The Kinks

My apologies for skipping over WCF 719 & 720, which had somehow vanished from the master list I keep on my lap top although they are still on the main list I compiled for the blog.

Kinks Rare

Kinks Rare b

Kinks Rare det 2

That is a rather shocking amount of track information for a WCF title.

Below: Alternate version with only one insert with track list. As these came with blank white labels it must be a later “economy” version.



Mid-Western USA: ca. mid-1971, making it the first Kinks underground release but not their first bootleg. Not as easy to find compared to the pirates WCF compiled for the Who, Instant Party (736) and Who Unreleased (27).

A 1   Act Nice And Gentle – Non-US B-side to “Waterloo Sunset” 45, 1967
A 2   This Man He Weeps Tonight – B-side to Shangrila, non-US 45, 1969
A 3   Mr. Pleasant – 45, 1967
A 4   King Kong – B-side to “Plastic Man” non-US 45, 1969
A 5   Creeping Jean – B-side to Dave Davis non-US 45 “Hold My Hand”
A 6   Plastic Man – see # 4.
A 7   Lincoln County – Dave Davies non-US 45, 1968
B 1   Polly – B-side to “Wonderboy” 45, 1968
B 2   Mindless Child Of Motherhood – B-side to the non-US 45 “Drivin'”, used as B-side to “Lola” in the US in 1970
B 3   She’s Got Everything – B-side to “Days”, a 45 released only in a handful of countries in 1968
B 4   Berkeley Mews – B-side to “Lola” in most countries except the US
B 5   Hold My Hand – see # 5.
B 6   There’s No Life Without Your Love – B-side to “Lincoln County” 45


“Inevitably. Hot Wacks was not the product of some dispassionate observer but someone who had been getting his own hands dirty. Kurt Glemser was already dipping into the mire at the time of Hot Wacks IV. K (as in Kurt) & S Records’ first release, a collection of live Led Zeppelin recordings, had appeared at the beginning of 1976. In the grand tradition of copycat bootleggers, Sin City Social was a shoddy mix’n’match drawn exclusively from TMQs Bonzo’s Birthday Party, Three Days After and Blueberry Hill.” [Heylin, Bootleg, p. 131]


**** 1976 ****


Led Zep Sin City Social



Discussed in depth here

Dylan TFSA alt insertDylan TfSAtticDylan NiR 1109



Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive 4Rolling Stones Bring It Back Alive 2

Previously discussed here.




Who Raw insertWho Raw disc

And in blue:


Who Raw Blu

The ‘insider joke’ – and it took me a while to get this as well – is that the title is an alternative spelling for “Hurrah!)”.

A K&S original release, the Who recorded at Maple Leaf Gardens on 11 December 1975. Unfortunately, not a great sounding source tape to start with and since then surpassed by the CD releases presenting the complete show. One thing’s for sure, The Who tended to always put on a good show in Toronto.

Side 1: I Can’t Explain / Substitute / My Wife / Baba O’Riley / Squeeze Box / Behind Blue Eyes
Side 2: Dreaming From The Waist / Boris The Spider / Magic Bus




Beck 005 bBeck 005

As hinted at by the label shown, above, this title was also issued by TMoQ as part of their deluxe 820x series – and this time with a famous William Stout cover design:


BECK-FAST already has its own post on another blog:

Another review:

Link to concert review:



006: DAVID BOWIE ‘IN AMERICA’ – 100 copies on red PVC pressed from original TMoQ plates; does anyone else find it strange that “IN PERSON” was not ordered as well?

Bowie In America 006

Bowie In America 006 disc


Year: ?


Kinks Long Tall Sally

100 copies on red wax from original TMoQ plates.

And then there was yet another re-issue on mult-color wax, reminiscent of the Mushroom series:

Kinks LTS 2

Kinks Long Tall Sally b



“Q: Was it just Dub & Ken that you knew from that world or did you also get to meet Kurt Glemser (your drawing of Mick Jagger was used on the K&S version of ‘Burning At The Hollywood Paladium’), John Wizardo, Andrea Waters, the Rubber Dubber guy or any of the other bootleg producers from that era?

W. Stout: I met a few of the other bootleggers, usually at the Hollywood Record Swap Meet in the Capitol Records parking lot. For the most part they were pretty sleazy and seemed untrustworthy. This intuitive feeling was borne out when the other bootleggers started stealing TMOQ’s recordings and putting them out on their own labels. Meeting them made me glad I was working with “Ken” and Dub. I don’t think I ever met the Rubber Dubber — but I bought his records. I don’t think I ever heard of Kurt.

Q: Did anyone else approach you to do work for them?

W. StoutI think the other bootleggers were too intimidated by “Ken” and Dub to ask me to do covers for them. It was probably perceived of as a “turf” thing.

The copy shown below reached GBP 1220 at auction in March of 2011.

Rolling Stones Burning atHP 2Rolling Stones Burning atHP LP



009: LED ZEPPELIN ‘BLUEBERRY HILL’ – 150 pressed from the EV666-664 plates and either because they felt it looked better with labels or these just happened to be available: With TAKRL and 1970’s GLC labels. The copy shown here sold for $1,325.00 in January of 2014. K&S may have done mostly copy jobs but they certainly increased nicely in value in many cases.

Led Zep BH insertLed Zep BH 2Led Zep BH disc 1

K&S cover rip off LZ

The cover “inspiration” – Humble Pie’s 1970 album.



150 copies made as well but this classic Who release can be had for much less (under $300) compared to the two preceding titles.


WHO TftW 5


Source : New Victoria Theatre, London, June 14th, 1975
Quality:  (AM) Good; Broadcast on DIR “British Biscuit” August 24, 1975

1.     Everybody’s A Star (Starmaker)     3:55         
2.     Ordinary People     3:28     
3.     Rush Hour Blues     6:41     
4.     Nine To Five/When Work Is Over/Have Another Drink     8:03         
5.     Underneath The Neon Sign     4:07         
6.     You Make It All Worthwile     5:56         
7.     Ducks On The Wall     2:42         
8.     (A) Face In The Crowd     2:31         
9.     You Can’t Stop The Music     3:22     

Complete broadcast can be found here:

TAKRL says:

“The original issue cover was printed with fluorescent pink ink.”

Source : Hippodrome, Golders Green, London  July 14 ’74
Quality: Broadcast (FM) Excellent

1.     Victoria     3:22         
2.     Here Comes Yet Another Day     4:45         
3.     Money Talks     3:45     
4.     Dedicated Follower Of Fashion     1:45         
5.     Mirror Of Love     3:34         
6.     Celluloid Heroes     5:22     
7.     Here Comes Flash     3:05     
8.     Demolition     3:40         
9.     He’s Evil     3:56         
10.   Lola     4:15    

From collectorsmusicreviews:

“The first BBC Transcription discs were circulated for syndicated radio with ”You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night” omitted.  A second edit, sent to United States radio stations, omit the medley and also omit ”Daylight.”

The excellent sound quality and readily available discs ensured many versions.  All unofficial releases come from these two sources.  On vinyl [the TMOQ LP] Long Tall Sally has three songs, “Here Comes Another Day,’ “Medley: Skin And Bone – Dry Bones” and “Celluloid Heroes,” along with other radio broadcasts.  [The TAKRL LP] Survivors contains the American edit and an additional omission of the final song “Skin And bones.”  The most complete vinyl titles are The Kinks Presenting John Gosling complete and You Really Got Me which both have the BBC Transcription disc broadcast.”

German 1990 bootleg, contains a booklet.

The show can now be found here: