Aftermath label

Aftermath 9, David Bowie – Bump And Grind, a re-release of the TAKRL title Good Enough To Eat: Soft In The Middle was added to that entry.


Who is that supposed to be on the cover?

A1 Let It Be
A2 Dizzy Miss Lizzie
A3 Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)
A4 Honey Don’t
A5 I’m Sure Too Fall In Love
A6 Need You
A7 For You Blue
B1 Twist And Shout
B2 You Can’t Do That
B3 All My Loving
B4 If I Needed Someone
B5 Day Tripper
B6 She Loves You
B7 Things We Said Today
B8 Roll Over Beethoven

Side 1 is a hodgepodge of BBC and Get Back sessions tracks. Side 2 is the usual live “mix tape”.


The rest of the Aftermath releases can be filed and found in the following way:

# 12 The Beatles MANUAL EXCITATIONS – a re-issue of sides 3 & 4 of Hahst Az Sön

#13 The Who AMERICAN TOUR – a copy of Decidedly Belated Response (TAKRL 1916) pressed from the same plates, World Records label.

#  14 Pink Floyd ASTRAL PROJECTIONS – a re-issue of TAKRL 1913: Nocturnal Submission

# 15 Mahavishnu Orchestra BIRDS OF PRAY – a re-issue of TAKRL 1923: Bundled Sunspray Demise

Currently MIA and perhaps hidden in the depths of Hot Wacks is # 11. Does it exist?

Aftermath 7 was are-release of the Moody Blues’ TAKRL title Grande Toure and was added to that entry.

Queen R&S

Aftermath presenting their first original release with only one track previously available.


Golders Green Hippodrome, London  13 September 1973.
Hammersmith Odeon, London  24 December 1975.

 Intro: Procession  (tape)
 Father To Son
 Son And Daughter
 Ogre Battle
 (Golders Green,  1973)
 Keep Yourself Alive
 (Hammersmith Odeon, 1975)

 Bring Back That Leroy Brown
 White Queen
 (Hammersmith Odeon, 1975)
 (Golders Green,  1973)
 Medley: Big Spender
              Jailhouse Rock
              Stupid Cupid
              Be Bob A Lula
              Jailhouse Rock  (reprise, fade out before end)
 (Hammersmith Odeon, 1975)

The set list of the Golders Green Hippodrome show was:

Procession, Father To Son, Son And Daughter, See What A Fool I’ve Been+, Ogre Battle, Liar, Jailhouse Rock medley, Big Spender, Bama Lama Bama Loo+                                                                   + tracks left off the album

“Queen perform this show for radio in front of a small studio audience. DJ Alan Black adds some commentary between songs. This radio broadcast (in quadraphonic sound) would lead to dozens of bootlegs. It was first broadcast on October 20, 1973. This show was first broadcast on WMMS radio in Cleveland in March 1975 [and probably later other radio stations as well].”

First time release of the ‘Golders Green Hippodrome’ material.  Only ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ had been available on other bootlegs before (TAKRL 199: COMAND PERFOMANCE & TAKRL 927:  ROYAL ROCK US).

Where are Aftermath 4 and 5? Number 4 can be found under The Beatles entry Hahst Az Sön, as it is a re-release of sides 1 & 2 and Number 5 is a re-issue of the Bad Company title Boblingen.

Rolling Stones Am Comp

L.A. Forum, July 10 & 13 1975     

Side 1: If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off My Cloud / Starfucker / Fingerprint File
Side 2: Gimme Shelter / Ain’t Too Proud To Beg / Jumping Jack Flash / It’s Only Rock & Roll

Probably sourced from the IMP release 1975 Tour Of The Americas Part 1 & 2

Let’s take a look at the Aftermath label. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ken was behind this one as well. It gets intriguing and confusing at the same time as 2924 is listed as the TAKRL release number for Celestial Doggie, yet this was released under Phonygraf and Part 2 in the Aftermath series has the matrix numbers TAKRL 2-A/B

ELP TotA 1

ELP TotA 1 tri-color

An early edition duo-colored insert.

ELP TotA 2

These first two volumes were a copy/re-issue of sides 1&2 and 3&4 of Phonygraf’s imaginatively titled Celestial Doggie: The Lobster Quadrille

Source: Long Beach Arena, July 28th 1972

Although based on the recording date alone, this could have been released as early as 1972, the fact that the first Phonygraf bootleg 1101 America / Eagles Live On The Road could only have appeared in late August 1974 at the very earliest, places this into 1975.

ELP Celestial Doggie

And if you stared at any of these covers long enough back in 1975/76 under the influence of LSD it… wrote: “Celestial Doggie:  The Lobster Quadrille is an excellent audience recording remarkable in its clarity and presence.  It also is one of the most popular ELP bootlegs seeing many releases in different formats over the years.  Two vinyl titles were produced in the seventies, 1972 America Tour (Pig’s Eye), the 3LP Tour Of The Americas Part 1 (An Aftermoth [sic] Record) and of course Celestial Doggie : The Lobster Quadrille.

[It should be noted that part 3 of Aftermath’s trilogy was not from this concert as it was a re-issue of the TAKRL 1911 title Callow, Crash And Idle Eyes. I could not find a cover image for the Aftermath version, so it will not receive an entry.]

Review from “This is one of the first bootleg albums to emerge after Emerson, Lake & Palmer began to get well known. Recorded from the audience during a concert in Long Beach, CA, this two-record set compares favorably to similar illegitimate releases of the era. The audience noise doesn’t drown out the music, the instruments are reasonably well balanced, and there aren’t breaks in the middle of songs, as on most bootlegs. However, the sound is somewhat muffled and does not begin to match that of any live commercial issue by ELP.

The program is an ambitious one including the entire “Tarkus” suite; the difficult and rarely heard medley of “Endless Enigma, Parts 1 & 2” with “Fugue” inserted in between; a version of “The Sheriff” in which Lake goofs up the order of the lyrics; the second half of their interpretation of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”; a rather conservative take of Aaron Copland‘s “Hoedown” (which is much faster on the commercial live versions); and an extended ferocious finale of Dave Brubeck‘s “Blue Rondo à la Turk,” which was a carryover from Emerson‘s days with the Nice. The playing of the trio is pretty consistent with any of their live releases, but since almost all of these tracks are available with far better sound from other concerts, only the fanatical collector of ELP will search high and low for this long unavailable set.”

ELP Celestial Doggie K&S colored

K&S re-issued the Phonygraf double on multicolored vinyl as # 042. [Note: Many bootleggers have a hard time spelling “American” for some reason – see the David Bowie category.]

ELP The 1972 AmT 2

Almost overlooked as it is listed in the Hot Wacks appendix only: The Pig’s Eye version. The question now is, which one came first?

Text from the eBay listing:


Super Rare …ages old Original first pressing on the legendary PIGS EYE label… a giant TWO-LP set featuring July 28th 1972 Long Beach Arena exclusive versions found only on this album. Essential progressive rock/ELP collectible…very, very hard to come by….

ELP took May off before resuming touring with dates in Europe in June and July. They played their first and only two concerts in Japan before returning to the states for their second month long tour. The first date was on July 27th in San Francisco with Long Beach being the second night. Here the collector will find the audio playback to be “excellent” remarkable in its clarity and presence.

It also is one of the best, most popular ELP albums in the genre…

Surprisingly beginning with “Tarkus” — They deliver an extremely aggressive and militaristic version of the fantasia and in “Aquatarkus” they get into the melody that would be used later for “Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2.” The ending of the piece delves into a strange melody that sounds like a carnival organ set to military snare beat. Lake begins the song alone with his acoustic guitar but Emerson and Palmer follow him in to complete the song. “Take A Pebble” continues with Emerson’s frantic keyboards.

They follow the “Endless Enigma” with “The Sheriff,” something Emerson claimed they never tried out on stage before. The claim is untrue since they played it since their spring tour. “Take A Pebble” has the normal construction with Emerson’s piano fugue following the first verse. “It’s drastic” Lake jokes when he comes in to sing “Lucky Man.” Lake begins the song alone with his acoustic guitar but Emerson and Palmer follow him in to complete the song. “Take A Pebble” continues with Emerson’s frantic piano.

“Pictures At An Exhibition” is sixteen minutes long and “Hoedown” follows almost as an afterthought. The gig ends with a wired version of “Rondo.” There is a mechanized moog beginning before the steam train engine starts off the song. Emerson gets into the “Star Spangled Banner” before Palmer has his long drum solo in the middle. The song comes to a crashing halt twenty minutes later. It’s one of the most thrilling versions of a song that can sometimes be hard to take.


Tarkus: Eruption
Stone Of Years
Battlefield (inc Epitaph)


The Endless Enigma, pt.1
The Endless Enigma pt. 2
The Sherrif
Take A Pebble
Lucky Man


Take A Pebble (reprise)
Pictures At An Exibition
The Hut Of Baba Yaga
The Curse Of Baba Yaga
The Great Gates Of Kiev




This recording has now been officially released by the band themselves as part of the box set The Original Bootleg Series From The Manticore Vaults:  Vol. One (Sanctuary Records CMXBX309)

I believe that the following releases were made after TAKRL got busted and are therefore not listed in the catalog:

# 1961 – Bad Company – Boblingen [originally this was TMOQ-71085; the concert date was June 8, 1974 and it should be spelled “Boeblingen”, to be phonetically correct. I was unable to verify this as a true TAKRL release and have only found it as the original TMOQ cover.

… or this one with the Smoking Pig:]

Bad Co Boblingen tri-col

“It didn’t take bootleggers long to notice Bad Company. The British arena rockers only had one studio album out when, in 1974, Trademark of Quality released this bootleg LP, which documents a June 8, 1974, show in Boblingen, Germany. Boblingen is believed to be the first Bad Company bootleg, and even if it wasn’t really the very first, it was certainly among the first. Offering sound quality that is okay but not great, Boblingen boasts performances of mostly songs from Bad Company’s self-titled debut album, including “Rock Steady,” “Can’t Get Enough,” “Movin’ On,” and “Ready for Love.” Bad Company also performs Free’s “Easy on My Soul” and “Deal With the Preacher,” which wasn’t released commercially until Straight Shooter came out in 1975. So those who acquired this bootleg in 1974 had “Deal With the Preacher” on vinyl before the official studio version came out. Enjoyable but imperfect, Boblingen isn’t for casual listeners but is a bootleg that obsessive Bad Company aficionados were glad to obtain back in 1974.”

Boblingen was later re-issued on Ken’s Aftermath label, ca. 1975/6 as The Number One European Assault (Aftermath 5):

Bad Co The Nr 1 Euro Assault

Bad Co The Nr 1 Euro Assault detail

Bad Co The Nr 1 Euro Assault detail 3

# 1962 – Bob Dylan – Royal Albert Hall

#  1963 – Bob Dylan – Now your mouth cries wolf

# 2964 Led Zeppelin – Live in Seattle

“I have some questions on a Led Zeppelin double album “import or bootleg” I bought back in the early 1970s from a local record store here in Portland, Oregon.  It is titled Led Zeppelin Live in Seattle 73 Tour and it has the Trade Mark of Quality with the smoking pig and the numbers 2964.  The band is shown in black and white on the front cover with the Trade Mark of Quality and a number 2 is on the lower right. It has the songs from the 07/17/73 tour from Seattle and says Accept no imitations!! in the bottom right on the front cover.  It also has The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label who’s story takes up the whole back cover and says ask for it by name Accept no Substitute.  The records have white inserts and the albums only say which sides they are with one being white and the other yellow where it should have gave descriptions.  On the inside of side one it has the numbers 2820-A   TMQ 72019-A  2965-A  2964-A.  The numbers 2964 A-B-C-D are the only ones on each side that aren’t scratched over.  After doing some research I realize this is probably from the TMOQ 2 Label which re- issued many of the original TMOQ release when Dub and Ken had finally broken ties.  I can not seem to find any photos of this album or any other info but I still remember playing only the first song and it has been in storage with its plastic covering since the day I bought it.  Was Ken still using the TMOQ label and the smoking pig with his new TAKRL story on the back cover.”

# 1966 Led Zeppelin – Cellarful of noise ( with Live in Japan subtitle)

# 1967 Bad Company – Live in Japan


Now, on with our regular program:

This bootleg was known under two different titles, “The Live Silk Degrees”, which seems to be identical with the above image:

“Although this LP would be later known as “Jump Street Jive Drive”, my copy is an advance pressing with a totally different insert. Printed on blue paper, it has a collage of Playboy cartoons. It just says “only good Boz songs” on the insert. The pressing was probably better also, which is why it sounded so quiet. “

And it’s most common title “Jump Street Jive Drive”

Venue: Los Angeles, The Roxy on April 7, 1976

Source: Soundboard or local FM broadcast, anyway this is a fantastic recording all around.

Let’s not forget, future Toto members Steve and Jeff Porcaro, David Paige & David Hungate play on this recording.


You Make It So Hard
What Can I Say
This Time
Jump Street
Slow Dancer
It’s Over
Lido Shuffle
Dinah Flo
Band Introductions
I Got Your Number had this to say: “For serious collectors, it’s incredibly frustrating when a bootlegger fails to tell you when or where a recording was made. Unfortunately, TAKRL (one of the top bootleggers of the ’70s) doesn’t bother to provide that information for this Boz Scaggs LP. Perhaps the label didn’t know, but more than likely, TAKRL was simply being sloppy and careless. Nonetheless, Jump Street Jive Drive is probably the best Scaggs bootleg of the ’70s. The sound quality is excellent, and Scaggs is in fine form during a set that includes five gems from Silk Degrees (“Lowdown,” “Jump Street,” “Lido Shuffle,” “What Can I Say,” and “It’s Over”) as well as “Slow Dancer,” “You Make It So (Hard to Say No)” and “I Got Your Number.” We can safely assume that this bootleg was recorded sometime in 1976, although it would have been nice to know the venue, the city, and the exact recording date. Be that as it may, Jump Street Jive Drive is rewarding from start to finish.”

[Listen to the whole album via this YT link:]

Release date: 1975

TAKRL says: “When the Doctor heard CBM`s four record set called ‘Sweet Apple Trax’, he timed and listened and figured out that this amazing material could easily fit on a mere two discs in a logical, enjoyable sequence. He set out with razor blade and tape and this collection resulted. First edition front and back covers.”

[ Or in other words, “hey there is a release waiting for an easy rip off”. However, the good doctor was right regarding the length of the CBM discs. These stayed well under the limits for vinyl pressings. ]

Here is the track listing for the original CBM release “Sweet Apple Trax Volume 2:”

Side 1

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 Let It Be (First Practice) 9.109 A stop and go rehearsal with chord calls (Roll 106) 8:05
2 Be Bop A Lu-la 9.54  Brief version + “Baby Blue” 0:31
3 Silver Spoon 9.55
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window rehearsals
Some fun pieces where the boys are obviously enjoying themselves.
4 Tuesday Speaking
5 High Heel Sneakers 10.24  A lively performance. 1:56

Side 2

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 I’ll Be Mine 8.94
8.94 – 8.98 are “I Me Mine” rehearsals and 9.44 – 9.45 are “I’ve Got A Feeling” 1:15
2 One After 909 9.46 “Yes I am” version (Roll 94a) (from the film) 0:57
3 Norwegian Wood 9.50 Instrumental while everyone is talking (Roll 94a) 0:46
4 Bathroom Window 9.51
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window “once more” 2:08

Side 3

No Tracklisting G.B.No. Comments Time
1 A Long Road 9.68 Actually “La Penina” 1:03
2 Shakin’ In The Sixties 9.84 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:37
3 Move It 9.85 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:55
4 Good Rockin’ Tonight 9.86 Roll 98a Slate 187a 0:50
5 Across The Universe 9.88 Slate 181 3:29
   6 Two Of Us 9.34 “Fast version” with backing vocals  2:49

Side 4

No Tracklisting DDSI No. Comments Time
1 Momma you’ve been on my mind  9.106
Roll 101, Actually “Ramblin’ Woman”
“I Threw It All Away”
“Mama, You Been On My Mind”
All George, doing a terrific solo acoustic medley.
2 Domino 8.98
Slate 150a.
Tracks 2 & 3 are all “I Me Mine” rehearsals,
that flow into each other.
3 I Me Mine


“In [December] 1974 the first completely unreleased Twickenham outtakes surfaced on the legendary “Sweet Apple Trax” LPs. These were originally released as two two-LP sets by CBM using the Instant Analysis label (matrix numbers 4182-REV-2000 and 4181-STD-2002). This phenomenal series was among the most enjoyable vinyl bootlegs of its era, and many of us listened to it for hours on end, leading to a lifelong addiction to this stuff.  By the way, these LP’s were originally announced under the title “The Apple Treasure Chest Masters, Vol. 1 & 2”.  When they finally appeared, they had “deluxe” printed sepia-toned jackets.  A late ’70’s repress from the original plates came with blank white labels and black and white covers which were copies of the originals.

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan detail

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg b

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax tan lg d

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax dif cov

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 2

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 1 KiKo

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax 2 KiKo

These 1975/6 King Kong reissues have the matrix numbers 4182 REV2000 (Volume 1) and 4181 BLD2002 (Volume 2).


Wizardo Records released their own double set on colored wax around late 1975 as well (# 343). These must have been a limited pressing as little evidence of these sets can be found around the internet, especially of a colored set (an image of one on black wax with ‘Old Glory’ labels does exist):

Beatles Sweet Apple Trax

“The “Sweet Apple Trax” LPs were copied almost immediately by Kornyphone, which combined the material onto a single double set called “Hahst Az Sun” (TAKRL-2950).  This prompted CBM to remaster their own release as a double album in order to compete.  It was distributed under the title “Hot As Sun” (matrix number 4216 REV 2000 / 4217 BLD 2002) on the Instant Analysis label. ”


Beatles Hot As Sun

Beatles hot as sun dragon

“In 1980, single LP repressings of “Hot As Sun” were distributed as “Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 1” and “Sweet Apple Tracks Crate 2”.  It might be noted that the Kornyphone issue “Hahst Az Sun” rearranged the songs and omitted a few seconds here and there.  This set was copied many times and reissued on a variety of single LP bootlegs, and with a full color cover as “Sweet Apple Trax” on the Newsound Records label (matrix NR 909-1).  The Newsound plates were also used for picture discs which came out under the titles “Sweet Apple Trax Vol. 1” and “Sweet Apple Trax Vol. 2”.  The original source tapes were remastered by Audifon records for the first 2 records of the 3 LP set “The Beatles” (commonly known as “The Black Album” released in May, 1981).  These plates were subsequently used for the first three albums of the original “Get Back Journals” vinyl boxed set.  More recently, an hour of the original tapes were released on CD in “Songs From The Past Vol. 3”.  All of the material was included on the first “Get Back Journals” CD set.”

Track List for “Hahst Az Sön”:

1. Two Of Us     2:03

2. Don’t Let Me Down     3:35 (9.30)*

3. Suzy Parker    / I’ve Got A Feeling 1:47 (9.31 – 9.35) – Listed as “When You Get to Suzy Parker Everybody Gets Well Done”.
4. No Pakistanis 3:50 (9.57)

5. Get Back    2:03 (9.58)

6. Don’t Let Me Down    3:21 – The song is not listed on the cover.

8. (Medley)    24:10

Be-Bop-A-Lula (Vincent/Davis) / Baby Blue (Vincent/Jones) (09.044a)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window    (09.45)     
High Heel Sneakers    (Higginbottom)    
I Me Mine        
I’ve Got A Feeling (09.35)    
The One After 909 (09.39)    
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (09.40)    
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window    (Lennon/McCartney) (09.41)

9. Let It Be – Titled as “Let It Be (By The Numbers)”

10. Shakin’ In The Sixties (09.71)

11. Good Rockin’ Tonight  (09.73)

12. Across The Universe    (09.70)

13. Two Of Us    

14. Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (Dylan) (09.87) – Titled “Momma, You’ve Just On My Mind”

15. Tennessee    (Perkins) (09.74)

16. The House Of The Rising Sun    (Traditional) (09.76)

17. Commonwealth Song (09.77) – Titled as “Back To Commonwealth”

18. (Medley)        
White Power (Get Off) (09.79) – Listed as “White Power”    
White Power (Get Off) (09.81) – Listed as “Promenade”

19. Honey Hush    (Turner) (09.82) – Listed as “Hi ho Silver”

20. For You Blue (09.083)

21. Let It Be (09.88)

*the numbers in parentheses refer to the numbering system in Sulpy & Schweighardt’s book “Get Back”


In 1976, sides 1 & 2 also appeared as this title on Ken’s Aftermath reissues side label:

Beatles Caught Offguard

Followed by sides 3 & 4 naturally:

Beatles Manual Ecxitations

Sides 3 & 4 saw yet another reincarnation when it kicked off this Beatles reissue series on sister label The Kornyphone Label For The Working Man in the same year:

Beatles VBotBRarest 1

Contraband was not yet done with this material as they gave it another go ca. 1975/6:

Beatles Hi Ho Silver

Beatles Hi Ho Silver detail


TAKRL e-issue ca. 1978 with a printed b&w cover [repeated matrix #s “2950-A/B/C/D” scratched out]:

Beatles Hahst A S b&w

Beatles Hahst A S b&w b

And another with a color cover on Ken’s Phoenix label, ca. 1980:

Beatles Hahst Az Sön

Beatles Hahst A S b

On Ken’s GLC label, at least some of this material was then re-packaged as a 3x 2LP set called Apple Trax: Volume 1, 2, 3

Beatles Apple Trax Vol 1

Volume 1 is supposed to contain the following tracks: Old Hillbilly way, House of the rising sun, Get off white power, Yackety Yack, For you blue, Let it be, Get back, Don’t let me down, On our way home, Suzy Parker, No Pakistanis, Let it be, Silver spoon, High heeled sneakers, I me mine, One after 909, A long road, Shakin’ in the 60’s, Across the Universe, On our way home, Momma, you’ve been on my mind, da de da

[Yes, that is John McLaughlin’s autograph on there. This copy is currently for sale on the internet for $150]

TAKRL says:

“Copied disc-to-disc from European underground. Never got the song titles exactly right.”

Mahavishnu Orchestra: Live, king of guitars.(bootleg). Atmosphere SO 3478; (retitled: Birds of pray). 
Aftermath 15; (retitled: Bundled sunspray demise). TAKRL 1923

According to other websites: “Live from 17-Aug-72, Kongresshalle, Munich TV show.”

“Joachim-Ernst Berendt introduces the Mahavishnu Orchestra at the Pre-Olympic Games Jazz Festival called ” Jazz Now ” in Munich Germany”.

The concert was broadcast live on SWF 3 radio and on TV. An indepth review in Geman can be found here:

Track names on TAKRL LP:

A1       Meeting of the Spirits               8:57

A2       You Know You Know            7:40

B1        The Dance of Maya                 7:15

B2        A Lotus on Irish Streams                     5:50

B3        Binkie’s Dream            3:06

Track names on video:

02 – Meeting of the Spirits
03 – You Know You Know
04 – The Dance of Maya
05 – One Word (end part)
06 – Resolution
07 – A Lotus on Irish Streams

From a review: “A great early boot of the original lineup, performances from either late 1971 or early 1972.  I would have given this a 4.0, but sound quality is just OK, performances are transcendental.  The band had so much power— listen to the humongous power chord that starts off “Meeting Of The Spirits” and how the guy recording immediately whacks down his recording volume on the tape!
Recommended to all McLaughlin and Mahavishnu fans alike—this may have been out as another boot entitles “Birds Of Prey”.”

Indeed it was reissued as Birds of Pray on the Aftermath label:

Mahavishnu Orch

TAKRL says:

“On reflection, we went overboard on the sound effects, I think.”

11-track collection including 3 songs recorded live at the Santa Monica Civic Center on October 20, 1972. Odd studio tracks include “Amsterdam”, “Round & Round” and four early songs.

The album was later reprinted with a b&w deluxe cover:

And in the meantime on Aftermath ca. ’76/’77 with a different title:

Bowie D Bump & Grind

Bowie B + G 2

TAKRL says:

“The original back cover was a series of photos of a young lady attempting sexual congress with a cute Japanese robot. It was never used. We’d had a spot of trouble over the Elton John 1907 and didn’t want at that time to compound it.”

From “






Pink Floyd Astral Projection

From the auction text: “Made by “Ken”at the end of his TAKRL partnership.This is a repress of “Nocturnal Submisson” using the original TARKL Plates with the old TARKL ‘1913A/B” matrix # scratched out”

TAKRL says:

“We fit on one album what Manticore fit on three one year later. The Star Trek stuff was supplied by Magic Patchbay. Side one originally contained trekkie bits between each song but had to be reissued in a second edition without them to meet time mastering requirements. Cover by Roy N. Oak. It was Spaniel’s photo; quad.”

From a review: “Some people say this is from the same source / live show as the Welcome back 3Lp ( Offical live LP ). The guitar sections in Karn evil 9 – 1st impression are different on this than WBMFTTSTNE.
Jerusalem and Toccata sound from a different concert than the rest of the LP ( Unknown concert ). If they are all from the same source concert has WBMFTTSTNE then there as been a hell of a lot of edited. Of course if any kind person can enlighten us all on the source etc that would be great.

The big bonus on this LP are the Star Trek Bloopers in between some track that the bootleggers have inserted they where taken from the season one episode ” The Devil In The Dark ” and are very funny and worth the price of the LP”


Also copied on Aftermath’s TOUR OF THE AMERICAS  PART THREE LP :

ELP TotA pt 3


ELP glc-207Two inserts

ELP glc-207 IIELP glc-207 lbl

Disc 1 (Long Beach 1972) is a reissue of the first master used for The Callow and Crash and Idle Eyes as the “Star Trek bloopers” are present.

Disc 2 presents material previously found on Phonygraf’s Celestial Doggie: The Lobster Quadrille double album and the first two Aftermath TOUR OF THE AMERICAS volumes.

All of this has since been officially released by the band as The Original Bootleg Series From The Manticore Vaults Vol 1