Lennon, John

JPG + R In The 1970s

JPG + R In The 1970s b

USA: 2ns half of 1980

Another basically pirate release following the similar in concept Down And Out?

Side 1:

  • Interview / Bip Bop / Lucille (excerpts only) – Wings’ rehearsal before their first ever tour, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, early February ’72. Taken from the Wings Over The World TV special, broadcast 16 March 1979
    Lucille is from the first Wings rehearsal at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London in February 1972.
  • Little Woman Love – B-side of Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • John Lennon interview about New York – ?
  • Angel Baby – from the withdrawn Roots album
  • Bangla Desh Press Conference / Speech / If Not For You (Rehearsal) – the first few minutes of the Concert For Bangla Desh film
  • Deep Blue – B-side of the Bangla Desh 45
  • Ringo interview about the Nashville recording sessions 1970
  • Coochy Coochy – B-side of the Beaucoups Of Blues 45
  • Interview Paul McCartney about touring Europe in 1972
  • The Mess – B-side of the My Love 45
  • “Good Bye Joel” – described as a “very weird montage of sounds (and pretty funny!)”, another Melvin message aimed at (“Paul-is-dead” theorist) Joel Glazier

Side 2:

  • Interview – Blow Away with George voice-over, discussing the Beatles
  • Miss O’Dell – B-side of the Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) 45
  • Grammy Awards John Lennon, Andy Williams, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel on Grammy Awards Show, L.A., March 1, 1975  [finally something new (and not copied from an official or TV source!)]
  • Move Over Ms. L. – B-side of JL’s Stand By Me 45
  • Give Ireland Back To The Irish / Interview – rehearsal in the McCartney home filmed by ABC News, 7 March 1972. Excerpts from this were also used on a late night US TV special hosted by David Frost:  A Salute To The Beatles: Once Upon A Time – which aired May 21st, 1975, which became Melvin Records’ source.

  • Oh Woman, Oh Why – the promo version pirated (has crackle and some skips), despite what the back cover states, the amount of gun shots is exactly the same compared with the official version: seven.
  • Ringo interview about the Blindman movie
  • Blindman – B-side of the Back Off Boogaloo 45
  • Now Hear This – The third piano intro from Paul’s Brung To Ewe By promo LP for the Ram album
  • Zoo Gang – B-side of Band On The Run and theme of a British television show by the same name about a band of French resistance fighters, This track would not see an official US release until 1988.
  • John interview about a possible Beatles reunion – ?
  • Be My Baby – from the withdrawn Roots album


I do remember when I owned this album that side 2 ended with the sped up recording of Melvin Records denying they had anything with the Wings Over Wembley double album.

Lennon Come Back Johnny!

The cover and album title inspiration:

Trouser Press Come back J

Lennon Come Back Johnny! b

A real labor of love, right down to the photo labels, a Melvin Records first:

Lennon Come Back Johnny! lbl 1

Lennon CBJ lbl 2

USA: 1979

Side 1:

  • intro: a comment to a bleary-eyed Bob Dylan, 1965 (sic) – Excerpt from Dylan’s Eat The Document film. May 27 1966: A very hungover Dylan and a similarly uptight John trying to sound witty (and failing) while D.A. Pennebaker’s rolling film on them, as they are driven from John’s home back to London.
  • New York City – ‘One To One’ Benefit 30 August 1972, audience recording. I speculated here previously if this may have come from the matinee performance but it’s definitely from the evening show.
  • It’s So Hard– same as above
  • Woman Is The Nigger Of The World– ditto
  • station break: Walls And Bridges Walls And Bridges radio spot, 1974 (spoken by Ringo)
  • (not listed) John doing the weather as WNEW guest DJ, 28 September 1974
  • Well Well Well – ‘One To One’ Benefit, 30 August 1972, audience recording, evening performance?
  • Instant Karma!– ‘One To One’ Benefit, 30 August 1972, from ABC broadcast, evening performance.
  • station break: Goodnight Vienna radio spot, 1974 (spoken by John)
  • WNEW radio guest DJ appearance John promoting Walls And Bridges on Dennis Elsas’ WNEW afternoon program, 28 September 1974

Side 2:

  • John on Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell, 9 December 1974
  • Mother – ‘One To One’ Benefit, 30 August 1972, evening performance, source: ABC outtake
  • Come Together– ‘One To One’ Benefit, 30 August 1972, evening performance, source: ABC broadcast
  • Cold Turkey– ‘One To One’ Benefit, 30 August 1972, evening performance, source: ABC broadcast
  • Hound Dog– ‘One To One’ Benefit, 30 August 1972, evening performance, source: ABC broadcast
  • Medley: Woman Is The Nigger Of The world / Baby Please Don’t Go / Rock Island Line / Maybe Baby / Peggy Sue – Hotel Miyako, San Francisco, August 1972. KGO-TV recording John & Yoko for Eyewitness News, as John strums a few tunes on his trusty Gibson Les Paul Jr.
  • Johnny B. Goode – Mike Douglas Show with Chuck Berry, recorded 20 January 1972, aired 16 February 1972, preceded by a short interview.
  • Imagine – Plastic Ono Band live at the Apollo Theater NYC, 17 December 1971
  • Lennon-McCartney feud: Lennon ripping on Paul’s “Too Many People”



Beatles LS Bb 1

Beatles LS Bb disc

Beatles LS Bb bl

The small text to the right says: “Fab Four 101 is the first of a series of limited edition 45’s intended for collectors only. Sound Quality: A-/B+ Front cover illus. by Scott”  

Matrix: FF 101-A/B

Surprisingly perhaps, not that many copies were pressed and this title is rather rare.

It does sound as if Lou had planned to issue more Beatles 7″ titles and I wonder if this release came out in 1977, following the Joe Pope debut offer of a colored Deccagone single in April of that year.

‘What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party’ had first been presented to the world in November of 1972 on Contraband’s The Never Released Mary Jane LP and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s 1967 45 ‘L.S. Bumble Bee’ pirated and wrongly attributed to the Beatles on the same label a few months later. Dub had also included ‘Mary Jane’ on his title by the same name (more commonly referred to as SPICY BEATLES SONGS – TMOQ 71076) and both titles appeared on Wizardo’s DR. ROBERT…? pirate album in 1976.



H.A.R. 169:

Wings Oriental NightfishMcCartney & Wings Oriental Nightfish 2

A companion piece to Wizardo’s releases # 500 – LIVE IN HANOVER – and 505 as material from the Offenbach, Germany 1972 and the San Diego 1976 was spread over two of these titles for each concert.

The Offenbach concert was discussed in detail here

Side 3 has ‘Jet’, ‘Magneto and Titanium Man’, ‘My Love’, ‘Beware My Love’ and ‘Soily’ from the 16 June concert at the San Diego Sports Arena. The Wizardo 3 LP box shown below has ‘Live And Let Die’, ‘Time To Hide’ and ‘Beware my Love’, the last one sounding better on the Wizardo box.


Wings Hanover 1972 500Wings box

There is a small error in the solo Beatles reference book EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU  where it says “[‘Oriental Nightfish’] was one of the first Linda tracks to make it out to the collecting world, via its appearance on the 1978 Beatles bootleg Indian Rope Trick.” when it really was 1976 and Lou’s double album of the same name, where it closes side 1.

The preceding five tracks were the first time anything from Wing’s August 1972 European dates became available – in this case the concert in Groningen, the Netherlands, on 19 August ’72, unfortunately, this is the worst sounding audience recording Lou would ever press onto vinyl. The tape Lou had to work with must have suffered from some substantial azimuth misalignment and have been a very high generation copy. Presented here is about half of the first set in rearranged order and the opening song of the second one, ‘Best Friend’.

“But collectors will recognize the performance, or at least, part of it. Sections of it appeared on the rare Oriental Nightfish vinyl bootleg [‘Eat At Home,’ ‘Mumbo,’ ‘Best Friend,’ ‘1882,’ and ‘I Would Only Smile’ on Oriental Nightfish (Hoffman Avenue HAR 169)], and a longer segment has changed hands on tape. In both cases, the show was identified as ‘Sweden.’ Actually, it appears to be neither Sweden nor Paris, although we cannot be entirely sure exactly what it is. McCartney makes no location references during the show, but us heard saying dank u – thank you, in Dutch. We have (at least) extractions from most of the 1972 Dutch shows, and the performances here do not match those. ” [Darth Disc liner notes for their Live In Groningen CD]

Wings Nederl 72

HAR 169 1

Matrix etchings on the ‘Groningen 1972’ side, spelling out “Lou”.


HAR 169 3

And “Sean” on the ‘San Diego ’76’ side. The remaining sides have “Char” and “Mark” just like the Dylan double “Hold The Fort For What It’s Worth”. It seems that this title was only pressed in this ‘yellow with black streaks’ pattern.

Collector’s opinions on this compilation:

It Is worth for the MINE FOR ME song alone, which is sung by Linda, Paul & Rod Stewart.Bare in mind that It can only be found here.Those were the times that despite the bad quality sometimes you’ve stumbled accross some gems like these….-:)

Well the yellow specaled [sic] vinyl is cool. The San Diego concert songs are decent sound. Side one will remind the “Older” folks just what the golden age of boots really were. Side 2 slightly better. I like the disclaimer, “like there’s only so much an equaliser can do!”

never get tired of listening to this bootleg!
A very fine one! (many core tracks!)
Side one is in quite terrible quality but the folks that made this record were kind enough to warn the collector (!) of the bad quality with a little note on the back cover!!
Side two is also not the best quality but still very enjoyable! Too funny to hear Paul speaking german! (“Wir machen eine Ausweiskontrolle – alle Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren müssen das Lokal verlassen” 🙂
Side three is really a quite good recording of a great concert!! And on
Side four we get a nice compilation of still rare songs, especially “Mine For Me”, although it lasts less than a minute, is a delightful gem! (I believe it originally appeared on one of Joe Pope’s SFF fanclub flexis.) The pirated b-sides ‘Zoo Gang’, ‘Country Dreamer’ and ‘I Lie Around’ are always nice to hear just like the J.P.M. songs.
All in all: A fine bootleg (above all for its age!) which you won’t listen to only once…



H.A.R. 170:

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz mc blu 2

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz lbl

Lennon PPFFizz LP

Lennon PPFFizz b detail

Released almost a year and a half after Wizardo’s first official offering ‘One – One Concert + More’ and surpassed by the official release of the 1972 Madison Square Garden material, the beautiful colored discs are now the main attraction here. The two “Salute To Sir Lew”TV special  tracks made their bootleg debut on this release.


Lennon PPFFizz green

Lennon PPFFizz green lbl

Repressed in green


Lennon Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Lennon PPFFizz Drag

A third pressing was on black PVC with Dragonfly labels.



Lennon AGAJ PPFF b

Repackaged in Japan together with Vicky Vinyl’s 10 inch A Guitar’s All Right John… after John’s murder created a renewed interest in his unreleased material.



Yet another repacking job from Japan coupled the material with Melvin Record’s In The 1970’s and took the liberty of renaming it Last Live Show

Lennin It1970s LLS b

Lennin It1970s LLS

Lennon AGAJ r red

Lennon AGAJ insertThe insert that was included with the first edition only.

Lennon AGAJ r gree lblAvailable also in red, blue, clear and orange (I will believe Hot Wacks in this case). These JL labels were also used on the reissues, plus blank and Ruthless Rhymes labels.

As a reissue, available in a range of colors, including a white based multi-color.

Lennon AGAJ b

When I first bought this, I remember being disappointed by the audio quality of the Madison Square Garden recording and that the tracks were faded out (is this true or is my memory playing tricks on me?). Then, when I bought it a second time many years later, I found that the official recording had been substituted – can someone confirm this as well?

ej bootleg

Side 2 is a bit of a let down. “Slippin’ And Slidin’ ” and “Stand By Me” come from the Old Grey Whistle Test broadcast on 18 March 1975.

“Oh My Love” is not John at all, although with the extra noise added on the bootleg vinyl and due to the faithful reproduction by the performers, you could think it is. This is a Canadian band called The Wackers (their 1972 LP was called Hot Wacks of all names).

hotwacksthe-wackers-70s-oh-my-love-mono-elektra“Lady Marmalade” is John ad-libbing what he remembers from Labelle’s song, which was a number 1 hit in the U.S. just before John was interviewed for French TV on 7 April 1975.

“Working Class Hero” is apparently another outfake/Frankenstein creation and “Day Tripper” is just the Jimi Hendrix Experience live on the BBC on 15 December of 1967 with no Lennon involvement at all – we remember Contraband trying to squeeze a whole album out of the assumed collaboration on DAYTRIPPER JAM around the same time.

The first edition has John looking at us from the right and Stuart Sutcliff standing on the left. This was reversed for later reissues but the original photos show that this is how these photos were taken in November of 1960 at the site of the tri-annual funfair in Hamburg on a square called Heiligengeistfeld. Their German friend Astrid Kirchherr had taken them there to shoot a number of photos:

John HH Dom 60Photo session “outtake”

John HH Dom 60And another. For me, these early Hamburg pictures taken by Astrid have always been the best way to bring that era to as much life as possible and show some kind of a foreboding of what was about to start in only a few years.

Paul HH Dom 60“A bass is all right Paul but…”

John Lanz 60Can we read any ‘Paul is dead’ clue into this license plate?

Lennon Angel Baby blue 4

Lennon Angel Baby blue

Another example of Wizardo using colored cardboard sleeves instead of the standard white ones, as previously seen on the double LP Roxy Music – Bitter Sweet

Lennon Angel Baby d&C blue

Lennon Angel Baby sealed

A sealed copy

Lennon Angel Baby diff

The extra logo on the right says “Trade Mark of Quantity” – more wicked Wizardo humor.

Side 1: Angel Baby [only available on the Roots Adam VIII album before 1976 when WRMB 362 came out and no doubt taken from there or a counterfeit copy]/ Yer Blues [Rock and Roll Circus 11 December 1968]/ John Lennon on KHJ-AM, Los Angeles, 27 September 1974. John Wizardo, the bootleg collector takes advantage of JL answering calls live on the air and asks about the unreleased “What’s The New Mary Jane” while taping the exchange]/ What’s The New Mary Jane [1968 outtake]/ Attica State [ac. guitar demo – tk 1, fall of 1971, recorded at their Bank St. apartment in NY – “running off speed”, according to Madinger & Easter]

Side 2: Be My Baby [only available on the Roots Adam VIII album before 1976 and no doubt taken from there or a counterfeit copy]/ Peace of Mind [outfake]/ The Luck Of The Irish [possibly same source as “Attica State” as two takes can be found there]/ Imagine/ Give Peace A Chance

Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks except for the 1972 tracks closing each side. “Imagine” possibly from TMoQ’s Telecasts (as it is listed with the superior quality rating) and the final track from the One + One recordings.

In hindsight, apart from the earliest leak of a Lennon home demo, the short exchange between the bootleg label boss and the ex-Beatle is perhaps the highlight of this set- finally something unique and not previously available.


Sometime in the late 70s, a bootlegger in Japan coupled this LP with Wizardo’s first release in the 300 series:

Lennon Angel B O t O

Lennon Angel B O t O b

Lennon Angel B O t O detail

Wrong dates for the 1971/1972 tracks for Angel Baby but an admirable try in the late 1970s.