Talking Heads

Talking Heads Electrically

Source: UCLA, supposedly from December 1978 but details are sketchy. Audience recording.

Tracks:   A

          The Big Country
          Warning Sign
          Stay Hungry
          Artists Only
          The Girls Want To Be With the Girls


          Love Goes To Building On Fire
          Psycho Killer
          Take Me To the River
          I’m Not In Love

Re-released later as sides 1 & 2 of a double on Ken’s Beacon Island outfit:

Talking Heads Electrically

Talking heads Electrically b

Sides 3 & 4 was supposed to be a repressing of Compassion Is A Virtue IMP 1-30 but a mix-up happened with the masters and some sets had LP 1 of Music For Palaces by Brian Eno(Centrifugal label) instead.

Eno Music For Palaces

This eBay text than shows that this worked the other way around as well:

“BRIAN ENO – Music For Palaces (2LP)
Rare 2LP Centrifugal Rec. Label, Deluxe Cover
Sides 3-5 Studio
Sides 1 & 2: This disc is the Talking Heads Compassion Is A Virtue But…’ (Impossible Recordworks 1-30). Undoubtedly it should have been Brian Eno’s ‘Floating In Sequence* (same label and number)”

Talking Heads Compassion IAVB

Talking Heads Compassion IAVB b