There are two different versions of Harrison’s ‘Live In Vancouver’ (SODD 005)

One version has a song added from another ’74 concert, which is not included on the track list on the slip sheet. This was discovered by accident, when I transfered my copy to digital. After posting it on a torrent site I was contacted by another member, stating their vinyl copy didn’t have that track.

A. The first pressings with a two-tone red & blue or all blue slip sheet. These have all the songs as listed on the slipsheet.

These are usually found with white WORLDS Records or yellow “Side …” labels. If you know the matrix numbers from your pressing with these inserts, please leave a comment. Also, kindly check if the song “Something” (in upgraded sound quality compared to the Vancouver tracks) is present or not.

B. The tan insert version found usually with black Worlds Records labels. I believe this is a later reissue.

These have “Something” added from the Long Beach recording released as Let’s Hear One For Lord Budda (sic) on Phonygraf .

The matrix numbers are: SODD 2-005-A /B / C / D

  1. YesDays said:

    I’m delighted and very grateful to see the recent posts. I hope the blog keeps rollin’ along. The find regarding this George Harrison title is unique and very interesting. It obviously required re-mastered pressing plates, just to add 1 song from another date on the tour. We may never know why. Thank you!

  2. j said:

    indeed….my words as well..

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