Parsons, Gram / The International Submarine Band

TAKRL says:

“You more than likely never saw this. It was another project proposed during the final days and bizarre politics soon found this surfacing on another label using another title and an ugly cover. Roy N. Oak did the amazing GP cover portrait which you’ll probably never see because of politics.”

[The above comments make it clear that it was not ZAP label owner Ken who had written these comments.]

[ugly does indeed fit the description; thanks to YesDays for the scan.]

Side 1:
Blue Eyes
I must be Somebody Else you’ve known
A satisfied Mind
Folsom Prison Blues
And: That’s All Right

Side 2:
Miller’s Cave
I still miss Someone
Luxury Liner
Strong Boy
Do you know how it feels to be lonesome?

“Exs”, according to Hot Wacks