The Tubes

Tubes RnR Hospital red


Below, the black PVC version sans stamp.

Tubes RnR Hospital

Tubes RnR Hospital b

Tubes RnR Hospital disc.JPG

USA: 1979

The Tubes’ second bootleg following TAKRL’s Darted In my Own Armchair a couple of years earlier.

Source: KSAN San Francisco broadcast from the Record Plant in Sausalito, 2 June 1974.

You can listen to it here:

A1         Young And Rich / Grandiose Instrumental Overtube / What Do You Want From Life?     11:47   
A2         Tubes World Tour     5:42     
A3         Love Will Keep Us Together     6:17     
B1         Pimp     5:23     
B2         Mondo Bondage / Don’t Touch Me There     6:37     
B3         Boy Crazy     5:10     
B4         Stand Up And Shout     7:24    

Officially released as “Live In America”.


Source is given as Live in LA 1976. wolfgangsvault has a show marked as Shrine Auditorium, LA from June 26 1976 up on their site but the shared tracks don’t match and they contradict themselves in the description:

“These 1976 King Biscuit Flower Hour recordings capture the Tubes approaching the peak of their onstage insanity, when they headlined a concert at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre before a wildly enthusiastic home turf audience. Broadcast the following month, these live excerpts from that performance were big national radio exposure for the group and for many radio listeners, their first encounter with the Tubes.”

I guess TAKRL would say: The first ever Tubes underground.

How about we close with this little quote I picked up while researching this title:

“The Tubes are the greatest underrated rock band ever…”