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Captain Beefheart WatBBMusic

All seen copied have the US sized Din A 4 slip sheets (216x279mm  vs Euro Din A 4: 210x297mm).

Captain Beefheart WatBBMusic detail

Captain Beefheart WatBBMusic disc

If you’ve been following the blog or you are reading all Wizardo entries in sequence, you will have already guessed that under the Wizardo law of bootleg manufacturing, this just had to be a colored wax release (although black wax copies exist as well).

The following descriptions come from Beefheart afficionados and seem much more trustworthy than any other source:

Side 1:  Suction Prints/ Golden Birdies/ Black Snake Blues/ I’m A King Bee/ Jimmy Bill’s In Town

Side 2:  Alice In Blunderland/ Abba Zaba/ Big Eyed Beans From Venus/ I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby
“Recorded live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles on 5th(?) January 1973. This the very first Live Recording captured of THE MAGIC BAND on vinyl at their absolute finest!  The sheer speed and live dexterity of the magic band ripping thru’ their repertoire and enjoying themselves so much that Don and the Band played some bonus live Blues classics that cannot be heard anywhere else!

Original pressings were on black & red splatter vinyl  in ‘200 Copies Only’.”

“”A classic… with a basic white cover and paper insert. A great photo of Don on the front cover (from 1972?) but for some reason the song titles and names of the band are from the Knebworth Festival in 1975. Curious…”

“When I first heard this record I was a bit disappointed at the sound quality, being an audience tape. It didn’t take more than two or three listenings to appreciate the great performance that was captured on that tape. I now consider the only downside to be the wavering pitch on Jimmy Bill’s In Town. Guess the guy with the tape recorder didn’t change the batteries in time!”

Sold to the public as being from the Roundhouse, L.A. , listed on the slip sheet as being from the Roxy, L.A. on 7/16/75 but known to be from the Troubadour, LA. In 1973. With all of the literature available on the Ct. & his band, there doesn’t seem to be any consistency as far as the line-up on this recording. From what is audible on the LP there is Alex St. Clair (guitar), Zoot Horn Rollo (guitar), Rockette Morton (Mark Boston (bass and guitar?)), Ed Marimba (Arthur D. Tripp-drums) and someone I have never seen referenced anywhere, Eddie Horn (or at least that is what it sounds like in the introductions on bass.)

It is said that this disc is of particular interest because it contains the only known recording of the song Jimmy Bill’s In Town. As far as I know, it has the only recording of Old Black Snake, as well.

troubadour LA


“Midway through the Clear Spot tour, Alex St. Claire rejoined the Magic ranks after a five year hiatus, and this was the second show following his return. Bill Harkleroad, Roy Estrada, Mark Boston, and Art Tripp round out the Magic line-up. My particular copy sounds ok, however, the drums and bass are pretty muddy, and the dual bass attack is sadly sonically indistinguishable. St. Claire and Harkleroad, though lacking the usual Magic Band syncopation, provide really straight forward, down-home, butt kickin’ blues (listen to I’m A King Bee and Jimmy Bill’s Back In Town). Art Tripp, who was extremely well received during the introductions, was an adequate alternative to Drumbo (check out Suction Prints and Golden Birdies). The Captain was in top form, exercising his four and a half octave range and does a superb a Capella rendition of Old Black Snake. Although this line-up did nothing special on the standards (Big Eyed Beans, Abba Zaba, I’m Gonna Booglarise You), the appeal here is the sludgy blues tunes. In fact, if one didn’t know one’s Beefheart, this easily sounds somewhere between A&M and Mirror Man. One last point of interest: for some reason, Golden Birdies is listed from the 1-3 Troubadour set although its sound is consistent with the rest of the show. Methinks the Suction Prints may have been from another show because the drums and cymbals are more audible.”

“The rarest and most desirable Captain Beefheart bootleg ever, AFAIK. I only got a copy this year when Detlef Jurgens posted the show to Dime. Only ever version of ‘Jimmy Bill’s In Town’.” rushomancy,

winterland73 Capt Beefh

Photo taken by Ryk Ekedal during the Magic Band’s set supporting the Mahavishnu Orchestra at Winterland San Francisco, 31st March 1973

Some Comments:
Jim Ryan: Early January 74 (73!), Troubadour L.A. w/Martin Mull as opener for the first three nights of I think a five or six night run. Would have gone to all but had to fly home w/ Mom & Dad. What a happy accident to be in L.A. on vacation to find the Captain playing. Thanks to mom and dad for letting me stay in Hollywood, while they went south to San Diego.
Talked with Don at third Troubadour show. It seemed like he knew about me as he had chatted with a friend of mine on “Triad Radio Show” in Chicago some time between the Aragon show & the Troubadour shows. Introduced to Jan and got autograph “To Jim Love Over Gold”.
(Fireparty People)

Alan Saul: I met Jerry (Handley) while waiting in line at the Troubador in early 1973. I had a pleasant little conversation with him and don’t remember any hint of a British accent. He was living in Lancaster, had a business that had to do with cars (leasing?, maybe a body shop?, I forget now). I told him how much I admired his work on “Mirror Man” and he was pleased but modest. He wasn’t playing music at that point, because he needed to make a living. I would tend to doubt that people wouldn’t have left the band if they had been able to make a living at it! Remember that Don didn’t pay people anything – even after a little money started coming in. But Jerry greeted Don quite warmly when he arrived, and Don seemed happy to see him, though he was staggering around with a blonde to whom he referred as Captain Bottles.
Jerry had told the person at the ticket window that Don Vliet should have put him on the list, and at that time it surprised me to not hear the Van? That enabled me to discover who Jerry was, otherwise he was completely nondescript, just hanging out with everybody else in the line. I’m fairly sure that he was from Lancaster/Palmdale originally. Was he really playing with Don in 1965 though?

Alan Saul: I just wanted to relate that I met Jerry once. We were standing next to each other in line at the Troubador in 1972 or 73 until he got the tickets Mr. Vliet had left for him. Gerry Pratt had the impression that he was British, but as far as I could tell he was quite American, I presumed from the high desert. He was extremely nice, although I didn’t ask him much, mostly just complimented him on his tremendous playing on “Mirror Man” and asked what he was doing (I forget now, I think some automotive business) ….
That night at the Troubador, when Don arrived, he was staggering, supported by a tall blonde who he introduced as Captain Bottles. I didn’t catch whether her first name was Long Necked. Don proceeded to heckle Martin Mull (the opening act) mercilessly, then gave one of a series of fantastic concerts under the influence of Art Tripp, Roy Estrada, Mark Boston, and Bill Harkleroad.

Jeff Moris Tepper: I was up in the California redwoods to check out housing and schools, and I saw Don drive by in this orange pumpkin-coloured stingray and park at a Corvette dealership. I had met him in Los Angeles in ’72 during the Clear Spot tour, when we had talked and he had drawn me a picture, but I was kind of scared. I walked up to his car and went, very softly: “Don”, and he fucking jumped – hit his head on his car roof! He said: “Man, you scared the shit out of me! Hey, I know you!”. I go: “Yeah, we talked once at the Troubadour”. And he goes: “I gave you a piece of art, I don’t ever do that”. This was all within the first 10 seconds, it was really weird. Within two hours he was showing me a house next door to his that he wanted me to rent.
And so I got my housing.
(Mike Barnes: Hello Goodbye. Moris Tepper & Beefheart’s Magic Band. Mojo #51. February 1998)

WRMB 335: The Beatles ‘Paris Sports Palais ’65’ & ‘Paris ’65’ found under the title link.


Rolling Stones 336

Rolling Stones 336 II

Sources: Brussels Foret National – 17 October, first show, except *  Wembley Empire Pool – 9 September 1973

Side 1: Gimme Shelter*/ Brown Sugar/ Happy*/ Tumbling Dice/ Heartbreaker*                                  Side 2: Honky Tonk Women/ Dancing With Mr. D/ Angie/ You Can’t Always Get What You Want          Side 3: Midnight Rambler/ All Down The Line/ Rip This Joint/ Jumpin’ Jack Flash                             Side 4: Street Fighting Man*/ Wild Horses(the “Gimme Shelter” alternate take)/ /Till The Next Goodbye^/ It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll^ (The “sailor suit” version that has a different instrumental track. Possibly the original Ron Wood take)/ Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg^ (^ = Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, broadcast 19 October 1974 in season 2, episode 5; backing tracks with crowd clapping and “live” Jagger vocals) /Con Le Mie Lacrime (pirate of “As Tears Go By” in Italian 45) believes that this double album was created by taking tracks from the TMoQ release EUROPEAN TOUR 1973 (TMoQ RS 561 / 71086):

“…All Down The Line also comes after Midnight Rambler on “Bedspring Symphony”, and on this record you can hear a few bars of [Street Fighting Man] before it abruptly cuts to [Rip This Joint]. There are also similarities in the song sequence when this is compared to “European Tour 1973″, so this looks like a copy of the two recordings with the different songs from each spliced together to make one release.”

Rolling Stones European Tour 1973

Side A: Brown Sugar/Happy*/ Dancing With Mr. D/ Angie/ You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Side B: Midnight Rambler/ Rip This Joint/ Jumpin’ Jack Flash/ Street Fighting Man*

and TAKRL’s Bedspring Symphony :

Rolling Stones Bedspring Symphony dbb

Side A: Gimme Shelter*/ Tumbling Dice/ Brown Sugar/ Heartbreaker*/ Angie
Side B: Honky Tonk Women/ Midnight Rambler/ All Down The Line/ Street Fighting Man*

Plus obviously at least one more source, as “Tumbling Dice” is not found on any of these two prior releases.



WRMB 333: Jimi Hendrix ‘Live in Stockholm’ has been added to a previous TAKRL & Fruit End listing. Revisit it by clicking on the link above.


Bad Co Shooting Star 334

Bad Co Live At LA Forum 334

Typical set list on the 1975 US Tour (this particular one is from the Winterland in San Francisco on the previous night). Songs in bold are on this LP:


The final song on side 2, “Alright Now” by Free is not listed on the cover and comes from a different and unknown source, as mentioned below.

“In the 1970s, Bad Company never recorded an official live album. So if you wanted a live recording by the band, bootlegs were the only place to go back then. Bad Company’s 1970s bootlegs varied in sound quality: some sounded terrible while others would have pleased an audiophile. A bootleg LP that surfaced in 1975, Shooting Star: Live at the L.A. Forum offers neither terrible sound nor great sound. The sound is okay, if a bit rough, on this record, which documents Bad Company’s June 20, 1975, show at the Inglewood Forum (also known as the L.A. Forum). With Paul Rodgers singing lead, the British rockers are pleasing on favorites from their first two albums, including “Shooting Star” and “Feel Like Makin’ Love” from Straight Shooter and Bad Company’s title song. The LP also contains a recording of Free (the band that Rodgers belonged to before Bad Company) performing “All Right Now” on stage. Unfortunately, Wizardo/WRMB doesn’t bother to tell you when or where Free’s performance was recorded. Despite such occasional carelessness, Wizardo/WRMB was among the top bootleggers of the 1970s, that is, until the FBI put the company out of business. And when Wizardo/WRMB ceased to exist, Shooting Star: Live at the L.A. Forum became extremely difficult to find.” ( review)

WRMB 330: Pink Floyd ‘The Screaming Abdab’ – previous review under the title link.

WRMB 331: Elton John ‘Ol’ Pink Eyes Is Back’previous review under the title link as well.


Reed L bhmf big

Excursion: The cover art does remind me a lot of this scarce Peter Gabriel bootleg produced years later:

Gabriel P I lost my teddy bear

Reed L BHMFun cv

Another colored wax release from Wizardo. Nothing to complain here though, as the quality is decent, even if it is a copy.

Reed L BHMFun 2

A copy of this rare Australian bootleg from 1975:

Reed L BHMF Sweet Bread

“Original First Press issue in color sleeve.


Extremely rare GENUINE original first pressing in stunning as new condition.  Definitely one of the scarcer Lou titles from the era.

This is the original issue from Sweet Bread came out in Australia, in 1975, released a year after the show. All other versions/pressings are copies of this.

Recorded at a Sydney, Australia show on either August 21 or 25, 1974,  Blondes Have More Fun is a live LP that came out on various underground labels in the ’70s. After coming out on Sweet Bread Records, Blondes Have More Fun was reissued by Wizardo a few years later. Unfortunately, the Wizardo version is problematic in a number of respects: Wizardo doesn’t tell you when or where the album was recorded and the songs aren’t listed in their correct order. As the  superior Sweet Bread version (which features a deluxe color cover) was near impossible to find, many collectors had to settle for the inferior Wizardo version. This recording is a great sounding record of Lou’s shows during the summer 1974.

Lou performed shows at this time with bleached blond hair, dark sunglasses and usually wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans. He was at the top of his game at this time, and the shows were superb.

The sound fidelity on this recording is excellent, and although it is a short show, it is a complete performance.

Side 1: Waiting For The Man / Sally Can’t Dance / Vicious / Lady Day
Side 2: Heroin / Walk On The Wild Side / White Light/White Heat / Goodnight Ladies

Recorded live at the Hordern Pavillion, Sydney, Australia, August, 21th, 1974 [date usually given as the 25th while ticket stubs say 13th]

Vocals – Lou Reed, Guitar – Danny Weiss, Bass – Prakash John, Drums – Pentti “Whitey” Glan, Keyboards – Michael Fonfara”

lou rockscene

Version # 3 (not by Wizardo):

Reed L BHMFun 1

Reed L BHMFun lbl

Reed L BHMFun neg

and version # 4:


Reed L BHMF disc

“150 pressed from the original WRMB plates. Most were lost in shipping. Exm.” – Hot Wacks comment

WRMB 329

Copy from my personal collection. There is another cover variation listing the title(s), shown below (I prefer the minimalist “no title” version for its simplicity – even if it looks as if the title is LED ZEP 329).

Led Zeppelin Caution Explosive

WRMB 329 alt photo

Third cover variation:

Led Zeppelin 329 alt a

Side 1: The Train Kept A Rollin’*/ Thank You/ What Is & What Should Never Be/ Blueberry Hill
Side 2: Bring It On Home/ You Shook Me*/ Bron-Yr-Aur
Side 3: As Long As I Have You medley incl. Fresh Garbage, Bag’s Groove*/ That’s The Way/ Since I’ve Been Loving You
Side 4: John Paul Jones Organ Improvisation/ Communication Breakdown medley incl. Good Times Bad Times, For What It’s Worth, I Saw Her Standing There/ Communication Breakdown*

Quality: Good mono and (*) Fair mono audience recordings.
Sources: The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA – 4 September 1970 and (*) Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA – 25 April 1969




Introduction, Train Kept A-Rollin’, You Shook Me, Communication Breakdown, As Long As I Have You

“Led Zeppelin played four nights in San Francisco on their second tour.  The first and fourth nights (April 24th and 27th) were at Fillmore West, but the middle two were in Winterland.  The April 25th fragment is the least known and most obscure of the four.  This twenty-five minute tape first appeared on the vinyl release Caution Explosive (WRMB 329) and on three prior silver releases:  California ‘69 (Lemon Song LS-7206, LS-7207), Grande Ball on Missing Link (ML-010) (attributed to Chicago May 16th, 1969) and several years ago on How Many More Years:  The Legendary Fillmore Series-West Vol. 5 (Empress Valley EVSD-430).

It is a very good bordering on excellent sounding and powerful audience recording capturing the dynamics of the performance.  It’s a shame it has only selections because this performance is absolutely ferocious.  If the whole show were to surface this would be the “legendary” show that is essential to own.

“I Can’t Quit You”, “Dazed & Confused,” ”How Many More Times” and half of “As Long As I Have You” are omitted, probably intentionally by the taper.  What is left is simply great to hear.  Bill Graham welcomes the band back from England before “Train Kept A Rollin” explodes from the stage.  “You Shook Me” is a ten minute long intense extravaganza and is  perhaps the best version ever performed by the band.

Before the final song Robert Plant says:  “Last time, when we came here was the first, was the second gig that we ever did in America, and we must have been together about three months, and we were really pleased with the way we went down. If we hadn’t of done well here, I think we would have shipped ourselves around home, and you’ve done the same for us this time as you did last time. We’d like to say thank you very much, and Good Night.”  Six minutes of “As Long As I Have You” are on the tape before it cuts out in the middle of the improvisation. ” (Source:

Interesting to note is that this was the second to last performances where Jimmy would use his painted Fender Telecaster (seen here in the fall of 1968):

Jimmy Page

While in San Francisco, Jimmy bought a non-serial-numbered (most likely 1959) Gibson Les Paul sunburst from Joe Walsh for $500 and it was first used at the 27 April Fillmore show. In the image below, it is seen in action at the Rose Palace in Pasadena on 3 May ’69:



Track break down:

A 1  The Train Kept A Rollin’   25 April ’69
A 2  Thank You                                                                                                                                                      A 3  What Is & What Should Never Be
A 4  Blueberry Hill   
A 2 – 4: Previously available on  LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL
B 1  Bring It On Home   
B 1: Previously available on  LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL
B 2  You Shook Me    25 April ’69
B 3  Bron-Yr-Aur   
B 3: Previously available on LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM 9-4-70
C 1  As Long As I Have You   25 April ’69
C 2  That’s The Way   
C 2: Previously available on LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM 9-4-70
C 3  Since I’ve Been Loving You
D 1  John Paul Jones Organ Improvisation
D 2  Communication Breakdown medley incl. Good Times Bad Times, For What It’s Worth, I Saw Her Standing There     
C 3 – D 2:  Previously available on  LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL
D 2  Communication Breakdown    25 April ’69

I am assuming that the two L.A. Forum tracks new to those who only had the Blimp/TMOQ releases – “Bron-Yr-Aur”and “That’s The Way” – were not copied from the Rubber Dubber double set but come from Ken’s master tape. They were also included on TMOQ’s Three Days After (# 72016).



The complete set list for the 4 September 1970 show at the Inglewood Forum:

    “Immigrant Song”
    “Dazed and Confused”
    “Bring It On Home”
    “That’s the Way”
    “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
    “Organ Solo/Thank You”
    “What Is and What Should Never Be”
    “Moby Dick”
    “Whole Lotta Love” (Medley)
        “Boogie Chillen”
        “Moving On”
        “Red House”
        “Some Other Guy”
        “Think It Over”
        “Honey Bee”
        “The Lemon Song”
    “Communication Breakdown” (Medley)
        “Good Times Bad Times”
        “For What It’s Worth”
        “I Saw Her Standing There”
    “Out on the Tiles”
    “Blueberry Hill”

In the beginning, there were two vinyl sources for the 4 September 1970 LA Forum show (six sources in total have been identified to this day and one needs to consider that even among sources identified as being the same, quality can vary: Quote: “I really didn’t think it was anymore special then the other versions of the 1st tape source until I started hearing other versions/releases of the 1st tape source.” And I would not be surprised if this would apply to vinyl drops as well based on vinyl quality, hard ware and the person doing it. Vinyl source # 1 is Dub’s mono recording (eventually complete – just not complete on the original release Live On Blueberry Hill on the Blimp label):

BLIMP EV 664-666A-D
Side 1: Immigrant Song/ Heartbreaker medley incl. Bouree/ Dazed And Confused (26:14)
Side 2: What Is And What Should Never Be/ Moby Dick/ Communication Breakdown medley incl. Good Times Bad Times, For What It’s Worth, I Saw Her Standing There (26:53)
Side 3: Since I’ve Been Loving You/ Organ Improvisation/ Thank You/ Out On The Tiles/ Blueberry Hill (27:00)
Side 4: Bring It On Home/ Whole Lotta Love medley incl. Boogie Chillun, I’m Moving On, Redhouse, Some Other Guy, Think It Over, Honey Bee, The Lemon Song (26:46)

The tape source for this release has become available and is generally referred to as ‘Source 1’.

Led Zep Blueberry Hill Blimp

And the incomplete but stereo Rubber Dubber release:

Side 1: Bring It On Home/ That’s The Way
Side 2: Bron-Yr-Aur/Since I’ve Been Loving You/ Organ Solo
Side 3: Thank You/ What Is And What Should Never Be/ Whole Lotta Love medley
Side 4: Whole Lotta Love medley con’t incl. Boogie Chillun, I’m Moving On, Honey Bee, The Lemon Song/ Communication Breakdown medley incl. Good Times Bad Times, For What It’s Worth, I Saw Her Standing There

Missing here are “Immigrant Song”, “Heartbreaker”, “Dazed & Confused”, and “Moby Dick” from the main set plus “Out On The Tiles” (the first of only two known performances of the song) and “Blueberry Hill” from the encores. In addition, there is a significant cut in “Whole Lotta Love”, eliminating a significant section of the medley.

The tape source for this release has never surfaced.

Led Zeppelin Los Angeles Forum 9-4-70

Read more about the impact of these two bootlegs here:


This may not be from September 4th but it’s very close. The one below is supposed to be.



Beatles OSiErope Din A 4

Beatles OSiEurope alt

The alternate “letter” style cover reminding us of “Secret” (WRMB 342 JPM – Gotta Sing Gotta Dance).



Side 1  Yesterday/  Nowhere Man/ Rock N Roll Music/  Baby’s In Black/ I Feel Fine/ I’m Down         Source: Munich, Zirkus Krone 24 June, 1966, 9PM show – originally from a TV off air home recording, most likely copied off of Contraband’s Live In Europe & TV Casts LP (3571), presented here out of order and in worse quality.
Daytripper/ We Can Work It Out   (probably taken from broadcast of both promotional films on US TV music program Hullabaloo on 3 January 1966)

Side 2:  I Saw Her Standing There/ From Me To You/ Money/ Roll Over Beethoven/ You Really Got A Hold On Me/ She Loves You/ Twist And Shout (24 October 1963, Karlaplanstudio Stockholm, lifted from Contraband’s Sweden 1963)

Rated “poor mono”, with the exception of the two film soundtracks – “good mono”. A bit of a low point in the Wizardo catalog. At least the colored PVC still looks good.


After reviewing 28 Wizardo releases a trend appears to emerge. Multi colored vinyl seemed to have been used either as a warning sign or kind of like an ‘apology’: Here is some weird music you’ve never heard before and may not like (B.Toff Band, Nilsson – Scatalogue) or here’s some bad quality material we copied from older bootlegs you may already have purchased before … but the record looks really funky! Let’s see how this continues…

WRMB 326: The Beatles ‘Words Of Love’ can be found under the title link


Cooper A Sold Out 2

Cooper A Sold Out 3

Alice Cooper
LA Forum
Los Angeles 1975-06-17 (I have seen the date listed as June 16, 17 (mostly), 18 and July 27)
KBFH radio broadcast

Setlist tracks on the album are in bold:

01. Welcome To My Nightmare 5:45
02. Years Ago 0:50
03. No More Mr. Nice Guy 2:02
04. Years Ago 0:58
05. Billion Dollar Babies 2:59
06. Years Ago 1:14
07. I’m Eighteen 4:25
08. Years Ago 1:07
09. Some Folks 5:40
10. Cold Ethyl 2:49
11. Only Women Bleed 7:03
12. Devil’s Food 9:28
13. The Black Widow 3:18
14. Steven 5:15
15. Nightmare Reprise 2:58
16. Escape 3:39
17. School’s Out (W/Escape Reprise) 5:50
18. Department Of Youth 7:24

The last track on the LP is “Ballad Of Dwight Fry”, which comes from ‘The Nightmare’ TV Special 1975.



A concert review can be found here:

Beatles In the lap

Beatles In the lap Din A 4

Beatles In The lap detail 2

Wizardo trying the Contraband recipe of selling vaguely psychedelic fab four-ish sounding tracks with BBC recordings + more. “Have You heard The Word” (HOTWACKS quality rating: satisfactory) by the Fut had first appeared on the Contraband LP with the same title.  Next, Wizardo added the B-side “Futting Around” (very good; the two word title was used on the pirate copy of the single that was produced in 1973, the UK original just says “Futting” – see below) as well, so who says they didn’t deliver anything new? … “Don’t Let Me Down” & “Those Were The Days” (satisfactory; 29 March 1969 Amsterdam Hilton “Bed In”, from a VPRO radio interview with Wim Noordhoek & Jan Donkers) was already familiar from TMOQ’s Spicy Beatles Songs and CBM’s Abbey Road Revisited as is the next track, John’s short improvised version of “Cottonfields” (very good) from the 5 June ’68 The Kenny Everett Show.  I suspect that “Twist and Shout” (good) and “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” (satisfactory) are the same recordings also found on Spicy Beatles Songs : Swedish radio, Karlaplanstudio Stockholm, 24 Oct ’63 for the former and the last ever Beatles BBC radio show “The Beatles (Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride)”, recorded 26 May 1965 and aired: 7 June 1965, for the latter.  “You Really Got A Hold On Me” (good) is likely from the Swedish radio broadcast as well, especially if it is live, as no other live performance exists.

The last track on side 1: “Roll Over Beethoven” (good) and the first two on side 2: “All My Loving” & “I Wanna Be Your Man” (both good) likely are identical with side 2 of CBM’s Sweden 1963 (wrongly attributed as having first appeared on CBM’s Mary Jane in the book Way Beyond Compare): From Us To You # 2, recorded on 28 February ’64 at BBC Piccadilly Studios in London and broadcast on 30 March ’64 (track 7, “From Us To You” (poor) might come from the same source as well).  The next three songs, “Long Tall Sally” (satisfactory), “A Hard Day’s Night” (very good) and “Things We Said Today” (good) plus the interview are obviously from the summer of 1964 and are most likely from the Beatles’ Top of the Pops appearances (as HOTWACKS states). A promo video of “Long Tall Sally” had been shown on 1 & 8 July ’64; “A Hard Days Night” played from the disc, on 8, 15 and 22 of July & 5 August and “Things We Said Today” on 29 July ’64.  See below for thoughts on an alternative source. If “It’s Now or Never” (poor; full title “By George! It’s The David Frost Theme/It’s Now Or Never”) from their appearance on UK TV’s Frost on Sunday is really on here then the book That Magic Feeling missed its first appearance on this bootleg. The following version of “Hey Jude” (good) is likely take 2 as aired in the UK version.


Collector comments:

“Most of this LP is copied from TMOQ’s 1973 LP “Mary Jane” (aka “Spicy Beatle Songs”). Wizardo replaced “What’s The New Mary Jane” with “Futting”, added “Long Tall Sally” to the “Top Of The Pops” segment, and tacked on the first bootleg appearance of the Frost material. The “Top Of The Pops” songs are from the radio show, not the TV, and are indeed from episode #1 of “Top Gear”.” (by John Winn, author of Way Beyond Compare & That Magic Feeling & the Beatlegmania book series)

“By the way, have you noticed how In The Lap Of The Gods is like an expanded, alternate version of Spicy Beatles Songs? Both open with The Fut – “Have You Heard The Word.” On SBS it is abridged, on LOTG it is complete.
Here, LOTG adds “Futting Around” that is not on SBS and then goes to “Don’t Let Me Down / Those Were The Days” which is on both.
LOTG omits “What’s The New Mary Jane” that is on SBS, and then the tracks are the same from “Cottonfields” through “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

At this point is where they differ. SBS has only “Dialogue / A Hard Day’s Night” and “Things We Said Today.” On SBS, there is no solo in the middle of “A Hard Day’s Night.” On LOTG, it has been edited in from the record. LOTG has the show intro theme, “Long Tall Sally,” “Dialogue / A Hard Day’s Night,” “Things We Said Today” and the TOTP closing theme. The sources differ between albums. On LOTG, the dialogue after AHDN is heard to stop and Brian Matthew says “Is it really four years since I had that chat?” and then the radio program resumes. This means that the source is a 1968 BBC retrospective. Going from memory now, I think the end of AHDN chat is also different in the “Have a banana, catch, and share it with the others.” One has alternate dialogue there. Then, LOTG goes to David Frost, which SBS doesn’t.” (comment from the BootlegZone Beatlegs forum)



The pirate from 1973. “One of the earliest Beatle (then thought) Bootlegs on 45 rpm.” states


The 1970 UK original.

The alternative explanation, which has been debunked (but I am keeping it as part of this entry as I like finding an early bootleg that is not listed anywhere) is that Jon Wizardo did get his hands on the rare 1971 bootleg The Beatles Last Album (matrix: 0171 – 01 1971 – the month/year it was produced or just a coincidence?), which preserved a little over half of their appearance on BBC radio’s Top Gear # 1 show as recorded 14 July ’64 and broadcast on July 16. It featured a sequence of Long Tall Sally/Things We Said Today/intro/A Hard Day’s Night/outro.



The cover inspiration (anyone ever seen this poster before/can tell us what the writing in the lower right says?):



This not often seen early bootleg LP features the first appearance of the People Say (Love Is Blind)/ I’m Walkin (All Alone) 45 – an unknown group recording under the alias “John & Paul” and guaranteed with zero involvement by any of the ex-Beatles –

before Contraband featured it on their late ’72 release MARY JANE (and Wizardo did it also on the 2nd hodgepodge disc of their 1975 MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR double album (WRMB 310).

Another officially released 45 is the German version of She Loves You plus three Christmas tracks, likely copied from the US Christmas Album LP.

LAST ALBUM also saw the first ever bootleg inclusion of their Frost on Sunday (UK) / The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour September/October ’68 live lead vocal appearance of Hey Jude and Revolution. I assume that just as its 1972 inclusion on CBM’s Europe & TV Casts, this is the US broadcast version where Hey Jude was edited from takes 1 and 3 (in the UK, the complete take 2 was aired). 


And finally, another first on bootleg vinyl: Shout! from the Around The Beatles TV special, as well as the partial aforementioned Top Gear # 1 BBC radio episode from 16 July 1964: Long Tall Sally, Things We Said Today, the intro to A Hard Day’s Night plus the song itself and and a bit of the outro. This was taken from a 1968 rebroadcast of the Top Of The Pops transcription discs, which included this much from the Top Gear performance.


with Brian Matthews, the DJ on Top Gear # 1

Roxy Music Air Treatments

Side 1:  Street Life (fair)/ Amazona (poor)/ Psalm (poor)
Side 2:  Pyjamerama I (good)/ Mother Of Pearl (fair)/ The Numberer (very good)/ Pyjamerama II (very good)

“During the German leg of the tour Roxy return to the Musikladen studios in Bremen on 23rd January 1974 and perform ‘Street Life’, ‘Pyjamarama’, ‘Mother Of Pearl’, ‘Amazona’ & ‘Psalm’…” All of side 1 and the first two track on side 2 come from the Musikladen performance (which has since been officially released on DVD). The source seems to have been a tape recorder that was smuggled into the studio by an audience member, recording the event in real time, including parts edited out for the broadcast, like in-between-songs chat and tune ups, but also resulting in less than stellar audio quality compared to the actual broadcast. The last two tracks on side two are pirated from the B- and A-side of Roxy Music’s two first ever UK singles respectively. The bootleg plays too slow and the last two studio tracks have been described as “tinny” sounding.

Roxy Music Air Treatments 2

WRMB 320: The Beatles ‘Get Back Sessions’ – another release available on colored wax/PVC – link to earlier listing under title.


Nilsson Scatalogue cv 3

Another odd-ball release by whacky Wizardo Records. This is the pirate of a rare 1971 promo record. Wizardo didn’t even bother to create their own artwork for it but just copied the original and cut the bottom part of. Released on colored wax.

Read about the original promo release here, including pictures of the item:


WRMB 321 must have been skipped for some reason.