Nash And Young

It is easy to determine the start of this series based on the first title copied: Led zeppelin’s DETROIT JUST ABOUT BACK on Contraband, recorded 31 January 1975 and released around spring 1975 as CBM 1046 (sandwiched between the two George Harrison titles CHICAGO and MORE FROM THE TOUR ).

This would place this copy into the second half of 1975 or even early 1976.


501 Led Zeppelin Detroit Just About Back
502 Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill
503 Santana Singing Winds Crying Beasts
504 King Crimson Texas Hall Arlington
505 Led Zeppelin Going to California
506 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live At L.A. Forum 2 LP
507 Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven

510 Beatles Sunday Night At The Palladium 


JL 501:

Led Zep Detroit 501

Led Zep Detroit 501 II

Led Zep Detroit 501 detail

The original had previously been featured in this post.


JL 502:

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 502 lg

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 502 detail

Led Zep Blueberry Hill 502


JL 503:

Santana LiveSantana Live bSantana Live b 2Santana Live J detailSantana Live innerSantana Live JL 503

It should be noted that the duo-colored insert version of this album is also a Japanese copy. You can see it, and the original, here.


JL 504:

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504

Copied labels were not common as part of the Jl-5XX series.

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504 2

King Crimson Texas Hall JL504 detail

This title and all its variations was previously discussed in this post.


JL 505:

Led Zep Going To California 505


JL 506:

CSNY Live At L.A. Forum 506


JL 507:

Led Zep Stairway TH 507

The ca. 1974 TMOQ ‘smoking pig’ original can be found here.


JL 510:

Beatles SN LP 2The number is faintly visible bottom right.



It looks like we are missing numbers 508 – 509 – does anyone know what they are?