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ZZ Top Chicken Ranch

ZZ Top La Grange DE 45

Above: 1974 German picture sleeve – from a time when albums were “exciting”.

A KBFH broadcast from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ (during their “Expect No Quarter” Tour) exists but it seems that that was not the source – see below.

Several different dates are quoted for this recording, due to different air dates mentioned on the radio station vinyls: 30 May 1980 mentioned on back cover ( the closest one but still wrong), 15 June and 31 August.


ZZ TOP KBFH show promo announcer
   ZZ TOP KBFH show promo blank
   KBFH ZZ TOP test tone
   ZZ TOP KBFH show beginning
   honda commercial
01  I Thank You
02  Waitin’ For The Bus
03  Jesus Just Left Chicago
04  I’m Bad I’m Nationwide
05  Low Down In The Street
06  A Fool For Your Stockings
07  Cheap Sunglasses
08  Arrested For Driving While Blind
    budweiser commercial
09  She Loves My Automobile
10  Hi Fi Mama
11  Dust My Broom
12  Jailhouse Rock
13  Tush
   honda commercial 2
   ZZ TOP KBFH show wrapup


 The correct recording date is 4 May ’80:

zz top Passaic 80 stub

Side 1:  Intro (0:37) / I Thank You (3:08) / Waitin’ for the Bus (2:36) / Jesus just Left Chicago (4:22) / Precious and Grace (2:41) / Manic Mechanic (3:41) / Lowdown in the Street (3:05) / Heard It On the X     (2:29)
Side 2:  A Fool for Your Stockings (7:04) / Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings (4:09) / El diablo (3:38) / Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (3:04) / La Grange (7:30)

I am now wondering where some of these tracks were taken from as there are several discrepancies to the KBFH set list. Did Flying Horses release an audience recording after all?

For comparison, here is the set list for the concert in Springfield, MA, played three days earlier:

01) I Thank You
02) Waitin’ For the Bus
03) Jesus Just Left Chicago
04) Precious And Grace
05) I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
06) Manic Mechanic
07) Lowdown In The Street
08) Heard It On The X
09) Fool For Your Stockings
10) Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings
11) El Diablo
12) Cheap Sunglasses
13) Arrested For Driving While Blind
14) Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
15) La Grange
16) She Loves My Automobile
17) Hi-Fi Mama
18) Dust My Broom
19) Jailhouse Rock
20) Tush


In addition, all of the tracks originally found on the KBFH radio station double have now been officially released in 2014 for the first time on the Rock Classics label on CD and vinyl as LUCKY THIRTEEN (and looking like a modern version of a bootleg). This explains why wolfgangsvault do not offer this show on their website.

ZZ Top L 13 xl



Trivia fact: When this tour visited the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH on 21 March 1980, it was the first rock concert there following the tragic events surrounding the Who’s 3 December 1979 tour stop there.

zz top Passaic 80 prTour Program

B Raitt And Friends

Source: Tuesday Night Concert broadcast on WLIR FM, recorded at UltraSonic Studios in Hempstead, NY on 17 October, 1972 (not in December of 1974 as stated on cover).

Ken Cole – Announcer

Bonnie Raitt – Guitar, Resonator, Vocals
Freebo – Bass, Vocals
Lowell George – Guitar, Vocals
John Hammond – Guitar, Harp, Vocals

Actual program song list (it seems that the LP track list was improvised):

– Intro
01 – Love Me Like A Man
02 – Under The Falling Sky
     – Talk
03 – Love Has No Pride
     – Talk
04 – Going Down To Louisiana
     – Talk
05 – Can’t Find My Way Home
    – Tuning
06 – Big Road
07 – You Got To Know How
    – Talk
08 – Apolitical Blues
    – Talk
09 – Come Ride In My Automobile/
    – Talk
10 – As The Years Go Passing By
11 – Watch My Pony Ride ?
12 – I Can’t Be Satisfied
13 – Sky Is Crying
    – Tuning
14 – Honest I Do
    – Talk
15 – It’s Too Late



Tracks as named on LP:

A1     Under The Falling Sky     
A2     Love Has No Pride     
A3     Rollin’ And Tumblin’     
A4     Can’t Find My Way Home     
B1     Big Lonesome Road     
B2     You Can Make Me Do What You Wanna Do But You Gotta Know How     
B3     A Political Blues


From a review: “This has Bonnie sounding oh so sweet and hot at the tender young age of 22. Vocally she is hitting some high notes that only a young gal can hit and she easily keeps up with the fast company she is with! This is the first time that she and Lowell ever played together! One thing I really like about this is that it’s acoustic for the most part, and there is some cool banter while tuning up from an admittedly stoned Bonnie. While this technically is a Bonnie Raitt show, it’s the symbiosis of the players here who all get plenty of space to step up, and they all do. “


The first ever Bonnie Raitt bootleg, released in 1980, many years before she became an international star. Probably, also pressed in a small run of 300 only, so quite hard to find.

Winter J Blues-Live-Here

Winter J Blues-Live-Here detail 2

Winter J Blues-Live-Here detail

Side 1:  Hideaway(10:30) / Messin’with the Kid (7:20)
Side 2:  Walkin’by Myself (7:20) / Delta Blues (16:45)
Side 3:  Suzie Q(12:00) / The Runner(4:00) / I’m Ready (5:40)
Side 4:  Rockabilly Boogie(5:45) / Blues is a Five Gold Letter Word (14:40)

HW rating: “Exs”

Supposedly recorded at Victoria Palace in Hamburg, Germany on 20 December, 1979. However, there never was a live venue called “Victoria Palace” in Hamburg and Johnny toured Europe in April and May (when he cemented his reputation by headlining the annual Spring Rockpalast TV night that was broadcasted live all over Europe and could ‘make’ an artist with one performance).

After some research, I would like to offer this date and venue as the best guess and place the date back in his European Spring tour:

Winter J HH 79

Hall Raitt Meltdown

Hall Raitt Meltdown b

Hall Raitt Meltdown detail

The misspelling of the month giving away that this was an Italian bootleg.


“A co-founder of the Band Orleans, John Hall, left in 1977 to pursue a solo career. Power was his second solo album and featured the anti-nuclear anthem which later became the theme of the No Nukes concerts, recorded by the Doobie Brothers with James Taylor.

With Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash, he co-founded Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) in 1979 and co-produced the Madison Square Garden concerts and Warner Brothers triple album “No Nukes”.

The same activism resulted in John’s election to Congress. Now that he’s finished serving two terms as the Congressman from New York’s 19th District, John is writing songs again, performing solo and with Orleans, and continuing with his environmental activism.”




FC 005 and 012, released some time apart, ca. 1980/81, also possibly released as a double set. Reportedly, 300 copies pressed per volume, which is what I would suspect was Flying Horses’ pressing size for their lesser known artists and explains why these are so hard to find now.

Cover states: Pastime Pub, Amityville, NY, 20 May 1979

Vol. 1:

Side 1:  Baby I’m Amazed (8:00) / When The Night is Young (7:00) / Carmelita (3:00)
Side 2:  Fever Dream (5:30) / Love Has Strange Ways (6:40) / Back in My Baby’s Arms (3:35) / How I’m Gonna Love You (5:05)

Vol 2:

Side 1:  Back In The Moonlight (4:00) / Family Reunion (7:00) / What You Gonna Do (8:05)
Side 2:  All Worth the Price You Pay (11:10) / Crazy Mama (8:50)

For set lists, see here:

 “They have no official release but two Italian vinyl bootlegs exist – recorded live at the Pastime, Amityville, N.Y., May 20, 1979. […] Although the album’s sound quality is not always the best it is a lot of fun to hear these guys play live.”

John Cipollina    Lead Guitar, vocals
Mario Cipollina    Bass
Buddy Cage    Pedal Steel
Joey Covington    Drums
Steve Lowe    Guitar, vocals




Allman Brothers Dixie Peach 3

With and without sticker.

Allman Brothers Dixie Peach 2

Allman Brothers Dixie Peach

Source: Supposedly live from the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH but their 1979 tour listing does not show them performing there (


Side 1: instrumental intro / it’s not my cross to bear / can’t take it with you / crazy love

Side 2: need your love so bad / blind love / blue sky

Side 3: statesboro blues / instrumental / one way out / try one more time / southbound

Side 4: just ain’t easy / in memory of elizabeth reed / jessica


HW rating: “Exs”

Dire Straits OtrtP 1

Dire Straits OtrtP

Dire Straits OtrtP blu

Dire Straits OtrtP 1 b

Source: WMMR live broadcast hosted by legendary DJ Ed Sciaky from the Tower Theater near Philadelphia, PA on 6 March 1979. The production info & credits listed on the back cover are probably fake. “Soundboard recordings from the tour include the concert at Old Waldorf in San Francisco on 31 March 1979, which was released as [a] promo LP by Warner Bros. Records, the concerts at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia and the Orpheum in Boston were circulated as bootlegs”


Side 1  Down To The Waterline 4:03 / Six Blade Knife 4:09 / Water Of Love 5:25 / In The Gallery 5:27 / What’s The Matter Baby 2:43
Side 2  Lions 5:23 / Sultan Of Swing 5:42 / Wild West End 4:37 / Eastbound Train 3:35 / Southbound Again 4:30


This recording was later pressed on CD by the German Imtrat CD bootleg label that positively flooded department stores with their Live USA ‘cheaper by the dozen’ series. It has since been ‘liberated’ on Mark Knopfler’s own website:

BEAU BRUMMELS  Again On The Road FC 001

Font copied directly from their 1975 self titled reunion album:

Beau Brum LP

Source: Audience recording from the Roxy, L.A. – 31 May 1975

Side 1:  are you happy (titled “how do you feel” on cover) / singing cowboy / laugh laugh / Tennessee walker / first in line / you tell me why
Side 2:  gate of hearts / goldrush / just a little / wolf / it’s been a lazy day

HOTWACKS rating: “Vgm”


Italy’s Flying Horses bootleg label’s first release, ca. 1979, released in a simple deluxe cover. Hard to find these days. I would bet only a few hundred were ever made.

Honoring a request I had. The flying Horses label out of Italy got started ca. 1980 and produced about 23 titles in small runs, as they are not easy to find these days, with the majority by US artists and several that were so far not represented in the world of bootlegs. Only a couple of their titles made it into HOTWACKS.

Their has never been a complete listing of their output before. This is what I have found so far, if you can fill the two gaps, please leave a comment:


Flying Horses lbl


BEAU BRUMMELS – Again On The Road  Live at the Roxy Los Angeles, May 31, 1975  FC 001

YOUNGBLOODS – Live At The Avalon Ballroom  Live 1968  FC 002

DIRE STRAITS – On the road to Philadelphia FC 003  Source : Tower Theatre, Philadelphia USA 06.03.79


SAN FRANCISCO ALL STARS w/ JOHN CIPOLLINA – Amytiville Concert vol.1   FC005

JOHN HALL (featuring BONNIE RAITT) – Meltdown  FC 006

JOHNNY WINTER – The Blues Lives Here  FC 007

BONNIE RAITT – … And Friends  Tuesday Night Concert Live on WLIR FM from UltraSonic Studios in Hempstead, NY, October 17, 1972 FC 008

ZZ TOP – Chicken Ranch  Recorded Live At The Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, May 04, 1980  FC 009

SEATRAIN – On The Wave Crest Again   FC 010

WILLIE NILE – A Rocker On The Road  Live At Bottom Line, NYC 4-26-1980  1981   FC 011


BLUES PROJECT 1981 – The Last Reunion … But Not The Least   Live Bond’s New York 17-3-1981 w/Roy Blumenfeld- Danny Kalb- Steve Katz- Al Kooper- Andy Kulberg  FC 013

ROLLING STONES – 1962/1982 Never Too Old To Rock & Roll  FC 014

MINK de VILLE – Desperate Days  FC 015

VAN MORRISON – The Mystic & his music: Live Vol.1.  Live at Winterland, San Francisco, 10/12/1979. FC 016

FC 017 ?

FC 018 ?

SPIRIT – Live In Boston  Recorded live at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, May 15, 1970, FC 019

THE RODDING STONES (FACES)- Saturday Night Special  Royal Albert Hall, London, March 15, 1975  FC 020

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – The Boss was here  FC 021

VAN MORRISON – The Mystic And His Music Volume 2 FC 022

LYNYRD SKYNYRD – In Loving Memory of a Free Bird   Live at Hammersmith Odeon London 12-20-1976 + 1 unreleased studio track from WND Studios 11-5-1973, Memphis, TN  FC 023


“There was also a numbered box set, “Flyin’ Box” comprised of what were probably left-over discs from a number of their releases, plus a couple of non-Flying Horses titles: Stoneground “On Stage” (Blue Velvet Records) and the Jim Carroll Band “Live Dreams” (Hollywood Records). This suggests some kind of connection or affiliation. It is listed in Hot Wacks.”