Country Joe McDonald

A. The original version, ca. 1971:

Woodstock Nation 2

Woodstock Nation 1


It’s almost shocking how much information there is on the back insert compared to the usual WCF modus operandi of “you got the song titles, what more do you want?”. There is just one issue here, while the title alludes to this possibly being a recording from Woodstock, it certainly fooled HOTWACKS, this is from a different festival recorded nine months later and I have a strong feeling that the producers knew this.

Source: Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival, May 30, 1970, in Heyworth, IL

Despite the title and all the confusion it has caused, this LP was actually recorded the following year at the Kickapoo Creek Festival. There was an interview with the bootlegger available online a while ago. I haven’t been able to find it recently. In it he states that 37 reels were recorded from the soundboard, and that most or all of the reels were stolen. He did state that the album was produced in somewhere between 500 and 2000 copies, many of which did not come out. The remainder of the Canned Heat session was put out in Amsterdam under the title The Real Future Blues. A photo of that original is also attached. Of interesting note is that all known copies of Ted Nugent listed as being from Woodstock are just copies of this album. He never performed at Woodstock.” (thanks to Doinker for the images & background info)

Kick a Poo Creek 1


B. The first Reissue

WN Atlasta RE I aWN Atlasta RE I b

“BANANAZ are BLACK.” is this an insider joke or a reference to the yellow PVC version of this release shown here (NR-1202)?

WN Atlasta RE II aWN Atlasta RE II b

WN Atlasta RE II b1WN Atlasta RE II b2


The Canned Heat tapes pressed onto vinyl – if you have any further detail regarding this release, please leave a comment:

Canned Heat FBA

LP with blank white labels, matrix: SD 8476 / 8477


Plus the gold/yellow wax copy NR-1195:

Canned Heat TRFBACanned Heat TRFBA b

Better quality images needed.

Just one performance on side 2: A 16:30 minute version of “So Sad”.

A total of five Canned Heat songs are available spread across both releases.


Fillmore East Final Concert

VA Fillmore East lbl A

USA: 1971 – matrix: 104 A / B

Source:  Closing night broadcast of the Fillmore East in Manhattan, NY. “… it was broadcast in New York over WNEW-FM and WPLJ-FM; fittingly, Don McLean’s “American Pie” received its first radio airplay during those broadcasts, as a bit of music history died in the early morning hours of June 28, 1971 when the Fillmore East finally shut its doors.” [source: concertvault]

To the best of my research, this is the only bootleg that was released from this event in the years 1971 – ’73.

The radio broadcast consisted of the following tracks (those marked with ‘*’ are on the bootleg:

01 Albert King / Bill Graham Introduction 00:06
02 Albert King / Knock On Wood 05:03
03 Albert King / Got To Be Some Changes 06:13
04 Albert King / Nothing But The Blues 03:26
05 Albert King / Crosscut Saw 05:53
06 Albert King / Personal Manager 06:23
07 Albert King / Bye Bye Blues 02:10
08 J. Geils Band / Bill Graham Introduction 00:10
09 J. Geils Band / Sno-Cone 03:21
10 J. Geils Band / Wait 03:19
11 J. Geils Band / First I Look At The Purse 04:51*
12 J. Geils Band / Whammer Jammer 03:00
13 J. Geils Band / Homework 03:31
14 J. Geils Band / Pack Fair And Square 02:19
15 J. Geils Band / Cruisin’ For A Love 04:03
16 J. Geils Band / Serves You Right To Suffer 12:44
17 J. Geils Band / Hard Drivin’ Man 03:51
18 Edgar Winter’s White Trash / Bill Graham Introduction 00:59
19 Edgar Winter’s White Trash / Where Would I Be (Without You) 05:17
20 Edgar Winter’s White Trash / Let’s Get It On 07:35*
21 Edgar Winter’s White Trash / Tobacco Road 15:47
22 Edgar Winter’s White Trash / Turn On Your Love Light 09:09
23 Mountain / Bill Graham Introduction 00:25
24 Mountain / Never In My Life 06:03
25 Mountain / Theme From An Imaginary Western 05:44
26 Mountain / Dream Sequence (guitar solo) 02:44
27 Mountain / Roll Over Beethoven 06:18
28 Mountain / Dreams Of Milk And Honey / Swan Theme 15:34
29 Mountain / Silver Paper 07:48
30 Mountain / Mississippi Queen 06:41*
31 The Beach Boys / Bill Graham Introduction 00:07
32 The Beach Boys / Heroes And Villains 03:53
33 The Beach Boys / Do It Again 02:52
34 The Beach Boys / Cotton Fields 02:42
35 The Beach Boys / Help Me, Rhonda 04:14
36 The Beach Boys / Wouldn’t It Be Nice 03:00
37 The Beach Boys / Your Song 04:58*
38 The Beach Boys / Student Demonstration Time 05:16*
39 The Beach Boys / Good Vibrations 04:28
40 The Beach Boys / California Girls 03:29
41 The Beach Boys / I Get Around 02:31
42 The Beach Boys / It’s About Time 03:50
43 Country Joe McDonald / Bill Graham Introduction 00:21
44 Country Joe McDonald / Kiss My Ass 02:31
45 Country Joe McDonald / Entertainment Is My Business 03:31*
46 Country Joe McDonald / The Fish Cheer 00:10
47 Country Joe McDonald / Fixin-To-Die-Rag 01:02
48 Country Joe McDonald / Rockin’ All Around The World 06:53
49 Country Joe McDonald / Hold On It’s Coming 03:31
50 The Allman Brothers Band / Bill Graham Introduction 00:55
51 The Allman Brothers Band / Statesboro Blues 04:13*
52 The Allman Brothers Band / Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ 03:36*
53 The Allman Brothers Band / Done Somebody Wrong 03:52
54 The Allman Brothers Band / One Way Out 04:56
55 The Allman Brothers Band / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 14:58
56 The Allman Brothers Band / Midnight Rider 02:47
57 The Allman Brothers Band / Hot ‘Lanta 05:52
58 The Allman Brothers Band / Whipping Post 19:00
59 The Allman Brothers Band / Crowd 01:23
60 The Allman Brothers Band / You Don’t Love Me 16:51

For four of the artists, J. Geils Band, Edgar Winter’s White Trash, Mountain and Country Joe McDonald, this would be the only time in the 1970’s that they were bootlegged (I’m excluding the J. Geils Band album Live From Germany on WCF as it was a straight pirate knock off of their official live album).

The Allman Brothers apparently hit the stage at 4 AM on the 28th. This is how drummer Butch Trucks remembers it: “We played for roughly seven straight hours with everything we had. The feeling was just so overwhelming that I just started crying. Then we got into a jam, I think it was ‘Mountain Jam,’ that lasted for four straight hours. Nonstop. And when we finished, there was no applause whatsoever. The place was deathly quiet. Someone got up and opened the doors, the sun came pouring in.”


Allman Brother's B Cl Night FE

Back of a 2015 European release on colored vinyl and limited to just 100 copies.

Quite a number of official live albums including recordings from or taped exclusively at the Fillmore East were released, among them the Allman Brothers Band’s own At Fillmore East.


WCF reissued this title as part of their folder cover series with blank white labels.

Fillmore East FC fold

VA Fillmore East wh l

The matrix was now: EL 3304 A / B



Fillmore East Final 3

Fillmore East Final tix

Fillmore East Final 2

Fillmore East Final 1