Iron Maiden





Japan: 1985 – they toured Japan in April of ’85

Source: Audience recording from NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on 21 January 1984.  Show # 5 of a scheduled seven night run and the final one as the last two dates had to be canceled due to Bruce getting sick.

2569 A: Aces High / Two Minutes To Midnight / The Trooper / Revelations
2569 B: Losfer Words / Flight Of Icarus / Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
2570 A: Powerslave / The Number Of The Beast / Hallowed By The Name / 22 Arcacia Avenue
2570 B: Iron Maiden / Run To The Hills / Runnin’ Free / Sanctuary


1985-01-17 Radio Music City Hall, New York City





Japan: 1986

Source: Long Beach Arena, 16 March 1985, one of four shows that had to be arranged due to “unprecedented demand” (see ad below).

1625 A: Aces high / Two minutes to midnight / The trooper / Revelation
1625 B: Losfer words / Flight of Icarus / Rime of the ancient mariner
1626 A: Powerslave / Dave Murray solo / Number of the beast / Hallowed be thy name
1626 B: Iron maiden /Run to the hills /Running free /Sanctuary

This used to be one of the more sought after XL releases, going for $500+/GBP 350/Eu 425 in 2009.




Connections to officially recorded material as well as other vinyl bootlegs:

For the Live After Death video, the band hired director Jim Yukich to film two shows of their four night run at Long Beach Arena, California from 14 to 17 March 1985. The double LP release was also recorded at Long Beach, although side four contains additional tracks, recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, London on 8, 9, 10 and 12 October 1984. According to bassist Steve Harris, while the video used footage from two nights at Long Beach, the audio version is only made up of one performance, although no exact dates are specified.” [source: Wikipedia entry for Live After Death]

The release dates are: 14 October 1985 (for the vinyl album); 23 October 1985 (on VHS/Betamax) and 21 July 1986 (on Laserdisc)

The Japan release shares the exact same title (just with an added VOLUME ONE/TWO) with a European bootleg recorded in Essen, Germany in October of 1984 (BUSTA BROS. K 012 / 013).



Interesting to see release dates mentioned on a bootleg (see above) – I wonder if they were accurate.


Another European – Dutch in fact – underground vinyl release were the better sounding WORLD SLAVERY TOUR Volume 1/2 (PF100 / 101), recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon on 12 October 1984.





[Other bootlegs produced by this (Spanish – I believe the names thanked under the Iron Maiden Vol. 2 LP are a good and valid clue) label, which was very active in ’84/’85 are:  AC/DC BON-SCOTT’s LAST OUI-OUI (Paris, 9 December ’79 – a copy of ?); Big Country “LIVE”; King Crimson RHAPSODY (Tokyo, 3 May ’84); KISS UNMASKED 2LP (Ottawa, 15 November ’83); a Marillion title; the Police LIVE IN BARCELONA! (1 October ’83 – their first release?), Lou Reed METAL MACHINE SOUND (compilation) and OLDER THAN YESTERDAY (Belgium July ’84).

17 Rolling Stones titles (A FAIR TO REMEMBER (Seattle 4 June ’72), ABANDONED IN DETROIT (6 July ’78), CAJUN QUEEN’S AFTERNOON DELIGHT (Baton Rouge, 1 June ’75 – 1st show), DRIPPIN’ HONEY, DRIVE CAREFULLY (Boulder, 4 October ’81), HOLD ON TIGHT (NY, 27 June ’75), ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY (various live ’81), PLUG IN FLUSH OUT (Ft. Worth, Houston & Philadelphia ’72), SATELLITE DELAYED (4 tracks from Wembley, 9 September ’73 + Brussels, 17 October ’73), SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, STANDING AT THE KITCHEN DOOR (Toronto, 15 July ’72), THE BREAKFAST SHOW (Gimme Shelter sound track), THE BRIAN JONES MEMORIAL ALBUM (studio compilation), THE UDDER SHOW (San Francisco, 16 July ’75), TIGHT DRESSES AND TAMPAX (Chicago, 8 July ’78), WHORES IN THE NIGHT (Baton Rouge, 1 June ’75 – 2nd show) and YEAH BABY YEAH (Frankfurt, June ’82)). Slayer VIOLENT BRAINS (Eindhoven, 28 June ’85), Bruce Springsteen CASTAWAY 2LP compilation and perhaps a few others I’m missing.]

Finally, the Japanese ETS bootleg label would release a title called World Slavery Tour 85 (ETS 2569-70) around this time, supposedly recorded at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on 21 January ’85


Iron Maiden Running Free

Iron Maiden Running Free 2

Japan: 1981 would be my best guess. I was not able to find an image of the back cover, so it’s hard to tell if this is another early/’undercover’ UD label title.

Source: audience recording from the London Rainbow, 20 June 1980

Side A : The Ides of March / Sanctuary / Wrathchild / Prowler / Remember Tomorrow
Side B : Killers / Running Free / Another World
Side C : Transylvania / Strange World / Charlotte the Harlot / Phantom of the Opera
Side D : Iron Maiden / Drifter

Reissued at least twice on vinyl in the mid to late 1980’s, for example on the Screaming Oiseau label as a fake-Japan release Revelation Live At The Rainbow with a misleading quote on the back (“Somewhere on tour 86/87) and on Mongkok Records (probably not made in Hongkong):



Irom Maiden RF 45

Cover art simply nicked from the official 45, released in February of 1980.

Iron Maiden Rainbow ad


Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81  III

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81  II

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 b 2

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81  det

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 discs

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 lbl

Iron Maiden Killers Tour of UK 81 lbl 2

Japan: 1981 (Iron Maiden toured Japan in the second half of May 1981 and I suspect this bootleg may have been timed with their visit.). I believe this was the second Iron Maiden bootleg manufactured in Japan. I am only aware of two later Japanese ones: RUNNING FREE and Maiden World Slavery Tour 85 on the ETS label while manufacturing of IM bootlegs shifted to Europe with a large number being released towards the mid-80’s.

Source: Unknown – but definitely not from their Japan tour. It matches the st list played in late 1980 (but not the one from the officially filmed London Rainbow concert).

Sound quality described as good.


6539 A: The Ides Of March / Sanctuary / Wrathchild / Remember Tomorrow / Charlotte The Harlot
6539 B: Killers / Another Life / Transylvania / Strange World
6550 A: Prowler / Innocent Exile / Phantom Of The Opera / Iron Maiden
6550 B: Running Free / Drifter / Women In Uniform / I’ve Got The Fire


Set list from late 1980 UK tour for comparison:

Apollo Theatre
Manchester, England
30th November 1980

01.The Ides Of March
04.Remember Tomorrow
06.Charlotte The Harlot
07.Another Life/Drum Solo
09.Strange World
10.Innocent Exile
11.Phantom Of The Opera
12.Iron Maiden
13.Running Free
15.I’ve Got The Fire


Still selling above average for a UD title in the $250-60 price range.






Japan: 1980/1 – one of the first Iron Maiden bootlegs, certainly the first in Japan. They toured japan for the first time in May of 1981.

Location is given as “London 1980”, nobody seems to know more and as the set list has certainly been edited, it is near impossible to tell.

“Sound quality is pretty bad.” Despite this, $700+ were achieved in past auctions, almost $500 still in 2014.

Side A:  Prelude / Sanctuary / Prowler / Remember Tomorrow / Truth / Another Way

Side B:  Running Free / Transylvania / Strange World / Charlotte The Harlot / Phantom Of The Opera / Iron Maiden