Von Grossenshush / Teufel Folk Songs paper label

5 January 1978     Atlanta, GA  (Alex Cooley’s) Great Southeast Music Hall (First show of the tour)

Sex Pistols FUSS

Sex Pistols FUSS vGr 2

All ODD TWO LP’s found with green ‘VON GROSSENSHUSS’  labels

Side 1  God Save The Queen / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / Bodies / Submission
Side 2  Holidays In The Sun / EMI / No Feelings / Problems / Pretty Vacant / Anarchy In The USA

Audience recording. Sound quality: ?

Notes from THE Sex Pistols vinyl bootleg site. 

(which can still use some improvements, additions & clarifications and I hope I can add to that here)

USA LP. Plain white sleeve with yellow insert and WL [no sightings with a white label that I know of]. Released in 1979 [ if that is correct, that would date all the releases found with the Von Grossenshuss label].
European ’80’s repress of ODD TWO stated the wrong date. Came in a plain white sleeve with a wraparound blue A3 xerox. Light blue label with black lettering.  
German repress of ODD TWO came in plain white sleeve with a dark blue A4 insert. B&W labels.

Sex Pistols FUSS RE

Which version is this?

Sex Pistols Rot n Roll insert

Repressed as K&S 023 on mcv PVC and also without the K&S logo on black PVC.

Sex Pistols Rot n Roll cv

Sex Pistols Rot n Roll blu 2

Another reissue of the ODD TWO master happened on Pistols Shock USA! – not to be confused with the 1984 European bootleg Shock USA!

Sex  Pistols Shock USA!

Sex  Pistols Shock USA! b

Sex  Pistols Shock USA! lbl


SP Atlanta 78


10 January 1978     Dallas, TX     Longhorn Ballroom


Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo lg

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo 2

Also available with Ruthless Rhymes, bronze colored blank, yellow RECORD 1 – SIDE 1 – and reissued with Full Tilt labels. An eBay seller wrote: “To make it even more rare the label on the actual lp reads Serious Endeavour on Full Tilt Records which I believe was an early Clash bootleg LP”. Fact is that all FT labels are the same and say this, regardless of the performer.

Full Tilt lbl

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo FT

Then, there is the ‘picture labels edition’:

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo PL

Matrix: SP 2800 – A/B Re-1 says: Notes. Two pressings. 1) Black & white glued insert. 2) Red cover. [Must be the Full Tilt re-issue shown above]
USA LP. Also SP 2800, came with a 30 cm X 30 cm xerox cover not glued on the plain white sleeve. This version was sold only in the UK initially. There is a difference on the cover, with the ‘Made In England’ [‘Printed in England’ – as visible on the far left] line removed. Most of the copies came with plain full bronze labels.

Sex Pistols Welcome To The Rodeo bl

Side 1: Radio Advert  / God Save The Queen  / I Want To Be Me  / Seventeen / New York / E.M.I. / Bodies         
Side 2: No Feelings  / Problems  / Pretty Vacant  / Anarchy In The U.K. / No Fun

Set list:

01. God save the queen 4:09
02. I want to be me 4:39
03. Seventeen 3:13
04. New York 4:33
05. EMI 4:34
06. Bodies 5:02
07. Belsen was a Gas 2:13
08. Holidays in the Sun 5:21
09. No feelings 4:04
10. Problems 4:40
11. Pretty Vacant 3:56
12. Anarchy in the UK 6:19
13. No Fun 6:13
Encore break
14. Submission 4:55
15. Liar 3:47

Fan review: “This is one of the best bootlegs I own.  Capturing the Sex Pistols during their whirlwind 1978 tour of some of the United States’ most elegant saloons, this features a zonked-out Sid Vicious as court jester (at one point referring to the audience members–in Dallas, Texas, mind you–as “faggots”), essentially leaving Steve Jones in charge of all the musicianship here.  As Johnny Rotten blood-curdling voice roars an epic cover of the Stooges’ “No Fun” (which is, believe it or not, even better than the original!), Jones slashes away on this simple two-chord track as if his life depended on it, putting even Johnny Thunders’ guitarwork–the player Jones most clearly imitates–to shame.  This live album is not about musical precision: it’s about the shambolic spirit of sloppy musicianship combined with precision of passionate onstage intensity that transcends anything capable by the likes or Rush and Genesis.  This is the real shit right here.”

A pretty good sounding recording of the show. I think the best boot of the ill-fated 1978 US tour is [the CD] “Kill the Hippies”.

Rated as “Vgs”


14 January 1978     San Francisco, CA     Winterland Ballroom

Notes again from the website [with changes ]


Different color inserts: yellow, blue, green, orange, white, pink.
First Pressing: Ruthless Rhymes, cream labels.
Second Pressing: Ruthless Rhymes,  yellow labels. [I removed “an original first pressing” from the description, as it says that on the generic Ruthless Rhymes labels, same as the non-image side for Dragonfly always says “Number 5 In This Series”]
Third Pressing: Dragonfly Records label.

Sex Pistols GC 2
Fourth Pressing: Slipped Disc Records label. Slipped Disc logo labels
Box Set (Sex Pistols File 1976- 1978 “A Four Record Set”). Plain Cream labels.Totally new insert made. (this was then copied in the UK as Blank Tapes (UK-5 plates).

Sex Pistols Gun Control yb

Sex Pistols Gun Control last 1

Last pressing came with a dark red & white insert with a Sid Vicious picture by Dennis Morris. Black & white pictures from Ray Stevenson’s book, ‘Sex Pistols File’, on the labels. Some copies with yellow & black insert.   

Sex Pistols Gun Control last 2


TAKRL  # 916:

Sex Pistols Winterland 916

Same songs on both sides due to a mix up at the plant:

God Save The Queen / I Wanna Be Me / Seventeen / New York / E.M.I. / Belsen Was A Gas / Bodies / Holidays In The Sun

Rated “Gs”

Blank Label 2

Copies are usually found with this generic BLANK/Spunk label, that was also used on other non-Sex Pistols titles in the 900 series, as well as reissues of older TAKRL titles with b&w printed covers done around the same time.

In the US, this label is generally linked to TAKRL # 929 SEX PISTOLS – SPUNK, a copy of the European bootleg of the same name, released in August or October 1977, depending on source,  and first mentioned in the music press (Sounds) on 22 October 1977 (Matrix #s: LYN 4372-111  & LYN 4373-111.



Sex Pistols File 4 LP box

US version produced by Ruthless Rhymes, 250copies mentioned but as Hot Wacks states many were seized in a raid on an LA area pressing plant. This may be connected to Vicky Vinyl being taken out of business in February of 1980.

Contains re-pressings of the titles: Spunk / Indecent Exposure / Welcome To The Rodeo / Gun Control

Sex Pistols File box

Wrap around box slip sheet. Numbered & unnumbered versions issued, not particularly rare. Numerous label versions for each record exist (more than 30 identified).

On the original numbered pressings, the bottom right corner will say :
“limited edition. – 250 sets only – This is No ____” (handwritten number entered)

  • Matrix  Record 1 : BLA A / BLA B
  • Matrix  Record 2 : SP6418A / SP6418B
  • Matrix  Record 3 : SP2800-A Re 1 / SP2800-B Re 1
  • Matrix  Record 4 : SP2900-A / SP2900-B

Sex Pistols File lbls


US Tour Dates:

29 December 1977     Homestead     Pennsylvania     Leona Theatre     CANCELLED
31 December 1977     Chicago     Illinois     Ivanhoe Theatre     CANCELLED
1 January 1978     Cleveland     Ohio     The Agora     CANCELLED
3 January 1978     Alexandria     Virginia     Alexandria Roller Rink     CANCELLED
5 January 1978     Atlanta     Georgia     Great Southeast Music Hall
6 January 1978     Memphis     Tennessee     Taliesyn Ballroom
8 January 1978     San Antonio     Texas     Randy’s Rodeo
9 January 1978     Baton Rouge     Louisiana     Kingfish Club
10 January 1978     Dallas     Texas     Longhorn Ballroom
12 January 1978     Tulsa     Oklahoma     Cain’s Ballroom    
[the only venue that still exists today]
14 January 1978     San Francisco     California     Winterland Ballroom

Von Grossenshush 1

(Fake) titles listed on side 1:

1: Sei Gegrusst, O Jungfrau Fuehrer [in corrected spelling]
2: Maria Zu Bequem
3: Wir Beten An
4: O Unbefleckt Empfang’ness Herz
5: Grosser Gott!

(Fake) titles listed on side 2:

1: Braut Lied
2: Schoene Gute Nazi
3: Die Abreis Von Riga
4: Sitzen So Froelich
5: Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen

While the label name is fake, some of these titles were taken from real existing German folk songs (the label was still entirely fake though, meaning no accompanying record ever existed). This has to be one of the wildest fake bootleg labels out there. The producer is credited as “Klaus von Schmidt” and an address of 1009 South Summer Lane, Boise, Idaho is included.

I first stumbled over this label recently while researching Wizardo titles – like KO-404 Bottom Apples – and it immediately reminded me of the perverse sense of humor that Larry Feign and John liked to indulge in, see “Billy Wizard and the K-Mart Studio Orchestra”.

However, this label, which is easiest found on the 1978 Sex Pistols bootleg First US Show! on the ODD label, which I assume to be just another Wizardo Records spin off:

Sex Pistols First US Show! Von

can also be found on TMoQ re-issues (see below). It is safe to say that you will find a bootleg on any of the other known label variations before you will find it with a green VON GROSSENSHUSH / TEUFEL  label.

Wizardo titles I have found with this label so far (I suspect there are more:)

– An obscure LP by Cream titled ” TOGETHER AND APART ’64-’68” – “Cream!!! Live in concert, studio outtakes, plus solo efforts. STEREO 366” [However including very different tracks to WRMB 366 – insert showing a cartoon image of Little Orphan Annie reading a newspaper with title of the album as the headline]

Label says: Von Grossenshush
Teufel Folk Songs
1009 S, Summer Lane
Boise Idaho

LP Tracks:
Side 1 –
Anyone For Tennis – [Cream]
Early In The Morning – (live) – [Graham Bond Organisation?]
Highfalootin’ Son Of A Gun – unknown title/best guess – [Jack Bruce?]
Sweet Music – unknown title/best guess – [Jack Bruce?]
N.S.U. – (live) – [Cream]
Side 2 –
The Coffee Song – [Cream]
Take Me Away – [?]
Hear Me Calling Your Name – unknown title/best guess – [?]
unknown title – [?]
Wrapping Paper – [Cream]
Meet Me At The Bottom – (live) – [Cream]

– KO 404 The Beatles ‘Bottom Apples’     

– WRMB  507/8: Jefferson Starship ‘Live’  [label image on top taken from this LP] and Kiss unnecessary evil. shown here [almost all copies play Jefferson Starship as the inserts received numbers corresponding to the masters of the other artist]

Kiss 508 VGross

WRMB 510: The Runaways ‘Live In Concert’                                                                                                  

– WRMB 515: The Monkees ‘Concert’:



– death 533: Tangerine Dream ‘Netz-Lautstärke!’:

Tangerine Dream Netz-Lautstärke! VON


– A copy of the Beatles As Sweet As You Are album on Pumpkin Eater Wreckords with the matrix #s BBL 513-A & B:

Beatles As Sweet As You Are Pumpkin



– Bob Dylan …early sixties revised! – the insert  reissue, pressed from the same master plates as the slightly differently titled Early 60s Revisited on TMoQ 71083. “There was a completely different cover with a blue insert that was pressed with the same master plates, but issued by
Teufel Folk Songs ref. # BD-554” [This and all following quotes referring to Dylan titles come from]

Dylan early 60s revised!


– Bob Dylan Isle Of Wight : “In 1974 TMOQ issued this piece in a white jacket with a Xerox of the original insert and fake labels thar said ‘Teufel Folk Songs’. “


– Bob Dylan Let Me Die In My Footsteps : “In 1978, Ruthless Rhymes reissued an abbreviated run of the same LP that had been released by TMQ. The vinyl is translucent red, with yellow Ruthless Rhymes labels. The cover is a blank white sleeve, with a yellow TMOQ-2 insert. “Collector’s Edition Colored Vinyl” is stamped in red on the insert. There was also another release the following year on black vinyl, and one on colored vinyl. The cover is blank white with a yellow TMOQ sideways pig logo. The labels are green fake “Teufel Folk Songs”. Both versions are pressed from the original second “POPO” master plates, and are identical in sound quality.

Matrix:  BD 001  1 / 2 POPO

3-6 stars     NMP80   (Teufel color vinyl)
3-6 stars     NMP60   (Teufel black)


dylan bb 3

And here found on the double set BBC BROADCAST – TMoQ 71069


– Jimi Hendrix GOOD KARMA 2    


Hendrix Good Karma Teufel



Zappa 200 Motels Teufel


If you are aware of any others, do let me know.


I have received the following email, which I would like to add here:

“I have to smile time and again that someone thinks about this nonsense because I do it too 😉

My theory: we know that Ken received titles originally created by Dub, probably from the ones pressed at Lewis.
I believe that the colored Wizardo LPs plus the black ones that do NOT have the blue label were also pressed at Lewis (all have that deep groove ring that was probably caused when the presses were changed as they used to be 78 RPM record presses).
In my opinion, the LPs with the Von Grossenshush label were a reissue series using stampers accessible at Lewis and done over a very limited time period only [This is also what I believe; used only during a short time (around the first half of 1978 perhaps?) and across a number of titles, not just limited to Wizardo LPs but with a focus on them]. The responsible party was either Wizardo himself or Vicky Vinyl or someone who had ripped both of them off.
Other titles bearing the Von Grossenshuss label that I have come across are:
– several titles on the RSVP label (Vicky Vinyl’s Rolling Stones label), for example Stereo Baby (perhaps also Jack Daniel’s On Tour and Route 76)
– Stones – 100 % Odd Lots (on Odd Lot, a Wizardo ‘in between’-label with about 5 releases [the Sex Pistols title shown here, also a Beatles title called Dec. 1963])

Similar cases exist with ‘Key’ labels found on TMOQ/Vicky Vinyl-titles. “