Blind Faith

Question posted January 2nd 2013: You did the original artwork for this Pig’s Eye release. Ken has stated that Herbie Howard was behind Pig’s Eye but others believe it was Dub, since you usually did covers for the classic TMOQ releases. So, whose label was Pig’s Eye?

William Stout: “It was Dub. Trademark of Quality was getting ripped off so much that Dub decided to retaliate with Pig’s Eye. Pig’s Eye issued the best recordings of the bootleggers who were stealing from Trademark..”


Beatles OSiJ 1966

Not an original Pig’s Eye release but a North Asian copy, designated by printed b&w covers and having L 5xx or JL 5xx printed in small writing hence the designation as ‘JL label’.

I wonder how Holy Grail Records and Dr. Uriah Lucas felt about seeing their labels used in this manner. This label exists in no less than 3 different colors: light pink, pink and brown.

Holy Grail dark label

More variations:

Beatles OSiJ 2

Beatles 1 label small

Beatles OSiJ 3

Beatles 1 label big

Beatles OSiJ 4

Jeff Beck Gr

Jeff Beck Gr disc

Bowie Dollars in Drag

Blind Faith Pigs Eye copy

TAKRL says: “Our cover says it’s from Winterland. It’s from Earl Warren Showground’s in Santa Barbara. Tape from Magic Patchbay, edited by same. First B.F. issue.”

A reviewer wrote: “This boot has reasonable fidelity, and a mediocre mix, about what you would expect from someone recording from the audience with decent seats. Included are great live versions of their standards, featuring Clapton’s inimitable guitar and Winwood on Fender Rhodes. The version of “Crossroads” is radically different than Cream’s version, and the set also includes their non-LP cover of “Means to an End”. All in all, not bad for a boot. Grades: 1 A-, 2 B+’s, 2 B’s, and a B-.”

The following seems to be the same recording: Title: Noblesse Oblige (Blind Fate).
Label: Mid Valley Records. Catalog#: Mid Valley 289.

Venue/date: Santa Barbara Ca 8/16/1969 .
Recording: Sourced directly from the master tape and then nicely tweaked by Mid Valley, this is the ultimate expression of this recording and essential listening for any true fan. As usual, the packaging presented with the release is as exceptional as the audio quality, and a joy to behold. Recommended.

Track listing:

Stage Announcement
Well All right
Can’t Find My Way Home
Had to Cry Today
Sleeping in the Ground
Presence of the Lord
Means to an End
Do What You Like