Costello. Elvis

Costello E Big Opportunity

Two different stamps, as seems to be the norm for this label:

Costello BO st 2


or no stamp:

Costello E Big Opportunity 2

Costello BO b

Costello E Big Opportunity disc 2

USA: 1979

Matrix / Runout (Side 1 [Etched]): 79-116M W10 SIDE 1 / 79-116M W10 SIDE 2

Source: Audience recording from Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on 6 February 1979.

Side 1: Big Opportunity / Moods For Moderns / Green Shirt / Party Girl / Girls Talk (Listed As Girlschool) / Accidents Will Happen
Side 2: Big Boys / Goon Squad / Oliver’s Army / (Whats So Funny About) Peace Love And Understanding / Radio Radio

Quality comments:

“Decent audio quality considering when it was made. Apparently lifted straight from the master, judging by the lack of any tape flaws or hiss. Vinyl is surprisingly high quality, with one exception; an apparently mono recording seems to wobble along the stereo channels. (Not noticeable if you listen in mono.) Also, no banding, so don’t expect to be able to tell where the songs are. A bit “distant”, as if the recording was made a bit far back and there’s some house reverb. Still, instrument definition is pretty good and there’s no distortion. The only real crowd noise issue is between songs and one guy clapping along through a few songs. Considering when and how this was made, it’s pretty nice.

“Poor quality audience recording, dominated by crowd noise”; HOTWACKS seemed to agree, only awarding this album a “Gm” rating.


You do have to wonder if it was “big opportunity” or real love for Costello to become the only artist this label ever revisited – and for an audience recording that was not exactly a stellar capture to boot (OK, I’ll stop now with the puns).

Costello Seattle 79

Onstage at the Paramount, photographer: Bill Hanse

This was their first US show that year.

Costello E Live c v

Wide stamp

Costello E WAAC cv

narrow stamp

Costello E WAAC

or no stamp at all (black PVC? HOTWACKS mentions this reissue). This title is usually found on clear vinyl:

Costello E Live c v disc

USA: Late ’78 or early ’79

Source: KISW FM broadcast from the Paramount Theater in Seattle on 10 February 1978, missing the last five songs. Despite the cover claim, the recording is in mono here.

The EC wiki states “Same as Elvis Costello Live! and Unknown Places…”. Elvis Costello Live! is just another name for this very same 78 – 163/4 release and I was not able to confirm that an EC vinyl bootleg called Unknown Places exists.

Quality comment: “The sound though is excellent, maybe a little “muddled / muffled” at times. 7-out of-10.”


Notes from the original broadcast:

February 10, 1978
Paramount Northwest Theater
Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Source: KISW FM broadcast

01. [2:25] Mystery Dance
02. [4:40] Waiting For The End Of The World
03. [2:31] Night Rally
04. [2:13] No Action
05. [3:46] Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)
06. [3:37] The Beat
07. [4:58] (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea
08. [4:18] This Year’s Girl
09. [3:24] Little Triggers
10. [2:29] Radio, Radio
11. [2:08] You Belong To Me
12. [6:18] Lipstick Vogue
13. [6:32] Watching The Detectives
14. [3:33] Pump It Up


Very good FM recording of EC & Attractions on the eleventh date (of 27) on their second US tour.


A concert review is here:,_March_10,_1978

056 + 057:

Led Zep Knebworth V 1

Side 1: Communication Breakdown/I Can’t Quit You Baby/Dazed & Confused/What Is And What Should Never Be/Communication Breakdown (22:10)

Side 2: Traveling Riverside Blues medley incl. The Lemon Song/Whole Lotta Love/I Can’t Quit You Baby* (19:20)

Side 3: White Summer medley incl. Black Mountain Side*/The Song Remains The Same/Celebration Day (22:05)

Side 4: Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog/Nobody’s Fault But Mine/Over The Hills And Far Away/Misty Mountain Hop (23:40)

Source: Side 1 & 2 Playhouse Theatre (BBC – Top Gear with John Peel), London, 3 March 1969 & Maida Vale Studio 4 (BBC – Top Gear with John Peel)  London, 24 June ’69;

Side 3 & 4 Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England, 4 August  1979, except first track (*) Montreux Casino, Switzerland 7 March 1970.

Led Zep Knebworth Fair V 1 2

Led Zep Knebworth Fair V 2

Also came with Phonygraf and TMOQ smoking pig labels.

Side 1: Since I’ve Been Loving You/The Rain Song/Sick Again (23:40)

Side 2: White Summer medley incl. Black Mountain Side/Kashmir/Trampled Underfoot (24:00)

Side 3: Guitar And Drum Solo/In The Evening/Stairway To Heaven (26:30)

Side 4: Rock & Roll/Whole Lotta Love medley incl. Woman You Need Love/Heartbreaker (19:20)

Source: Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England. 4 August  ’79.


Released ca. late fall/early winter of 1979, K&S beat the competition when their source tape trumped the offerings on Raven [ LIVE AT KNEBWORTH AUG. 4/79 PART 1 &2 ] and Ken’s Phoenix [ KNEBWORTH 79 ]

Led Zep Knebworth sm


and the Raven label [ KNEBWORTH II ] released around the mid-80s:

Led Zep Knebworth II sma

Although the material would have fit on a 3 LP set, it was padded out unnecessarily with BBC ’69 and Montreux 1970 material.



BLONDIE ‘GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDIE’ – all copies seized by the FBI ca. February 1980



Costello E Hate You Live

Costello E Hate You Live b

Costello E Hate You Live detail

Side one Live, side two studio 45’s: cover, labels and trail off reports “EC9000” as catalogue and matrix #. This run was mainly seized by FBI in the same raid with Blondie K&S 058 “Gentlemen prefer Blondie” and Elvis Presley K&S 070 “Elvis Presley 7lp set” both all seized. Only few handful of copies survived the raid. Black vinyl only

According to Going Through The Motions, side one is from February 13, 1979, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. Side two is a bunch of pirated B-sides and give-aways (before Taking Liberties this was worth something. “Neat Neat Neat” was the only one not to appear on that album).

Collector’s comment: “The live recording has the frequency response of a telephone. The pirated stuff sounds okay.”

Costello LB 79 2

A concert review for the 14 February show appeared in the 5 April ’79 issue of Rolling Stone – # 288.

Some dealers have decided that this is one of the world’s most valuable bootleg – see Mamma/GMV Records on musicstack/gemm – asking 5K Euros for it and claiming only 5 copies made it out [which I doubt]. Reality check: In its newest eBay auction, a copy sold forjust $57 in January of 2014.


Text found on gemm:
-Elvis Costello:Hate You Live, ULTRAMEGARARE! Totally withdrawn live vinyl LP on K&S lbl, this release was totally sequestred & destroyed by FBI before LPs arrives in the Shop, the rarest K&S lbl live LP, not more than 5 copies exist!!!, still pristine copy in its own full deluxe p/s-If you collect K&S lbl this is the ‘holy graal’!!!(K&S EC 9000)-€.4999.99



Springsteen Jersey Devil K&S

Springsteen JD KotAlley red

Pressed on red PVC from “original plates” which I assume to be Hoffman Avenue Records / Idle Mind plates.


More information can be found here:

Although, there are two mistakes here: The title is slightly misspelled and it’s not a double set.

The Jersey Devil / King Of The Alley (Matrix: TMOQ 5466) is a “stealth” repressing Lou Cohan did in 1977 (after getting busted in late ’76) of his own Hoffman Avenue Records title # 147 and either the first or second Springsteen bootleg ever, released in September of 1975:

Springsteen Jersey Devil sm

As a footnote and to confuse things a bit more, the original album was referred to in later issues as # 161:

HAR list

Refer to the upcoming Hoffman Avenue Records post found here for more information

Costello Accidents

Costello Accidents b

The Roundhouse, London, 1978-04-16. Audience recording.
EC plays the first song solo. Steve Nieve adds organ accompaniment for “Oliver’s Army” and “Accidents”, then Pete Thomas and Nick Lowe join in for the duration. Martin Belmont joins them for “Pump It Up”.

From “April 15th and 16th 1978
During the first of a two-night stand at the Roundhouse, Camden Town, Elvis Costello and the Attractions are joined on, “Mystery Dance” by Phil Lynott, the bassist of Thin Lizzy. ”

Quality comments:

“The Roundhouse was one of the best venues ever for atmosphere, but it was bloody awful for acoustics…”                                                                                                                                         “Reasonable quality, without much crowd noise”
“Sound quality is not too bad for an audience recording. The first appearance of “Oliver’s Army” in a stripped down arrangement with Steve Nieve. Very enjoyable concert.”

Costello E Armed & Dangerous

EC and the Attractions, Riviera Theatre, Chicago, 1977-12-03 – source: WXRT FM broadcast

This was re-released on LP 2 of the Toasted Records Elvis Costello EXIT double LP.

Side 1:
01. Welcome To The Working Week
02. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
03. Waiting For The End Of The World
04. No Action
05. The Beat
06. Less Than Zero
07. Radio, Radio
08. You Belong To Me
Side 2:
01. Lipstick Vogue
02. Watching The Detectives
03. Pump It Up
04. Miracle Man
05. Mystery Dance
06. No Dancing (San Francisco, 15-Nov-77, 2nd show)

From a reviewer: “There’s a fair bit of surface noise on my copy, but the basic recording is very good, either soundboard or radio. A great performance. “

Images from the gig are here:

Costello E Saturated

Source: CHUM-FM had recorded Elvis’ gig at the El Mocambo in Toronto on March 6th 1978 (and Columbia Records Canada pressed it into the radio station promo Live at the El Mocambo). As “Heart of the City”is not on the LP, this probably comes from the original radio broadcast.

Costello El Mocambo back


A1         Mystery Dance
A2         Waiting For The End Of The World
A3         Welcome To The Working Week
A4         Less Than Zero
A5         The Beat     [not listed]
A6         Lip Service
A7         (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea [not listed]
B1         Little Triggers
B2         Radio, Radio
B3         Vogue
B4         Wathin’ The Detectives
B5         Heart Of The City     [w. Nick Lowe]
B6         Miracle Man

“Heart Of The City is one of the 4 songs performed as encores with Nick Lowe, and is clumsily inserted after the opening chord to Miracle Man.”

Also, and probably first, released as TAKRL 901 – The Kornyfone Radio Hour:

Costello Kornyfone Radio Hour

and finally as LP 1 of this double set on Toasted:

Costello Exit

Costello Exit b