Morrison, Van

Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 1

Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 1 a

Volume 1, released as FC 016 ca. 1982

Source: Back cover states “Recorded live at Winterland 10/12/79” but this is way off. The real source is the 5 September 1971 KSAN FM broadcast from the Pacific High Studios in San Francisco, a selection of tracks from this was first released in 1974 by Ken on his TMOQ-2 (Belfast Cowboy TMOQ 73035) and Highway Hi-Fi (Van The Man HHCER 109) bootleg labels. That post can be found by clicking here.


It is obvious that the Flying Horses producers were a bit ‘in the dark’ regarding the actual song titles, as several were just made up. I have corrected them as much as possible.

Side 1: Into The Mystic (6:50)/ Que Sera Sera – Hound Dog (3:15) / Just Like A Woman (9:00)
Side 2: Blue Money (5:10) / Bring It On Home (4:50) / On The Saxophone (?) (3:50)/ Buona Sera, Signorita (5:00)


Van Morrison: vocals, sax, electric piano, acoustic guitar
Peter Bardens: keybords
Bob Tench: guitar
Mickey Feat: bass
Peter van Hooke: drums
Herbie Armstrong: guitar
Garth Hudson: keyborads
Jerry Jumonville: tenor sax
Joel Peskin: baritone sax
Paulette Parker, Greg White, Carlena Williams & Linda Dillard: back-up vocals


Morrison V Mystic&hMusic 2

Volume 2, released as one of the last ever releases: FC 022, ca. 1983. The cover for Vol. I is printed on non-laminated gray cardboard, while Vol. 2’s cover is printed on white coated stock. 

Track list:

Side 1: Friday’s Child (6:00)/ Tupelo Honey 6:30/ Wild Night (5:00)
Side B: Dead Or Alive (5:35)/ You’re My Woman (6:20)/ These Dreams Of You (4:00)

Morrison V George Ivan M

In the previous post “Excitable Recordworks 4505-1: NICOLETTE LARSON ‘BRING BACK THE STROLL’ “ I had added most of the known Warner Brothers live or interview promo LPs and one of the early ones was: WBMS-102: Van Morrison (Live at the Roxy, 1979). Quote from an owner: “This record rules … It’s not IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW, but it’s close, real close.”

The venue and exact date is commonly quoted as November 26th 1978 at the Roxy in Hollywood.

The red sleeved promo has the following tracks:

Side 1:

  1. Brown-Eyed Girl (3:58)
  2. Wavelength (6:00)
  3. And It Stoned Me (4:51)
  4. Checkin’ It Out (3:19) 
  5. Hungry For Your Love (4:00) 
  6. Kingdom Hall (6:01)
    Total time: (28:40)

Side 2:

  1. Crazy Love (performed by Katy Kissoon) (3:51) 
  2. Tupelo Honey (8:02)
  3. Caravan (8:05)
  4. Cypress Avenue (6:01)
    Total time: (30:34)

Compare with the bootleg, which has:

Side A

  1. Brown Eyed Girl
  2. Wavelength
  3. Stoned Me
  4. Checkin’ It Out
  5. Sweet Thing*

Side B

  1. Kingdom Hall
  2. Moonshine Whiskey*
  3. Help Me*
  4. Cyprus Avenue

As the ‘*’ marked tracks are exclusive to the bootleg, it means that this was not a straight copy of the promo LP or a recording of the promo LP being played by a radio station but this must come, most likely, from the original FM broadcast. Combining both results in 13 tracks. The song “Purple Heather” was also performed and broadcast but was not included

Morrison V the Man

Side 1: Moondance (4:47 – Fillmore West 1970)/ Caledonia Soul Music (18:10 – studio outtake)
Side 2: Hound Dog (2:53)/ Dead Or Alive (5:22)/ Friday’s Child (5:48)/ Just Like A Woman (7:37) [Pacific High Studios, San Francisco; recorded September 5, 1971 and broadcast on KSAN San Francisco]

Wolfgangsvault has 17 songs from this recording, which seems to be the complete performance (and a long accompanying text describing it in detail). A big plus, unlike some of the bootlegs and Youtube videos, the songs run at the right speed here:


Release date for the Highway Hi Fi album was around mid 1974, based on the discussion found here:

Ken would release four more tracks from the KSAN broadcast on side 2 of his Belfast Cowboy LP (TMOQ 73035) shown here as a first edition – the birth of TAKRL had either already happened or was just around the corner, I would date this late 1974 :

Morrison V Belfast Cowboy