One version has a song added from another ’74 concert, which is not included on the track list on the slip sheet. This was discovered by accident, when I transfered my copy to digital. After posting it on a torrent site I was contacted by another member, stating their vinyl copy didn’t have that track.

A. The first pressings with a two-tone red & blue or all blue slip sheet. These have all the songs as listed on the slipsheet.

These are usually found with white WORLDS Records or yellow “Side …” labels. If you know the matrix numbers from your pressing with these inserts, please leave a comment. Also, kindly check if the song “Something” (in upgraded sound quality compared to the Vancouver tracks) is present or not.

B. The tan insert version found usually with black Worlds Records labels. I believe this is a later reissue.

These have “Something” added from the Long Beach recording released as Let’s Hear One For Lord Budda (sic) on Phonygraf .

The matrix numbers are: SODD 2-005-A /B / C / D

Bowie A Tasteful Display 3

Bowie A Tasteful Display 2

Bowie A Tasteful Display stamp

Side 1: Station To Station/ Suffragette City/ Fame/ Word On A Wing
Side 2: Stay/ Panic In Detroit

An eBay seller wrote: “Limited to 100 copies” – really?

Bowie Nassau 76

Among the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concerts, David’s Nassau Coliseum performance on 23 March ’76 is probably THE 1970s iconic rock show (together with The Who Quadrophenia recordings from December of ’73) but then again I am biased as I like it a lot.

Although this material has since been officially released as part of the Station To Station Deluxe box set, the boots remain the only place to own the drum solo in “Panic in Detroit” as a tangible hard copy. The recording has also been remixed and the audience “contributions” brought down on the official release (it seems for the KBFH engineers there was never such a thing as “too much audience”).

In 1976, Vicky Vinyl’s single LP on multicolor vinyl was the first release of this concert on vinyl but could only present a selection of the material. It has been speculated that a second release was planned as a volume 2 but then Ken was faster by offering his Resurrection on 84th Street double, which presented the complete radio broadcast (but changed the track position for “Word on a Wing”, which had followed “Fame”):

Bowie R on 84th

Side 1:  Station To Station 11:47 / Suffragette City 3:23 / Fame 4:02     
Side 2:  Stay 6:52 / Panic In Detroit 13:12     
Side 3:  Changes 4:02 / Tvc15 5:03 / Diamond Dogs 5:47     
Side 4:  Word On A Wing 6:07 / Rebel Rebel 4:00 / Jean Genie 6:53

Vicky Vinyl then commissioned a color cover and produced her own version with “Word on a Wing” in the correct place and bonus material from The Cher Show recorded on 23 November 1975 (tracks marked ^ on Side 4):


Bowie TWD logo lbl

Exists without and with printed back cover. Bassman’s Bowie Bootlegs page claims “Bonus: multi coloured vinyl” but I was not able to find an image confirming this.

As the release was very popular, it was re-issued several times. Later re-pressings of the Idle Mind title used Ruthless Rhymes labels:

Bowie TWD 2

Bowie TWD

Side 1:  STATION TO STATION / SUFFRAGETTE CITY / FAME / WORD ON A WING               Side 2:  STAY / PANIC IN DETROIT                                                                                    Side 3:  CHANGES / TVC 15 / DIAMOND DOGS / REBEL REBEL                                      Side 4:  THE JEAN GENIE / CAN YOU HEAR ME^/ YOUNG AMERICANS – MEDLEY^


1978 saw the album’s re-release on the Slipped Disc label, pressed from Idle Mind’s masters:

Bowie Thin White Duke SD


5 years later and another reissue, this time on a label called Duke Plates:

Matrix / Runout: FWD-1001-A/B/C/D

Supposedly same quality as Idle Mind originals; first release had one red and one yellow disc and re-pressings two red or two yellow discs.

Bowie twd small 1

Bowie twd duke plates b

Bowie twd yel


The finally reincarnation of this master came in 1984 – known as the JAG (Just A Gigolo) cover and released on the Bebop label; also supposedly no quality degeneration:



Extremely rare is a picture disc version with all of 15 copies produced in 1983 shown here:


The Rolling Stones title Bring It Back Alive (IMP 1112) can be viewed here.

and IMP 1113 – Kiss Fried Alive here.

First cover issue (back cover shown):

Dylan bloodtakes orig

The front insert looks something like this:

Dylan bloodtakes 1st issue f

I would slot this as a 1976 release for the original first issue.

bobsboots states “There was also another issue with King Kong on an orange insert that was probably issued in 1977. That is the year that Contraband started using the “King Kong” and “Godzilla” logos. ” I would still say that both animal logos appeared significantly earlier but it is really difficult to say as it is hard enough to pinpoint the release date for first releases, let alone reissues.

Later cover variation:

Dylan Blood Takes

Dylan Blood Takes 2

King Kong reissue:

Dylan Bloodtakes


Side 1:   Hurricane/ Oh Sister/ Simple Twist Of Fate/ Tangled Up In Blue  
Side 2:   Lilly, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts/ If You See Her Say Hello / You’re A Big Girl Now/ Idiot Wind

Sources:  ‘The World of John Hammond’ WTTW studios Chicago – 10 September 1975, except last track and all of side 2 – original 1974 Blood On The Tracks outtakes, recorded 12 September 1974, Columbia Studios, New York City

Hot Wacks made a total mess of this entry, obviously mixing it up with another album and mixing up sides.

A copy of sides 2 & 3 of this TAKRL double album from 1976 (# 2982):

Dylan PO&RT

Pink Floyd Nordestar

Matrix: PF-4030 A/B; released in late 1974; another J.Fish design.

Source: Rainbow Theatre, London, 20 February 1972

Side 1: Breathe/ On The Run/ Time/ Breathe (Reprise)/ The Great Gig In The Sky         
Side 2: Money/ Us And Them/ Any Colour You Like/ Brain Damage/ Eclipse    

Quality rating: Very good mono, “Exs” in HOTWACKS, where it is listed under “COMWET” Records with a hint that this may be a copy of TAKRL’s In Celebration Of The Comet (# 1903). Time-wise, that would fit as the TAKRL title precedes this one and the degradation in quality would support this as well.


With Comet labels:

Pink Floyd Nordestar Comet 2


Other found labels:

PInk Floyd Nordestar 2

Pink Floyd ICot Comet

So, we have a likely lineage of the European vinyl The best of Tour 72 (16-421/422) (black & white pigs cover) as the source, copied by TAKRL and then copied from there by Contraband.

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 b

1st pressing: No text on front cover and no track list and mentioning of “Rainbow” on the back. Laminated sleeve on heavy card stock with thick and heavy vinyl. Blue label with silver writing “We did it for you”. Very small writing for the matrix: 16-421/2

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 lbl

2nd pressing: Non-laminated cover, otherwise identical cover design but larger writing for the matrix. User labels:

Later re-pressings: “PINK FLOYD LIVE” added to front cover and a track listing and “Recorded live at the Rainbow” added. New matrix of KDBO 1034 A/B (72 A/B exists as well for pressings that used grey on black KDBO labels).

Due to the many re-pressings, some of the pressing plates were still being used even after having been worn out and later pressings may sound worse.

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 KDBO

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 Rainbow


Two more sources exist but none sound as good as what ended up on the original early pressings of the European first release.

. rec1 taped ONLY the entire 2nd set (OotD / CwtAE / Echoes / Blues / ASoS / StC)
. rec2 taped almost the entire show, cutting off over ASoS and missing StC
. rec3 is the all time called SBD but it’s audience really, only taped Eclipse suite (only that?)
rec1: MASTER > MD taped by Steve B. / 2nd set, Eclipse wasn’t taped     EX-/VG+         80:37m
rec2: 1st GENERATION taped by J. Baxter / cuts out in ASoS     VG+/EX-    112:29m
rec3: The best of Tour 72 LP 1st pressing mint     EX+   41:48m


pink_floyd_flyer_72 Tour

Rainbow 72 PF --F-&-B-cover

The free 12 page program given out at the concerts.

1972-02-00 Rainbow Theatre

Complete set list was:

01 Heart Beat Intro (Speak To Me)
02 Breathe
03 Travel Sequence
04 Time
05 Breathe (reprise)
06 Mortality Sequence (Ecclesiastes)
07 Money
08 Us And Them
09 Any Colour You Like
10 Brain Damage
11 Eclipse
Set 2
* Tune Ups
12 One Of These Days
13 Tune Ups
14 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
15 Tune Ups
16 Echoes/Encore Break
* Audience Requests/Tune Ups
17 A Saucerful Of Secrets
18 Something Different (Blues)
* Encore Break/Audience Requests
19 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Costello E Saturated

Source: CHUM-FM had recorded Elvis’ gig at the El Mocambo in Toronto on March 6th 1978 (and Columbia Records Canada pressed it into the radio station promo Live at the El Mocambo). As “Heart of the City”is not on the LP, this probably comes from the original radio broadcast.

Costello El Mocambo back


A1         Mystery Dance
A2         Waiting For The End Of The World
A3         Welcome To The Working Week
A4         Less Than Zero
A5         The Beat     [not listed]
A6         Lip Service
A7         (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea [not listed]
B1         Little Triggers
B2         Radio, Radio
B3         Vogue
B4         Wathin’ The Detectives
B5         Heart Of The City     [w. Nick Lowe]
B6         Miracle Man

“Heart Of The City is one of the 4 songs performed as encores with Nick Lowe, and is clumsily inserted after the opening chord to Miracle Man.”

Also, and probably first, released as TAKRL 901 – The Kornyfone Radio Hour:

Costello Kornyfone Radio Hour

and finally as LP 1 of this double set on Toasted:

Costello Exit

Costello Exit b

Browne Jackson Technicolor RS

Side 1: Take It Easy/ Jesus in 3/4 Time/ For Every Man/ Rock Me On The Water/ Jamaica Say You Will/ Song For Adam
Side 2: These Days/ Redneck Friend/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ My Opening Farewell/ Holiday Inn/ Looking For You

Released ca. 1979

[According to Jackson Browne fan sites, this was recorded at the following show. When comparing, it looks as if some of the song titles on the album are incorrect – likely since even his name is misspelled on the cover.]
1971/March/27     Jabberwocky University Syracuse

“Jackson Browne’s performance at the 200 seat Syracuse University Jabberwocky Club took place March 27, 1971, a year before he released his debut solo album but several years after his career began in the 1960s in Los Angeles and Orange County folk clubs. He also became, briefly, a part of the coffeehouse-based folk circuit in New York City in the late 1960s.

Prior to the Jabberwocky performance, Jackson Browne had written songs recorded by Nico, The Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, and The Eagles.2

Source: The source is from a first generation master, soundboard recording.

Sound Quality: The sound quality is very good to excellent, very clear and clean, in all very good
Set: Full concert recording.

Set List:

01 Introduction
02 Under The Falling Star
03 World To Gain ***
04 Together Again ***
05 Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
06 Last Time I Was Home ***
07 Jesus In 3/4 Time
08 My Opening Farewell
09 From Silverlake
10 Rock Me On The Water
11 Jamaica Say You Will

12 Together Again ***
13 Take It Underground ***
14 When You Lose Your Money ***
15 Our Lady Of The Well
16 These Days
17 Someday Morning
18 Shadow Dream Song
19 Song For Adam
20 Looking Into You

*** Songs that Jackson Browne never recorded for any album”

Browne J OTR

Sides 1&2: A re-release of Technicolor Roadshow

Sides 3&4: A re-release of Return Of The Common Man [TAKRL 1993]


“Though the FBI’s autumn 1976 operation had done little to abate the flow, it did necessitate one rethink. One problem with bootlegs was that they looked like, well bootlegs. This made it easy for even ill-informed FBI agents to recognize a bootleg at ten paces. While the legal temperature was no more than lukewarm, bootleggers resisted the sort of professional packaging that could double their production costs. From 1976 on, though, it became increasingly important for a bootleg to be stuffed in record racks alongside official goodies and be passed off as low budget legitimate releases. Printed covers started to become the norm; xeroxed inserts began to be reserved for small circulated runs.

Ken seemed willing to go with the flow. Dispensing with his two post-TAKRL labels, Flat and ZAP, he switched to black and white printed covers at the end of 1977, assuming yet [more identities with labels such as Impossible Recordworks, its occasional sister label Excitable Recordworks and the full color cover Phoenix releases.].” [Bootleg!, Heylin, pp. 132-3]

As Beatles expert John Winn wrote: “”False advertising” would be a good term to describe the EMI OUTTAKES album, which did begin with the only available EMI outtake at the time, “What’s The New Mary Jane” (making its stereo debut!), but quickly ran out of steam with common alternate mixes and gave up all together on side B (a rehash of the “Around The Beatles” TV show).”

Side 1: What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party (stereo edit of unreleased 45 mix) / Penny Lane (promo version with trumpet ending) / Blue Jay Way (mono mix) / All My Loving (“original uncut version” HW describes it as “only stereo version of this song” but quality only as good stereo) / Sie Liebt Dich (taken from 45)

Side 2: Twist and Shout / Roll Over Beethoven / I Wanna Be Your Man / Long Tall Sally / Medley: Please Please Me-From Me To You-She Loves You-I Want To Hold Your Hand / Can’t Buy Me Love

There are two commonly found cover variations for this album. 1. with Phonygraf sign (so was Ken Phonygraf as well?):

Beatles EMI OT Phony

2. Ken’s version # 1374 (see bottom left) – just without the signatures:

Beatles EMI Outakes signed Spindizzle

The album is most common with the blank white or yellow labels known from the TAKRL releases.



A re-issue of:

in the usual Wizardo splash colored vinyl variations:

Track list:

A1     Patti Smith –     Real Good Time Together  – (Velvet Underground)
A2     Patti Smith –     RAP / Giuseppe Verdi
A3     John Cale –     This Heart Of Mine – (John Cale)
A4     Patti Smith –     Strained On Strange
A5     Patti Smith –     Free Money
B1     Patti Smith –     Pale Blue Eyes – (Velvet Underground)
B2     Patti Smith –     Louie Louie
B3     Patti Smith –     Smooth Stone Beyond
B4     Patti Smith –     Gloria
B5     Patti Smith –     My Generation – (The Who)

From a P. Smith bootleg site:

Side 1: “Real Good Time Together”, “G. Verdi”, “I Keep A Close Watch” “Ain’t It Strange”, “Free Money”      Side 2: “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Birdland”, “Gloria”, “My Generation”

Sound quality is fair, performance is excellent. Some (if not all) were released on multicolored vinyl. Also released as Hard Nipples (ZAP 7882)

COMMENTS: Even though it’s not the greatest sound quality, it’s listenable and it is a great show, John Cale makes an appearance.

Unfortunately, neither label told us where & when this was recorded and 35+ years later, we still do not know and the following is the closest we will ever get to the original source:

“This bootleg presents a live Patti Smith performance from late 1975/early 1976 in which she appears with John Cale, who produced her just-released debut album, Horses. Cale gets a solo spot on “I Keep a Close Watch,” awhile Smith intersperses songs from Horses (and “Ain’t It Strange” from the upcoming Radio Ethiopia) with such concert covers as the Velvet Underground’s “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” and “Pale Blue Eyes” and the Who’s “My Generation,” as well as spicing up the proceedings with her usual commentary on everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Giuseppe Verdi. Especially interesting is a version of “Birdland” that makes the song’s references to Wilhelm Reich explicit. Unfortunately, the sound quality on what must be an audience tape is low. (Also released under the title Turn It Up.) ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide”

[A bit of a low point for ZAP cover design imho.]

It was then reissued as part of the 900 series (omitting the last track on side 1 on the cover list):

And one more time on Saturated Recordworks under this new title:

From a torrent description:

1976-03-20 [see comment below]
Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA
liberated bootleg “Alien”, Saturated Recordworks

02-Bloody Well Right
03-Sister Moonshine
04-Ain’t Nobody But Me
07-A Soap Box Opera

VG+/EX sound on this. Sounds like soundboard to me. Nothing was done to edit,
equalize, or else tamper with this sound. It comes directly from the vinyl LP
“Alien”. Some clicks and surface vinyl noise remain. The cover says “recorded
on the 1976 tour of the United States”, but I did some searching and found the
above date listed for this bootleg and I assume it’s correct.

Regarding the date, March 20 ’76 is usually quoted, even on the breakfastinspain Supertramp aficionados website, however, I believe that this date is wrong and I present exhibit A:

Either March 31 or April 1 1976 seems to be the correct date. This is not from a KBFH broadcast.

I would often see this European LP in the summer of 1978 when I started to develop a keen interest in the bootleg vinyl dealer that showed up at the local Saturday flea market. Hot Wacks states that this was copied from the ZAP title (in a poetic justice reversal of the usual events):