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Above: 1974 German picture sleeve – from a time when albums were “exciting”.

A KBFH broadcast from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ (during their “Expect No Quarter” Tour) exists but it seems that that was not the source – see below.

Several different dates are quoted for this recording, due to different air dates mentioned on the radio station vinyls: 30 May 1980 mentioned on back cover ( the closest one but still wrong), 15 June and 31 August.


ZZ TOP KBFH show promo announcer
   ZZ TOP KBFH show promo blank
   KBFH ZZ TOP test tone
   ZZ TOP KBFH show beginning
   honda commercial
01  I Thank You
02  Waitin’ For The Bus
03  Jesus Just Left Chicago
04  I’m Bad I’m Nationwide
05  Low Down In The Street
06  A Fool For Your Stockings
07  Cheap Sunglasses
08  Arrested For Driving While Blind
    budweiser commercial
09  She Loves My Automobile
10  Hi Fi Mama
11  Dust My Broom
12  Jailhouse Rock
13  Tush
   honda commercial 2
   ZZ TOP KBFH show wrapup


 The correct recording date is 4 May ’80:

zz top Passaic 80 stub

Side 1:  Intro (0:37) / I Thank You (3:08) / Waitin’ for the Bus (2:36) / Jesus just Left Chicago (4:22) / Precious and Grace (2:41) / Manic Mechanic (3:41) / Lowdown in the Street (3:05) / Heard It On the X     (2:29)
Side 2:  A Fool for Your Stockings (7:04) / Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings (4:09) / El diablo (3:38) / Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (3:04) / La Grange (7:30)

I am now wondering where some of these tracks were taken from as there are several discrepancies to the KBFH set list. Did Flying Horses release an audience recording after all?

For comparison, here is the set list for the concert in Springfield, MA, played three days earlier:

01) I Thank You
02) Waitin’ For the Bus
03) Jesus Just Left Chicago
04) Precious And Grace
05) I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
06) Manic Mechanic
07) Lowdown In The Street
08) Heard It On The X
09) Fool For Your Stockings
10) Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings
11) El Diablo
12) Cheap Sunglasses
13) Arrested For Driving While Blind
14) Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
15) La Grange
16) She Loves My Automobile
17) Hi-Fi Mama
18) Dust My Broom
19) Jailhouse Rock
20) Tush


In addition, all of the tracks originally found on the KBFH radio station double have now been officially released in 2014 for the first time on the Rock Classics label on CD and vinyl as LUCKY THIRTEEN (and looking like a modern version of a bootleg). This explains why wolfgangsvault do not offer this show on their website.

ZZ Top L 13 xl



Trivia fact: When this tour visited the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH on 21 March 1980, it was the first rock concert there following the tragic events surrounding the Who’s 3 December 1979 tour stop there.

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