Lennon, John

Beatles LS Bb 1

Beatles LS Bb disc

Beatles LS Bb bl

The small text to the right says: “Fab Four 101 is the first of a series of limited edition 45’s intended for collectors only. Sound Quality: A-/B+ Front cover illus. by Scott”  

Matrix: FF 101-A/B

Surprisingly perhaps, not that many copies were pressed and this title is rather rare.

It does sound as if Lou had planned to issue more Beatles 7″ titles and I wonder if this release came out in 1977, following the Joe Pope debut offer of a colored Deccagone single in April of that year.

‘What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party’ had first been presented to the world in November of 1972 on Contraband’s The Never Released Mary Jane LP and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s 1967 45 ‘L.S. Bumble Bee’ pirated and wrongly attributed to the Beatles on the same label a few months later. Dub had also included ‘Mary Jane’ on his title by the same name (more commonly referred to as SPICY BEATLES SONGS – TMOQ 71076) and both titles appeared on Wizardo’s DR. ROBERT…? pirate album in 1976.



H.A.R. 169:

Wings Oriental NightfishMcCartney & Wings Oriental Nightfish 2

A companion piece to Wizardo’s releases # 500 – LIVE IN HANOVER – and 505 as material from the Offenbach, Germany 1972 and the San Diego 1976 was spread over two of these titles for each concert.

The Offenbach concert was discussed in detail here

Side 3 has ‘Jet’, ‘Magneto and Titanium Man’, ‘My Love’, ‘Beware My Love’ and ‘Soily’ from the 16 June concert at the San Diego Sports Arena. The Wizardo 3 LP box shown below has ‘Live And Let Die’, ‘Time To Hide’ and ‘Beware my Love’, the last one sounding better on the Wizardo box.


Wings Hanover 1972 500Wings box

There is a small error in the solo Beatles reference book EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU  where it says “[‘Oriental Nightfish’] was one of the first Linda tracks to make it out to the collecting world, via its appearance on the 1978 Beatles bootleg Indian Rope Trick.” when it really was 1976 and Lou’s double album of the same name, where it closes side 1.

The preceding five tracks were the first time anything from Wing’s August 1972 European dates became available – in this case the concert in Groningen, the Netherlands, on 19 August ’72, unfortunately, this is the worst sounding audience recording Lou would ever press onto vinyl. The tape Lou had to work with must have suffered from some substantial azimuth misalignment and have been a very high generation copy. Presented here is about half of the first set in rearranged order and the opening song of the second one, ‘Best Friend’.

“But collectors will recognize the performance, or at least, part of it. Sections of it appeared on the rare Oriental Nightfish vinyl bootleg [‘Eat At Home,’ ‘Mumbo,’ ‘Best Friend,’ ‘1882,’ and ‘I Would Only Smile’ on Oriental Nightfish (Hoffman Avenue HAR 169)], and a longer segment has changed hands on tape. In both cases, the show was identified as ‘Sweden.’ Actually, it appears to be neither Sweden nor Paris, although we cannot be entirely sure exactly what it is. McCartney makes no location references during the show, but us heard saying dank u – thank you, in Dutch. We have (at least) extractions from most of the 1972 Dutch shows, and the performances here do not match those. ” [Darth Disc liner notes for their Live In Groningen CD]

Wings Nederl 72

HAR 169 1

Matrix etchings on the ‘Groningen 1972’ side, spelling out “Lou”.


HAR 169 3

And “Sean” on the ‘San Diego ’76’ side. The remaining sides have “Char” and “Mark” just like the Dylan double “Hold The Fort For What It’s Worth”. It seems that this title was only pressed in this ‘yellow with black streaks’ pattern.

Collector’s opinions on this compilation:

It Is worth for the MINE FOR ME song alone, which is sung by Linda, Paul & Rod Stewart.Bare in mind that It can only be found here.Those were the times that despite the bad quality sometimes you’ve stumbled accross some gems like these….-:)

Well the yellow specaled [sic] vinyl is cool. The San Diego concert songs are decent sound. Side one will remind the “Older” folks just what the golden age of boots really were. Side 2 slightly better. I like the disclaimer, “like there’s only so much an equaliser can do!”

never get tired of listening to this bootleg!
A very fine one! (many core tracks!)
Side one is in quite terrible quality but the folks that made this record were kind enough to warn the collector (!) of the bad quality with a little note on the back cover!!
Side two is also not the best quality but still very enjoyable! Too funny to hear Paul speaking german! (“Wir machen eine Ausweiskontrolle – alle Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren müssen das Lokal verlassen” 🙂
Side three is really a quite good recording of a great concert!! And on
Side four we get a nice compilation of still rare songs, especially “Mine For Me”, although it lasts less than a minute, is a delightful gem! (I believe it originally appeared on one of Joe Pope’s SFF fanclub flexis.) The pirated b-sides ‘Zoo Gang’, ‘Country Dreamer’ and ‘I Lie Around’ are always nice to hear just like the J.P.M. songs.
All in all: A fine bootleg (above all for its age!) which you won’t listen to only once…



H.A.R. 170:

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz mc blu 2

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz lbl

Lennon PPFFizz LP

Lennon PPFFizz b detail

Released almost a year and a half after Wizardo’s first official offering ‘One – One Concert + More’ and surpassed by the official release of the 1972 Madison Square Garden material, the beautiful colored discs are now the main attraction here. The two “Salute To Sir Lew”TV special  tracks made their bootleg debut on this release.


Lennon PPFFizz green

Lennon PPFFizz green lbl

Repressed in green


Lennon Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Lennon PPFFizz Drag

A third pressing was on black PVC with Dragonfly labels.



Lennon AGAJ PPFF b

Repackaged in Japan together with Vicky Vinyl’s 10 inch A Guitar’s All Right John… after John’s murder created a renewed interest in his unreleased material.



Yet another repacking job from Japan coupled the material with Melvin Record’s In The 1970’s and took the liberty of renaming it Last Live Show

Lennin It1970s LLS b

Lennin It1970s LLS

Lennon AGAJ r red

Lennon AGAJ insertThe insert that was included with the first edition only.

Lennon AGAJ r gree lblAvailable also in red, blue, clear and orange (I will believe Hot Wacks in this case). These JL labels were also used on the reissues, plus blank and Ruthless Rhymes labels.

As a reissue, available in a range of colors, including a white based multi-color.

Lennon AGAJ b

When I first bought this, I remember being disappointed by the audio quality of the Madison Square Garden recording and that the tracks were faded out (is this true or is my memory playing tricks on me?). Then, when I bought it a second time many years later, I found that the official recording had been substituted – can someone confirm this as well?

Side 2 is a bit of a let down. “Slippin’ And Slidin’ ” and “Stand By Me” come from the Old Grey Whistle Test broadcast on 18 March 1975.

“Oh My Love” is not John at all, although with the extra noise added on the bootleg vinyl and due to the faithful reproduction, you could think it is. This is a Canadian band called The Wackers and their 1972 LP was called Hot Wacks

hotwacksthe-wackers-70s-oh-my-love-mono-elektra“Lady Marmalade” is John ad libbing what he remembers from Labelle’s, which was a number 1 hit in the U.S. just before John was interviewed for French TV on 7 April 1975.

“Working Class Hero” is apparently another outfake/Frankenstein creation and “Day Tripper” is just the Jimi Hendrix Experience live on the BBC on 15 December of 1967 with no Lennon involvement at all – we remember Contraband trying to squeeze a whole album out of the assumed collaboration on DAYTRIPPER JAM around the same time.

The first edition has John looking at us from the right and Stuart Sutcliff standing on the left. This was reversed for later reissues but the original photos show that this is how these photos were taken in November of 1960 at the site of the tri-annual funfair in Hamburg on a square called Heiligengeistfeld. Their German friend Astrid Kirchherr had taken them there to shoot a number of photos:

John HH Dom 60Photo session “outtake”

John HH Dom 60And another. For me, these early Hamburg pictures taken by Astrid have always been the best way to bring that era to as much life as possible and show some kind of a foreboding of what was about to start in only a few years.

Paul HH Dom 60“A bass is all right Paul but…”

John Lanz 60Can we read any ‘Paul is dead’ clue into this license plate?

Lennon Angel Baby blue 4

Lennon Angel Baby blue

Another example of Wizardo using colored cardboard sleeves instead of the standard white ones, as previously seen on the double LP Roxy Music – Bitter Sweet

Lennon Angel Baby d&C blue

Lennon Angel Baby sealed

A sealed copy

Lennon Angel Baby diff

The extra logo on the right says “Trade Mark of Quantity” – more wicked Wizardo humor.

Side 1: Angel Baby [only available on the Roots Adam VIII album before 1976 when WRMB 362 came out and no doubt taken from there or a counterfeit copy]/ Yer Blues [Rock and Roll Circus 11 December 1968]/ John Lennon on KHJ-AM, Los Angeles, 27 September 1974. John Wizardo, the bootleg collector takes advantage of JL answering calls live on the air and asks about the unreleased “What’s The New Mary Jane” while taping the exchange]/ What’s The New Mary Jane [1968 outtake]/ Attica State [ac. guitar demo – tk 1, fall of 1971, recorded at their Bank St. apartment in NY – “running off speed”, according to Madinger & Easter]

Side 2: Be My Baby [only available on the Roots Adam VIII album before 1976 and no doubt taken from there or a counterfeit copy]/ Peace of Mind [outfake]/ The Luck Of The Irish [possibly same source as “Attica State” as two takes can be found there]/ Imagine/ Give Peace A Chance

Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks except for the 1972 tracks closing each side. “Imagine” possibly from TMoQ’s Telecasts (as it is listed with the superior quality rating) and the final track from the One + One recordings.

In hindsight, apart from the earliest leak of a Lennon home demo, the short exchange between the bootleg label boss and the ex-Beatle is perhaps the highlight of this set- finally something unique and not previously available.


Sometime in the late 70s, a bootlegger in Japan coupled this LP with Wizardo’s first release in the 300 series:

Lennon Angel B O t O

Lennon Angel B O t O b

Lennon Angel B O t O detail

Wrong dates for the 1971/1972 tracks for Angel Baby but an admirable try in the late 1970s.

First cover version:

Lennon-Hendrix Day Tripper Jam

Lennon Daytripper Jam 2

Lennon Daytripper Jam 5

Second issue cover (Instant Analysis 1056):

Lennon Daytripper Jam 3

Lennon Daytripper Jam 4

Released ca. early 1975

Side 1: Give Peace A Chance (“listed as “Holland” and described in HW as “Exm” (the song was not written until later, so the Montreal “bed in” is the likely source)/ Interview – What’s The New Mary Jane? ‘Exm’ (an upgrade?)/  Day Tripper (Jimi Hendrix on BBC’s, Top Gear, 15 Dec 1967 “poor mono” John Lennon not present, officially released on JH BBC Sessions)/ God Save Us (pirate of Apple 45 # 1835, ‘Exm’)
Side 2: The Luck Of The Irish/ Attica State ‘Gm’ (both songs could be from the David Frost TV Show, rec. 16 January 1972 or again from the ‘john sinclair freedom rally in Ann Arbor, December 1971) / Imagine (Jerry Lewis Telethon, 6 September 1972, ‘Vgm’, 1st ever release)/ Give Peace A Chance  ‘Exm’ (unknown source)


Upon close inspection, the cover designs were actually more interesting than the musical content.


4438 Beatles  Hi Ho Silver!  was added to the TAKRL Hahst Az Sön entry that also lists the Sweet Apple Trax Instant Analysis doubles.

When John Lennon stepped on stage at Madison Square Garden for the matinee performance on August 30th 1972, there was no shortage of recording devices capturing this historical event.  Multitrack tapes archived both shows, as well as several film cameras and amateur equipment in the audience. Despite all of this, several of the vinyl bootlegs reviewed here are still required to help us reconstruct both shows.


1 to 1 backstage

JL backstage 1 to 1 72



Photographed August 30 1972

Photographed August 30 1972

Photographed August 30 1972

The last 3 images were taken by John Skelson

The set list was:

01. Power To The People intro /  New York City                                                                                           02. It’s So Hard                                                                                                                                                    03. Move on Fast                 [# 5 in evening show]                                                                                          04. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World                                                                                                        05. Sisters, O Sisters                    [# 3 in evening show]                                                                              06. Well, Well, Well                                                                                                                                             07. Born In A Prison               [# 10 in evening show]                                                                                    08. Instant Karma               [# 7 in evening show]                                                                                          09. Mother                     [# 8 in evening show]                                                                                                       10. We’re All Water            [# 9 in evening show]                                                                                                11. Come Together                                                                                                                                              12. Imagine                                                                                                                                                           13. Open Your Box                                                                                                                                      14. Cold Turkey                                                                                                                                                    14. Hound Dog                                                                                                                                                      15. Don’t Worry Kyoko           [only performed at the matinee performance]                                                15. Give Peace A Chance

Although a website states that “The evening show featured fewer songs, with several sung by Yoko Ono omitted.”, the analysis based on the audience recordings shows that “Don’t Worry Kyoko” was the only Yoko song cut from the evening show.

The audience recording of the matinee show remained unreleased until Contraband released it on Hound Dog (5040) several years after the event.

The professional audio and video recording of 8 songs from the evening show (05., 08., 09., 11.- 15.) was broadcast in the U.S. on December 14th as part of an ABC TV “In Concert” special, with the soundtrack being in mono.

An FM simulcast was broadcast in many cities as well and from 1973 the King Biscuit Flower Hour live radio show produced a six song edit of highlights (09.+ 10. – 12. + 15.) from the evening performance, which was played on radio stations via a transcription LP (with Yoko’s song usually not being aired subsequent to its initial airing in 1972). This can be found on the wolfgangsvault website in complete form:

“Compared to the afternoon show, John seems more comfortable here and the band performances are stronger. One may wonder why the afternoon performances were favored for the officially released CD, when these may indeed be superior performances.” []

“The most recent issuance of One To One material was the inclusion of three tracks and Geraldo Rivera’s introduction from the evening on Anthology. Although the performances are considered to be superior to those of the matinee, they were considered unusable at the time of Live In New York City’s release du to unacceptable noise levels. Advances in digital restoration software allowed their inclusion on Anthology.” [Madinger & Easter, p. 80]

In the vinyl age, the TKRWM bootleg Joshua Tree Tapes probably had the best sounding (incomplete) version of the KBFH broadcast.


This 1973 Contraband LP was the first bootleg LP from the event:

Lennon one one

Lennon one one yel

Matrix #: WEC RI-3949-AX / WEC RI-3665-A

Side 1: Mother/ Imagine / Come Together/ Give Peace A Chance     The source was probably one of the KBFH broadcasts. The quality only achieved a “Poor stereo” rating in Hot Wacks but a Japanese bootleg blog gave it a “relatively good mono” unless something got lost in translation.

Side 2 presents John & Yoko’s entire performance in Ann Arbor on December 10/11 1971 as part of the “John Sinclair Freedom Rally”: John Sinclair/Attica State/Oh Sisters/Luck Of The Irish  “The video feed, capture by Detroit television station WTVS (channel 56) was bootlegged in lo-fi on CBM’s Lennon-McCartney [which was a reissue of the side 2 master of this album as side 1] (the three John tracks were lifted from the CBM disc for release on Wizardo’s One – One Concert + More). ” [Eight Arms To Hold You, page 67]

Ann Arbor

Onstage at the Chrysler Arena in Ann Arbor

Lennon - McCartney

Here’s something new, dating a release by the cover image used. The John & Yoko image was taken in March of 1973, when they were on a house hunting trip to Greenwich, CT (more images are in Bob Gruen’s photo book John Lennon – The New York Years). This means that this LP was probably released in the second half of 1973 at the earliest.


In 1975, Wizardo issued their own version of the show as their very first release but taken from an ABC TV “In Concert” video sound track:

Lennon One + One rs

Does not look like a fake to me but what is it – an advance pressing?

Lennon 1+1 concert + more


Lennon 1+1 concert + more small insert

The last three songs on side two are studio recordings. The Wizardo LP makes the core list for the ABC broadcast versions of ‘Imagine’ and ‘Give Peace A Chance’.

The same Japanese blog hands the victory clearly to Wizardo on this one (“SIDE-A is overwhelming victory of 301. …very good to excellent,… For ONE TO ONE confrontation is 301 wins overwhelmingly. “), which is also reflected in the Hot Wacks ratings difference, giving this LP a very good mono.


Lennon Hound Dog

Lennon HoundDog

Instant Analysis label, released in spring of 1974 – Matrix: JL 5040A / B

The infamous vinyl bootleg that was destroyed in Hot Wacks’ description: “Very poor. Worst bootleg ever!”.

Hot Wacks listsCold Turkey” beforeHound Dog” and this is the order in which they had been performed. This LP was the first time any of the audience recordings were released. It featured three songs  from the matinee show, and three of them are still part of the core collection to this day: “Move On Fast” can only be found on this album, as it has never been released or broadcast in any form. Two others, “It’s So Hard” and “Woman Is The Nigger Of The World” are also necessary from this LP to get the full audience mix from the matinee performance (the rest are found on the Japanese CD release mentioned below).

“The complete matinee performance circulates among collectors as a poor audience recording, most of which was unbootlegged until the release of the three CD Japanese set One To One Concert. […] side two of the Instant Analysis release Hound Dog included four cuts from the unprocessed audience tape, some of which are more complete than the Japanese collection. They too are in abysmal quality, but due to their content must be considered as the suggested bootleg source.” [Madinger and Easter, p. 81]”


Honorable mention goes to two later bootlegs:

Lennon Come Back Johnny!

This tastefully done Melvin Records release made the core list for the ABC broadcast versions of “Instant Karma”, “Come Together”, “Cold Turkey” and “Hound Dog” as well as “Mother”, which is called an “ABC Outtake” in Eight Arms….


Ono Y This Is Not Here detail

This 1990s Yoko Ono bootleg is a core release at least for the ABC broadcast version of “Sisters, O Sisters”.

This song was officially released on the Live In New York City where it was edited and features a single track lead vocal but it is unedited on the bootleg recording and due to some post-production for the ABC airing a second lead vocal has been dubbed. There are many more differences and explained edits for the available non-bootlegged versions, which are explained in detail in Eight Arms To Hold You or issue # 9 of the 1987 publication ‘Illegal Beatles‘.


Willowbrook Aug 30 72 ticket

Lennon concert for willowbrook

British Blue Jam

Note the two color insert.

British Blue Jam cv LP

British Blue Jam blublack 1

An almost two color variation, probably as a result of black PVC residue.

British Blue Jam blublack 2

Released in 1972

Side 1: Yer Blues/ Whole Lotta Yoko/ Love In Vain*
Rock and Roll Circus December 11, 1968 and * London Roundhouse, March 14, 1971

Side 2: Midnight Rambler / Dead Flowers / Honky Tonk Women / Satisfaction
London Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, March 14, 1971

One of only three CBM releases that I have come across that are on colored vinyl (vinyl colors described as “smoky” and “red with black streaks” exist but they only appear colored when held to the light).

One color slip sheets:

British Blue Jam 2

British Blue Jam green text

British Blue Jam green

British Blue Jam black


British BJ lbl 1

The copyright notice is the same as the one on the cover in the lower left.

British BJ lbl 2


TGRnRCircus mcv

On Mushroom

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus RR lbl

A1     Yer Blues Jam
A2     Led Zeppelin –     Riverside Blues         
A3     Cream (2) –     Hideaway         
B1     Who, The –     A Quick One         
B2     Cream (2) –     In The Bottom         
B3     Buffalo Springfield –     We’ll See         
B4     Buffalo Springfield –     Down To The Wire         
B5     Buffalo Springfield –     Come On

  • Side 1 (GRC-1883-A)-1383-A MEL
  • Side 2 (GRC-1883-B)-1383-B MEL writes “I checked the Side 1 source to see if it matched “The Rock & Roll Circus” on Trade Mark of Quality (TMoQ), Matrix: 1383 A/B. It doesn’t, the sound quality is much better than the TMoQ disc. The Roundhouse source is copied from the last track on Side 1 and Side 2 of the Trade Mark of Quality disc: “London Roundhouse” Matrix: 1812 A/B.”

Rolling Stones London Roundhouse new

All that could have been compared is the “Yer Blues” jam basically, as none of the other tracks matched. It would also be nice to refer to the second album as being on the correct label, Mushroom. I have never seen this on the classic TMOQ label. While it is very nice to see CBM come out on top and given this amount of attention at all, this comparison falls a bit short in the end.

In the summer and fall of 1963 a Beatles fan in the UK taped several episodes of the BBC “Pop Go The Beatles” radio series and held on to the tapes. By 1971 a copy of these recordings has made its way to California where Dub and his dad acquired and pressed it into what became known as Yellow Matter Custard. What made it most desirable was that 13 out of these 14 songs would never be recorded again in a studio setting and never become commercially available. Subsequently, when John Lennon was presented with a copy of Yellow Matter Custard on December 7th 1971 – likely the first non-Get Back acetate derived Beatles bootleg he ever heard and became genuinely excited about. After not believing that it was the Beatles, he misidentified it as the tape of their Decca test performance from January 1st, 1962, seemingly having forgotten all about the many BBC radio shows he had recorded.

The trade. That:

Beatles YMCustard

For this:

signed Butcher front

Signed Butcher cover slick

It made a nice Christmas gift for Paul and Linda as well:

John bootleg

[From Hunter Davies’ book The John Lennon Letters]

01. I Got A Woman*  (Charles/Richards)  2:32        Recorded July 16. 1963 – Broadcast on August 13 1963

02. Glad All Over*  (Schroeder/Tepper/Bennett)  1:51    Recorded July 16. 1963 – Broadcast August 20 1963

03. I Just Don’t Understand*  (Wilkin/Westberry)  2:48     Recorded July 16, 1963 – Broadcast August 20 1963

04. Slow Down*  (Williams)  2:34     Recorded July 16, 1963 – Broadcast August 20 1963

05. Don’t Ever Change*  (Goffin/King) 2:06     Recorded August 1. 1963 – Broadcast August 27 1963

06. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues*  (Thompson)  2:18      Recorded August 1, 1963 – Broadcast August 27, 1963

07. Sure To Fall (In Love With You) (Perkins/Claunch/Cantrell)  2:21    Recorded September 3, 1963 – Broadcast September 24, 1963

08. Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees)* (Colacrai/Fontaine/Lampert/Cleveland)  2:57  Recorded July 10, 1963 – Broadcast July 23, 1963

09. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes*   (Burnette/Burnette/Burlison/Mortimer)  2:33   Recorded July 10, 1963 – Broadcast July 10, 1963

10. So How Come (No One Loves Me)*   (Bryant/Bryant) 1:52        Recorded July 10, 1963 – Broadcast July 23rd 1963

11. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)*    (Thomas/Biggs)  1:59    Recorded July 16, 1963 – Broadcast August 6, 1963

12. Crying, Waiting, Hoping*  (Holly)  2:08     Recorded July 16, 1963 – Broadcast August 6, 1963 

13. To Know Her Is To Love Her*   (Spector)  2:46     Recorded July 16, 1963 – Broadcast August 6, 1963

14. The Honeymoon Song*   (Theodorakis/Sansom)  1:39    Recorded July 16, 1963 – Broadcast on August 6 1963

* officially released on Live at the BBC

It would be easy to amass 25 different versions of YMC, here are three different CBM version:

Beatles YMC

On Instant Analysis:

Beatles YMC IA

And on King Kong:

Beatles YMC KK


Beatles YMC J 11 12

Beatles YMC J 11 12 detail

The Japan copy as part of the JL series (# 11/12) used a unique textured cover.