Beck, Jeff

Yardbirds On Down p.i.


First issues available in various two-tone color combinations for the insert and black title or blank white labels. The official 45 label from 1965 was included as its mirror image can be seen in the white one.

Mid-Western USA: 2nd half of 1971 – early 1972


Tracks credited to Jeff Beck:
1. I’ve Been Drinking – B-side of Jeff Beck non-US 45 “Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu)”, February 1968
2. Tallyman – 45 A-side, 1967
3. Hi Ho Silver Lining – 45 A-side, 1967
4. Rock My Plimsoul – B-side to # 2.
Tracks credited to The Yardbirds:
5. Stroll On – from Blow Up movie soundtrack?
6. Psycho Daisies – B-side to non-US 45 “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”, 1966
7. Ha Ha Said The Clown – 45 A-side, 1967
8. Goodnight Sweet Josephine – 45 A-side, 1968
9. Think About It – B-side to # 8.
10. Shapes In My Mind – (credited to Keith Relf) 45 A-side, 1966
11. Ten Little Indians – 45 A-side, 1967
12. Steeled Blues – B-side of “Heart Full Of Soul”, July 1965
13. Puzzles – B-side of “Little Games”, 1967
14. The Nazz Are Blue – album track left off the US version of their re-titled 1966 album Over Under Sideways Down
15. Rack My Mind – ditto
16. Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu) – (credited to Jeff Beck) see # 1.


Here’s the folder cover reissue ca, ’73/4:

Yardbirds ODYardbirds On Down


This material – plus another Keith Relf track “Blue Sands” but omitting “Psycho Daisies”, “Ha Ha Said The Clown” and “Rack My Mind” – was also released under this title:

  • Matrix # AR-1687-1/2


  • WCF/(pre) Berkeley also released their own version as part of their 20XX series, which started in late ’73/early ’74. The matrix was 2052-A / B


Green cover version


…and blue. I am not sure what the exact title is, as I have no image of the spine writing or back cover (perhaps it is ROCK GALA? HOTWACKS has always listed it as THE SUN but obviously that comes from the newspaper clipping used for the front cover and may not have been Shiro’s intended title).

Japan: 1984

Source: Soundboard/FM broadcast of the first night at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 20 September 1983. HOTWACKS says this comes from an FM broadcast and maybe that is correct. There was also an official VHS release but this can be ruled out as the source as songs appear on the bootleg that never appeared on the video.

2542 A: Everybody Ought To Make A Change / Lay Down Sally / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
2542 B: Blowin Off The Way (this might be Rambling On My Mind) / Cocaine / Women Smile (likely Man Smart, Woman Smarter / Some Comes Across The River / Road Runner
2543 A: Slowdown Sundown / There’s A River (correct title: Take Me To The River) / Gimme Some Lovin / Star Cycle
2543 B: Pump (The Pump) / Beck’s Bolero / People Get Ready / Hi Ho Silver Lining
2544 A: Prelude / who’s To Blame / City Sirens / Stairway To Heaven
2544 B: Wee Wee Baby / Layla / Goodnight Irene

The complete set list:

Various Artists – ARMS Benefit Concert –
Date: September 20, 1983
Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London, England.

Source: Ex+ Stereo Soundboard Recording
01: Introduction
02: Everybody Ought To Make A Change
03: Lay Down Sally
04: Wonderful Tonight
05: Ramblin’ On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
06: Rita Mae
07: Cocaine
08: Man Smart Woman Smarter
09: Road Runner
10: Slowdown Sundown
11: Take Me To The River
12: Gimme Some Lovin’
13: Opening
14: Star Cycle
15: The Purmp
16: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
17: Led Boots
18: People Get Ready
19: Hi Ho Silver Lining
20: Prelude
21: Who’s To Blame
22: City Sirens
23: Stairway To Heaven
24: Tulsa Time
25: Wee Wee Baby
26: Layla
27: Bombers Moon
28: Good Night Irene

Band lineup
Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Beck: Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Page: Guitar
Andy Fairweather Low: Guitar, Vocals
Steve Winwood: Keyboards, Vocals
Charlie Watts: Drums
Simon Phillips: Drums
Kenny Jones: Drums
Bill Wyman: Bass
Fernando Saunders: Bass
Ray Cooper: Percussion
Chris Stainton: Keyboards
James Hooker: Keyboards
Tony Hymas: Keyboards
Ronnie Lane: Vocals





Below, different back cover design with (stickered?) number missing from above:



Japan: ?

Matrix: JIMMY-1 1M / JIMMY-2 1M (stamped)

Source: Cow Palace, Daly City, CA (near San Francisco). Cover states this is from the 3rd of December ’83. A pro-shot video exists for the 02 December performance.

“The ARMS charity concert proved so popular with both the audience and the musicians that the decision was taken to perform a further nine concerts in the USA. The US dates included Joe Cocker, who notably sang lead vocals on “With a Little Help from My Friends”, and Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page each shared lead guitar duties on the “Stairway to Heaven” instrumental. While Ronnie Lane appeared in New York, he did not appear at all of the US dates. They played in San Francisco at the Cow Palace December 1 through 3, 1983 for three sold out shows. Also, Steve Winwood was unable to do the American shows and Paul Rodgers was now playing in Page’s set. (They later formed The Firm together.)” [source: Wikipedia]

The short US tour started in Dallas on 28 November ’83 for two nights at Reunion Arena, than San Francisco and two nights each at the L.A. Forum and New York’s Madison Square Garden.


Beck J M

Beck J M b

Beck J M det

Beck J Mangled lbl b

Beck J Mangled lbl a

Japan: ? Perhaps early 1980’s based on the cover design (which in HOTWACKS is described as “brown”).

Source: Budokan, Tokyo – 30 November 1978

Side A: Darkness / Star Cycle / Freeway Jam / Hot Rock (misidentified title?) / Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Side B: School Days / Too Much To Lose (misidentified title?) / Lopsy Lu

Side C: Diamond Dust / Scatterbrain / Rock ‘n Roll Jelly

Side D: Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers / Superstition

HOTWACKS quality rating: “Exs”

set list:

opening, Darkness, Star Cycle, Freeway Jam, Cat Moves, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, School Days, Journey To Love, Lopsy Lu, Diamond Dust, Scatterbrain, Rock ‘n Roll Jelly, Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Blue Wind, Superstition, announcement

“Jeff Beck ended his short tour of Japan with Stanley Clarke with three shows at the Budokan in Tokyo on November 30th, December 1st and December 2nd. The first night has been circulating on a good audience tape released on Live Superstition (Off Beat XXCD-10), a one disc edit with seven songs from the show, and Lost Beck Tapes Vol. 7 (Sinsemilla) with the complete show on CDR.

The set for this short partnership is a strange mixture of the Jan Hammer Group tour setlist with a couple of Clarke tunes thrown in for good measure. It starts off with the same Hammer written tone poem “Darkness” as a prelude to the brand new “Star Cycle,” also written by Hammer. Beck identifies it as a song that will be on the new album coming out in the following year.

“Freeway Jam” sees Beck almost lost control in the middle and giving the lead to Clarke. “It gives me great pleasure to be back here at the Budokan. Thank you for coming to see us” Beck tells the audience before “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.” It had been more than five years since he played in Tokyo when he visited with Beck, Bogert & Appice in 1973.

Clarke has his first spotlight during “School Days.” The short bass solo gives opportunity for the audience to clap along and join in the journey before Beck comes in with the melody, stretching the piece over ten minutes long.

He also has an interesting run in “Scatterbrain” before Simon Phillips has his type-writer style drum solo in the middle of the piece. Afterwards, Clarke tells the audience “you know today, I learned how to count in Japanese” and does so before they start to play “Rock And Roll Jelly.”

Beck tells the audience how honored he is to be playing with Clarke and to be playing for them before an amazing version of “Blue Wind” closes the show.

“Superstition,” which opened the set the last time he visited Tokyo, is the only encore. He sings the words through the talk box during the middle of the song.” []

Beck Clarke J Tour 78 prog

Beck Clarke J Tour 78


Definitely a jazz bootleg, you can add “rock” to it but it makes as much difference as adding a sprinkle of nuts and raisins to a liver dish.


Beck J Live Vol. 1 II

Beck J Live Vol. 1

Beck J Live Vol. 1 b


Source: Audience recording from the Taiikukan Aichi in Nagoya as part of the The World Rock Festival on 05 August, 1975

Japan: 197?

Quality rating in HOTWACKS: “Exs”


Volume 2 – still from Nagoya ’75. with a very different matrix (XLL-3120) and a deluxe black cover. Rarely seen and perhaps released significantly later:

Beck There & Beck Live II

Beck There & Beck Live II b

VOL 2 has:  SIDE A: Cause We Ended As Lovers / Freezer (Power) – SIDE B: Scatterbrain / Thelonius / You Know What I Mean


Jeff Beck’s first tour of Japan as a solo artist was part of the “World Rock Festival” in August, 1975.  Organized by Yuya Uchida, who was best know for performing as a supporting act for the Beatles in 1966, the event lasted three days (August 3rd in Sapporo, August 5th in Nagoya and August 7th in Tokyo).  All three sets were taped.  The New York Dolls were also part of the line up, making for an interesting pairing. Jeff Beck visited Japan after a lengthy trip around North America in support of Blow By Blow, his most successful album to date.  He would play three more shows later in the year before taking a break to record  Wired.

“This is a strange pairing, the proto-punk and glam band with the guitar virtuoso at the beginning of his jazz fusion period.  It’s more a celebration of the eclecticism of mid-seventies rock at the event and serves as a good snapshot of the times.  

The New York Dolls set included:  Introduction, Looking For A Kiss, Daddy Rolling Stone, Puss ‘N’ Boots, Trash, Bad Detective, Stranded In The Jungle, Unknown, Girls, Frankenstein, Teenage News

New York Dolls were at at point of transition at this point in their career.  Founding members Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan left the band while on tour in Florida in April.  The remaining members, David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain and Peter Jordan were joined by keyboardist Chris Robison and their tour manager Tony Machine on drums for the trip to Japan. They were also released from their contract to Mercury Records during this tour.  

Their set on August 7th in Tokyo was recorded and released on the Tokyo Dolls – Live album with a set list quite similar to this show.  They start off with “Looking For A Kiss” and “Daddy Rolling Stone” to please the crowd.

“Stranded In The Jungle” is one of the show’s highlights.  “Frankenstein” begins with a recitation of a poem in Japanese before a radically reworked arrangement of the song from their first album.  The set ends with “Teenage News” and a thunderous applause from the audience.

Jeff Beck set list:  Introduction, Constipated Duck, She’s A Woman, Freeway Jam, Definitely Maybe, Superstition, Air Blower, Keyboard Solo, ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Power, Got The Feeling, You Know What I Mean

There is an emphasis upon the faster numbers in the first half beginning with “Constipated Duck” (the only original composition), the clever Beatles cover “She’s A Woman” and “Freeway Jam” preserving its jazz roots. The largest applause is reserved for the Stevie Wonder cover “Superstition” in which Beck plays through the voice box to startling effect.

“Air Blower” is another heavy excursion where Beck makes his guitar sing in the middle improvisation. Max Middleton plays a short keyboard solo before the slower paced “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers.” Bassist Wilber Bascomb starts off “Power” with the heavy funk beat, leading the band into a number that adroitly mixes funk with seventies metal.

The improvisational centerpiece of the set and the final number is a ten minute instrumental version of “Got The Feeling” from the Jeff Beck Group’s Rough & Ready album. Beck plays both light and shade and even gets into a duel with drummer Bernard Purdie by the song’s end. The encores include a quick “Thelonius,” the first song on Blow By Blow “You Know What I Mean” and a quick reprise of “Superstition” (this time with normal vocals).” (

Beck J Japan 75

Beck photographed by Bob Gruen, Japan, August 1975



From the same tour and the first day in Sapporo comes this rare Japan J. Beck bootleg classic:


Beck POTK d

Beck POTK lbl

This copy sold for $200 in January of 2016.

Japan: ? (1976-78 would be my guess) I would not be surprised if there was a connection to another supposedly ‘Made on Hokkaido’ bootleg: Rainbow’s 1977 Catch The Rainbow, which I had previously shown here.

Source: Audience recording from Okunai Kyogijo,Makomanai, Sapporo, 03 August 1975

Side 1: Intro / She’s A Woman / Freeway Jam / Definitely Maybe                                               Side 2: Superstition / Air Blower / ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers / You Know What I Mean

Apparently a total length of 45:53 but side 1 is only 17 minutes long.

Reissued on CD just last year due its great quality. It seems that the master tape is unavailable or lost.


“Inevitably. Hot Wacks was not the product of some dispassionate observer but someone who had been getting his own hands dirty. Kurt Glemser was already dipping into the mire at the time of Hot Wacks IV. K (as in Kurt) & S Records’ first release, a collection of live Led Zeppelin recordings, had appeared at the beginning of 1976. In the grand tradition of copycat bootleggers, Sin City Social was a shoddy mix’n’match drawn exclusively from TMQs Bonzo’s Birthday Party, Three Days After and Blueberry Hill.” [Heylin, Bootleg, p. 131]


**** 1976 ****


Led Zep Sin City Social



Discussed in depth here

Dylan TFSA alt insertDylan TfSAtticDylan NiR 1109



Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive 4Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive 2

Previously discussed here.




Who Raw insertWho Raw disc

And in blue:


Who Raw Blu

The ‘insider joke’ – and it took me a while to get this as well – is that the title is an alternative spelling for “Hurrah!)”.

A K&S original release, the Who recorded at Maple Leaf Gardens on 11 December 1975. Unfortunately, not a great sounding source tape to start with and since then surpassed by the CD releases presenting the complete show. One thing’s for sure, The Who tended to always put on a good show in Toronto.

Side 1: I Can’t Explain / Substitute / My Wife / Baba O’Riley / Squeeze Box / Behind Blue Eyes
Side 2: Dreaming From The Waist / Boris The Spider / Magic Bus




Beck 005 bBeck 005

As hinted at by the label shown, above, this title was also issued by TMoQ as part of their deluxe 820x series – and this time with a famous William Stout cover design:


BECK-FAST already has its own post on another blog:

Another review:

Link to concert review:



006: DAVID BOWIE ‘IN AMERICA’ – 100 copies on red PVC pressed from original TMoQ plates; does anyone else find it strange that “IN PERSON” was not ordered as well?

Bowie In America 006

Bowie In America 006 disc


Year: ?


Kinks Long Tall Sally

100 copies on red wax from original TMoQ plates.

And then there was yet another re-issue on mult-color wax, reminiscent of the Mushroom series:

Kinks LTS 2

Kinks Long Tall Sally b



“Q: Was it just Dub & Ken that you knew from that world or did you also get to meet Kurt Glemser (your drawing of Mick Jagger was used on the K&S version of ‘Burning At The Hollywood Paladium’), John Wizardo, Andrea Waters, the Rubber Dubber guy or any of the other bootleg producers from that era?

W. Stout: I met a few of the other bootleggers, usually at the Hollywood Record Swap Meet in the Capitol Records parking lot. For the most part they were pretty sleazy and seemed untrustworthy. This intuitive feeling was borne out when the other bootleggers started stealing TMOQ’s recordings and putting them out on their own labels. Meeting them made me glad I was working with “Ken” and Dub. I don’t think I ever met the Rubber Dubber — but I bought his records. I don’t think I ever heard of Kurt.

Q: Did anyone else approach you to do work for them?

W. StoutI think the other bootleggers were too intimidated by “Ken” and Dub to ask me to do covers for them. It was probably perceived of as a “turf” thing.

The copy shown below reached GBP 1220 at auction in March of 2011.

Rolling Stones Burning atHP 2Rolling Stones Burning atHP LP



009: LED ZEPPELIN ‘BLUEBERRY HILL’ – 150 pressed from the EV666-664 plates and either because they felt it looked better with labels or these just happened to be available: With TAKRL and 1970’s GLC labels. The copy shown here sold for $1,325.00 in January of 2014. K&S may have done mostly copy jobs but they certainly increased nicely in value in many cases.

Led Zep BH insertLed Zep BH 2Led Zep BH disc 1

K&S cover rip off LZ

The cover “inspiration” – Humble Pie’s 1970 album.



150 copies made as well but this classic Who release can be had for much less (under $300) compared to the two preceding titles.


WHO TftW 5


Jan Hammer Jeff Beck 511

Hammer Beck J 511

Derringer R Live Angel Stadium 2

Wizardo’s art department going for a minimalist approach… makes you really appreciate William Stout’s drawings for TMoQ.

The date given on the cover of the first release is wrong. This was September 12th 1976, Aerosmith headlining the last date of the first North American leg on their Rocks Tour, with appearances by the Jan Hammer Group with Jeff Beck, Rick Derringer and Starz.

Jeff Beck- guitar
Jan Hammer- keyboards
Steven Kindler- violin
Fernando Saunders- bass
Tony Smith- drums

This is a sample set list included for comparison and song title correction purposes:

Jeff Beck and The Jan Hammer Group
Cape Cod Coliseum
Cape Cod, MA
27 August 1976

01 Oh Yeah?
02 Sister Andrea (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
03 Country Eastern Music
04 Darkness ~ Earth in search of a Sun (entrance of Beck)
05 Earth (Still Our Only Home)
06 Freeway Jam
07 Scatterbrain (spliced)
08 Diamond Dust
09 Full Moon Boogie
10 You Know What I Mean
11 E1: Blue Wind
12 Train Kept A Rollin’
13 E2: Led Boots

Hot Wacks lists “Exs” for the Hammer/Beck album and “Vgs” for Rick Derringer. The ‘B’ grade listed below is probably closest to what most collectors of live recordings would assign.

In addition to the Jan Hammer Group / Jeff Beck tracks listed on the slip sheet the following exists:

Aerosmith w/Jeff Beck
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, CA
September 12, 1976

Quality: B

Train Kept A Rollin (cut)
I Ain’t Got You

“Notes: The famed jam with Aerosmith and Jeff Beck, who opened for the band at this show. Anyone else on the bill as well? Maybe someone here who went can clarify. While the Beck set circulates, this is all I have seen of the Aero set leading me to believe the Beck taper only turned his deck back on to capture Beck come out for this encore. After they finish “I Ain’t Got You” Tyler thanks Beck and then says “That Ain’t all..” But it was for the taper who apparently stopped taping.

One more comment from the sound man (?):

“But maybe [forum member] Nitebob will chime in. He mixed Aerosmith on the Beck/Aerosmith tour in the mid 70’s. I remember him telling me about when Beck joined them on stage to play Train Kept A Rollin. He said Beck & Perry were busy trying to outdo each other in trying to make their guitars sound like car horns while Brad just played wonderfully and blew them off the stage. Its a great story and he has some details I’m forgetting here. I think Jeff asked NB himself if they’d mind and he said your Jeff Beck just walk up there. Something like that.
“I was on the 1975 dates with Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, and Aerosmith. In 1976 Jeff Beck was special guest on the Aerosmith stadium dates. Jeff told me Aerosmith played the crappiest version of Train Kept a Rollin he had ever heard. Elissa tried for weeks to get Jeff to sit in. he kept refusing until Anaheim. Brad buried Joe and Jeff…….  nitebob”


Rick Derringer Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Aaronson Bass
Vinny Appice Drums
Danny Johnson Guitar:

Side 1: Let Me In/ Teenage Love Affair/ Sailor/ Beyond The Universe
Side 2: Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo/ Roll With Me


I guess it is safe to say that Wizardo was not a fan of Aerosmith, who were really big in the summer of 1976, placing # 1 in a poll in Creem magazine, on the cover of Rolling Stone, etc.

Question posted January 2nd 2013: You did the original artwork for this Pig’s Eye release. Ken has stated that Herbie Howard was behind Pig’s Eye but others believe it was Dub, since you usually did covers for the classic TMOQ releases. So, whose label was Pig’s Eye?

William Stout: “It was Dub. Trademark of Quality was getting ripped off so much that Dub decided to retaliate with Pig’s Eye. Pig’s Eye issued the best recordings of the bootleggers who were stealing from Trademark..”


Beatles OSiJ 1966

Not an original Pig’s Eye release but a North Asian copy, designated by printed b&w covers and having L 5xx or JL 5xx printed in small writing hence the designation as ‘JL label’.

I wonder how Holy Grail Records and Dr. Uriah Lucas felt about seeing their labels used in this manner. This label exists in no less than 3 different colors: light pink, pink and brown.

Holy Grail dark label

More variations:

Beatles OSiJ 2

Beatles 1 label small

Beatles OSiJ 3

Beatles 1 label big

Beatles OSiJ 4

Jeff Beck Gr

Jeff Beck Gr disc

Bowie Dollars in Drag

Blind Faith Pigs Eye copy

Jeff Beck Alive & Kicking

In 1973 Epic Japan decided to record some of the band’s Japan dates in May of that year with the goal of releasing a Japan only live album that came out on October 21 1973 as Beck, Bogert & Appice Live (ECPJ-11-12).

“After another tour break, the band resumed their tour of US, starting at the Seattle Centre Arena on May 26 [sic, April 26 is correct] and finishing at the Honolulu International centre Hawaii on May 8, and they flew onto a Japanese tour which started at Nippon Budokan centre on May 14 and ended five days later on May 19, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka.

“Recorded on May 18th & 19th, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka. Original Issue has “ECPJ” Catalog Numbers and GREEN Obi. Includes 10″x10″ 4-page Black and White Booklet, with Lyrics in Japanese and English.”

A1         Superstition     5:12     
A2         Lose Myself With You     10:35     
A3         Jeff’s Boogie     3:25     
B1         Going Down     3:25     
B2         Boogie     4:53     
B3         Morning Dew     13:52     
C1         Sweet Sweet Surrender     4:30     
C2         Livin’ Alone     6:10     
C3         I’m So Proud     5:42     
C4         Lady     6:07     
D1         Black Cat Moan     9:18     
D2         Why Should I Care     7:18     
D3         Plynth/Shotgun (Medley)     5:40

BBA Live Japan inner

Ken simply copied sides 1 & 3 of this import album.

Best naked female depiction: 1934: Santana – FLAKO DE ’57 SPORTSHIRT
Best spiritual cover: 1933: PINK FLOYD – OHM SWEET OHM
Best comic cover: 2924: ELP THE 1972 AMERICAN TOUR
Best “weird” cover: 1922: BONZO DOG BAND – LOOSE CABOOSE
Best use of an illustration: 1910 MOODY BLUES – GRANDE TOURE
Best group shot: Tie: 1902 BLIND FAITH & 1951: BAD COMPANY – SCRAPBOOK
Cutest cover: 1975 GENESIS – AWED MAN OUT

Best ‘title = cover’: 1968 KING CRIMSON – HERETIC
Best drawing & back cover: 2956 THE WHO -TOMMY LIVE AT THE RAINBOW


Honorable mentions:



Please add your own nominees in the comments.

TAKRL says: “I don’t think we ever got the song titles correct.”

“On January 26, 1974 the band played at the Rainbow Theatre, as part of a European tour. This concert was broadcast in full, on the US show Rock Around the World, on September 9, 1974. This was the last recorded work by the band and previewed songs that were intended for a second studio album, and became the bootleg At Last Rainbow . The medley which combined “You Shook Me” and “BBA Boogie”, was later included on the Jeff Beck compilation Beckology(1991).” Set list:

“Laughin’ Lady” (5:53)
“Lady” (7:05)
“Morning Dew” (12:22)
“Superstition” (6:07)
“(Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home” (7:40)
“Blues De Luxe – You Shook me” (5:34)
“Rainbow Boogie” (11:32) [“BBA Boogie”]