Japan: 1985

Source: As pointed out by a Japanese bootleg blog, as YES never visited Japan on this tour, there is a good chance the date and venue given is actually correct. My favorite YES bootleg site has no objections either – so 7 May 1984 is settled.

The source tape:

Brendan Byrne Arena
Meadowlands, New Jersey, U.S.A.
May 7, 1984
1st gen. audience tape (mastered with Sony D-6 and unknown mike, probably also a Sony model)
runtime: 135:07 (minutes/seconds)

1: cinema
2; leave it
3: yours is no disgrace
4; drums > hold on
5: hearts
6: all good people (end spliced, tape flip)
7: keyboard solo (Tony Kaye)
8: Solly’s beard (Tony and Trevor duet)
9: changes
10: and you and I
11: soon the light
12: make it easy > owner of a lonely heart
13: it can happen (end spliced, tape flip)
14: long distance runaround > whitefish
(with tempus fugit and amazing grace excerpts)
15: city of love
16: starship trooper
17: roundabout


Many months ago, I had created a post about a TAKRL Yes release that was based on this popular 1972 Dutch bootleg:

YES WYA 2Yes WYA lbl

As time went by, I had forgotten that this was on the Offshore label (A LION PRODUCTION). When collecting the OG Japan master list, I found several Offshore releases and logically assumed that it must be a sub label they had created, like they did with Ado Records and their Beatles titles.

I still believe that this Beatles title shown here was made in Japan by OG:

Beatles Shea OG 802

And the issues on white labels with the wrap-around insert and the printed covers, as well.

However, I now believe that the above Yes title was never copied by OG in Japan and have since removed it from the OG master list of releases.  So, how did OG get the idea to use that name for this Beatles album? And what a coincidence that the Dutch bootleggers in 1972 used a release number that fit perfectly into the three digit numbers (AND follows their first use of the Offshore name in BEATLES – LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM OG-718 – the Yes LP has 722) used by OG later? Not questions, I am expecting to find answers to anytime soon or perhaps even ever.

I would like to introduce the third Offshore LP I have listed at this point:

Yardbirds Offshore bYardbirds Offshore lbl

Coincidentally, # 732 also fits in nicely with all the other OG releases. This is the material I first reviewed as Ken had pirated it for his  LAST HURRAH IN THE BIG APPLE (TAKRL 1914). This Offshore version of the official-but-withhdrawn-right-away LIVE! FEATURING JIMMY PAGE Epic LP from 1971 is also considered to be a pirate copy. Likely made ca. 1972 perhaps? Which would bring us back to the WHITE YES ALBUM – is there a connection between the two?

And here’s another interesting connection. One rare version for the above Yardbirds pirate LP has this label:

Yardbirds bl lbl

Now, to me, that looks like it was done by the same folks who had produced the CCR bootleg copy, I am still listing as an OG release:

CCR Cosmo OG label 1

So, how does this all fit together?

Yes LiveinEu

Yes LiveinEu lbl

Japan: 1974

“Originally issued in plain white sleeve like all early OG releases ( The Beatles In Tokyo etc). Great sound quality and performance from their ’72 UK show, now impossible to find even in here.”
Side 1: Opening (excerpt from Firebird) / Siberian Khatru / Mood For A Day / The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Side 2: Roundabout / Yours Is No disgrace


Even a ‘specialized-in-Yes’ website such as Forgotten Yesterdays has never heard of this bootleg. I have researched and none of the classic early 1970’s bootlegs match this setlist, which shows that this was definitely recorded in 1972.

” … and two miserable Genesis and Yes titles were produced for no reason save financial gain – his was a small time operation run largely for the love of the form.” [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 119]

DD 1001:


Genesis 2 Down 3 Left

[label shown here was a custom enhancement job by a previous owner]


Mediocre taped copy of the radio station LP [with all non-Genesis parts edited out] mentioned below, originally recorded by WMMS at the Music Hall in Cleveland, OH on 15 April 1976

“Before the rebroadcast, bootlegs of the Genesis Cleveland recording were limited to a 60 minute show made by the commercial transcription company “Rock Around The World”. An early bootleg LP made from a radio broadcast called “Two Down Three Left” [Dancin’ Disc DD 1101 – LP] surfaced (though the sound quality on the bootleg is not great compared to the RATW LP [Rock Around The World “Genesis Through the Looking Glass” [show #107, 22-28. August 76 – LP] ] and is said to have been the subject of an FBI investigation! ” Supposedly only 300 copies of the radio station LP – label seen below – were originally pressed.

Genesis RATW

1.1    Radio Intro / Commentary 02:30
1.2    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway    04:14
1.3    Fly On A Windshield    02:44
1.4    The Carpet Crawlers    04:57
1.5    Commercial Break    01:03
1.6    The Cinema Show    11:35
1.7    Station Break    00:57
1.8    Robbery, Assault & Battery    06:18
1.9    I Know What I Like    05:13
1.10    Los Endos    07:43
1.11    It / Watcher Of The Skies    05:58
1.12    Station Out / Next Show Preview    02:43




DD 1002:


Yes Mark's LP bl

The incredibly rare mark’s lp This copy sold for $355 in April of 2013

From eBay descriptions:

“Considered rare even at the time of its issue in 1976, this is one of the few copies we’ve seen of this seldom offered must for the Yes collector. From the net – Sources: 06 June 1976; Roosevelt Stadium, NJ, USA

Tracks: Siberian Khatru Sound Chaser I’ve Seen All Good People The Gates of Delirium Long Distance Runaround Clap Sunhillow Heart of the Sunrise Band: Jon Anderson Steve Howe Chris Squire Patrick Moraz Alan White Quality: Ex stereo  Matrix: HAR-151 A-D “

“Yes Mark’s LP  HAR 151

Genuine   HAR  Hoffman Ave. Rec.  records (Dancin’ Disc Records on insert)  press #  DD 1002 ;

from Roosevelt Stadium NJ  June 17 , 1976;
very few pressed and sold in late ’76 around L.A. area only.”

“I got my holy grail of records,Yes, Mark’s LP. A bootleg so rare that after 20 years of searching I began to believe it was only a legend. Then alas, it showed up on E bay. Cost me $240.00 (looks like I wasn’t the only one searching for it) A picture of another copy showed up on the program for the last Yes tour. They had an article on Yes bootlegs and a complete discography. So after 25 years of collecting Yes records I have one of only two copies of this record that I know exist. ” [Holy Grails of Record Collecting thread on the Steve Hoffman Forum, 2005]

mark’s lp is pictured here in the second column from the left, 4th one down [very nice idea to do a “Bootology”, btw – I guess they don’t hate them but can put them into perspective looking back (?)]. If someone can provide a better image for this page from their 2004 Tour Book, please leave a comment, thanks.

Yes mark's LP tb i


Yes mark's lp 2

The slip sheet text reads:

This double album (that means it contains two discs, folks! )  was recorded by Yes’ own engineers along the 1976 Tour.   Of  course that means these songs – the highlights of the tour-  are line recordings and the sound quality is the best you’re likely to hear on an album of this type [er,what type is that, Harry!  ]   Anyway, we wish we could list the song titles for you, but that wasn’t in the contract.  Take our word for it, it’s all in the grooves.   And thanks to the late Marco Polo for the tape.


Lou Cohan has later revealed that he named this release after the supplier of the tape, Mark Matig, owner of Bridge Street Records in New Hope, PA. Mark passed away before the final product was finished.


Many detailed concert memories and more can be found here:



Genesis Lftmotm

Well, this has a ‘deluxe’ blue cover but the original release on Atlantic was reissued with one as well, so I doubt this is the K&S version. If anyone has an image of that, please leave a comment.

Previuously reviewed in its own entry under this link here



Cars El Mocambo 062

Cars El Mocambo 062 b

Side 1  Good Times Roll / Bye Bye Love  / Nightspots / My Best Friend’s Girl / Moving In Stereo    
Side 2  Since I Held You / They Won’t See You  / Don’t Cha Stop  / Just What I Needed  / Candy-O

Complete set list had two more songs:

01 – Good Times Roll
02 – Bye Bye Love
03 – Nightspots
04 – My Best Friends Girl
05 – Moving in Stereo
06 – Since I Held You
07 – Take What You Want
08 – They Won’t See You
09 – Don’t Cha Stop
10 – Just What I Needed
11 – Candy-O
12 – You’re All I ‘Ve Got Tonight

There were several versions of this album, taken from a radio broadcast on 14 September 1978 (shortly before KBFH taped the band and headliner Cheap Trick at the Palladium in NYC, as released on the Audifön label/Vicky Vinyl boots THE CARS 78 and 78 CALIFORNIA MAN)

Cars El Mocambo 2

Mostly found as a stamped white LP:

Cars El Mocambo 3

Interesting text added by an eBay seller in May of 2013: “The Cars doing what they do best on stage at the El Mocambo in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1978. Stereo pro recording. If I recollect, some of these were on multi-colored vinyl, but I don’t know if this is one [ I doubt any of these exist on mcv. ]. This is a sealed, never-opened, brand spanking new copy from the Beggar’s Banquet collection, Anaheim’s long-gone “Underground” record store, boxed away for decades.”



I am aware of the YS 1600 double album with a deluxe b&w and later re-issued with a green & white cover (mostly found with yellow & tan but also with Slipped Disc labels):


Yes In The Round


and then sides 1&2 only on the 80’s style GLC label and limited to 100 orange copies as part of the LXXXIV series (# 57)


Yes ITR # 57Yes ITR disc

but I have never seen a K&S version of this. If you have, please leave a comment.


Numbers 064 to 069 do not seem to have been assigned.


070: 7 LP Elvis box set that fell victim to the February 1980 raid. No further information available.


071: The Sex Pistols vinyl bootlegs page does not list a K&S version for this release:



Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes b

A beautifully done double album with a full color cover. I would put the release date at late 1979, as it was mentioned in Innersleeve # 20, January 1980 (see below). The first issue was on black PVC.

Rolling Stones TM January 1980

Matrix: MCG/K&S 072

LP 1, side 1:
1. Jiving Sister Fanny    [03:24]
2. I’m Going Down    [03:02]
3. I Don’t Know Why    [02:08]
4. Give Me A Hamburger To Go (aka Stuck Out Alone)    [03:20]
5. Downtown Suzie    [03:49]
6. Blood Red Wine    [05:19]

Side 2:
7. Travelling Man    [06:03]
8. Family    [03:44]
9. Still A Fool    [09:59]
LP 2, side 1:
10. Family    [04:15]
11. Leather Jacket    [03:31]
12 Dancing In The Light    [02:50]
13. Potted Shrimps    [04:12]
14. So Divine (Aladdin Story)    [05:29]

Side 2:
15. And I Was A Country Boy    [04:26]
16. Who Am I?    [03:52]
17. Trident Jam    [03:43] 


“Jiving Sister Fanny” was recorded on July 2nd, 1969 at Olympic Studio, the day before Brian Jones died.  Two versions with different lyrics were recorded that day.  This is the rarer of the two, having appeared on some pressings of Metamorphosis while the second take appears on most pressings of the album and on the London Years.  

“I’m Going Down” was initially worked on between April 17th to July 1969 at Olympic Studio and later right before the US tour from October and November, 1969 in Los Angeles.  This take, which was also used for Metamorphosis in 1975, dates from July 14th and July 15th, 1970 at Olympic.  This track differs from the commercial version by having a false start.  This track features Bobby Keys on sax, Rocky Dijon on percussion, Stephen Stills on guitar, and Bill Plummer on upright bass.  

“Hamburger To Go” (aka “Give Me A Hamburger To Go” and “Stuck Out Alone”) dates from sessions at Olympic from March and April, 1968 and remains unreleased.  ”Downtown Susie” is a Bill Wyman tune recorded on April 23rd, 1969 at Olympic Studio and is the same as the version on Metamorphosis except is shorter at the fade by five seconds.  

“Blood Red Wine”  was recorded May, 1968 at Olympic Studio.  Jagger sings the vocals, Nicky Hopkins plays piano, and no other information is available.  It has never been released which is a shame because it is the most intriguing song in this collection.  “Travelin’ Man” is another unreleased song recorded at Olympic in October, 1970.

The first version of “Family” dates from May, 1968 in Olympic and it the arrangement with the electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar arrangement which would appear on Metamorphosis would be recorded the following month.  “Still A Fool” was recorded at the same sessions and is a ten minute jam on the Muddy Waters tune.  Jagger tries his best to sing like the blues singer too.

Six out of the last seven tracks are instrumentals.  “Leather Jacket,” recorded on June 22nd, 1970 at Olympic Studio in London, is a lighthearted and infectious pop instrumental whose sunniness is outside the pale of the Stones.  “Dancing In the Light,” dating from the spring of 1970, is another upbeat instrumental but with some recognizable Stones raunch.  “Potted Shrimp” and “Aladdin Story” come from the same time period as “Leather Jacket” but recorded at Stargroves.  “And I Was A  Country Boy” comes from the Feb.18-Mar.31 1969 sessions.

“Who Am I?” (aka “See I Love You”) is a true mystery.  It is listed on this release as being from Olympic Studio in March to May 1970.  Others sources say late 1969 and even others from Jamaica 1972 and still others claim it comes from 1963 because of its simplicity.  The best sources say it was recorded on July 14th – 15th, 1970.

The final Trident jam is another mystery.  There is no name associated with it and was never used by the band.  […] Although there are no hidden gems on this (there is a reason why many of them still reside in the vaults) but this is an interesting collection. ” []


A few years later copied in Europe on colored wax (5 different colors – green, blue, red, yellow, mcv), easily identifiable by the shorter matrix number K&S 072

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes disc



Ferry B ANO

Ferry B ANO b

Ferry B ANO lbl

Source: 23 June 1977 (early show) – Bottom Line, New York – KBF radio broadcast. The full recording of the early and late show is on wolfgangsvault:

Side One
1 Let’s Stick Together
2 Shame, Shame, Shame
3 Road Runner
4 All Night Operator
5 Party Doll
6 You Go To My Head
7 In Your Mind

Side Two
1 Love Me Madly Again
2 Love Is The Drug
3 Tokyo Joe
4 This Is Tomorrow
5 The ‘In’ Crowd


Bryan Ferry vocals
Chris Spedding guitar
John Wetton bass
Phil Manzanera guitar
Paul Thompson drums

Chris Mercer tenor sax
Martin Drover trumpet
Mel Collins soprano sax
Ann Odell keyboards



Led Zeppelin 074

And the final words on the insert of the last ever K&S release are: “…in closing” – how fitting.

Side 1: Operator* / I Can’t Quit You Baby** / I Gotta Move** / Dazed & Confused**
Side 2: How Many More Times** / Travelling Riverside Blues*** / Communication Breakdown*** / Whole Lotta Love***
Recording: (*)Excellent mono soundboard; (**) (***)Excellent mono professional pre-FM soundboard radio recording.

Sources: (*)Alexis Korner and Steve Miller with Robert Plant ’68; (**)Stockholm Konserthuset, 14 March  ’69; (***)Maida Vale Studio 4 (BBC – Top Gear with John Peel), London, 24 June ’69

This master was given a second lease on life when it appeared as disc 2 of the double album release SPARE PARTS on Ken’s Phoenix Records:

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 3

Led Zep Spare Parts lbl 4

And surprisingly as side 2 of the very rare Japanese acetate BLOW ONE’S COOL (GRASSHOPPER GH-104 A-B) (impossible to find an image of this), to pad out the partial audience recording from the infamous Milan 1971 riot show.

034 assigned for the second time, someone lost track, it seems.

Ramones Roxy 034 2Ramones Roxy 034 disc 2

More information found under this link.




YES LiL 035YES LiL 035 bYES LiL 035 lbl 2YES LiL 035 lbl 3

Source: London, Empire Pool (not Wembley Arena as stated on ) – 28 October 1977, night # 5 of a six night run

Yes Oct 28 77

First 68 minutes of the concert only, very good quality audience recording. The rest of the tape unfortunately never saw a release. The missing songs are “Flight Jam”, “Awaken”, “Starship Trooper” and “Roundabout”.




Hendrix LBCHendrix LBC 3

Source: Isle of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight 30 August.1970

30:47 mins.


Polydor released Isle Of Wight  in November of 1971 initially in the UK only. The album contained a selection of the songs performed that day:

Side 1.  Midnight Lightning 7:21 / Foxy Lady 8:40 / Lover Man  3:18
Side 2:  Freedom 4:21 / All Along the Watchtower 4:27 / In From the Storm 

Hendrix LBC b 2

As we can see, the bootleg does not overlap with the official release.

Quality rated “Exs”



037 (79-037 used on cover) 79 referring to the year 1979 perhaps.

There is some confusion around this one in Hot Wacks as well. In the appendix, it is called BBC CONCERT. In the Led Zeppelin section, it is listed under its correct name but as K&S 007, which had already been assigned to the Kinks repressing of  TMOQ’s LONG TALL SALLY. I am pretty confident that BBC BROADCAST was never pressed on red wax in a limited edition of 200 as claimed there.


Led Zep BBC BroadcastLed Zep BBC Broadcast b

The same track list as Contraband’s BBC ZEP :

Led Zeppelin BBC Zep



Jethro Tull us tourJethro Tull us tour 2Another reissue of a Contraband title. Previously featured in this post

Notes from a JT bootleg discography:

Ticketron US Tour April 1972                  bootleg album  1972                                                                        
      Thick As A Brick                             
      Cross-Eyed Mary                              
      A New Day Yesterday                          

   LP     Instant Analysis Records 3436
   LP     CBM 3586 (re-release with a title misprinting of { “Ticketro  US Tour April 1972”}
   LP     ??? 79–038 (Canadian; re-released as { US Tour})
There are two covers of this one.  One mentions “ticketron” and one mentions “Volume II”.  
The last three songs are also on {Baltimore and Around}.



Young N The 1973 Tour 2Young N The 1973 Tour


A very rare double LP from K&S only listed in the HW appendix. Gatefold cover back shows recycled artwork from the old Phonygraf/Wizardo (later Mushroom) release NEIL YOUNG WITH CRAZY HORSE shown here, which had already been used on K&S 030 BOULDER COLORADO:

Young Neil wCH 2

Same grey-ish labels as on the previous Jethro Tull album. I have found no information regarding actual content. If you know (or can provide better images), please leave a comment – thank you.




Rolling Stones Bright L Big C

Rolling Stones BLBC 2

Rolling Stones BLBCity disc 2

“200 pressed on MCV from TMOQ plates.” HW


The Montreux 1972 rehearsal tracks making up half of side two here have already been discussed here

The Youtube link below will not only enable you to listen to side 1 right now but also list the correct sources, as far as I can tell.

Side 2:


Yes Yesshows

Yes Yesshows b 2

Source: Long Beach Arena, 26 September 1977

Complete set list:

Firebird Suite, Parallels, I’ve Seen All Good People, Close To The Edge, Wondrous Stories, Colors Of The Rainbow-Turn Of The Century, “Tour Song”, And You And I, Going For The One, Flight Jam-Awaken, E1: Starship Trooper, E2: Roundabout

From “An older source for Long Beach is also in existence and was used for the 80′s vinyl release Yesshows 1977 on Ruthless Rhymes which contained only “Parallels”, “Wondrous Stories”, “Colours Of The Rainbow”, “Turn Of The Century”, “Tour Song”, “Going For The One”, and “Roundabout”. That source was good to very good… .”

Legendary taper Mike Millard was in the audience as well but apparently this is an alternate source and not his excellent recording (Millard had also recorded the September 23 + 24 L.A. Forum shows). Plenty of hiss is present, pointing to a high generation tape:

Yes SA blu

Yes SA blu 3

Yes SA blu 4

Yes SA Idol lbl

Source: Yes in concert at the Hollywood Bowl on 21 June 1975

01. Firebird suite
02. Soundchaser
03. Close to the edge
04. To be over
05. The gates of delirium   [all of side 1, 22:03]
06. Your move  [2:01]
07. Mood for a day  [2:58]
08. Long distance runaround  [1:54]
09. Patrick Moraz keyboard solo  [3:32]
10. The Clap  [3:24]
11. And you and I  [10:04]
12. Ritual
13. Roundabout
14. Sweet dreams


Dead wax reads  ” IMP Yes 4  How do you keep a Black Sabbath fan busy ? (over)”. Cover  features a pen and ink “adaption” of the Roger Dean painting “Greenslade”. The extra 5″ of the insert folds over and lists the song titles.

“Quality:     Excellent-minus, audience recording
Comments:     Probably one of the best sounding, audience-recorded bootlegs from the 70’s. Jon Anderson’s voice is placed well in the mix, and all instruments are clear and in true stereo, that is, it is possible to actually hear stereo separation in the music, not just in the audience noises. Another major plus is that there are no cuts in the middle of any songs.

And now the bad news: the bass is weak, typical of all audience recordings. And the LP is cut on the slow side, which is all-too-common for Yes bootleg LPs. It definitely needs speeding up, courtesy of the turntable pitch control.

Although it’s too short (a 2 LP set would have been more satisfying), Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a great snapshot of how Yes sounded like in 1975. It is similar in many ways to Yes at QPR, but at least the band and the sound technicians made fewer mistakes here. Highlights of this album are the all-acoustic “Your Move” and “Long Distance Runaround” as well as “And You and I”, where it is obvious that the maturing Yes (at the time) was growing close to becoming the ultimate live act.

ZMOQ recommends: If you come across this one don’t hesitate to snap it up. In the context of Yes’ entire live career, from this signpost, the best is coming- just up and around the next bend…


Review fro

“Countless Yes bootlegs were circulated in the ’70s. Some of the more ambitious bootleggers tried to emulate the Roger Dean paintings that graced Yes’ legal albums — Sorcerer’s Apprentice, for example, provides an illustration depicting a sorcerer who has one arm on one side and three arms on the other. More important than the art work, of course, is the music. Recorded live at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA on June 21, 1975, this bootleg LP finds the Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Chris Squire/Patrick Moraz/Alan White edition of Yes in good to excellent form on “The Gates of Delirium” (which takes up all of the LP’s first side, just as it did on Relayer) as well as “And You and I,” “Your Move” and “The Clap.” The biggest surprise on the LP is an unlikely version of “Long Distance Runaround,” which becomes very folk-like at the Bowl and gets a spare treatment that really isolates Anderson’s singing. Sorcerer’s Apprentice doesn’t have audiophile sound, but it offers decent stereo sound and fared well among collectors in the underground market.”


As the album was a winner in both the audio and the performance quality department, it was re-pressed several times. Hear is a common copy attributed to “Norg Records”: 

Yes SA Norg


A great first release for this Vicky Vinyl label.


Yes ... Indeed

Source: Yes live in Tampa, FL – Curtis Hixon Hall on 21 April 1973

Yes Tampa 73 stub

Side 1: Roundabout/ Starship Trooper
Side 2: Close To The Edge/ Wakeman Solo

Quality: “the recording was very good.” – Comment on a torrent site. “Gs”: Hot Wacks rating.      Another Contraband exclusive. The rest of the show has never surfaced.

Complete set list was:

Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
I’ve Seen All Good People
Mood For A Day
Heart Of The Sunrise
And You And I
Close To The Edge
Wakeman Solo
Yours Is No Disgrace
Starship Trooper

Yes ... Indeed green lbl

Concert goer comment: “This was my second time seeing the band (after the DeLand Fla show 11/21/71). The concert was sold out. We had not purchased advanced tickets. We managed to buy 3 from scalpers. We paid $8.00 for one $10.00 for the other two. Scalpers were extremely scarce. The rumor floating around by showtime was that one person had paid $55.00 for a single ticket (a fortune in 1973). Poco, the opening act, was an unexpected treat. The Yes show, besides being great, was the LOUDEST rock show I’ve ever attended. My ears rang for a full day after seeing them that evening.”

Listener comment: “Last Night I listened to the Starship Trooper from this show. Just amazing, better than Yessongs.”

Yes Periphet

Yes Periphet b

Yes played at the Inglewood Forum on October 5 & 6th ’78, however, claims “The vinyl release Periphet (or Peripet) on Impossible Recordworks released in 1979 claimed to be from this show, but is really sourced from the evening show at Wembley, London on October 28th and broadcast on KBFH.  “.

If that were really the case though, why would rate this much less favorable, calling it a “mediocre-sounding [audience recording]” when comparing it with a vinyl set that was definitely sourced from the KBFH broadcast from the Wembley Arena in London [The “In The Round” bootleg (YS 1600), which was erroneously attributed to the LA Forum (in a repeat of the Police Vinyl Villains scenario, where a UK radio broadcast was claimed to have come from a local concert)]?

Yes In The Round

I believe that is wrong here.

From a list: Yes – Periphet [Impossible Recordworks 2CD] live at the Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, Oct 5 1978. Ex AUD. A Mike Millard recording? [According to my compiled Mike Millard taped shows list, he did tape both shows, so it is possible that one of his traded tapes ended up on here.]