Procol Harum

Supertramp Live 2

Date & Venue: April 20 ’77 – Seattle Arena [is this the same venue as the Seattle Center Coliseum, now known as KeyArena?]

Set list for Procol Harum (identical with LP track list):

Simple Sister
Grand Hotel
Whaling Stories
The Mark of the Claw
Pandora’s Box (listed as “The Spanish Maine”)
The Unquiet Zone (listed as “No Wings”)
A Salty Dog

Listed as “Gm” in HW.

Two photos of the band on stage two days later in Vancouver can be seen here:

Supertramp 77

The above poster was for the Portland, OR show at the Paramount Theater on April 17 ’77. Now the insert below for what is supposed to be the Seattle recording says “Paramount” also, someone must have gotten confused.

Supertramp Live Death

Also the usual limited run on K&S:

Supertramp Live K&S 2

Set lists for 1977 “Even In The Quietest Moments” Supertramp shows: (a. Dan Lampinski ‘Boston June 12’ recording):

01 School
02 Ain’t Nobody But Me
03 Give A Little Bit
04 Bloody Well Right
05 Sister Moonshine
06 From Now On
07 Hide In Your Shell
08 Poor Boy (cut)
09 Babaji
10 Asylum
11 Dreamer
12 Another Man’s Woman
13 Fool’s Overture
14 E: Two Of Us
15 Crime Of the Century

b.) Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam, Holland, 11 Oct 1977

1 School
2 Ain’t Nobody But Me
3 Give A Little Bit
4 Bloody Well Right
5 Sister Moonshine
6 From Now On
7 Hide In Your Shell
8 Asylum
9 Poor Boy
10  Babaji
11  Dreamer
12  Another Man’s Woman
13  Fool’s Overture

The Death LP has:                                                                                                                                            Side 1: Dreamer / Rudy (Gs) / Fools Overture Side 2: Lady / Crime Of The Century

Described as “Vgs”. My issue is that I have looked at every surviving recorded fragment from this tour and “Rudy” was never played or captured at any other time and it is singled out here for worse quality. Could it be from a different source and year (it was part of their 1976 shows)?


Procol Harum Five a Dime

TAKRL says: “Really 1960,but we already had one. Omigosh, our first numerical catalogue error.”

January1976 radio show. London.

1- Conquistador – 4:25
2- The Unquiet Zone – 6:10
3- Beyond The Pale – 3:39
4- All This And more – 3:52
5- Salty Dog – 5:02
6- I Keep Forgetting – 3:58
7- Blue Danube Treatments – 8:13
8- I Can’t Help Myself>>Nothing But The Truth – 4:59
9- A Whiter Shade Of Pale – 7:21 total time 47:47

GARY BROOKER, voice & piano
CHRIS COPPING, Hammond organ
B.J. WILSON, drums

[This album is on Youtube in its entirety:

then follow the links to the rest of the tracks (click on “Watch on Youtube”) on bottom right.]

Cover says “recorded during the 1974 British Tour supporting [their album] “Exotic Birds And Fruit” “.

Side 1: Conquistador – 4:18
As Strong As Sampson – 5:36
Whaling Stories – 9:46
New Lamps For Old – 4:12
Side 2: Bringing Home The Bacon – 4:10

Simple Sister – 5:55
The idol – 6:36
Butterfly Boys – 3:28
Nothing But The Truth – 3:06