Idle Mind Productions

Pressing run sizes of about 500 – 1000 for the BRR titles.

BRR 001: Bill (W)yman and the ROLLING STONES  was previously reviewed here – click the link

BRR 002: Paul McCartney – Live!  can be found here

BRR 003: ?

BRR 004

Led Zep Mudslide red

Looks like a rarer release that does not turn up very often

BRR 005: Suzi Quatro – Naked Under Leather  as featured in the previous post “Western Pop-Rock Acts Bootlegged In Japan 1975-76: …”

BRR & SLA 006: Queen – “STUNNING”  ditto

BRR 007: Led Zeppelin – BBC Broadcast 



BRR & SLA release numbers were often used interchangeably, it seems.


SLA 001: Queen – Geisha Boys  ditto

SLA 002

Deep Purple Unreasonably Loud

Deep Purple Unreasonably Loud b

Image caption reads: Richie Blackmore: “I yell and scream at home, too.”  The text below reads: “Loudest Pop Group. The amplification for Deep Purple on their 10,000 watt Marshall P.A. system attained 117 decibels. This was sufficient in the Rainbow Theatre, London,  in 1972, to render three members of their audience unconscious.”

Deep Purple Unreasonably Loud 2

Mostly found with blank labels in various colors; below a copy with a “Duck Hits!” label

Deep Purple Unreasonably Loud Duck

Matrix: SLA-00002A/B

Side 1: 01 Lucille (5:25) — probably 12 December 1970, Stuttgart, Germany
02 Mumblin’ thing blues (8:29) — Muelheim Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany, 4 April, 1970 (Progressive Pop Festival ’70)
03 Into the fire (4:16) — probably 12 December 1970, Stuttgart, Germany

Side 2:  Space truckin’ (19:02) — Sporthalle, Stuttgart-Boeblingen, Germany, 10 February, 1972

Source: A copy of of the second Edition of the European bootleg LP Back To The Rock

This has been confirmed by a torrent on dime, however, the only images I can find are for the (Dutch?) LP on the Altintas label, which has a different track list and sources, altogether. Can anyone shed some light on this?

OK, hand up! Who in the audience had the recorder?


SLA 003: Deep Purple – Made For Japan  as featured in the previous post “Western Pop-Rock Acts Bootlegged In Japan 1975-76: …”

SLA 007 

Vicky Vinyl obviously thought after

marx brothers a night at the opera movie poster 3


marx brothers a day at the races 2

the logical title for the next Queen (bootleg) album must be:


Queen duck-soup

Queen Duck Soup duck

Correct concert date stated. Found with blank, Idle Mind, Duck and Ruthless Rhymes labels dates this release to 1978. An insert, autographed by the band, sold for over $600 in February of 2012.

First 4 songs on side 1 play too slow. The master was originally taped on a Tandberg Model 11 recorder with Sony ECM-22P mics.

Tandberg model-11

Two other insert variations exist:

Queen StLove 2

Queen StLove

Incorrect information given regarding the recording equipment and pointing out the date error on P.N.W. (see below) plus a ‘cheeky finish’.


Queen Adm Tic

Looking at the set list shows how this was edited and mixed up:

01. Tie Your Mother Down
02. Ogre Battle    P1
03. White Queen    P2
04. Somebody To Love    D1
05. Killer Queen ->    P3
06. The Millionaire Waltz ->   P4
07. You’re My Best Friend ->    P5
08. Bring Back That Leroy Brown    P6
09. Brighton Rock ->    P7
10. Guitar Solo ->   P7
11. Brighton Rock (Reprise)    P7
12. ’39    D2
13. You Take My Breath Away    D3
14. White Man ->   P8
15. The Prophet’s Song   P9
16. Bohemian Rhapsody    D4
17. Stone Cold Crazy
18. Keep Yourself Alive
19. Liar
20. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited    D5
21. Now I’m Here (cuts in)   D6
22. Big Spender   D7
23. Jailhouse Rock Medley*   D7,8,9,10
* includes Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting, Stupid Cupid and Be Bop A Lula

D = Duck Soup + track number on that LP; P = P.N.W. + track number on that LP

Interesting notes from a remastering job of the above master:

A copy of this recording was released on LP bootlegs, this is the first time when the original complete recording comes out. Unfortunately this master copy sounds much worse then the LP bootleg, which is pretty unusual. The original master was really heavy in the bottom end, while the LPs sound really clean. …”

Queen Seattle 77

2 LP bootleg of the complete master tape, taken from the 2009 torrent; supposedly only 100 copies pressed – I wonder if they used the remaster. This copy sold for a respectable GBP 155 in June of 2013.

I personally prefer the audience recording from the Boston Garden from this tour that was shared on dime a couple of years ago. Some live recordings just have that extra special bit of ‘audio magic’ and that’s one of them.


The first release containing material from this show was on this LP, released as part of the ODD Wizardo sub label in 1977:

Queen P.N.W. SS

Still sealed copy above

Queen P.N.W.

Queen P.N.W. 2

Matrix: ODD THREE -A / B

Queen P.N.W. lbl

Does this exist with any other labels?

1980 reissue under this title (with a mismatched The Game Tour 1980 live shot):

Queen Mania

1996 copy/re-issue made in Germany on mcv:

Queen P.N.W. REQueen P.N.W. RE b


SLA 008

Eagles Motel Six bl lbl

Matrix: ·SLA 0008 A / B

The year is actually correct: Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Season 1, Episode 20 [broadcast?] April 13, 1974: The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne

Regarding the location as stated on the back cover. The 46th St. Rock Palace in Brooklyn, NY became later known as ‘Bananafish Garden’ (now a furniture show & storage room) named after the J.D. Salinger short story. A few episodes of Rock Concert were filmed there but I could not confirm that this one was.

bananafish garden

“A TV show (Howard Stein’s I believe) later used the Rock Palace for some memorable shows with Jerry Lee Lewis, The Byrds, Hot Tuna, Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Steve Stills, and God knows who else […]”

Eagles Motel Six dragonfly 2

Eagles Motel Six

Eagles Motel Six RR

Eagles Motel 6

Ca. 1983/4 reissue with GLC labels.


Coming up: A couple more Rodan Records titles.

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour clear

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour 2

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour orange

First pressing on orange PVC and the infamous Von Grossenshush label, previously featured here.

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour orange disc

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour 4

The above German copy was either available on its own or as part of this 5 LP box set:

Rolling Stones Cherrie oh Baby boxrr

ROLLING STONES Cherrie oh baby Vol.1 The very best of the Glimmer Twins In Concert 1972-1976 3 LP BOX SET with 36 page booklet, on black or mcv + black vinyl.

Record 1 : Madison Square garden 1972
Record 2 : European Tour 1973
Record 3 : European Tour 1973
Record 4 : Madison Square garden 1975
Record 5 : Paris 1976

Rolling Stones Cherrie oB d 1Rolling Stones Cherrie oB d 2Rolling Stones CoB cv


Copied insert with added skull & cross bones:

Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour skull


A companion piece to the very first R.S.V.P. release RSVP 001: ROLLING STONES ”MICK TAYLOR … WE MISS YOU!”

Side 1  Sweet Virginia [04:43]# / Happy [02:54]$ / Love In Vain [06:17]# / Brown Sugar [03:23]% / Jumping Jack Flash [03:10]#
Side 2  Band intro [01:05]^ / Bye Bye Johnny [03:04]^ / You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:27]# / Midnight Rambler [11:33]*  


# 24 June 1972 Tarrant County Convention Center (1st show), Fort Worth, TX
$ 21 July 1972 Spectrum Sports Arena (1st show), Philadelphia, PA
% 20 July 1972 Spectrum Sports Arena, Philadelphia, PA
^ 21 July 1972 Spectrum Sports Arena (2nd show), Philadelphia, PA
* 24 June 1972 Tarrant County Convention Center (2nd show), Fort Worth, TX


Rolling Stones Jack Daniels o Tour alt

RS 4 July 72 JD

Jack Daniels on tour indeed (on top of the amp). Charlie and Keith on stage at Washington DC’s RFK Stadium on 4 July 1972 (image taken from this blog which has more quality shots:

Rolling Stones route '76 insert

Rolling Stones route '76 green 2

First pressing on green PVC.

Rolling Stones route '76 orange

Source: Knebworth Festival 21 August 1976; last Rolling Stones concert until 1978.            MATRIX: RSVP 005 A/B

Read all about it here:

Side 1: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:54] / Around And Around [03:54] / Little Red Rooster [04:34] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [04:57] / Dead Flowers [04:07]
Side 2: Route 66 [02:57] / Wild Horses [06:12] / Hand Of Fate [03:46] / Hot Stuff [05:00] / Fool to Cry [05:17] 

Quality: Good mono audience recording

Complete set list was:

1. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:03]
2. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:24]
3. If You Can’t Rock Me [02:18]
3. Get Off Of My Cloud [04:25]
4. Hand Of Fate [04:11]
5. Around And Around [04:08]
6. Little Red Rooster [05:08]
7. Stray Cat Blues [05:11]
8. Hey Negrita [06:21]
9. Hot Stuff [05:39]
10. Fool to Cry [05:40]
11. Star Star [04:09]
12. Let’s Spend the Night Together [05:06]
13. You Gotta Move [04:31]
14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [11:07]
15. Dead Flowers [04:31]
16. Route 66 [03:48]
17. Wild Horses [06:03]
18. Honky Tonk Women [03:17]
19. Country Honk [00:35]
20. Tumbling Dice [04:31]
21. Happy [03:51]
22. Nothing From Nothing [02:47]
23. Outa Space [03:55]
24. Midnight Rambler [13:43]
25. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:42]
26. Brown Sugar [03:43]
27. Rip This Joint [02:09]
28. Jumping Jack Flash [04:10]
29. Street Fighting Man [08:14]


Rolling Stones Knebworth Fair 2

It was then reissued under this title and on black vinyl only.



ca. 1979 saw the second Knebworth ’76 title:

Rolling Stones Tour Mop UP!

Rolling Stones Tour Mop UP! b

Rolling Stones Tour Mop UP! lbl

Allied Productions [082]
A 11082-A/B/C/D
Good Stereo Audience recording – is this a different audience source compared to the R.S.V.P. title?

Side 1   Honky Tonk Women [03:30] / Country Honk [00:23] / Tumbling Dice [04:25] / Nothing From Nothing [02:42] / Outa Space [04:24] / Midnight Rambler [13:19]
Side 2   (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [05:14] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:29] / If You Can’t Rock Me [02:17] / Get Off Of My Cloud [04:16] / Hand Of Fate [04:31] / Around And Around [03:48]
Side 3   Little Red Rooster [05:40] / Stray Cat Blues [05:11] / Hey Negrita [05:39] / Hot Stuff [05:10]
Side 4   It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [01:40] / Brown Sugar [04:04] / Rip This Joint [02:04] / Jumping Jack Flash [04:16] / Street Fighting Man [06:17]  




Rolling Stones Stoned StonesRolling Stones Stoned Stones b

First edition on olive Chet Mar labels and black PVC – made in the US:

Rolling Stones Stoned Stones Chet Mar

Rolling Stones Stoned Stones Chet Mar lbl

Re-released in 1986 on blue & green PVC – European reissue, probably Italy and related to the SS matrix releases I had listed at the end of the RSVP 001: ROLLING STONES ”MICK TAYLOR … WE MISS YOU!” post:

Rolling Stones Stoned Stones blu gree

Apollo Record Co. [LP-786]
MATRIX: LP 786 A / B / C / D
Incorrect dates on back-cover for LP side D
Good to Very good Audience recording

Side 1  Around And Around [04:00] / Little Red Rooster [05:16] / Stray Cat Blues [05:01] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [05:13]
Side 2  Dead Flowers [05:13] / Route 66 [02:51] / Wild Horses [02:51] / Honky Tonk Women [03:24] / Happy [03:39] 

Side 4 [Soundboard recordings]

Hound Dog [02:14]            28 June 1978: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
Bye Bye Johnny [03:07]    26 July 1972: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
Angie [04:37]                      17 October 1973: Forest Nationale (1st show), Brussels, Belgium
Let It Rock [02:38]              13 March 1971: University Of Leeds, Leeds, UK
Prodigal Son [02:46]         22 April 1979: Civic Auditorium (2nd show), Oshawa, Canada
Gimme Shelter [05:50]     09 September 1973: Empire Pool Wembley, London, England


1984 saw the appearance of this US made single LP:

Rolling Stones everybody's got to go

Also available with an alternative “check mark” promo insert, I’ve been told.

Rolling Stones everybody's got to go 2

everybody’s got to go (1 LP)
Great Live Concerts [RR-786]
MATRIX: RR-786-A // RR-786-B
Very Good to Excellent Stereo Audience recording

Side 1  Little Red Rooster [05:02] / Stray Cat Blues [05:11] / Route 66 [02:53] / Honky Tonk Women [03:16] / Happy [03:34]
Side 2  It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [05:00] / Brown Sugar [03:12] / Rip This Joint [02:05] / Jumping Jack Flash [04:07] / Street Fighting Man [06:01] 


1985 saw a re-release of sides 2 & 3 of STONES TOUR MOP UP! (2 LP) Allied Productions [082] on this made in Germany bootleg:

Rolling Stones Look At My Face

Rolling Stones Look At My Face b

Track list is incorrect.

No Label [-]
MATRIX: R3-A / R-3-B
First released 1985 in black wax.
Same as side 2 &3 of “Stones Tour Mop Up!” (2LP) on Allied Productions

Side 1  (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:53] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:18] / If You Can’t Rock Me [02:33] / Get Off Of My Cloud [03:37] / Hand Of Fate [04:26] / Around And Around [04:05]
Side 2  Little Red Rooster [05:13] / Stray Cat Blues [05:15] / Hey Negrita [05:32] / Hot Stuff [05:18] 

First edition was on black PVC and a re-pressing on white and yellow PVC:

Rolling Stones Look At My Face white

Rolling Stones Look At My Face yel


dboots quotes a 1995 release date, while I have now been told this partial soundboard source made its debut in June of 1985 on this German release:

Rolling Stones Hot August Night orange + blu

Blue & white cover on  orange & blue and (dirty) white wax.

Rolling Stones Hot August Night white

Rolling Stones Hot August Night purple

The color cover version with purple & black and mcv

Rolling Stones Hot August Night mcv

Rolling Stones Hot August Night b

Hot August Night (2 LP)
The Amazing Kornyphone Rebirth Label [TAKRL KNEB 876]
Matrix: KNEB 876 – A Satisfaction Guaranteed ! // KNEB 876 – B Let The Good Times Roll ! // KNEB 876 – C It’s Hot ! // KNEB 876 – D You’ll surely get Satisfaction
Excellent soundboard quality in Stereo

Side 1  (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [04:53] / Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:12] / If You Can’t Rock Me [02:10] / Get Off Of My Cloud [04:15] / Hand Of Fate [03:45]
Side 2  Around And Around [04:22] / Little Red Rooster [04:00] / Hey Negrita [06:14] / Hot Stuff [05:08]
Side 3  Fool to Cry [06:01] / Star Star [04:09] / Let’s Spend the Night Together [05:13] / Route 66 [03:09]
Side 4  You Gotta Move [04:24] / You Can’t Always Get What You Want [11:11] / Dead Flowers [04:00] / Wild Horses [05:53]

Rolling Stones Hot August Night RE

A reissue



Dated 2009: “[Hot August Night vinyl] is supposed to have better sound then any of the CD releases of this historic show. I haven’t compared the sound but if midnrambler says it’s better, I believe him.
I especially like Hey Negrita from this show. It’s such a beautiful mess!

“The audience tapes are available on several LPs ranging from lousy to fairly good. Frustratingly the soundboard recording is incomplete, and the best version is on a rare German LP which also runs too fast [could that be everybody’s got to go ?]. Neither of the 2 videos is close to complete either. To get the entire 2.5 hour show you must obtain about 3 LPs/CDs, as everyone is missing something.”

Knebworth 76 Flyer

Rolling Stones HP&WP

Rolling Stones HP&WP 2

The originals pressed on at least these two color variations. Release date? 1976/77 I would say.

Source: Cologne, Sporthalle, Germany – Second (9 PM) show – 2 June 1976 – the 27th show on the tour. First, there was Welcome to Frankfurt now it’s “Welcome to Cologne”.

LP 1:
A1. Honky Tonk Women [03:40]
A2. If You Can’t Rock Me [02:14]
A3. Get Off Of My Cloud [03:24]
A4. Hand Of Fate [04:05]
A4. Hey Negrita [04:58]
B6. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg [04:09]
B7. Fool to Cry [05:34]
B8. Hot Stuff [05:07]
B9. Star Star [04:10]
B10. You Gotta Move [04:16]
LP 2:
A11. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [09:20]
A12. Band intro [01:25]
A13. Happy [03:06]
A14. Tumbling Dice [04:18]
A15. Nothing From Nothing [02:57]
A16. Outa Space [03:13]
B17. Midnight Rambler [11:05]
B18. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:46]
B19. Brown Sugar [03:43]
B20. Jumping Jack Flash + Jagger talking – both incomplete [02:03]

Quality rated “Vgm”

Comments: “Quality is quite a lot better than the VGP 2CD release, with the same title. But the VGP release includes “Jumpin Jack Flash” and “Street Fighting Man”, …”

While the 1st Cologne show is one of the best concerts of 1976, this 2nd show is…..well; it’s one of the worst, IMO. And it’s mostly due to Jagger. Sounds like he would have liked to be anywhere in the world, apart from being on the stage, singing Rolling Stones songs. Especially in the 1st half of the show. “If You Can’t Rock Me” for instance; used to be one of the highlights of 1975 and 1976. But this must be the worst version they ever delivered…..before 2002, that is.
But, the fact that Jagger is extremely bored also makes it a very interesting listen.”


Later re-issued as this title, which is much more common compared to the original editions:

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 4

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 2

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 3

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 3 lbl a

Rolling Stones Happy Birthday Charlie 3 lbl b

Also available with Ruthless Rhymes labels.


The first show was released on two vinyl boots in 1984/5:

The Rolling Stones
“Germany 76”

Cologne, Sporthalle
June 2, 1976 – 1st show – entire show

One of the absolute best shows of the (poor) European Tour 1976

Taken from 2 different vinyl releases of Cologne 1976 (1st show) – and somewhat BETTER sounding than the CD-releases of this show.
It’s a HOT show, by 1976 standards – and worth seeking out.

RS 020676 – limited edition of 200 copies on black & blue vinyl, released July 1985

Rolling Stones Germany 76

Rolling Stones Germany 76 b

Rolling Stones Germany 76 disc

Rolling Stones Germany 76 detail

Side 1:  Honky Tonk Women / If You Can’t Rock Me – Get Off Of My Cloud  / Hand Of Fate / Hey Negrita / Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Side 2: Fool To Cry / Hot stuff / Star Star / You Gotta Move / Introduction / Happy Birthday Charlie / Happy
Side 3: Nothing From Nothing / Outta Space / Midnight Rambler
Side 4: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll / Brown Sugar / Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Street Fighting Man


The Rolling Stones
“Eau de Cologne”

Cologne, Sporthalle
June 2, 1976 – 1st show

ATR 004, limited to 500 copies / first 50 copies are on colored Vinyl; released July 1984

Rolling Stones Eau de Cologne

Rolling Stones Eau de Cologne b
Side 1  Band intro [01:21]  / Happy [03:11]  / Nothing From Nothing [03:18]  / Outa Space [03:30] / Midnight Rambler [12:07] 
Side 2  It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It) [04:48]  / Brown Sugar [04:12]  / Jumping Jack Flash [03:37]  / Street Fighting Man [06:14] 


RS Cologne 1st show ticketRS Cologne 1st show ticket b

RS Cologne 76 poster

First show added due to sufficient demand, causing Charlie to have to perform twice on his birthday.

RS Cologne 2nd show ticket

Ticket for the second performance still showing the originally planned show date.

Rolling Stones R ot Vaults

Gravestones 002

RSVP – 002 – A/B ; first issue on clear PVC

Side 1:

1. Ain’t That Loving You Baby [02:01]   8 Oct. 1964 ‘Rhythm And Blues’  BBC radio
2. Mona [02:13]
3. Don’t Ya Lie To Me [01:47]   (2&3) 3 Feb. 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
4. If You Need Me [02:02]   17 July 1964  ‘The Joe Loss Pop Show’
5. Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’) [01:46]   20 Aug. 1965  “Yeh Yeh!” BBC TV appearance
6. It’s All Over Now [03:00]   (same source as track 4.)
7. Little Red Rooster [01:44]
8. The Last Time [03:19]  (7&8) 2 May 1965  ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ CBS TV Studio, New York City, TV appearance

Side 2:
09. It Should Be You [01:21]   20 Nov. 1963  Regent Sound Studios, London, Studio Session*
10. Play with Fire [02:11]   20 May 1965  SHINDIG, Los Angeles, TV appearance
11. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [02:13]   2 May 1965  ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ CBS TV Studio, New York City, TV appearance
12. You Better Move On [02:26]
13. Bye Bye Johnny [01:54]   (12&13) 3 Feb. 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
14. Beautiful Delilah [02:26]   8 Mach 1964  ‘Saturday Club’, BBC radio
15. Craw-Dad [05:25]   18 April 1965  L’Olympia, Paris, France

Comments: * ‘It Should Be You’, version 1 (in fact this track was nowhere else to be found other then on the ‘Black Album’ itself – all other available versions are versions 2 with different harmonies and a more ‘moderate’ vocal [This would have to apply to Rape Of The Vaults too then]

The other thing is that the ‘Black Album’ has a lot of ‘unique’ edits; basically songs ‘cut short’.



Rape of the Vaults 003

First pressing on green PVC

Side 1:

1. All Down The Line [04:37]  17 Oct. 1969  Elektra Studios, Los Angeles  (ac. guitar version)
2. Melody [03:37]   21 Jan. 1975  RS Mobile Record Studio, Rotterdam, Holland
3. Cocksucker Blues [03:19]   9 May 1970  RS Mobile Recording Studio, Stargroves, Newbury
4. Brown Sugar [03:58]   18 Dec. 1970  Olympic Sound Studios, London (w. Eric Clapton)
5. Slave (Black&Blue Jam) [01:53]  (see track 2.)                                                                                          6. Too Many Cooks

Side 2:
07. Exile On Main St. Blues [01:30]   28 March 1972  Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles
08. Silver Train [03:36]   25 Nov. 1972  Dynamic Sound Studios, Kingston, Jamaica (ac. guitar outtake)
09. Parachute Woman [02:25]
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want [04:19]   (9&10) 10 Dec. 1968 Intertel Studios, London, (Rehearsal for Rock’n Roll Circus)
11. Cherry Oh Baby [03:38]  7 Dec. 1974  Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
12. Ruby Tuesday [03:10]   8 Nov. 1966  Olympic Sound Studios, London (outtake)
14. Sure The one you need [04:53]   6 June 1975  Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO (poor)


Both albums were then combined as a double:

Rolling Stones RotV+ Gravest

Mostly found on black PVC with Dragonfly, Ruthless Rhymes or these labels:



Idle Mind also produced their own re-releases of the classic TMoQ title Beautiful Delilah:

1. on multi-colored vinyl:

Rolling Stones Beautiful Delilah mcv

This same speckled pressing was also used in one of the versions of Black Box (see below).

2. New personalized insert with monkey logo and on black PVC:

Rolling Stones Beautif Del el monkey

Rolling Stones Beautif Del el monkey lbl

If this was number 5 in a series, what were the other releases?


Finally, combined with TMoQ’s Beautiful Delilah (71021) and sold as the Black Box around 1978:

The “Black Box” title – the working title for the project that ended up being released as the Metamorphosis album, as recounted in the 1976 book “The Rolling Stones an illustrated record by Roy Carr”.

LP 1: 1835 A/B & RS-A/B These are the matrix numbers for TMoQ’s “Beautiful Delilah”
S1 – Memphis Tennessee / Roll Over Beethoven / Down In The Bottom / You Can Make It If You Try / Route 66 / Confessin’ The Blues / Down The Road Apiece / High Heeled Sneakers / Beautiful Delilah
S2 – Carol / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / The Spider And The Fly / Cry To Me / Fanny Mae / Walking The Dog / Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Promo Video Version)

LPs 2 & 3 – Rape Of The Vaults & Gravestones

Rolling Stones Black Box sealed

Rolling Stones Black Box sealed 2

Above: Sealed boxes


Rolling Stones Black Box card

The first numbered pressing ran to at least 300 numbered copies. It looks as if a later re-pressing included one colored disc:

Rolling Stones Black Box red

Rolling Stones Black Box b b mcv

Rolling Stones Black Box goodies

Rolling Stones Black Album

Later European repressing made in Italy, part of the SS series mentioned at the end of the Mick Taylor We Miss You R.S.V.P. 001 post: Black Album SS 7

Young OMF logo lbl

With Idle Mind logo and “This Little Bird” labels.Several of Vicky Vinyl’s releases can be found with TLB labels, either VV had access to the labels or someone pressed from her masters using these labels.


Other exclusive titles on This Little Bird are:

– Peter Frampton Shine On The Shrine # 002

– Ted Nugent You Love Bands When They Play It Hard # 2003

The Rolling Stones Cosmic Christmas (7″ on green wax), only identifiable via the matrix #, which is TLB2000


The Neil Young 2LP also exists with blank white and Dragonfly labels. Obviously, this was a popular title that went through several re-pressings.

Young N OMF b cl up

Young N OMF green lbl

Young N OMF 4

Young OMF SD


The Forum, Inglewood, California
November 4, 1976

01 Campaigner
02 Human Highway
03 After The Gold Rush
04 Pocahontas
05 Too Far Gone
06 Old Man
07 A Man Needs A Maid
08 Sugar Mountain
09 Country Home
10 Don’t Cry No Tears
11 Down By The River
12 Lotta Love
13 Like A Hurricane
14 Drive Back
15 Cinnamon Girl
16 Cortez The Killer

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals

Total Time : 01:21:01″

plus “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” with Firefall and “Like A Rolling Stone” from 28 August ’76 – Spirit at Santa Monica Civic.


A couple of reviews:

“Neil Young & Crazy Horse went on the road in the U.S. in November 1976, and this double-disc bootleg chronicles their 16-song set at the Los Angeles Forum on November 4. It’s a spirited performance before Young’s adopted hometown crowd, which he urges on to better its already enthusiastic response. Though the bootleg comes from a lo-fi audience tape, the excitement is still apparent. Typically, Young peppers his set with songs he has not yet recorded. “Like a Hurricane” would turn up in seven months on American Stars ‘n Bars, but it’s already a crowd-pleaser. “Campaigner,” which leads off the nine-song acoustic set, would appear on Decade in a year. “Human Highway” and “Lotte Love” would be on Comes a Time a couple of years hence. “Pocahontas” would be on Rust Never Sleeps in 1979, “Too Far Gone” would have to wait for another decade and Freedom, and “Country Home” wouldn’t be out legitimately until 1990’s Ragged Glory. That’s seven new songs out of 16, with the rest including such favorites as “After the Gold Rush,” “Sugar Mountain,” “Down by the River,” “Cinnamon Girl,” and “Cortez the Killer.” All in all, an excellent set, especially when it was released. Filling out the second disc are Young’s guest appearances on “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” with Firefall and on “Like a Rolling Stone” with Spirit at Spirit’s August 28, 1976, reunion show, notorious for Spirit guitarist Randy California’s attempt to kick Young off-stage.” [by William Ruhlmann on]

“A rough recording that presents Neil Young sounding very loose and relaxed.  The last two songs were recorded at Spirit’s reunion concert. On Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”, Randy California and Neil Young scuffled on stage, and for a while the band kind of fell apart, but soon recovered.  Young and California finished singing the lirycs of the song to each other as if they were insulting each other.  The performances and the crowd noise give you a feeling that you’re there more than almost any other live recording I’ve ever heard.  This is a real jem for any Neil Young fan.”


For more about the incident at the Spirit concert, go to:

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman's green

If anyone has an image of the complete insert and/or another color this was pressed on, do get in touch – thanks.

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman's

A re-release of the first Blue Ribbon Records title from the original plates. Although HW only mentions blue discs for the Idle Mind version, this is obviously not the case.


Not the most exciting RS title ever and a bit of a pirate, with 3 officially released songs plus 3 BBC tracks coupled with the first half of the San Diego ’69 show ( first released on TMoQ’s Stoneaged ).

‘Seven title-run’ Blue Ribbon Records being a sister label to K&S out of Canada. They never did another Stones title on BRR, so part two of San Diego never followed.

Bill yman a t RS 001

Bill yman a t RS 001 b

Rated “Exm/s”

Bill yman a t RS 001 lbl


Bill yman a t RS 001 stamp large

Bill yman a t RS red stamp

The red wax version was limited to 150 copies, according to Hot Wacks. It seems that all black PVC versions have the spelling mistake (or joke?) on the insert (“yman”), while the colored vinyl run had it corrected.

Kiss Destroys A tlb

The ‘label’ shown here is a sticker the previous owner added; the other side has a This Little Bird Productions label.

Kiss Destroys Anaheim Pt 2

Kiss Destroys Anaheim Pt 2 b

This specialized Kiss Bootlegs website has done a great job listing all the different variations – much better than what I could come up with – so I will just send you there and just contribute these large images of a sealed copy of Part 2:

Queen Merc Poison full

Only pressed on black vinyl.

Queen Merc Poison b

Queen Merc Pois Dragonfly

Queen Mercury Pois

A copy of this Japanese bootleg (Marc 76059):

Queen InvYTANATBudokan

Queen InvYTANATBudokan b

Based on the release numbers, this album followed the MARC titles RORY GALLAGHER – SOUPED UP RORY!, # 76056  (recorded 2 March ’76 in London) and THE BEATLES – WELCOME THE BEATLES,  # 76057. If my theory holds up that the Beatles LP was produced around the 10 year anniversary of their Japan visit in June of 1976 and the Gallagher LP before that, around April/May – this would actually work out, time-wise – then the Queen LP would have come out in summer of 1976.

Queen invite BK b

Source: Excerpts from Queen’s second and third show at the Tokyo Budokan on their second tour of Japan, with most tracks taped on the 1st of April 1976 (31st of March where noted).

The original Marc LP still holds up as the best source for the April 1st tracks. While  four out of the five shows from this tour have been made available in excellent quality (on CD) as taped by “Mr. Peach”, nothing has so far been made available from the whole rest of the tour.

Side 1:

Bohemian Rhapsody (tape & rock part)                                                                                                       Flick Of The Wrist                                                                                                                                        Hangman, Brighton Rock                                                                                                                                 Son And Daughter                                                                                                                                              Seven Seas of Rhye   (31 March ’76)

Side 2:

Father To Son                                                                                                                                                  Doing All Right   (31 March ’76)                                                                                                                  Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon    (31 March ’76)                                                                                              Keep Yourself Alive                                                                                                                                              Now I’m Here                                                                                                                                                       See What A Fool I’ve Been                                                                                                                                   God Save The Queen


Queen ticket Budokan Mar 31 '76

Queen 76 progr

Queen Japan 76

Queen on stage in Japan in March of ’76

Comments from “Both shows were likely recorded by the same taper, and perhaps even from the same location, as they sound virtually identical to one another. The recording runs a bit fast. This material would be re-released on various LP and CD bootlegs over the years, but the quality of most of them would worsen.

This is an excellent performance by the band. The backing vocals are absolutely spot on tonight, particularly in “Flick Of The Wrist”. Most of the tracks came from the April 1 show. While plenty of songs from April 1 are missing, fortunately the few unusual songs from this tour are all available here.

[The] appearance of “Seven Seas Of Rhye” is a nice surprise on this tour (with gorgeous vocal harmonies in the bridge), along with the rare encore of See What A Fool I’ve Been. Before Roger speaks to introduce Seven Seas Of Rhye, a cheeky Mercury introduces him. “Our brilliant Roger,” he says from the piano.

Provided that the band didn’t play Seven Seas Of Rhye four nights later in Tokyo, this would be the final performance of the song for many years. It would be revived for the Works and Magic tours as an abbreviated version, always part of a medley.”



Side B of this extremely scarce release contains the following tracks from side 2 of Mercury Poisoning : Father To Son, Keep Yourself Alive, Now I’m Here, See What A Fool I’ve Been, God Save The Queen (I’m putting my trust in the track list on being correct and not the one printed on the cover,  although it runs counter to my intuition).

“1118” obviously refers to the Idle Mind LP, hinting at a mix up of master plates between this and disc 2 of the Wings From The Wings box set, which was also numbered 1118 (are there any pressings of Mercury Poisoning that contain Wings LA Forum ’76 live tracks?) – somebody messed up by not reserving two extra numbers for discs 2 & 3 from the box set. The McCartney/Wings tracks match side 4 of the Wings box set. 


Finally, in 1980, the Idle Mind masters were put to use one more time for this re-release on black wax and with white labels:

Queen mercury-poisoning version 2