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Dylan Friends of Chile 2

“Friends For Chile” benefit, Felt Forum, NY, May 9th 1974: Phil Ochs – Pete Seeger – Arlo Guthrie – Dave Van Ronk – Dennis Hopper – Mike Love & Dennis Wilson – Melanie – Bob Dylan

“In the Spring of 1974, the late singer and songwriter Phil Ochs organized a concert to benefit the Friends of Chile. Chile, of course, was a country in peril; one that badly needed friends after their democratically-elected President, Salvador Isabelino del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Allende Gossens, was Suicided by the military (with an assist from our very good friends of the Central Intelligence Agency) in Santiago on September 11, 1973.

As I say, Chile needed friends . . . and on May 9, 1974, this is what Ochs came up with.

To call this line-up eclectic is hardly adequate, but what milder euphemism could there be for an evening at the Felt Forum in New York’s Madison Square Garden with the likes of Pete Seeger, Melanie, Arlo Guthrie, Mike Love, Dave Van Ronk, Dennis Hopper, Phil Ochs, Dennis Wilson and . . . oh, yeah . . . Bob Dylan. Dylan reportedly got roped into this gig after Ochs played upon his conscience in a weak moment (and who wouldn’t love to have been a fly on the wall for that one), and from the minute he hits the stage he makes no secret of his commitment to the cause of extricating Chile from the savage bonds of a far-Right dictatorship.

This has often been called the single worst live performance of Bob Dylan committed to record and, for once, Conventional Wisdom has its way with Truth. It’s genuinely stinkola. To be fair, it should be noted that he, along with Ochs, had been guzzling vast quantities of wine in gallon jugs long before the show started. In fact, everyone sounds just a little bit blotto, but none more so than the Prokofiev of Hibbing, Minnesota himself. Some reports have Dave Van Ronk holding Dylan steady through the finale, and photos of the event partially bear this out.” [from The Clock That Went Backwards Again blog]

Side 1: North Country Blues/  Spanish is the loving tongue/  Blowin’ in the wind

Friends of Chile ticket

Complete set list:

01. Introduction (Phil Ochs) > Guantanamera (Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie)
02. Estadio Chile (Pete Seeger)
03. Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep (Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie)
04. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Dave Van Ronk)
05. Recitation (Dennis Hopper)
06. Try Me One More Time (Arlo Guthrie)
07. Deportee (Arlo Guthrie)
08. Presidential Rag (Arlo Guthrie)
09. California Girls (M. Love & D. Wilson)
10. Ring The Living Bell (Melanie)
11. My Rainbow Race (Melanie)
12. Victor Jara (Arlo Guthrie)
13. Allende’s Last Speech (Dennis Hopper)
14. Deportee (Arlo Guthrie & Bob Dylan)
15. Pablo Neruda Poem (Dennis Hopper)
16. North Country Blues (Bob Dylan)
17. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Bob Dylan/Van Ronk)
18. Blowin’ In The Wind (Cast)
19. Change In The Weather

Images and 2 of the 3 songs that can be found on the CBM LP (but likely from the tape source) can be found here:

Side 2: Sally gal/  Highway 51/  Talkin’ John Birch blues/  Ballad of Hollis Brown/  I don’t believe you (Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, 27 August 1965)

Tracks 1 – 4: Dylan’s first appearance on a concert stage as part of an all star Hootenanny organized by Sing Out magazine. First time “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” was performed and exactly one month before president Kennedy announced the discovery of Soviet missiles on Cuba on national TV. 

Quality: “Satisfactory mono” in HW, bobsboots rates the Forest Hills ’65 track as “barely listenable”.

Matrix:   BD X3 / X4

Dylan Carnegie_Hall_Sept_1962_2

Photo by David Gahr

Dylan Carnegie Hall Sept 62 a

Dylan Carnegie Hall Sept 62 b


Contraband later created a new title – video chile – by combining the pressing plate of side 1 of ‘dylan / friends of chile’ with a new side 2:
Hard rain
Blowin’ in the wind
Railroad boy
I pity the poor immigrant
Mozambique (not listed on cover)

23 May 1976, Hughes Stadium, Fort Collins, CO – broadcast as an NBC TV special and five songs ended up on the officially released Hard Rain live album, released in September of ’76.

You can read the background story of the concert here.

The inclusion of this material on video chile was a copy job using TAKRL’s last release (# 1999) Bridgetts’s Album. 

Matrix:  BDX 3/5

video chile is extremely rare and was perhaps one of the last CBM releases in 1977.

Dylan video .. chile KKDylan video .. chile KK detailDylan video .. chile lbl

CBM duke_ellington-chicago_-_detroit_1940

CBM benny_goodman-at_the_waldorf

Discovered by a frequent contributor and source of expertise without whom the blog would have a lot more inaccuracies and mistakes. A big public thanks for that. Now, we know where the 1974/5 J.Fish cartoon cover came from. If anyone knows of any further titles, do let me know.

As Billboard wrote in 1974 that “jazz is the genre that seems to be bootlegged the most” but I will leave that field to someone else to research … or perhaps that’s already been done.

Moody Blues october 1972 5Moody Blues october 1972 lbl A

Moody Blues october 1972 blu

Release date: late 1972/early 1973

Moody Blues october 1972 2

The best analytical notes of these three titles are still the ones written by bootleg needle dropper “doinker”: “The recording “October ’72” is supposedly from the Nassau Coliseum in 1972 [They did not play there in ’72, see tour schedule at the end].  According to the Hot Wacks discography, the recording “Live On A Tuesday Afternoon” is the same show. Sorry guys, it isn’t. The recording is somewhat similar, the performances are not.

LOATA, along with its even rarer identical companion “Moody Blues Alive”, are perhaps the rarest of the Moodies live vinyl. LOATA was probably limited to under 200 copies, and only came out once, a very long time ago. To those who understand the following lingo, it’s an East Coast WCF pressing, made in either North Carolina, or Flushing, NY.

Moody Blues Live On A Tuesday Afternoon

WCF’s typical cover and label design for their 1971/2 releases.



I have no information about “Moody Blues Alive”, except that the pressing may be European. The cover was a small insert with a stoned-out face floating in a blue starfield.

Moody Blues Alive

Moody Blues Alive b

Both pressings are quite good, but the production values were not. Some idiot added echo during the mastering process, and stopped and started the tape, producing a loud “thwack!” each time. It seems the tape was fast-forwarded and stopped to make the transfer as quick as possible.

“October ’72” came out more than one time. It’s probably best to call it a Berkely Records production (also East Coast, somewhat later than LOATA [I believe WCF/Berkeley Records was based in/near the state of Illinois]). Most of the pressings were terrible, and this one is no exception. There are a few good pressings of this show by the way, but they all suffer from speed problems.

The real treat here is the impromptu version of “Oh! Suzannah!”. It’s great, short as it is.

Hope you like the shows! Many thanks to MoodySMB for help doing research.”


Live On A Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Afternoon
The Tortoise And The Hare
Melancholy Man
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt 1
The Voyage
Have You Heard? Pt 2
Nights In White Satin
Legend Of A Mind

October ’72

Melancholy Man
Living In The Land Of Make Believe
Nights In White Satin
Are You Sitting Comfortably
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt 1
The Voyage
Have You Heard? Pt 2
Oh! Suzannah!

Moody Blues 1972 US Tour dates:

MARCH 1972
22    Chicago, IL    International Ampitheatre  
23    Champaign, IL    UICU – Univ. Assembly Hall   
25    Detroit, MI    Cobo Arena   
26    Syracuse, NY    Onondaga Memorial Auditorium   
27    Baltimore, MD    Baltimore Civic Center   
28    Toronto, ON    Maple Leaf Gardens   
30    Boston, MA    Boston Gardens   
31    Buffalo, NY    Memorial Auditorium   
APRIL 1972
2    San Antonio, TX    Convention Center Arena   
3    Fort Worth, TX    Tarrant County Convention Center   
4    Oklahoma City, OK    Oklahoma Fairgrounds Arena   
5    Houston, TX    Sam Houston Coliseum   
7    Orlando, FL    Sports Stadium Arena   
8    Miami, FL    Hollywood Sportatorium   

21    Hampton, VA    Hampton Roads Coliseum    
22    Baltimore, MD    Civic Center    
23    New York City, NY    Madison Square Garden    (2 shows)

24    Philadelphia, PA    Spectrum  
25    Boston, MA    Boston Gardens  
27    St. Louis, MO    The Arena    
28    Milwaukee, WI    Arena    
29    Bloomington, MN    Metropolitan Sports Center  
31    Salt Lake City, UT    Salt Palace    
1    Los Angeles, CA    Forum
3    San Diego, CA    Sports Arena    
4    Long Beach, CA    Long Beach Arena

Dylan Isle Of Wight

This release went through many different issues released by different people in Europe and in the US. Most common are the TMoQ’s releases of this material (BD 521; 71050 & 1855). I will not document all of these variations, as they are already on bobsboots, I just want to mention the likely original issue. At the beginning, we find this 1970 British bootleg. “As with most early bootlegs, it was released with several packages that  varied slightly from one  another.  The first version  has an extra flap on the front.  It had a small blank black label and black vinyl.  It was issued with and without the title stamp. 

Dylan IOW orig

There was also a version issued that first year that had a small yellow sticker on the front cover with the title and a drawling of an island. “

Dylan Isle of Wight drawing

“The jacket of this 2nd run was either white or yellow.  The matrix on all pieces is C-7 A/B . In 1972 Contraband music released the same album with the same matrix and an additional ‘BEAVER REC. 104701/2’ and a very small ‘MOTION’.  It had a white jacket with a red and white insert, black vinyl, and the standard variety of blank or CBM labels [with or without] the pirate logo.  Copied from the original, but not in as good a quality. Matrix:  10470 1/2” [from]

Side 1: Highway 61 Revisited/ One Too Many Mornings/ I Pity The Poor Immigrant/ Like A Rolling Stone+/ I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (not mentioned, later fixed on the CBM inserts)/ Mighty Quinn+/ Minstrel Boy+

Side 2: She Belongs To Me+/ I Threw It All Away/ Maggie’s Farm/ Wild Mountain Thyme/ It Ain’t Me, Babe/ To Ramona/ Lay Lady Lay

Tracks marked ‘+’ appear on Self Portrait

Dylan IoWight

The WCF version, above & below, ca. 1971/2:

Dylan IoWight 509 lbl a

Stevens Cat Catnip 2 cv

Only eight Contraband titles were ever pressed on colored PVC: Hendrix, Clapton, Mayall & Bruce, Ticketron (Jethro Tull), British Blue Jam (John Lennon/The Rolling Stones), Seventy Dollar Robbery (Dylan), Young Man’s Fancy (Neil Young), Plynth (Rod Stewart & The Faces), Staesboro Blues (Allman Brothers) and this Cat Stevens release shown here. These were probably pressed around 1972 / 1973. CATNIP exists in blue and much scarcer red and purple vinyl colors.


Stevens Cat Catnip CBM

Stevens Cat Catnip 6

Steven Cat CATNIP red

Steven Cat CATNIP lbl

Stevens Cat CATNIP lbl b

Side 1 Moonshadow/ On The Road To Find Out/ Where Do The Children Play/ Longer Boats (w. extra verse)/ Maybe You’re Right/ Miles From Nowhere (Side 1: 22:18)
Side 2: Peace Train/ Hard Headed Woman/ Father And Son/ Sad Lisa/ Changes IV/ Into White (Side 2: 21:20)

Quality rating: HW gave it a “Vgs”; one track is online and sounds “Exm” in my personal rating.

HW says “Live in Boston”, the internet attributes this as “Chicago 1972”, with nothing on the recording to base the city claim on it. There are no songs on here from Catch Bull At Four, the album he released in September of 1972 (some of the 1972 shows include “Can’t Keep It In” and “Sweet Scarlet” or “Ruins”). UPDATE: Now confirmed as having been taped at one of the two shows Cat gave at the Village Gaslight Cafe in Manhattan on either 30 November or 1st of December 1970.

Full set list:

    On The Road To Find Out
    Wild World
    Longer Boats
    Maybe You’re Right
    Sad Lisa
    Miles From Nowhere
    Hard Headed Woman
    Peace Train
    Father And Son
    Charges IV

Compare set lists here:


Comment from the net:

I came by this tape by way of a trade with a Norwegian bootlegger a decade ago.

Quality is standard audience recording, cheap machine secreted in greatcoat. In spite of this, a great moment in time recorded for posterity. Whoever recorded it probably just wanted a souvenir of the show but it sounds as good as the vinyl boots around. The gig was from Cat’s second U.S. tour. The Gaslight was full to its 300 or so capacity. Nice intimate atmosphere!

The tape starts with some setting up of guitar mikes by the crew, you can imagine a few burly guys plugging leads in with plenty of bum cleavage showing! The audience are evident by their chatting, coughing and clinking glasses.

The punters respectfully hush for a perfect opening rendition of Moonshadow. Falsetto ending, decent applause.

Alun and Cat tune up and then into On The Road To Find Out. Powerfully sung over just the two guitars and Alun chipping in with vocals. A great sound and the crowd are appreciative.

Cat introduces Where Do The Children Play by saying he wrote the song about two years ago and dedicated it to kids. Larry Steele provides electric bass on this one and Cat and Alun parry acoustically. The version doesn’t deviate greatly from the studio version although there’s no percussion.

“Now my first hit over here” Cat purrs in an American accent to introduce Wild World to a few chuckles. The song is well received.

Again they tune up and Cat calls for Alun’s bass to be turned down. “A song about spaceships, y’know what I mean?” Cat has difficulty getting his old star studded Gibson in tune and says “wouldn’t it be great if you could just press a button and it would be in tune…guitars are only human anyway.” Assuming it’s his Gibson as he says it’s old fashioned – The Everly Brothers used the same model. A lovely guitar intro to Longer Boats and then my tape chews up slightly, a flaw on the original tape. A shame as the best song so far in my opinion. Cat sounding confident and great choppy timing. The extra verse adds a new dimension to the vague lyrics of the song. Perfection!

Cat takes to the piano for a few songs:

Maybe You’re Right – just Cat with Alun strumming, the piano and Cat’s voice carry the bluesy melody just right. The melancholy feel continues with Sad Lisa, sounding sparse without the violin. Miles From Nowhere completes the keyboards set, again very blues based and powerful.

Cat introduces Hard Headed Woman, you can tell they’re all having a good time.

Some tuning up then Peace Train chugs along with the audience clapping mostly in time. Cat and Alun harmonise exquisitely.

Straight into Father And Son, again it’s close to the album version. Cat’s voice descants between the split personality of dad and headstrong son. Alun’s contribution on guitar and vocals is superb – his sweet voice complementing Steve’s harsher tones.

There’s lots of audience chat as the trio take a breather.

Then Changes IV rocks with more crowd participation! It’s flamboyant and optimistic and you’re left wanting more as the tape shuts down. Sadly you’re cheated, there’s no encore preserved. At least someone had the good sense to record the show albeit crudely.



The only memento from his 1970 tour I was able to find is this L.A. newspaper ad.


For other/earlier versions of this very popular bootleg click on this link.







  1. Master # 1: A. Contraband label version titled MADISON SQUARE GARDEN AUGUST 1, 1971:

USA: East Coast, ca. 1972, identical master to The Greatest Show On Earth (Share Records GH 6699), I do not know which version came first.

Variations shown:

  • Stamped cover, no insert
  • inserts in various colors
  • back stamp track list found on one of the insert versions
  • Carnaby Records, yellow CBM & blank white labels

Later reissued ca. 1974/5 with Instant Analysis labels and their bare bones slip sheet design:

Harrison bangla desh

Source: Evening performance at Madison Square Garden on 1 August 1971; Matrix  SAD 1/2 

Side 1: My Sweet Lord/ Beware of Darkness/ My Guitar Gently Weeps/ Here Comes The Sun/ Something/ Bangla Desh

Side 2: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall/ It Takes A Lot To Laugh/ Blowin’ In The Wind/ Mr. Tambourine Man/ Just Like A Woman

Quality Comments: “Satisfactory mono, a lot of crowd noise.”; “It is a mediocre audience recording.”


2. Master # 1: B. The Share Records version:

Greatest Show On Earth

Greatest Show On Earth lbl


3. Master # 2: A. The FRT BRK 1001 Release


Copies with yellow labels exist as well: “This ‘version two’ Bangla Desh concert LP was issued in 1971 by FRT Records. The plain white sleeve carried a black on white insert with small, unflattering cartoon drawings of the artists. Black vinyl. The labels are either blank blue (some were stamped “SIDE A”, “SIDE B” and/or “33 1/3 RPM”.) or are the generic GLC labels.
This is basically the same LP released by  BANG records [shown above], but was pressed from a different master plate. Matrix  BRK 1001 A1/B1 “

Hot Wacks claims that the FRT BRK 1001 album contains excerpts from the afternoon show. It also states that Bangla Desh (BANG Records 4022) contains the same material. That LP is then listed in Eight Arms To Hold You as the suggested source for three tracks from the evening concert.


4. Master # 2: B. The WCF copy titled BANGLA DESH

From “BANG Records [WCF] released this LP in 1971 [1973 is more likely when looking at the WCF 40XX series] shortly after the concert. It was pressed from its own unique master plates, but it’s basically the same LP that was released by FRT records at about the same time [see below]. It has a folder type wrap-around sleeve with a black and green, or green and white cartoon insert of Harrison [The folder type cover is a ca. 1974 reissue w. blank white labels and not the simple insert version shown here]. The labels are either plain eggshell white or are full printed silver and blue ‘BANG’ labels. Matrix  4022 A/B  “

I have since created a follow up post focusing on the WCF album. You can visit it by clicking on this text.

CfBd 3


New York Harrison Concert 1971

With Klaus Voormann, Jesse Ed Davies and Eric Clapton.

CfBd 4

With Don Preston and Eric –  the mad axe-men of altruism.

CfBd 2

+ = already reviewed, IA = Instant Analysis, KK = King Kong

RSBR A-D    Rolling Stones            Recorded Live At Baton Rouge + 1975/6
SAD 1 / 2   Madison Square Garden August 1, 1971
?         The Band                  Wat’cha Want Mama!  +  (Pasadena, July ’69)
?         Carole King             California Concert   
NY/B1        Neil Young        Rocky Mountain Review  +  (1971-01-16, early show; Boulder, CO)
?         Neil Young        Live On Sugar Mountain  +  (1971-02-01, LA Music Center)
?         Robin Trower        Denver            1973
?         Cat Stevens         Catnip      *CV*    (NYC 1970)
?         Simon & Garfunkel    Recollections (called “Tom & Jerry” in HW, which describes the cartoon art work on the insert)
?        Leon Russel        Session        1971
?        John Lennon        Roots +   KK

MG1  Jethro Tull   MY GOD!  (copy ca. 1972)

104 70        Bob Dylan        Isle Of Wight        1972
Beaver 10471/2    Bob Dylan        Isle Of Wight

?        Elton John        Gulliver’s Gone  +  (pirate)
?        Beatles/JT        Best Of The Beatles & Jethro Tull  [no image found]
2        Beatles         Complete Christmas Collection    1972 +
?        Elton John         radiocord +
?        Moody Blues        October 1972

BDX 3/4        Bob Dylan         Forest Hills 1965 / Friends of Chile    1974
BDX 3/5        Bob Dylan        Video Chile        1977

001        VA            California Jammin’    KK
CBM 2 C1/D1     Beatles   Yellow Matter Custard  +     1972

003        Bob Dylan        Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues [“not known to exist, and may have been listed in error” according to]

3        Rod Stewart        Plynth +  (Oct 30 ’70)  * CV *
4        Hendrix, Clapton, Mayall & Bruce

15        Beatles            Kum Back!

47-109          Elvis Presley           Elvis

241        Rolling Stones         Gimme Shelter (LiveR copy)

47-106        Cream            ’67 – ’68 +

614/615        Bob Dylan        Dylan also GWW II    1971
616/617        Bob Dylan        Dylan also GWW II    1971

681        Cat Stevens        Chapter 4  (June 21 ’71)


A thorough review of ‘PF47094   Pink Floyd   Music Halle‘ will follow at a later time, as this title and all its predecessors require quite a bit of research.

Beatles Rare B b

J. Fish design, without a doubt.

Beatles RARE hb

Date of release: March 1974

SIDE A: Johnny B. Goode (Saturday Club # 280, recorded 7 January 1964)/ Shout (Around The Beatles, rec. 19 April 1964)/ Pop Go The Beatles/ You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me Pop Go The Beatles # 14, rec. 3 September ’63/ Memphis Tennessee (2:18)/ Happy Birthday, Saturday Club (0:30) (last 2 tracks: Saturday Club # 261, recorded 7 September 1963)/ This Boy/ Twist And Shout/ I Want To Hold Your Hand

SIDE B: Roll Over Beethoven/ All My Loving/ I Wanna Be Your Man/ From Me To You/ Tell Me Why/ If I Fell/ I Should Have Known Better
As “Tell Me Why” was never recorded for any of the BBC radio programs or performed live on any of the tours, so side 2 is probably related to the movie A Hard Day’s Night.

“RARE BEATLES (also titled HAPPY BIRTHDAY on another insert), CBM TB5030, distributed in March 1974, four previously unreleased songs made their debut, unfortunately in poor quality and noticeably slow (among these, “Johnny B. Goode” can hardly be recognized!). This LP first appeared with blank labels, and had a few repressings on various other CBM labels.”

“Another handful of BBC songs, this time from “Saturday Club” (funny how BBC songs appeared in batches), were released on titles like RARE BEATLES and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. All poor quality, they included “Johnny B. Goode” (incomplete and with an annoying glitch of static), “Memphis” and “Happy Birthday Saturday Club”. “

Beatles Happy Birthday

Beatles Happy Bd

Side A:    Johhny B. Goode/ Shout/ Pop Goes The Beatles/ You Really Got A Hold On Me/ Memphis/ Happy Birthday/ Some Other Guy/ Lucille/ Boys/ Act Naturally/ Shout # 2     
Side B:     Murray The K 1964 (Interviews And “She Loves You” twice Plus “Shout”)/ I’ll Be On My Way/ Soldier Of Love

Not “The record HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Wizardo Records, WRMB 345, featured the BBC track of this song plus songs from other records.” The beginning of side 2 is possibly the same as side 2 on CBM’s Soldier of Love (TB 1022) – a pirate of the As It Happened – Murray The K & The Beatles EP.

Murray The K EP

Otherwise, CBM’s Soldier of Love features a completely different track list for side 1 when compared to Wizardo’s later version.

Wings First American Concert 2

Cover shows Paul & Linda on stage in 1972. It is a bit disappointing that the name of the band/all performers does not appear on the cover.

Wings First American Concert

Side 1: Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Spirits Of Ancient Egypt/ Medicine Jar
Side 2: Maybe I’m Amazed/ Call Me Back Again/ Lady Madonna/ Long And Winding Road/ Live And Let Die
Side 3: Picasso’s Last Words/ Bluebird/ I’ve Just Seen A Face/ Blackbird/ Yesterday/ You Gave Me The Answer
Side 4: Magneto And Titanium Man/ My Love/ Listen To What The Man Said/ Let Em In/ Time To Hide

Source: Ft. Worth, TX – Tarrant County Convention Center, 3 May 1976 (opening night of the tour)

Quality rated as “Exm”

Wings Fort Worth Seattle

Wings Fort Worth Seattle 2

Side 1: Silly Love Songs/ Beware My Love/ Letting Go
Side 2: Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi (all of side 1 and these 2 tracks: more from Ft. Worth, TX – 3 May ’76)/ Silly Love Songs & Interview/ Band On The Run/ Interview/ Yesterday (last 3 tracks: “Goodnight America” ABC-TV, broadcast 28 June ’76)

Quality rating: “Exm”. All copies came with red dragon/Gozilla labels. Unfortunately, the final encore and track of the Ft. Worth concert, “Soily” was left off for some reason. For once, from an audio quality point of view, Contraband had one of the best sounding tapes – if not the best, from the whole tour.

It’s a good thing, the truly superb sounding source tape surfaced in the late 90s on CD as we would have an incredibly hard time locating both titles these days – can’t have been that many pressed. I believe that these were the last original titles released by Contraband in the second half of 1976 (and chronologically certainly the last concert recordings on CBM that I have found), followed by re-issues.


For further reading, here is a touching account of four very dedicated Wings fans, who chased the band just before the tour start in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area and managed to sneak into one of the final dress rehearsals in Dallas: