid”.  It is not very well known that the Columbia soundtrack is entirely (even if slightly) different from the music used for the screen.  This is quite remarkable and seems to indicate that Dylan wished to re-record most of the tracks for the record.  The last “Billy” ( No. 4) is complete and features Dylan almost alone on guitar.  All other tracks are partial or incomplete (like in the film mostly).  Also “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” is from the film, and different from the album.  Quality is medium or fairly good.” D. Roques

The accompanying album:

Dylan Gaslight Tapes

In every single image I have found, the Contraband disc symbol on the top left is slightly clipped, even on the large slip sheet shown on the very first image at the start.

Descriptions from

“The dust jackets were black print on white sleeves.  The labels were full printed blue with red type. The Gaslight LP insert that was included with this release is slightly smaller than the one that is with the single release LP [the one shown above actually looks like the largest insert found].

This contraband album, undertitled “Visions through a window”, was first released together with the alias EP.  It was then released alone, with the same cover. It was reissued in 1976 with various record labels including ‘Instant analysis’. One version of this re-release has a brown sleeve with a white CBM insert. (Pressed from original master plates). A second version has a white sleeve with a CBM insert and cartoon on back. Blank labels. Several different labels were used on this issue. “

Dylan Gaslight Tapes 2

Dylan Gaslight Tapes blue lbl

Side 1: Blowin’ in the Wind  / Rocks and Gravel  / Quit your Lowdown  / Instrumental  / He was a friend of mine  / Hiram Hubbard                                                                                                                Source: Finjan Club, Montreal, June 1962

Side 2: Hard rain  / Don’t think twice  / Black Cross  / No more auction block  / Rocks and Gravel  / Moonshiner                                                                                                                                                 Source: Gaslight Cafe, NY, October ’62

LP matrix: WEC-3814

“…fairly good quality, except “Hard rain” (very Poor).  All tracks are much better on (the 1974 TAKRL 1912 LP)“Ode for Barbara Allen”.”  “Exm” rating in Hot Wacks.

“These Gaslight recordings have circulated among Dylan collectors for many years. They made their first appearance on bootleg LPs no later than 1973 [probably on this very CBM LP], and have appeared, in various forms, on several bootleg LPs and CDs and on many Dylan fan CDR projects. The full set of recordings, including 17 tracks, is usually referred to by Dylan collectors as the “Second Gaslight Tape,” but some refer to the recordings as a compilation of the “Second” and “Third Gaslight Tape,” believing them to be compiled from two different sets at the Gaslight. The source recording is not continuous, and its exact provenance has not been firmly established.” (Wikipedia)

Beatles Sweden 1963 large

Released in July of 1973

Beatles Sweden 1963

Beatles Sweden 1963 orig lbl

Also available with colored pirate logo and white labels (the latter need to be differentiated from the Japan copy seen below).

Beatles Sweden 1963 JL 525

Japan copy JL 525


Another bootleg vinyl world premiere, brought to you by Contraband Records: The Beatles on Swedish radio (and excerpts from their BBC radio program From Us To You # 2), as recorded on 24 October at Karlaplansstudio in Stockholm for a radio program known as Pop ’63. It would take until 1981’s Airtime before an upgrade would become available. It should be noted that this tape contains the only ‘live before an audience’ version of “You Really Got A Hold On Me” as well as the group playing through Fender amps, instead of Vox’s [their equipment was late].

Karlaplan Studio

The interior of Karlaplan studio a few years prior to the Beatles’ performance (no image of them recording the program exists).

Beatles Pop '63 SWE radio

Listing of the Beatles broadcast on 11 November 1963 from Röster i Radio-TV, the former Swedish Broadcasting Corporation’s weekly television and radio program magazine.

Side 2: From Us To You # 2, recorded on 28 February 1964 at BBC Piccadilly Studios in London. another “Bank Holiday Beatles Special”, this time hosted by Alan Freeman. Early 1964 saw them move away from treating these BBC radio performances as mini live concerts with unrecorded songs as a bonus. Now overdubs were added and gone were the cover songs – unless they had been recorded. Parts of this program were archived by the BBC on a one sided 12″ record (Kevin Howlett who wrote The Beatles At The BBC, claims it was the only program to survive on a vinyl disc). Page 168 of my first edition of Way Beyond Compare states that the songs from that session included here as tracks 3 – 6 “were bootlegged in very good quality on the LP Mary Jane [in 1973].” I believe, this is an error and the correct statement should read “…on the LP Sweden 1963“.


Beatles Holland Sweden Beatles Holland Sweden SH

King Kong/Shalom 8430/3795A

Side 1 is actually “Sweden” – a re-release of side 1 of WEC-3795, incorrectly attributed to their performance on the Swedish TV show Drop In on 30 October ’63 – side 2 looks like a misidentified 1964 US Tour concert excerpt. The track list for that side is: She Loves You / All My loving / Twist & Shout / Roll Over Beethoven / Long Tall Sally / Can’t Buy Me Love   [the Sweden radio performance in excellent quality]

“This is an item rare enough that it is not listed in the Hot Wacks bible. It features a rare insert cover with a printed jacket credited to the same artist J. Fish. The labels are on Instant Analysis which means the vinyl quality is of a much higher quality than on subsequent CBM releases [I would love to substantiate the claim made here about the vinyl quality. The CBM releases came first, of course, this is the subsequent re-release]. The LPs contain  the same material as “Live May 1973” 3796 and “Ticketron” 3436. ” [eBay seller description]


Released around 1975 and flying under HOT WACKS’ radar, Contraband reissued these Live May 1973 and ticketron as this rare double album on their King Kong reissue label but apparently using Instant Analysis paper labels as well.

Matrix #: 3795 A/B (A Passion Play sides) and 3436 A/B

Disc 1: (both sides): A Passion Play        [Hampton, VA, Coliseum – 17 May 1973]                       
Disc 2: Thick As A Brick                             
              Cross-Eyed Mary                              
              A New Day Yesterday                          
              Aqualung         [all tracks: Norfolk, VA, The Scope – 22 April 1972]

The discogs listing has track times and may be more reliable to this:

A1 Thick As A Brick 17:06
A2 Wind Up 6:14
B1 Cross-eyed Mary 3:35
B2 A New Day Yesterday 11:20
B3 Aqualung
C & D A Passion Play 38:48

I have seen this title listed under 3795 and 3796.

Jethro Tull Live May 1973 large

Jethro Tull Live May 1973

Jethro Tull Live May 1973 II

Jethro Tull Live May 1973 stripe

The seller of the above version wrote: “This is a variation on the CBM release pressed on flex vinyl similar to mid 70s RCA Records. It does not have the pits and other defects inherent in CBM pressings. It also has a different matrix, this one being WEC 3796 A&B.”

Jethro Tull Live May 1973 yellow

Source: Hampton, VA – Hampton Roads Coliseum, 17 May, 1973. “Thought to have been at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY., but an audience member and newspaper report prove otherwise.”

1 Passion Play (part 1) 22:01
2 Passion Play (part 2) 16:46
3 Phone Call 0:32

Quality quoted as “Very good (stereo)”

One Tull newsgroup claimed “This album has also appeared as It’s For You. ” but I have found no trace of such an album.

Rolling Stones Hyde Park July 1969

This album was brought to you by Wisconsin Cheese Records – It’s the Cheese! Brian Jones makes a ghost-like appearance on the cover on the left.

Rolling Stones Hyde Park lbl a

Rolling Stones Hyde Park lbl b

Rolling Stones Hyde Park later

Rolling Stones Hype Park small insert

Rolling Stones Hyde Park 2

Rolling Stones Hyde Park KK

Side 1: Eulogy for Brian Jones (from Shelly’s “Adonias”)/ I’m Yours and I’m Hers (listed as Lemon Squeezer)/ Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Mercy Mercy / Stray Cat Blues / No Expectations

Side 2: I’m Free / Down Home Girl / Love In Vain / Loving Cup (listed as Give Me a Drink (Loving Cup))/ Honky Tonk Women

Matrix: WC 3689-A / WC 3689-B

The following comments are from “Audience (not Granada TV source) of the Hyde Park free concert, July 5, 1969. This is the original issue of this performance released sometime between 1973 and 1975 [1973 seems to be the year it first appeared]. One of the Top Three WORST sounding bootlegs of all time [Hot Wacks gave it a “Gm”, so this may be an exaggeration]. Rates with “Eight By Five” LP which is the audience source of Honolulu, 1966, and every recording you can find of The Hague, April 15, 1967 including VGP’s “Groovin’ Around”!

Note: There are versions of this LP that circulate the with incorrect artist on the LP. The artist is an obscure psychedelic/hard rock band from Baltimore called “The Orange Wedge”. “