Waits, Tom

Waits Tom Bounced Checks

Troubadour Nightclub, West Hollywood, California
August 16, 1975 – 2nd set
Broadcast as part of the KMET Saturday Night At The Concert Hour

A1         Emotional Weather Forecast         
A2         On A Foggy Night         
A3         Warm Beer, Cold Women         
A4         Eggs & Sausage         
A5         Heart Of Saturday Night         
B1         Rosie         
B2         Diamond On My Windshield         
B3         Spare Parts         
B4         Putnam County         
B5         Ol’55     

    Bass Guitar – Jim Hughart
    Drums – Jim Gorden*
    Guitar, Piano, Voice – Tom Waits
    Piano – Teddy Edwards
    Saxophone – Pete Christlieb


Listen here:

Notes regarding the original broadcast:

(missing the instrumental introduction)
01. On A Foggy Night
02. Better Off Without A Wife
03. Warm Beer And Cold Women
04. Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street)
05. (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
06. Eggs And Sausage
07. San Diego Serenade
08. Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission)
09. Drunk On The Moon
10. Diamonds On My Windshield >
11. Band Introductions >
12. Diamonds On My Windshield (reprise)
13. Martha

Michael Melbourne-keyboards
Teddy Edwards-sax
Jim Hewart-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Waits Tom Bounced Checks b

“At that time Waits was only doing clubs and opening shows for others. He wasn’t touring and he hadn’t even done a show of his own at the Troubadour. He got his first formal show at the Troubadour in 1975. Apparently stuck between Little Feat’s equipment.

Tom Waits (1975): “They had a lot of furniture up there. I almost had an artificial vasectomy on those little cymbals hanging out there. A lot of electronic accoutrement I had to dodge and duck under but I pulled it off okay I think. Just used a spotlight to not light up all that chrome up there. It was okay, on the bill with Little Feat. It was okay. Opening night I was pretty inebriated, there was a lot of press there and everything and it just has the tendency to make you a little neurotic I guess. It went okay, just 3 nights too. Then I went to Minneapolis and then I went to Pittsburgh and then I came home. It was okay. It was a real nervous gig. On top of everything else I had never played there before. I had hooted there several times so playing there, having a formal engagement there was a little difficult somehow – but it went off okay.” “