Graham Parker and The Rumour


Beatles SBS

Beatles SBS 2

Beatles SBS disc 2

Beatles SBS disc

Limited re-pressing of TMOQ 71076

Beatles Sp B S

“Have You heard The Word” (HW quality rating: satisfactory) by the Fut had first appeared on the Contraband LP with the same title, released in February of 1973 and preceding this TMOQ title by  about three to four months.   “Don’t Let Me Down” & “Those Were The Days” (satisfactory; 29 March 1969 Amsterdam Hilton “Bed In”, from a VPRO radio interview with Wim Noordhoek & Jan Donkers).  John’s short improvised version of “Cottonfields” (very good) was originally broadcast 5 June 1968 on the The Kenny Everett Show.  I suspect that “Twist and Shout” (good) are the Swedish radio recordings from Karlaplanstudio Stockholm, 24 Oct 1963 while the last track “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” (satisfactory) came the last ever Beatles BBC radio performance “The Beatles (Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride)”, recorded 26 May 1965 and aired: 7 June 1965. 

Side 2 starts with “You Really Got A Hold On Me” (good), likely taken from the Swedish radio broadcast as well, especially if it is live, as no other live performance exists. “Roll Over Beethoven” (good) and the first two tracks on side2: “All My Loving” & “I Wanna Be Your Man” (both good) likely are identical with side 2 of CBM’s Sweden 1963 (wrongly attributed as having first appeared on CBM’s Mary Jane in the book Way Beyond Compare): From Us To You # 2, recorded on 28 February 1964 at BBC Piccadilly Studios in London and broadcast on 30 March ’64. “A Hard Day’s Night” (very good) and “Things We Said Today” (good) plus the interview are obviously from the summer of 1964 and are most likely really from the Beatles’ Top of the Pops appearances (as Hot Wacks states). A promo video of “Long Tall Sally” had been shown on 1 & 8 July ’64; “A Hard Days Night” played from the disc on 8, 15 and 22 of July & 5 August and “Things We Said Today” on 29 July ’64. The final track, “From Us To You” (poor) might also derive from the From Us To You # 2 radio program,  recorded on 28 February 1964 and broadcast on 30 March ’64.



052: Thanks to a reader of this blog with a large collection, I can now report that there really was another re-issue of Pete Townshend’s The Genius of  (“beer can” version) pressed with this number- and on mcv again:

Townshend P TGo 052 image

Townshend P TGo 052 detail

Townshend P TGo 052 2

Townshend P TGo 052 mcv

And with a lighter colored insert:

Townshend P TGo 052



GP damq

According to HW, tracks come from San Francisco – 9 April 1979 and Chicago, Park West (where he would play again that November) – 28 April ’79; no detailed information available. The San Francisco recording has been up at wolfgangsvault for a while from the KSAN master.  Material from this performance was also issued on Ken’s Excitable Recordworks label around the same time as THE BEST KEPT GIRL IN THE WEST . has an interesting commentary of the San Francisco recording in its official forms:




Genesis so sn

Genesis so sn 4

Genesis so sn 3

Genesis so sn discs

Limited to 300 copies but can be had for fairly decent money (40 Euros and less) these days.


Side 1: BBC Top Gear – 25th September 1972

Sides 2 – 5: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto on 6 March 1977 (a K&S exclusive, audience recording – B+ rating)

Side 6: Peter Gabriel recorded at the Bottom Line on 4 October 1978, as broadcast by KBFH




The Runaways reissue of Wizardo / death 525 was previously visited in this post.

I looked again but the only images found are still the Youtube video images. In any case, the covers only differ in the added K&S logo.

Parker G Local Girls

Parker Graham Local Girls b

For once the cover information is correct. These tracks were extracted from the following FM broadcast:

Graham Parker & the Rumour – KMET FM, Roxy, Los Angeles, California, April 14th
1979, FM, complete show.

01. Intro
02. Discovering Japan
03. Local Girls
04. Thunder And Rain
05. Don’t Get Excited
06. Back to Schooldays
07. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
08. Protection
09. Mercury Poisoning                                                                                                                                       10. Howling Wind
11. Heat Treatment
12. Stick To Me
13. You Can’t Be Too Strong
14. Watch The Moon Come Down
15. Tear Your Playhouse Down
16. Don’t Ask Me Questions
17. Saturday Nite Is Dead
18. Nobody Hurts You
19. Soul Shoes

Encores :

20. Rdio DJ > I Want You Back (Alive)
21. Pourin’ It All Out
21. The New York Shuffle (left channel almost completely down on this last song)


    Bass – Andrew Bodnar
    Drums, Backing Vocals – Steve Goulding
    Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Bob Andrews
    Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Brinsley Schwarz (2)
    Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Graham Parker
    Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals – Martin Belmont


Other shows recorded during Parker’s “Squeezing Out Sparks” ’79 Tour were Chicago,
San Francisco and Denver.

Read about Parker’s reunion show at the Roxy 33 years later here:

Parker Graham Best Kep Girl ITW

Source: The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA – April 9, 1979

Side 1: Local Girls / Soul On Ice / Passion Is No Ordinary Word / Protection / Mercury Poisoning     Side2: Stick To Me / You Can’t B Too Strong / Watch The Moon Come Down / Tear Your Playhouse Down / Saturday Night Is Dead / I Want You Back

wolfgangvault has the show – I’m assuming from the KSAN tapes: