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Yes LiveinEu

Yes LiveinEu lbl

Japan: 1974

“Originally issued in plain white sleeve like all early OG releases ( The Beatles In Tokyo etc). Great sound quality and performance from their ’72 UK show, now impossible to find even in here.”
Side 1: Opening (excerpt from Firebird) / Siberian Khatru / Mood For A Day / The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Side 2: Roundabout / Yours Is No disgrace


Even a ‘specialized-in-Yes’ website such as Forgotten Yesterdays has never heard of this bootleg. I have researched and none of the classic early 1970’s bootlegs match this setlist, which shows that this was definitely recorded in 1972.

Led Zeppelin In Concert 660 IILed Zeppelin In Concert 660 track listLed Zeppelin In Concert 660 lbl 2Led Zeppelin In Concert 660 lbl

Japan: 1974, very rare. Did the mediocre sound quality prevent this from being repressed, I wonder.


Side 1: Since I’ve Been Loving You / Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog / Stairway To Heaven
Side 2: Going To California / Whole Lotta Love / The Hunter, Hello Mary Lou, Pretty Woman, How Many More Times+ (an excerpt from the Whole Lotta Love medley) / Communication Breakdown medley incl. Hey Hey What Can I Do?+
Recording: Fair-Good mono audience. Runs fast. Source: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 23 ’71 except (+) Budokan, Tokyo, Japan Sept. 24 ’71



Recording Includes: Since I’ve Been Loving You [ 7:05 ], [ cut ], Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:12 ] >> Black Dog [ 5:21 ], [ cut ], Stairway To Heaven [ 8:55 ], [ cut ], Going To California [ 6:05 ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love [ 1:08 – cut ].
Source: Incomplete fair to good 1st audience recording. ca. 31 minutes.
Details: A significantly distant and somewhat flat sounding source, with some hiss throughout.             Bootleg LP Reference source: IN CONCERT   [OG-660]



Recording Includes: (an excerpt from Whole Lotta Love medley): The Hunter [ cut ] >> Hello Mary Lou >> Pretty Woman >> How Many More Times >> Whole Lotta Love [ 11:50 – cut ], [ cut ], Communication Breakdown (<< Hey Hey What Can I Do?..) [ 5:33 – cut ].
Source: Incomplete fair to good 1st audience recording. 17 minutes.
Details: Muffled and distant, not clear at all. Bootleg LP Reference source: IN CONCERT  [OG-660]



Led Zep Japan 71 tour program

ELP 21st S R. 4ELP 21st S R

ELP 21st S R. 3

This may be the easiest to find OG release of them all.

“Total duration: 34:28  A very fragmented album of an average audience recording.”
“Track 1 – 4 is from an unknown show, most likely between April and June 1971.
One can hear Keith Emerson talking about ‘a new album’ (TARKUS) which will be released – he says – in August; ‘maybe earlier’. The last track – Lucky Man – is from the Korakuen Stadium / Japan – show in July 1972.


Side 1: The Barbarian (6:03) / Rondo (14:51) [track is cut in the middle of the drum-solo.]                             Side 2: Take a Pebble (4:33) [cut just before the Greg Lake-part is about to begin] / Knife Edge (5:27) [cut just before the last verse] / Lucky Man (3:34) [Tokyo 22 July ’72 “much better sound-quality”]

I am not sure if there are two different versions of OG-630 – with & without two tracks by Free added to end of side 2 – or if auction sellers are just quoting the insert without actually having listened to the record to verify.


“Some copies of this album included two bonus tracks with Free, who supported ELP on the 1972 Japan-tour.”

Track list for the second pressing: 

Side 1: Take A Pebble (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)/ Knife Edge (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)/ All Right Now (Free)/ Fire And Water (Free)
Side 2: Barbarian (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)/ Gong (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)


It’s unclear where exactly the two Free tracks come from. Both tracks can be found on this rare Japanese bootleg, recorded during their first Japan tour in April/May 1971:

Free Live Japan



ELP Osaka ticket

There are two different pressings:

A. OG-596 machine stamped matrix and complete insert, the original:

Beatles DooIAnd the naked ladies only have one thing on their mind… “Beatles!”

Beatles Dooi record

B. BE-1001 matrix and with the insert cut off at the top.

Beatles Dawn of our Innocence 4

I suspect this is a second pressing (or copy by someone else?). This distinction was so far unknown outside of Japan, as evidenced by some of the prices the BE-1001 copies were able to achieve in past auctions.

The copy shown below achieved $277 at auction in 2012.

Beatles Dawn of our Innocence 2

Source: Side 1: Eight tracks from Shea Stadium ’65 and on side 2, their final ‘in person’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan show taped on 14 August 1965, the day before the Ed Sullivan show.

The soundtrack of the Shea TV special had first been released in the US on the East Coast as LAST LIVE SHOW (101-A/B) in late 1970, before being copied by WCF and TMOQ. LAST LIVE SHOW would also be copied in Japan later on.

While the ’65 Ed Sullivan Show premiered on CBM’s PIECE OF MIND in late spring of 1973, OG may have had their own and better sources for this material but that’s hard to say without an A/B comparison.

So far I have only found both versions with blank white labels.

Japan: 1973/4


I used to own this book, which came out in 1985 and wish I had not sold it later, it might have come in handy now. The book is infinitely more useful though if you can read Japanese.

Beatles' Bootlegs

Since we have looked at OG’s collage covers, here is one that Capitol Records commissioned in the mid-1970s:

Apple Collage

Why is this bootleg called SOME LIKE IT HOT! ? Is it a nod to Billy Wilder’s film classic? After all, this is also a movie soundtrack that’s presented here.

We’ve known this title for many decades, since it made it into HOT WACKS, misidentified as a MARC Records release. I would guess this was because they were looking at the white label version of OG-595.

Source: A (bootleg) video of the Let It Be movie soundtrack, I would assume.

Year: 1973

Side 1:  Prologue/ Don’t Let Me Down/ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer/ Two Of Us/ Oh Darling/ Whole Lotta Shakin’/ Across The Universe/ I Dig A Pony/ Suzy Parker/ I Me Mine/ For You Blue

Side 2:  Besame Mucho/ Octopus’ Garden/ The Long And Winding Road/ Shake Rattle & Roll/ Miss Anne/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Dig It/ Message From Paul/ Let It Be/ Long And The Winding Road




Text from a Japanese Beatles bootlegs encyclopedia:

1st pressing: Color slick cover. Red label with silver print (as shown for 813 below).

Beatles SLIH 595 color

Has anyone ever seen it with the color image? It must be very rare.


2nd pressing: B&W jacket b / w,  label the same as the 1st. [Is this 813?]

Beatles SLIH 813

Beatles SLIH 813 cover
3rd pressing: Cover is identical to the 2nd. Blank white label.

Beatles SLIH 595

Beatles SLIH 595 b



Fake Idle Mind label version, ca. 1977:

Beatles SLIH fIMBeatles Some Like It Hot IM

Matrix # OC 595-A/B (hand written – as opposed to the machine stamped OG matrix numbers)



Beatles SLIHot alt photo 2

Beatles SLIHot alt photo 3

Beatles MH

1968: The Beatles contemplating to form a folk/psych/hardcore/avantgarde super group with Mary Hopkin and Yoko. Their new album – suggestions for the cover are being reviewed in these photographs – carries the working title Hot As Sun.



I’m just kidding, of course.

Beatles Hot As The SunThe two best quality images I could find.

Beatles Hot As The Sun 2

Text on front says:


Indluding LIVE ! In Oklahoma, 1965

From N.B.C. TV Track.


Side A.  The Beatles at EMI Studio 1968

             You Really Gotta Hold On Me: Song For Lenny.

             Strawberry (Lane?): With Special Interview.

Side B.  The Beatles LIVE In Oklahoma 1965, TV Track.

I Want To Hold Your Hand: Roll Over Beethoven

              If I Fell: Boys:  A Hard Day’s Night:  Twist & Shout

              You Can’t Do That: Long Tall Sally:

              From N.B.C. TV Track 1965


Further writing found elsewhere on the cover: “ADO RECORD NO3” and “1973. Shinjuku record” [at least the second comment added in handwriting by the previous owner found on the copy seen here: at ], however in the book Black Market Beatles by Birkenstadt/Belmo # 593 is also listed under Ado Records. ‘1973’ would confirm my dating of the OG timeline.

OG-593 is supposed to have a printed label and 614 a blank white one.


The start of a number of Beatles compilation albums by OG under their sub label “Ado Records”, offering new recordings (for 1973) with imaginative titles and (two) collage style covers – this one and Dawn Of Our Innocence. It reminds me of what Contraband had started doing in 1972 with compilation jobs such as the never released Mary Jane.

Pretty much unknown in the West until it’s inclusion in the book mentioned above [unless it was in Reinhart’s 1980 book You Can’t Do That ], I have never seen a true track analysis for side A. However, this one is strictly a nostalgic item and the attempt at passing off side B. for something it clearly was not, relegated it to something of a novelty item. Still, it’s rare, hardly ever seen – may never even have been offered on eBay, hardly anyone owns a copy and it commands quite a price.

In regards to actual content, what we know is that “You Really Got A Hold On Me” is from the Get Back Sessions; the 1968 interview is with Kenny Everett and may just be the one taken from this Italy-only Apple promo single:

Beatles una sensazionale 4

The live tracks on side B. are of course from 1964, not 1965 and it’s parts of the Hollywood Bowl performance.

Oklahoma!?!How did this happen? …


Finally, it should be noted that HOT AS THE SUN preceded Contraband’s 1975 double album hot as sun .

Naming these bootleg albums Hot As (The) Sun goes back to a 1970 article in Rolling Stone magazine, which for whatever reason made up a story of stolen Beatles tapes that were supposed to be an album in progress under the working title of that instrumental track from Paul’s first solo album.

Although Paul had played that tune briefly once during the Get Back sessions 9on January 24th and since coincidentally today is also January 24th, that makes it 46 years ago), the inspiration did not come from a bootleg as this brief run through did not see the light of the day until the CD bootleg age (Vigotone’s first Get Back Journals 8 CD box set, to be exact ).


RS HaS 70