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Sex Pistols Sweden

Cover image shows the fresh faced band onstage with Jordan (“Queen of Punks”) at Andrew Logan’s loft, Valentine’s day, 1976, their 10th ever gig. In 1977 she briefly managed Adam & The Ants – which are next up, coincidentally.

Sex Pistols Sweden b

Sex Pistols Sweden lbl a

Sex Pistols Sweden lbl 2

Japan: 1981

Most of the Sex Pistols’ concerts on their summer 1977 Scandinavian Tour took place in Sweden:

13.7.77 Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
14.7.77 Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
15.7.77 Beach Disco, Diskotek Ostra Stranden, Halmstad, Sweden
16.7.77 Mogambo Disco, Helsingborg, Sweden
17.7.77 Discotheque 42, Jonkoping, Sweden
19.7.77 Club Zebra, Kristinehamn, Sweden
20.7.77 Pinvinen Restaurant, Oslo, Norway
21.7.77 Studenter Samfundet, Trodheim, Norway
23.7.77 Barbarellas Disco, Vaxjo, Sweden
24.7.77 Barbarellas Disco, Vaxjo, Sweden
27.7.77 Happy House, Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden – 23 & over
28.7.77 Happy House, Student Karen, Stockholm, Sweden – 15 & over

Recordings from this tour are worth having as the band had arguably hit a peak as a live band.


Disc one was recorded at the last Swedish concert at the Happy House, Student Karen in Stockholm on July 28 (not the 21st as stated on the back and not disc 2.

Side A: Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI
Side B: Submission / Problems / God Save The Queen / Pretty Vacant

The gig was filmed on 16mm (see YT clip below) and broadcast on the radio and subsequently bootlegged (minus ‘No Feelings’ and ‘No Fun’).

It was the father of NOMADS’ guitarist Hasse who made the 16mm film and supplied the tape for the BAD BOYS LP, made by ”Tummen”, manager of punk band The ASS.” []

The first release of this material was on the Swedish BAD BOYS LP (PECCA records matrix no: BB77), limited to 1000 copies.


Disc 2 is the same recording as the Japanese bootleg TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (SP 3117 / ZAP–7961) minus the studio tracks, previously presented in this blog here.


The UD release was then copied in Australia ca. 1983 on the Happy Porpak punk and new wave bootleg label:

Sex Pistols BBISWE

Sex Pistols BBISWE  b


Prices at auction have fluctuated quite a bit from $130+ t0 $300, one auction finished at a remarkable $437 in July of 2014.

Sex Pistols 100 Club 1

Sex Pistols 100 Club b 1

Sex Pistols 100 Club

Sex Pistols 100 Club b 2

Source: Audience recording from the 100 Club in London’s Oxford Street taped on 31 August 1976 (the flyer shown on the cover is misleading but perhaps it was the only one the person designing the cover art had access to).

Japan: ? – if I had to submit my best educated guess, I would say 1980 +/- 2 years on either side. seems to say that this Japan release was the first ever release of this material, which is surprising. They also state this also exists with a b&w cover. If it does, it must be very rare as I could not find a trace of this anywhere else.

Side A: No Feelings / Substitute / Flowers of Romance / Pretty Vacant / Problems / No Fun / Anarchy In The UK (encore)
Side B: Seventeen / New York/ No Lip / Stepping Stone / Satellite / Submission

Sound: “Fair mono” according to HOTWACKS

Set List:

Anarchy In The U.K.
I Wanna Be Me
No Feelings
Flowers of Romance
Pretty Vacant
No Fun
New York
No Lip
Stepping Stone

Anarchy In The UK (encore)
I Wanna Be Me (encore & final song)


It appears that this material was later copied on the (UK?) release 100 Club (Acid Speed 4 SP2) with the same cover art but with better sound and later several more times, perhaps due to the new legendary status the September 20th date had acquired.

Anarchy In The UK Punk Special 100 Club (Acid Speed 4 & 5)

Sex Pistols 100 Club acid

Sex Pistols Anarchy itUK100C 2


The Sex Pistols started to mature as a band in the hot summer of ’76, thanks to their regular gigs at the 100 club and elsewhere.

Sex P 100 Club fly

Sex P 100 C 6Photo taken on 20 September ’76



Sex Pistols ToScanSex Pistols ToScan bSex Pistols ToScan SP lbl ASex Pistols ToScan SP lbl B

Sex Pistols ToScan ZAP lbl ASex Pistols ToScan ZAP lbl B

Source: Audience recording from the Diskotek Stranden (Beach Disco) in Halmstad, Sweden on 15 July 1977. Halmstad was the first gig in Sweden on their Scandinavian tour. Likely a copy of the Swedish bootleg Anarchy In Sweden

Side A:  Anarchy In The UK / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / EMI / No Feelings
Side B:  Pretty Vacant / Problems / God Save The Queen
Plus 4 UK B-sides: I Wanna Be Me (EMI 2566B)/ Did You No Wrong (VS181B) / No Fun (VS 184B)/ Satellite (VS 191B)

Quality is listed as “Fair mono” for the Swedish concert (“Exs” for the official B-sides), however it’s “Vgm” for the Swedish original and I doubt the Japanese copy sounds that much worse.


These 9 songs were the complete concert, lasting just over 30 minutes. This material was first released on the Swedish bootleg Anarchy In Sweden GUN 001

“Songs from Halmstad are also available on a number of other bootlegs and semi official records. TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA (SEX PISTOLS RECORDS cat no:SP3117) is another classic bootleg from Sweden. It’s the exact same recordings but with an added bonus of the 4 7” b-side tracks in their normal studio versions. The bootleg double LP SWEDEN [on the UD label, which will make an appearance on this blog soon] includes both HALMSTAD and STOCKHOLM SECOND NIGHT.
POWER OF THE PISTOLS (77 RECORDS cat no:772) has the first six numbers on side A, but the sound quality is not as good as on the original bootlegs. “

1st pressing (300 copies): Fold-out white cover with red rubber stamp. A metal enforced hole + safety pin in the top right corner. Songs stamped on the inside left partial panel. “Holidays in the Sun” is listed instead of “New York” and “I’m A Lazy Sod” instead of “Seventeen”.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden II

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden close up

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden inside xlSex Pistols Anarchy Sweden lblSex Pistols Anarchy Sweden lbl B

2nd pressing: Same as above with “New York” listed instead of “Holidays in the Sun” and “Seventeen” instead of “I’m A Lazy Sod”.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 2nd  inner

3rd pressing: Same fold-out cover with “SEX PISTOLZ” & “GUN001″stamped in purple ink on front. Hole on top right corner. Some copies came with a safety pins but not all. “This version is said to have been made in 500 copies but it’s much harder to find than the first one, so I don’t know?” This seems to be due to the fact that the first and second printing look identical, except for the corrected track list on the inside panel, so there are more with the red rubber stamp.

There are further variations among these 3rd pressings: “There are also different versions of the cover for the 3rd pressing. One has a safety pin going through the metal rings on both sides of the cover as on the first pressing. But the rubber stamps are not just the two, this one’s got 10 or 12 of them on the front of the cover. No track listing on the inside.”

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 3rd  4th

4th pressing: Plain white cover, no safety pin, “SEX PISTOLZ” and “GUN001” stamped in purple ink.


Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 3rd  front

5th pressing: Plain white cover and no stamp. Green paper insert with “Sex Pistols” in large letters (same logo as the 1st pressing) + date, venue, track listing.

Sex Pistols Anarchy Sweden 5th

Each pressings was limited to 300 – 500 copies each. An eBay seller wrote “…near all had warp on vinyl some bad some better,,.”.

Few bootlegs make it into the world of fiction but this one did: “In Unni Drougge’S Swedish novel JAG JAG JAG (Forum 1994, Månpocket 1995) there are stories about the making of this LP and her bringing a copy of it to Malcolm McLaren in London.”



Sex P Halmstad 77
The Halmstad performance “The bouncers were hitting people for no reason.”

“Diskotek Stranden (Beach Disco), located on Badvägen 38, was a very small place, just the restaurant of the hotel Östra Stranden. Sold out with 125 people in the audience. The band was escorted by both uniformed and plain clothes cops. There were no advance tickets available for any of the Scandinavian 1977 gigs, as that’s what the band wanted.” [Source for this and all other quotes:]

In the 1970’s, there were two phases when rock bootlegs managed to transcend their humble existence: First, in 1969/’70 when this was a new phenomenon, satisfying the urge to hear new/live material by 1960’s icons and giving those interested a first taste of how some of the hottest new acts of 1970 sounded live. Second, in 1977 in the UK when only bootlegs were the only medium to capture the fleeting nature of a musical revolution.

“…it would be impossible to consider either the social or musical impact of English punk without considering The Sex Pistols’ Spunk and Indecent Exposure, The Buzzcocks’ Time’s Up, Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Love In A Void or Joy Division’s Warsaw – albums as central to the movement as The Clash, Never Mind The Bollocks or Pink Flag. For a brief moment, the lines were down.” [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 163]

Bands changed line ups so fast that it was all over months ago by the time fans caught up. Only the bootlegs could fill this demand for any tangible evidence of a band’s fleeting moment of brilliance.

Sex Pistols Filth + the Fury 2Sex Pistols Filth + the Fury bSex Pistols Filth + the Fury lbl 1Sex Pistols Filth + the Fury lbl 2

A copy of the UK bootleg Spunk with short intro track added (parts of Janet Street Porter interview with John Lydon). The first edition of Spunk is described in detail here:

Smilin’ Ears version released in 1978.

Spunk is one of the few bootlegs that has its own Wikipedia entry AND probably the only entry where a Smilin’ Ears title is mentioned:

Discussion about how to identify an original pressing and the speed issue can be found here:


Some images relating to the original UK release:

Sex Pistols Spunk lbl 2

Sex Pistols Spunk stenciled

“Alan Henderson: […]  … And the first few thousand we took out into my back garden and spray painted a stencil with Spunk. […] [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 169]

I wonder if this record store owner isn’t mistaken and they had spray painted it with the band’s name – which would have made more sense marketing-wise – and this is one of these copies?


Sex Pistols Spunk NF UKSex Pistols Spunk BR QF

Such is the legend of this bootleg that the Independent UK newspaper wrote in their obituary for Dave Goodman, the producer of the demo sessions immortalized here “Dave Goodman was the man behind the notorious Sex Pistols bootleg Spunk. Reviewed in glowing terms by the New Musical Express and Sounds, …” as if the bootleg had been Dave’s initiative – also making him the only individual so far to have a bootleg LP listed as their top achievement in life.

Nobody was ever prosecuted for copyright infringement, despite Johnny Rotten stating on BBC radio that he knew exactly who was behind the album and fully intended to deal with the person. Malcom McLaren, suspected by many to be behind it all, denied his involvement. It was all very punk and certainly helped the band immensely, the publicity in the press alone could not have been bought for any amount.


The album repressed as “No Future U.K?” with a couple of extra tracks (not to be mistaken with the live bootleg by the same name):

Sex Pistols No Future UKSex Pistols No Future UK b

No Future UK? (GD 001/002)
Studio demos, “Spunk” LP plus Denmark St. – July ’76 versions of “Pretty Vacant” & “Anarchy In The UK”, & Wessex Studios take of “No Fun”.

Side One. Pretty Vacant / Seventeen / Satellite (I’m A Lazy Sod) / No Feelings / I Wanna Be Me / Submission / Anarchy In The UK / Anarchy In The UK (Different Version)
Side Two. No Fun / God Save The Queen / Problems / Pretty Vacant / Liar / EMI / New York (Looking For A Kiss)

“Notes. Issued in 3 different coloured sleeves. Black & white labels. Also pressed as ‘Spunk 2′ and ‘Son Of Spunk’. Some copies of No Future UK? (GD 002) carry Spunk BLA-169 labels on both sides, however the contents comprise of the 15 track LP as listed above.
Another version of No Future UK? was released under the name of ‘Golden Bullet’. Plain white sleeve, with a dark yellow A4 insert with 2 pictures of Jorge Angel (Copenhagen 13/07/77). Possible Swedish repress.”



Hey, if they were offering… Lyntone London (mostly known for pressing flexi singles (including the Beatles’ Fanclub Christmas Flexis) and promotional records but also many UK singles in the early 1980’s) where the original UK versions of Spunk and Time’s UP had been pressed.




Another 1977 UK bootleg was Time’s Up by the Buzzcocks on Voto Records:

Buzzcocks Time's UpBuzzcocks Time's Up bBuzzcocks Time's Up lbl

First vinyl release in the UK in 1977 on Voto Records – LYN5333

Buzzc TU

For more details on the original, see page 12 here:


Genesis Lftmotm

Well, this has a ‘deluxe’ blue cover but the original release on Atlantic was reissued with one as well, so I doubt this is the K&S version. If anyone has an image of that, please leave a comment.

Previuously reviewed in its own entry under this link here



Cars El Mocambo 062

Cars El Mocambo 062 b

Side 1  Good Times Roll / Bye Bye Love  / Nightspots / My Best Friend’s Girl / Moving In Stereo    
Side 2  Since I Held You / They Won’t See You  / Don’t Cha Stop  / Just What I Needed  / Candy-O

Complete set list had two more songs:

01 – Good Times Roll
02 – Bye Bye Love
03 – Nightspots
04 – My Best Friends Girl
05 – Moving in Stereo
06 – Since I Held You
07 – Take What You Want
08 – They Won’t See You
09 – Don’t Cha Stop
10 – Just What I Needed
11 – Candy-O
12 – You’re All I ‘Ve Got Tonight

There were several versions of this album, taken from a radio broadcast on 14 September 1978 (shortly before KBFH taped the band and headliner Cheap Trick at the Palladium in NYC, as released on the Audifön label/Vicky Vinyl boots THE CARS 78 and 78 CALIFORNIA MAN)

Cars El Mocambo 2

Mostly found as a stamped white LP:

Cars El Mocambo 3

Interesting text added by an eBay seller in May of 2013: “The Cars doing what they do best on stage at the El Mocambo in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1978. Stereo pro recording. If I recollect, some of these were on multi-colored vinyl, but I don’t know if this is one [ I doubt any of these exist on mcv. ]. This is a sealed, never-opened, brand spanking new copy from the Beggar’s Banquet collection, Anaheim’s long-gone “Underground” record store, boxed away for decades.”



I am aware of the YS 1600 double album with a deluxe b&w and later re-issued with a green & white cover (mostly found with yellow & tan but also with Slipped Disc labels):


Yes In The Round


and then sides 1&2 only on the 80’s style GLC label and limited to 100 orange copies as part of the LXXXIV series (# 57)


Yes ITR # 57Yes ITR disc

but I have never seen a K&S version of this. If you have, please leave a comment.


Numbers 064 to 069 do not seem to have been assigned.


070: 7 LP Elvis box set that fell victim to the February 1980 raid. No further information available.


071: The Sex Pistols vinyl bootlegs page does not list a K&S version for this release:



Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes b

A beautifully done double album with a full color cover. I would put the release date at late 1979, as it was mentioned in Innersleeve # 20, January 1980 (see below). The first issue was on black PVC.

Rolling Stones TM January 1980

Matrix: MCG/K&S 072

LP 1, side 1:
1. Jiving Sister Fanny    [03:24]
2. I’m Going Down    [03:02]
3. I Don’t Know Why    [02:08]
4. Give Me A Hamburger To Go (aka Stuck Out Alone)    [03:20]
5. Downtown Suzie    [03:49]
6. Blood Red Wine    [05:19]

Side 2:
7. Travelling Man    [06:03]
8. Family    [03:44]
9. Still A Fool    [09:59]
LP 2, side 1:
10. Family    [04:15]
11. Leather Jacket    [03:31]
12 Dancing In The Light    [02:50]
13. Potted Shrimps    [04:12]
14. So Divine (Aladdin Story)    [05:29]

Side 2:
15. And I Was A Country Boy    [04:26]
16. Who Am I?    [03:52]
17. Trident Jam    [03:43] 


“Jiving Sister Fanny” was recorded on July 2nd, 1969 at Olympic Studio, the day before Brian Jones died.  Two versions with different lyrics were recorded that day.  This is the rarer of the two, having appeared on some pressings of Metamorphosis while the second take appears on most pressings of the album and on the London Years.  

“I’m Going Down” was initially worked on between April 17th to July 1969 at Olympic Studio and later right before the US tour from October and November, 1969 in Los Angeles.  This take, which was also used for Metamorphosis in 1975, dates from July 14th and July 15th, 1970 at Olympic.  This track differs from the commercial version by having a false start.  This track features Bobby Keys on sax, Rocky Dijon on percussion, Stephen Stills on guitar, and Bill Plummer on upright bass.  

“Hamburger To Go” (aka “Give Me A Hamburger To Go” and “Stuck Out Alone”) dates from sessions at Olympic from March and April, 1968 and remains unreleased.  ”Downtown Susie” is a Bill Wyman tune recorded on April 23rd, 1969 at Olympic Studio and is the same as the version on Metamorphosis except is shorter at the fade by five seconds.  

“Blood Red Wine”  was recorded May, 1968 at Olympic Studio.  Jagger sings the vocals, Nicky Hopkins plays piano, and no other information is available.  It has never been released which is a shame because it is the most intriguing song in this collection.  “Travelin’ Man” is another unreleased song recorded at Olympic in October, 1970.

The first version of “Family” dates from May, 1968 in Olympic and it the arrangement with the electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar arrangement which would appear on Metamorphosis would be recorded the following month.  “Still A Fool” was recorded at the same sessions and is a ten minute jam on the Muddy Waters tune.  Jagger tries his best to sing like the blues singer too.

Six out of the last seven tracks are instrumentals.  “Leather Jacket,” recorded on June 22nd, 1970 at Olympic Studio in London, is a lighthearted and infectious pop instrumental whose sunniness is outside the pale of the Stones.  “Dancing In the Light,” dating from the spring of 1970, is another upbeat instrumental but with some recognizable Stones raunch.  “Potted Shrimp” and “Aladdin Story” come from the same time period as “Leather Jacket” but recorded at Stargroves.  “And I Was A  Country Boy” comes from the Feb.18-Mar.31 1969 sessions.

“Who Am I?” (aka “See I Love You”) is a true mystery.  It is listed on this release as being from Olympic Studio in March to May 1970.  Others sources say late 1969 and even others from Jamaica 1972 and still others claim it comes from 1963 because of its simplicity.  The best sources say it was recorded on July 14th – 15th, 1970.

The final Trident jam is another mystery.  There is no name associated with it and was never used by the band.  […] Although there are no hidden gems on this (there is a reason why many of them still reside in the vaults) but this is an interesting collection. ” []


A few years later copied in Europe on colored wax (5 different colors – green, blue, red, yellow, mcv), easily identifiable by the shorter matrix number K&S 072

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes disc



Ferry B ANO

Ferry B ANO b

Ferry B ANO lbl

Source: 23 June 1977 (early show) – Bottom Line, New York – KBF radio broadcast. The full recording of the early and late show is on wolfgangsvault:

Side One
1 Let’s Stick Together
2 Shame, Shame, Shame
3 Road Runner
4 All Night Operator
5 Party Doll
6 You Go To My Head
7 In Your Mind

Side Two
1 Love Me Madly Again
2 Love Is The Drug
3 Tokyo Joe
4 This Is Tomorrow
5 The ‘In’ Crowd


Bryan Ferry vocals
Chris Spedding guitar
John Wetton bass
Phil Manzanera guitar
Paul Thompson drums

Chris Mercer tenor sax
Martin Drover trumpet
Mel Collins soprano sax
Ann Odell keyboards



Led Zeppelin 074

And the final words on the insert of the last ever K&S release are: “…in closing” – how fitting.

Side 1: Operator* / I Can’t Quit You Baby** / I Gotta Move** / Dazed & Confused**
Side 2: How Many More Times** / Travelling Riverside Blues*** / Communication Breakdown*** / Whole Lotta Love***
Recording: (*)Excellent mono soundboard; (**) (***)Excellent mono professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording.

Sources: (*)Alexis Korner and Steve Miller with Robert Plant ’68; (**)Stockholm Konserthuset, 14 March  ’69; (***)Maida Vale Studio 4 (BBC – Top Gear with John Peel), London, 24 June ’69

This master was given a second lease on life when it appeared as disc 2 of the double album release SPARE PARTS on Ken’s Phoenix Records:

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 3

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 4

And surprisingly as side 2 of the very rare Japanese acetate BLOW ONE’S COOL (GRASSHOPPER GH-104 A-B) (impossible to find an image of this), to pad out the partial audience recording from the infamous Milan 1971 riot show.

5 January 1978     Atlanta, GA  (Alex Cooley’s) Great Southeast Music Hall (First show of the tour)

Sex Pistols FUSS

Sex Pistols FUSS vGr 2

All ODD TWO LP’s found with green ‘VON GROSSENSHUSS’  labels

Side 1  God Save The Queen / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / Bodies / Submission
Side 2  Holidays In The Sun / EMI / No Feelings / Problems / Pretty Vacant / Anarchy In The USA

Audience recording. Sound quality: ?

Notes from THE Sex Pistols vinyl bootleg site. 

(which can still use some improvements, additions & clarifications and I hope I can add to that here)

USA LP. Plain white sleeve with yellow insert and WL [no sightings with a white label that I know of]. Released in 1979 [ if that is correct, that would date all the releases found with the Von Grossenshuss label].
European ’80’s repress of ODD TWO stated the wrong date. Came in a plain white sleeve with a wraparound blue A3 xerox. Light blue label with black lettering.  
German repress of ODD TWO came in plain white sleeve with a dark blue A4 insert. B&W labels.

Sex Pistols FUSS RE

Which version is this?

Sex Pistols Rot n Roll insert

Repressed as K&S 023 on mcv PVC and also without the K&S logo on black PVC.

Sex Pistols Rot n Roll cv

Sex Pistols Rot n Roll blu 2

Another reissue of the ODD TWO master happened on Pistols Shock USA! – not to be confused with the 1984 European bootleg Shock USA!

Sex  Pistols Shock USA!

Sex  Pistols Shock USA! b

Sex  Pistols Shock USA! lbl


SP Atlanta 78


10 January 1978     Dallas, TX     Longhorn Ballroom


Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo lg

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo 2

Also available with Ruthless Rhymes, bronze colored blank, yellow RECORD 1 – SIDE 1 – and reissued with Full Tilt labels. An eBay seller wrote: “To make it even more rare the label on the actual lp reads Serious Endeavour on Full Tilt Records which I believe was an early Clash bootleg LP”. Fact is that all FT labels are the same and say this, regardless of the performer.

Full Tilt lbl

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo FT

Then, there is the ‘picture labels edition’:

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo PL

Matrix: SP 2800 – A/B Re-1 says: Notes. Two pressings. 1) Black & white glued insert. 2) Red cover. [Must be the Full Tilt re-issue shown above]
USA LP. Also SP 2800, came with a 30 cm X 30 cm xerox cover not glued on the plain white sleeve. This version was sold only in the UK initially. There is a difference on the cover, with the ‘Made In England’ [‘Printed in England’ – as visible on the far left] line removed. Most of the copies came with plain full bronze labels.

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo bl

Side 1: Radio Advert  / God Save The Queen  / I Want To Be Me  / Seventeen / New York / E.M.I. / Bodies         
Side 2: No Feelings  / Problems  / Pretty Vacant  / Anarchy In The U.K. / No Fun

Set list:

01. God save the queen 4:09
02. I want to be me 4:39
03. Seventeen 3:13
04. New York 4:33
05. EMI 4:34
06. Bodies 5:02
07. Belsen was a Gas 2:13
08. Holidays in the Sun 5:21
09. No feelings 4:04
10. Problems 4:40
11. Pretty Vacant 3:56
12. Anarchy in the UK 6:19
13. No Fun 6:13
Encore break
14. Submission 4:55
15. Liar 3:47

Fan review: “This is one of the best bootlegs I own.  Capturing the Sex Pistols during their whirlwind 1978 tour of some of the United States’ most elegant saloons, this features a zonked-out Sid Vicious as court jester (at one point referring to the audience members–in Dallas, Texas, mind you–as “faggots”), essentially leaving Steve Jones in charge of all the musicianship here.  As Johnny Rotten blood-curdling voice roars an epic cover of the Stooges’ “No Fun” (which is, believe it or not, even better than the original!), Jones slashes away on this simple two-chord track as if his life depended on it, putting even Johnny Thunders’ guitarwork–the player Jones most clearly imitates–to shame.  This live album is not about musical precision: it’s about the shambolic spirit of sloppy musicianship combined with precision of passionate onstage intensity that transcends anything capable by the likes or Rush and Genesis.  This is the real shit right here.”

A pretty good sounding recording of the show. I think the best boot of the ill-fated 1978 US tour is [the CD] “Kill the Hippies”.

Rated as “Vgs”


14 January 1978     San Francisco, CA     Winterland Ballroom

Notes again from the website [with changes ]


Different color inserts: yellow, blue, green, orange, white, pink.
First Pressing: Ruthless Rhymes, cream labels.
Second Pressing: Ruthless Rhymes,  yellow labels. [I removed “an original first pressing” from the description, as it says that on the generic Ruthless Rhymes labels, same as the non-image side for Dragonfly always says “Number 5 In This Series”]
Third Pressing: Dragonfly Records label.

Sex Pistols GC 2
Fourth Pressing: Slipped Disc Records label. Slipped Disc logo labels
Box Set (Sex Pistols File 1976- 1978 “A Four Record Set”). Plain Cream labels.Totally new insert made. (this was then copied in the UK as Blank Tapes (UK-5 plates).

Sex Pistols Gun Control yb

Sex Pistols Gun Control last 1

Last pressing came with a dark red & white insert with a Sid Vicious picture by Dennis Morris. Black & white pictures from Ray Stevenson’s book, ‘Sex Pistols File’, on the labels. Some copies with yellow & black insert.   

Sex Pistols Gun Control last 2


TAKRL  # 916:

Sex Pistols Winterland 916

Same songs on both sides due to a mix up at the plant:

God Save The Queen / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / E.M.I. / Belsen Was A Gas / Bodies / Holidays In The Sun

Rated “Gs”

Blank Label 2

Copies are usually found with this generic BLANK/Spunk label, that was also used on other non-Sex Pistols titles in the 900 series, as well as reissues of older TAKRL titles with b&w printed covers done around the same time.

In the US, this label is generally linked to TAKRL # 929 SEX PISTOLS – SPUNK, a copy of the European bootleg of the same name, released in August or October 1977, depending on source,  and first mentioned in the music press (Sounds) on 22 October 1977 (Matrix #s: LYN 4372-111  & LYN 4373-111.



Sex Pistols File 4 LP box

US version produced by Ruthless Rhymes, 250copies mentioned but as Hot Wacks states many were seized in a raid on an LA area pressing plant. This may be connected to Vicky Vinyl being taken out of business in February of 1980.

Contains re-pressings of the titles: Spunk / Indecent Exposure / Welcome To The Rodeo / Gun Control

Sex Pistols File box

Wrap around box slip sheet. Numbered & unnumbered versions issued, not particularly rare. Numerous label versions for each record exist (more than 30 identified).

On the original numbered pressings, the bottom right corner will say :
“limited edition. – 250 sets only – This is No ____” (handwritten number entered)

  • Matrix  Record 1 : BLA A / BLA B
  • Matrix  Record 2 : SP6418A / SP6418B
  • Matrix  Record 3 : SP2800-A Re 1 / SP2800-B Re 1
  • Matrix  Record 4 : SP2900-A / SP2900-B

Sex Pistols File lbls


US Tour Dates:

29 December 1977     Homestead     Pennsylvania     Leona Theatre     CANCELLED
31 December 1977     Chicago     Illinois     Ivanhoe Theatre     CANCELLED
1 January 1978     Cleveland     Ohio     The Agora     CANCELLED
3 January 1978     Alexandria     Virginia     Alexandria Roller Rink     CANCELLED
5 January 1978     Atlanta     Georgia     Great Southeast Music Hall
6 January 1978     Memphis     Tennessee     Taliesyn Ballroom
8 January 1978     San Antonio     Texas     Randy’s Rodeo
9 January 1978     Baton Rouge     Louisiana     Kingfish Club
10 January 1978     Dallas     Texas     Longhorn Ballroom
12 January 1978     Tulsa     Oklahoma     Cain’s Ballroom    
[the only venue that still exists today]
14 January 1978     San Francisco     California     Winterland Ballroom