BUG – Japanese label

The ‘RS’ may stand for ‘reissue’ but this is not based on a TMOQ title as far as I can tell – but what is the source? Could be the following obscure release [or the other way around], although the Led Zeppelin vinyl boot site seems split on the source:

BUG 132 1-2
Recording: Very good stereo soundboard
. Comments: Same as CELLAR FULL OF NOISE (The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label TAKRL 1966). Deluxe color cover.

Recording: Fair stereo audience. Plays slow. Source: Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan Sept. 29 ’71. Comments: US bootleg.

[I do believe that this is actually the soundboard recording.]

Listen to ‘Tangerine’ here:

Matrix: CON 1/2 (TAKRL) / (BUG 132 2.1)

Side 1: Tangerine / Moby Dick / Celebration Day
Side 2: Immigrant Song / Heartbreaker medley incl. Feelin’ Groovy, Bouree / Stairway To Heaven


It always warms my heart when the old vinyl boots can still shine and hold their head up high because subsequent reissues on CD have never sounded as good and Osaka 1971 is such an example.

Japanese ‘Uber-Label’ Tarantura wrote in the liner notes of their 40th anniversary release “Geisha, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Tarantura TCD-120)”: “The Japanese vinyl bootleg double LP Live In Japan 1971 and its American reissue Live in Osaka 9/29 71 featured a substantial part of the amazing ‘stage recording’ [I believe this has been confirmed as the actual recording made by the record company that was found to be severely lacking in balance] of the final concert of Led Zeppelin’s 1971 tour of Japan.  Further selections from this recording were included on other vinyl bootlegs such as Strange Tales From The Road and Unburied Dead Zeppo’s Grave. Whatever tapes were used to make those LPs have since been lost or hoarded or have deteriorated, because none of the countless versions of this famous recording that have been released on CD or circulated among tape traders has ever sounded as good.”

The mega rare Japan double:

Led Zeppelin Live In Japan 1971 OG-799

Led Zeppelin Live Japan 1971 2 LP

OG 798/799
Side 1: Immigrant Song / Heartbreaker medley incl. Feelin’ Groovy, Bouree / Since I’ve Been Loving You
Side 2: Tangerine / Moby Dick
Side 3: Stairway To Heaven / Celebration Day
Side 4: You Shook Me/Whole Lotta Love / Communication Breakdown medley incl. Just A Little Bit / Organ Solo / Thank You
Recording: Very good/excellent mono audience. Source: Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan Sept. 29 ’71. Comments: Japanese bootleg.

And then this would be the US version/copy (with TMOQ and GLC labels):

Led Zep Live In Osaka


Rock photographer Koh Hasebe took this shot of the band on an eerily empty train platform in Kyoto during the 1971 tour.