Led Zeppelin

Led Zep BH

The insert is usually brown/rust colored.

Usually found with blue or yellow “LED” or blank white labels:




discogs gives the impression that two different pressings can be found for copies with yellow labels. Those with RP 30 A/B 31 A/B matrices and those reading S-2549, S-2550, S-2551, S-2552. However, this may simply be a case of images and listing not matching. I suspect the S-25XX versions were not produced by WCF.

Shown here is a copy with confirmed S-25XX matrix, listed in HOTWACKS as Zeppelin Records version:

Led Zep BH S-25XX


USA: 1971/2

HOTWACKS states: “WCF – recording runs into the labels on S3 and 4”

One of the many copies of this famous early TMOQ release. The insert copied straight from an early TMOQ reissue (1,2,3,4 labels with printed double ring/borders – version).

Led Zep BH 1st red bl b sm


Contraband would later copy this insert (before adding their logo) plus their matrix numbers were the same (30 and 31 A/B):

Led Zep Blueberry H 30 31 II


Around 1974, Berkeley Records reissued this title in their folder cover series, which featured images of the artist(s) on the back panel. The matrix numbers were unchanged: 30 A-/30 B, 31 B-/31 A

Led Zep LOBH




Japan: 1985

Source: Mining the Live Aid radio broadcast from July 13th ’85 for two double sets. Selected were the performances by David Bowie, Bryan Ferry with David Gilmour), the Wembley Finale, Paul McCartney, F.Mercury & B.May, the Power Station and Duran Duran.

ETS 2588 A: TVC 15 / Rebel Rebel / Modern Love / Heroes / Sensation / Boys and Girls / Slave To Love / Jealous Guy
ETS 2588 B: Do They Know It’s Christmas / Is This The World We Created?
ETS 2589 A: Let It Be / ? / ? / ? / Murderess / Get It On (Bang a Gong)
ETS 2589 B: A View to a Kill / Union of the Snake / Save A Prayer / The Reflex

[Not an accurate track list, I just tried to piece it together from various sources.]


Volume 2 presents Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin (with Phil Collins), The Who, Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger (w. Hall&Oates, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Tina Turner), Bob Dylan (w. Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood) and the finale in Philadelphia.

ETS 2590 A: White Room / Rock & Roll / Whole Lotta Love / Stairway To Heaven
ETS 2590 B: My Generation / Love Reign On Me / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Paranoid
ETS 2591 A: Lonely At The Top / Just Another Night / Miss You / State of Shock / It’s Only Rock & Roll
ETS 2591 B: Ballad Of Hollis Brown / Ship Comes In / Blowing In The Wind / We Are The World




Meanwhile, someone in Europe went “the whole hog”and issued everything on a 12 LP box (ca. late ’85/86):






Peter Blake art work



I tried hard to find the date of this German Yellow Press article but it’s just not possible. We do know that Jimmy Page had  legal issues due to drugs in 1981 (December “apprehended near the Swan Song Offices in Fulham and found to be in the possession of 198 milligrams of cocaine in his coat pocket”) and 1984 (“September 6, 1984 Jimmy was cited again for cocaine possession, this time by a suspicious bobby at a London train station”). However, the article above talks about Led Zeppelin disbanding in “summer of last year” (a date disputed by other sources but then again this is the yellow press, so don’t expect accuracy) and this lead me to the conclusion that this is an article from 1981 or ’82.







Japan: 1984

Sides 1 & 2: Audience recording; Vgm HOTWACKS rating

I looked all over but apart from the set list and this bootleg, this gig has left few traces on the internet.



44 minutes, 29 seconds; rated as ‘Gm’, except for Dazed And Confused; Black Mountain Side and Kashmir, which make up all of side 2 and are rated ‘Vgm’.

The final sides are a copy of this late-1970’s European bootleg:









Japan: 1983

Source: Audience recording from the second performance of Led Zeppelin’s last ever tour, recorded at Sporthalle, Cologne, 18 June 1980

Quality rating: Vgm “The recording is fairly close to the stage and has an expansive sound to it. The vocals push the audience tape to the edge of distortion but the tape holds.” ( The recording lasts for 107 minutes, which captures almost the complete show. A soundboard recording from this night, 103 minutes in length, appeared on CD in 1991.

1538 A: The Train Kept A Rollin’ [ 2:54 ] / Nobody’s Fault But Mine [ 4:48 ] / Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:11 ] >> Black Dog [ 4:22 ]
1538 B: In The Evening [ 7:05 ] / The Rain Song [ 6:53 ]
1539 A: Hot Dog [ 3:06 ][ cut ] / All My Love [ 5:09 ] / Trampled Underfoot [ 7:12 ]
1539 B: Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 8:37 ]/ Achilles Last Stand [ 9:23 ]
1540 A: White Summer (<< Black Mountain Side..) [ 7:19 ] >> Kashmir [ 8:57 ]
1540 B: Stairway To Heaven [ 10:37 ] [ cut ] / Rock And Roll [ 3:17 ] [ cut ], Communication Breakdown [ 2:22 ]



In depth concert review:



Ticket stub with the originally scheduled date.


Which one was the first bootleg released from Led Zeppelin’s Over Europe ’80 tour? Was it Zoso ’80 (Mannheim, 1st night]?


VA Br Su Show 69

VA Br Su Show 69 b

VA Br Su Show 69 detail

Japan: 1977/78

Quality: Excellent mono from home video soundtrack.

In the spirit of the Rock’n Roll Circus TV, the attempt to create a blues, jazz and rock meeting of the masters and some new kids on the block like Led Zeppelin. Jimi Hendrix was apparently scheduled but had to miss the filming as his flight was late.

526  LIVE Paris Olympia

528  Deep Purple SONIC ZOOM

529  Led Zeppelin MUDSLIDE



JL 526: The BEATLES – LIVE Paris Olympia

Beatles Live Paris Olympia Japan copy JL 526



Deep Purple SZ JL 528

Deep Purple SZ JL 528 detail

More reading on this most classic of DP bootlegs can be found here.


Led Zep Mudslide 529

Led Zep Mudslide 529 detail

Return of the Holy Grail Records labels after encountering them first on JL 1004: Beatles – ON STAGE IN JAPAN – The 1966 TOUR.    

Google has never heard of an official record with this title and if it ever existed it has either remained in total obscurity or was shelved at the last minute and the labels were lying around at an L.A. pressing plant. The third and most favored theory is that this is an invention/meant as a smoke screen and deterrent for closer scrutiny by the bootleggers (Ken?) who reissued (mostly double) TMOQ titles in California around the second half of 1976 / early 1977, reminiscent of the Von Grossenschuss paper label used on Wizardo re-issues I have blogged about before. 

It seems that the JL crew liked this label so much, they decided to copy and use it as well. This allows us to date JL 1004 and JL 529 to 1977.


Confirmed sightings so far:

Led Zeppelin: On Blueberry Hill

Matrix: EV-666-A-1
Matrix: EV-666-B-2
Matrix: EV-664-A-3
Matrix: EV-664-B-4


Rolling Stones: GIMME SHELTER / AMERICAN TOUR 75 VOLUME 1, 2 (single volumes of the last bootleg Dub ever released: L.A. FOG (TMOQ 8207/8 – ca. 2nd half of 1976)) / EUROPEAN TOUR 1973

The Beatles: LAST LIVE SHOW       


[There are probably more out there]


Above: White version of the label found on the Zep Blueberry Hill double

Hendrix Good Vibes DUL

Hendrix LAF-L DUL


Rolling Stones American Tour DUCHoly Grail lblRolling Stones European Tour 1973 DUC

Were there any brown U.S. originals? I have yet to see one.



Beatles Abbey Road Rev

Beatles Abbey Road Rev lbl

Quite a change from the original: The copied version of a WIZARDO REKORDS [sic] label.

This 1976 original (based on a 1973 CBM title) can be revisited here.

516 Last Live Show
JL 517 Get Back To Toronto  [I almost mixed this up with John Lennon Telecasts, which since the TMOQ days had the matrix # JL-517-A / B and for which a Japan copy – with an insert, however, and not looking like a typical JL release – exists as well.]
518 Various Artists – California Jammin’
JL 519 Paris Sports Palais
520 Led Zepppelin – BBC ZEP



A. “I had a repressing with printed b&w cover, black-silver labels and matrix no. JL 516 which was very badly pressed.” [bootleg section of

Beatles LLShow JL 516The JL number is located bottom left.

B&W insert & silver on black label (copy of the original label design)

Beatles LLS lbl

B. Not a JL release: The ’10’ version with a purple label (matrix number wanted):

Beatles LLShow purp 1Beatles LLShow 10

Compare with an original shown here – not a big difference, I know, except that the copies above really have that ‘xeroxed’ look and feel.

Beatles Last Live S

Beatles LastLShow lbl B

Above: 7001 A / B matrix

Those with copied & colored/tinted inserts seem to have an 101 A / B matrix like the one shown here below:

Beatles LLShow 501 tint

Beatles Last Live Show lbl

ca. 1971 WCF version/copy with their typical 10″ ring from the converted record press.


Beatles Last Live S red lblAbove: Red label U.S. version (producer unknown at this time) with added date below the title.


The Beatles started 1966 on the 5th of January by ‘secretly’ (I really do not believe that there was an intentional effort to hide the fact that what you heard was not always the original field recording) gathering at CTS (Cine Tele Sound) Studios at 49-53 Kensington Gardens Square in Bayswater, London to salvage/improve the inline recording made at Shea Stadium in New York the previous summer for an upcoming BBC1 TV special.

In the 1960’s, CTS had mono and stereo three-track and two-track 7½, 15 and 30 IPS Philips tape machines. CTS was a scoring stage, so the film could be projected onto a large screen and musicians could play along to the selected scene. I assume the Beatles dis this when re-recording two of the songs (see further down) to match video and audio as best as they could.

I have looked far and wide about the recording equipment used to capture this landmark show but found nothing about it at all.

Peter Simon remembers watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, and the following year, photographed their concert at Shea Stadium.

Beatles Shea 8beatles Shea 4Beatles Shea 2

John about to wreck their VOX Continental organ by playing it with his elbow (and making George laugh and lose his rhythm). It repaid him by malfunctioning at the next tour stop at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens and was replaced by the time they appeared in Atlanta. The organ would never be used on stage by anyone ever again and was sold in 2008 for $182,000.

It turned out that “I Feel Fine”  and “Help!” were considered “beyond help” and were re-recorded from scratch, with JPGR trying their best to make it sound and look live and synchronized, to be latter dubbed with audience noise – not from Shea but Hollywood Bowl ’65. The bass had suffered especially in the field recording and Paul overdubbed new bass lines onto “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Baby’s In Black” and “I’m Down”. John also enhanced his organ part for the final song.It seems that it had already been decided at this point that “She’s A Woman” and “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby” had to be cut due to time constraints. “They were, however, included in an early print which Epstein received from Sullivan Productions around 5 November 1965, which then ran to 54 minutes. By January, as it would be for the transmission, the film’s duration had been cut to just under 48 minutes.”

There were plans to enhance “Twist and Shout” as well but studio time had run out. Instead, the Capitol recording from their last Hollywood Bowl concert on 30 August 1965 was used. Now, here is a minor riddle regarding this. In John C. Winn’s book Way beyond Compare it says about the Capitol Hollywood Bowl three-track recordings: “Unlike in 1964, Capitol didn’t even bother to remix either of the 1965 concerts at the time, and they remained unheard until 1971, when the three-track masters were sent to Abbey Road.” So, what type of tape did they have to work with in early 1966?

“Act Naturally”, the experiment – as they were back to performing the old staple “I Wanna Be Your Man” by Atlanta was simply replaced by the official version, overdubbed with pure (looped?) audience pandemonium, not caring or noticing that vocals and image no longer matched in all places. I would imagine that the end of session time forced this as well and obviously no other professionally recorded live version existed. Alternatively, the Beatles and the producers just could not be bothered or they tried and failed to recreate a good enough facsimile.

“Documentation also suggests that John wished to record a new version of Ticket To Ride, and that it was done during this CTS session, but close study of the film indicates that the original Shea version was used (although perhaps a little instrumental overdubbing was effected).”

The Beatles At Shea Stadium was shown on BBC1 in the UK on 1 March 1966 but in the U.S. not until the following year.

CTS 67Nancy Sinatra and John Barry at CTS in ’67, recording session for the You Only Live Twice . No Beatles photo at CTS available, just imagine JPGR around that mic…


Beatles Shea tapeSold at auction in December 2005 (for almost $9,000) and subsequently appeared on bootleg CD’s in 2007 (HMC, etc.): Three 7 1/2 ips pre-production tapes containing the raw Shea recording before edits and overdubbing. 28, 32 and 37 minutes long.



* Need image *


JL 518: Various Artists (Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd) – CALIFORNIA JAMMIN’

California Jammin 2California Jammin #

The original King Kong / Contraband release can be visited under this link.



Beatles Paris JL 519Beatles Paris JL 519 2v

Detailed info regarding the original – another Contraband release – can be found here.



Led Zep BBC Zep JL 520

Led Zep BBC Zep JL detail

And here is the detailed info link for this classic bootleg, released originally in late spring or mid-1973.