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Four years ago, when I compiled the CBM master lists, John Winn had sent me a list of missing titles and among them this entry, which left me puzzled, as I had never seen this even mentioned anywhere:

4450 – Falkoner Center, Copenhagen (Wings)

So, now that secret can be revealed. While this bootleg may have been issued in early 1976 and Wings did indeed play at the Falkoner Center in Copenhagen, Denmark that March, this is actually a Delaney and Bonnie concert from 10 December 1969 taken from a broadcast on Danish TV. It’s quite sneaky how Harrison’s and Clapton’s names dominate the art work here. At least Clapton sings one of the songs, George can be more ‘felt than heard’.

Matrix: WEC S-4450-A 8420

The auction closed at $83.


The following CBM titles were all produced around this time, as can easily be seen and what they have in common is that they are very rare indeed.


Collector’s comment: “How much rare? I’ve seen two copies in 34 years…

King Crimson Texas Hall SH


Collector’s comment: “…this item is absolutely an extreme rarity in KC bootlegraphy.”



Pink Floyd Intl Transmission


Both of these Pink Floyd releases have 5 stars for rarity on floydboots

CBM must have cut back to producing only 100 – 200 copies of each of these, even the new releases. I wonder if they “felt the heat” from the FBI during this time and decided to keep a low profile for a while by producing only very small runs. Anyone have any other ideas, please leave a comment.


Due to the date mentioned as part of the rubber stamp, I believe that this is a live recording and not just a pirate of officially released tracks.


Matrix says: NRV-6-S1013

It does remind me of the earliest WCF/pre-Berkeley Records phase, when they used a combination of letters and numbers before switching to an all number-based system. here is an example, LIVE BAND by the Band:



Back to the Chicago album: The seller set an auction price of $8 but this otherwise unremarkable LP – especially for the non-bootleg aficionado – sold for six times that much.



Japan: 1985

Source: Supposedly an audience recording from the Meadowland’s Arena in East Rutherford, NJ on 28 August 1985 (the last night of their 1985 tour, whith Michael Des Barres filling in for Robert Palmer)

Power Station 85 ticket.png

ETS 2592 A: Murderess / Dancing in the Street / Some Like It Hot / Lonely Tonight / Go To Zero
ETS 2592 B: Too Good to be Bad / Harvest For The World / Thinking With Your Body / Still in Your Heart / Some Guys Have All The Luck
ETS 2593 A: Communication / The Reflex / White Light / “White Heat / Obsession / Power Station Rap
ETS 2593 B: It’s Only Rock & Roll / Obsession” (Reprise) / Hungry Like the Wolf / Get It On (Bang a Gong)


This is the only other Power Station * vinyl * bootleg I have come across:

Tree Music Ltd. ‎– POSL-2, likely a European bootleg.




Side 1: Murderess / Dancing In The Street / Some Like It Hot / Lonely Tonight / Thinking Of Your Body
Side 2: Obsession / Hungry Like The Wolf / Get It On (Bang A Gong)

Source: KBFH broadcast recorded at L.A.’s Greek Theater on 28 July ’85




Japan: 1985

Source: Mining the Live Aid radio broadcast from July 13th ’85 for two double sets. Selected were the performances by David Bowie, Bryan Ferry with David Gilmour), the Wembley Finale, Paul McCartney, F.Mercury & B.May, the Power Station and Duran Duran.

ETS 2588 A: TVC 15 / Rebel Rebel / Modern Love / Heroes / Sensation / Boys and Girls / Slave To Love / Jealous Guy
ETS 2588 B: Do They Know It’s Christmas / Is This The World We Created?
ETS 2589 A: Let It Be / ? / ? / ? / Murderess / Get It On (Bang a Gong)
ETS 2589 B: A View to a Kill / Union of the Snake / Save A Prayer / The Reflex

[Not an accurate track list, I just tried to piece it together from various sources.]


Volume 2 presents Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin (with Phil Collins), The Who, Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger (w. Hall&Oates, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Tina Turner), Bob Dylan (w. Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood) and the finale in Philadelphia.

ETS 2590 A: White Room / Rock & Roll / Whole Lotta Love / Stairway To Heaven
ETS 2590 B: My Generation / Love Reign On Me / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Paranoid
ETS 2591 A: Lonely At The Top / Just Another Night / Miss You / State of Shock / It’s Only Rock & Roll
ETS 2591 B: Ballad Of Hollis Brown / Ship Comes In / Blowing In The Wind / We Are The World




Meanwhile, someone in Europe went “the whole hog”and issued everything on a 12 LP box (ca. late ’85/86):






Peter Blake art work





Japan: 1985 – they played Japan in July of ’85

Source: Back cover states recorded at Long Beach Arena in 1985, however the actual location is Osaka’s Festival Hall on 15 July ’85

ETS 2584 A: In The Beginning / Shout At The Devil / Knock’ Em Dead, Kid / Keep Your Eye On The Money / Too Young To Fall In Love
ETS 2584 B: Red Hot / Mick Mars Guitar Solo / City Boy Blues / Piece Of Your Action
ETS 2585 A: Looks That Kill / Smokin’ In The Boys Room / Live Wire
ETS 2585 B: Ten Seconds To Love / Helter Skelter / Jailhouse Rock

The following website states: “Live Pain 85 – LP JAP (ETS 2586) promo + single – Japan promo bootleg with 2 discs and 15 songs. Come with a free limited and numbered copy of the first Motley Crue single Stick to your guns/Toast of the town with the serial number D 1.” I am not sure if this is correct or not, I have my doubts.


Recommended Crüe bootlegs site:





Japan: 1985

Source: Supposedly recorded at Long Beach Arena – no date given apart from the year. The listing on discogs states this was recorded on 31 December 1984.

ETS 2584 A: intro / U Got It / In Your Direction / Wanted Man / Tell The World
ETS 2584 B: You’re In Trouble / I’m Insane / Give It All / The Morning After
ETS 2585 A: Back For More / Never Use Love / Walkin The Dog / Bobby Blotzer drum solo
ETS 2585 B: Sweet Cheater / Lack Of Communication / Round And Round


Comprehensive Ratt bootleg listing:





The above was offered on eBay as a “test pressing”. It certainly shows more effort than just an owner-produced replacement cover. If the image looks familiar, it was first used on TAKRL’s COMMAND PERFORMANCE in 1977.

Japan: 1985

Source: Osaka, Jo Hall, 15 May 1985; their last ever concert performance in Japan


ETS 2582 A: Machines (tape) / Tear It Up / Tie Your Mother Down / Under Pressure / Somebody To Love / improv – Killer Queen / Seven Seas Of Rhye / Keep Yourself Alive / Liar
ETS 2582 B: Impromptu / It’s A Hard Life / Dragon Attack / Now I’m Here / Is This The World We Created? / Love Of My Life
ETS 2583 A: Medley: Stone Cold Crazy – Great King Rat – Keyboard – Brighton Rock (ending) / Another One Bites The Dust / Mustapha (intro) / Hammer To Fall / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting / Bohemian Rhapsody
ETS 2583 B: Radio Ga Ga / I Want To Break Free / Jailhouse Rock / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions / God Save The Queen [cut]

Quality: Excellent audience recording, one of the finest products by ETS. However, in 2003 an alternate source surfaced that sounds even better.


Around 2010, a European bootlegger produced another vinyl version of this concert , called LAST CONCERT IN JAPAN (F185-515). The source used for this is unknown at the moment. If you know, please leave a comment.




Japan: 1985 – Julian and his band toured Japan for the first time in May & June of ’85

Source: 9 April 1985 – the second show of three – at NYC’s Beacon Theater. So, the date on the cover is close.

Quality: Very good stereo



There are only four Julian Lennon vinyl bootlegs. Number two is Now I Know What You Meant To Me on RSR, supposedly a recording of the Houston ’85 concert. If correct, this would have occurred on or around the 27th of March ’85 soon after the tour start.


  • Number 3: The single red vinyl LP LIVE AT L.A. (CSR Records, JB-721), which squeezes a complete first US tour set – likely one of the shows performed at LA’s Universal Amphitheater on May 1 – 3 – onto a single disc:



What is it with bootleggers and painful spelling errors? Not a US release then?

  • And the European single LP Stand By Me (Diamond Sound DS001 – 200 numbered copies, first 100 on red vinyl) from his 1986 tour, likely a straight copy of the Westwood One radio show recorded at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Laguna Hills, CA on July 25, ’86.


This shows how some artists end up being “hot” for bootleggers for a rather short time only, despite them still touring and perhaps even improving the quality of their official releases.





Exists without the “G’DAY, BRUCE” writing as well.

Japan: 1985

Source: Bruce Springsteen first concert in Japan at Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyōgi-jō), Tokyo, 10 April 1985; audience recording.

2577 A: Born in the USA / Out in the street / Darlington county / Working on the highway / Johnny 99
2577 B: Atlantic City / The river / Prove it all night / Glory days
2578 A: The promised land / My hometown / Badlands / Thunder road
2578 B: Cover me / Dancing in the dark / Hungry heart / Cadillac ranch  / Downbound train
2579 A: I’m on fire / Pink Cadillac / Bobby Jean / Racing in the street
2579 B: Born to run / Ramrod / Rocking all over the world / Twist and shout



The same recording (there is only one source tape for this night) was later issued on another Japanese bootleg: