Barrett, Syd

Barrett Laughing

A copy of this Euro bootleg:

Barrett Unforgotten Hero insert cover

Above: First edition or cheap copy?

Barrett Unforgotten Hero color cvr

A1. Scream Thy Last Scream    (Barrett) 4:20  Unreleased Single, 9 Aug 1967
A2. Vegetable Man    (Barrett) 2:28  Unreleased, Dec 1967
A3. Flaming    (Barrett) 2:37
A4. Scarecrow    (Barrett) 1:57
A5. The Gnome    (Barrett) 2:05
A6. Matilda Mother    (Barrett) 3:16  03. – 06.: BBC, Top Gear 25 Sep 1967
A7. Gigolo Aunt    (Barrett) 3:28
A8. Effervescing Elephant    (Barrett)  A7. – A8.: 0:55 BBC, Top Gear 24 Feb 1970 Host: John Peel Producer: John Walters Engineer: Tony Wilson
09. Interstellar Overdrive    (Barrett/Waters/Wright/Mason) 2:57 ‘Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London’ Version 12 Jan 1967 From “London 66-67” Film
B1. Vegetable Man    (Barrett) 3:14
B2. Pow R Toc H    (Barrett/Wright/Waters/Mason) 2:48
B3. Scream Thy Last Scream    (Barrett) 3:39
B4. Jugband Blues    (Barrett) 3:48  10. – 13.: BBC, Top Gear 20 Dec 1967


Review from “For a long time this was the chief source of unreleased Barrett (solo and with Floyd), but subsequent CD bootlegs like Saucerful of Outtakes and Magnesium Proverbs have made it less valuable. It’s a good roundup of his most famous unreleased performances, though, including 1967-68 BBC broadcasts with Floyd (of marginal fidelity), a couple of solo tracks from a 1970 BBC show, and the short version of “Interstellar Overdrive” that has since been released. Highlights are studio-quality versions of “Scream Thy Last Scream” and “Vegetable Man” that do not appear on many other (if any other) bootlegs, and the splendid color cover photo of Pink Floyd in 1967 (although our hero’s name is misspelled “Sid Barret“).”

Barrett Unforgotten Hero b