Hoffman Avenue Records

Springsteen Resurrected

Springsteen Resurrected b

Back of the album, should have waited for the stamp ink to dry before stacking them.

Springsteen Resurrected 096

Name of the artist for those “in the know” only. There are numbered and unnumbered copies with two different sizes for the big stamp found as well. Supposedly 500 numbered copies exist (plus non-numbered ones?).

Springsteen Resurrected 2

Insert found with some copies.

Springsteen Resurrected 3Springsteen Resurrected lbl

Matrix: LR101

The first two tracks come from the earliest Child/Steel Mill audio in circulation and were taken from an audience recording taped at the Free University “The Center” in Richmond, VA on 20 September 1969. [Too bad they did not include ‘KT88’ because that instrumental really rocked.]

‘Bright Lights, Big City’ closes side 1 and is from an unknown source; ‘Bishop Danced’ was recorded live at Max’s Kansas City in NYC on 31 January 1973. We are back in Richmond, VA for ‘You Mean So Much To Me’ recorded at a radio session at The Alpha Sound Studio on 31 May 1973 and broadcast on WGOE-FM.

The final two songs are from 1973 as well: ‘The Fever’ came from a session at The Record Plant on 16 May and ‘Zero And Blind Terry’ was recorded on Halloween that year at The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA.


Three reissues, all credited to THE JERSEY DEVIL + an album (sub)title, all with the same simple look and aimed at fooling the FBI that this was a TMOQ job.


5466: King Of The Alley

Springsteen Jersey Devil HH 3

Single LP, does include ‘Thunder Road’; Matrix: TMQ 5466 / some with HAR matrix numbers claims This is the master and artwork that K&S reissued in 1979 on red PVC as # 060 in a limited edition.

Text says: ” The first song is from the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles as performed at Columbia Records Annual Convention in 1973. The last one is from the Main Point in Philadelphia on February 9, 1975. Everything else is from the Main Point on April 24, 1973.

TMQ 5466 – By the people – For the people “

Springsteen TJD KotAlley


5467: A Harley In Heat

Springsteen Harley in Heat 2

Springsteen Harley in Heat

Matrix: TMQ 5467; 2 LPs on black vinyl

A reissue of The Roxy / “Ain’t nobody here from the billboard tonight” [HA 160 / IMP 1105] – previously reviewed here


5468: Ragamuffin Gunner

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner 4

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner 3

Version 1:

A reissue of Hot Coals From The Fiery Furnace  from the same Hofmann Avenue Records 164 plates. 
Matrix is HAR164 A-B – the TMOQ # can only be found on the slip sheet. No other markings in the run out groove this time, so no dedications and the writing is different.

This seems to be the only of the three Jersey Devil reissues that was also pressed on colored PVC:


Springsteen Jersey Devil 146

Springsteen Jersey D


Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner creamSpringsteen Ragamuffin Gunner J copy

Above: I first thought this might be a Japanese copy but apparently that is not the case after all. label is looks like a homemade typed-and-then-cut-into-lable-shape job.


Version 2 (not produced by Lou Cohan):

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner v 2

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner v 2 b

The (much) later picture disc release copied the same artwork:

Springsteen Ragamuffin Gunner pic disc


All five discs were also available in a box set called Box O’Rocks.   I do not know if the individual TMQ branded sets came first or the box did – I am leaning towards the second case, purely based on the striped PVC used in pressing the first run but this may be wrong.


1. 100 copies on color vinyl with black stripes, cover was a tan colored insert:

Springsteen Box O Rocks striped A

It seems that the first issue boxes were numbered as this one was offered as # 88/100 on eBay (and sold for $602 in February of 2014):

Springsteen Box O Rocks # 88

1.a. Apparently, the first pressing discs are not just found with the tan/gold insert color:

Springsteen Box O Rocks striped 1

2. 100 copies on red, yellow, clear, and m/c PVC. White insert:

Springsteen Box O Rocks col.


3. 150 copies two blue, two yellow and a red disc. White insert:

Springsteen Box O Rocks yel


4. Copied on QUICK Q RECORDS with a new b/w insert. Opportunity Records labels:

Springsteen Box O Rocks RE

Springsteen Box O Rocks Opp label

” … and two miserable Genesis and Yes titles were produced for no reason save financial gain – his was a small time operation run largely for the love of the form.” [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 119]

DD 1001:


Genesis 2 Down 3 Left

[label shown here was a custom enhancement job by a previous owner]


Mediocre taped copy of the radio station LP [with all non-Genesis parts edited out] mentioned below, originally recorded by WMMS at the Music Hall in Cleveland, OH on 15 April 1976

“Before the rebroadcast, bootlegs of the Genesis Cleveland recording were limited to a 60 minute show made by the commercial transcription company “Rock Around The World”. An early bootleg LP made from a radio broadcast called “Two Down Three Left” [Dancin’ Disc DD 1101 – LP] surfaced (though the sound quality on the bootleg is not great compared to the RATW LP [Rock Around The World “Genesis Through the Looking Glass” [show #107, 22-28. August 76 – LP] ] and is said to have been the subject of an FBI investigation! ” Supposedly only 300 copies of the radio station LP – label seen below – were originally pressed.

Genesis RATW

1.1    Radio Intro / Commentary 02:30
1.2    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway    04:14
1.3    Fly On A Windshield    02:44
1.4    The Carpet Crawlers    04:57
1.5    Commercial Break    01:03
1.6    The Cinema Show    11:35
1.7    Station Break    00:57
1.8    Robbery, Assault & Battery    06:18
1.9    I Know What I Like    05:13
1.10    Los Endos    07:43
1.11    It / Watcher Of The Skies    05:58
1.12    Station Out / Next Show Preview    02:43




DD 1002:


Yes Mark's LP bl

The incredibly rare mark’s lp This copy sold for $355 in April of 2013

From eBay descriptions:

“Considered rare even at the time of its issue in 1976, this is one of the few copies we’ve seen of this seldom offered must for the Yes collector. From the net – Sources: 06 June 1976; Roosevelt Stadium, NJ, USA

Tracks: Siberian Khatru Sound Chaser I’ve Seen All Good People The Gates of Delirium Long Distance Runaround Clap Sunhillow Heart of the Sunrise Band: Jon Anderson Steve Howe Chris Squire Patrick Moraz Alan White Quality: Ex stereo  Matrix: HAR-151 A-D “

“Yes Mark’s LP  HAR 151

Genuine   HAR  Hoffman Ave. Rec.  records (Dancin’ Disc Records on insert)  press #  DD 1002 ;

from Roosevelt Stadium NJ  June 17 , 1976;
very few pressed and sold in late ’76 around L.A. area only.”

“I got my holy grail of records,Yes, Mark’s LP. A bootleg so rare that after 20 years of searching I began to believe it was only a legend. Then alas, it showed up on E bay. Cost me $240.00 (looks like I wasn’t the only one searching for it) A picture of another copy showed up on the program for the last Yes tour. They had an article on Yes bootlegs and a complete discography. So after 25 years of collecting Yes records I have one of only two copies of this record that I know exist. ” [Holy Grails of Record Collecting thread on the Steve Hoffman Forum, 2005]

mark’s lp is pictured here in the second column from the left, 4th one down [very nice idea to do a “Bootology”, btw – I guess they don’t hate them but can put them into perspective looking back (?)]. If someone can provide a better image for this page from their 2004 Tour Book, please leave a comment, thanks.

Yes mark's LP tb i


Yes mark's lp 2

The slip sheet text reads:

This double album (that means it contains two discs, folks! )  was recorded by Yes’ own engineers along the 1976 Tour.   Of  course that means these songs – the highlights of the tour-  are line recordings and the sound quality is the best you’re likely to hear on an album of this type [er,what type is that, Harry!  ]   Anyway, we wish we could list the song titles for you, but that wasn’t in the contract.  Take our word for it, it’s all in the grooves.   And thanks to the late Marco Polo for the tape.


Lou Cohan has later revealed that he named this release after the supplier of the tape, Mark Matig, owner of Bridge Street Records in New Hope, PA. Mark passed away before the final product was finished.


Many detailed concert memories and more can be found here:


Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff

Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff b

Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff blu 5

Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff blu 4

Above, first editions

Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff blu 2

Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff blu 3


Rolling Stones Hosts Tuff bl

Matrix: WAR 1001-Side 1 REI / WAR 1001-2, released in 1977, after Hoffman Avenue Records was busted by the FBI.


Side 1:

1. Honky Tonk Women    [03:20]
2. If You Can’t Rock Me    [02:10]
2. Get Off Of My Cloud    [03:22]
3. Hand Of Fate    [04:00]
4. Hey Negrita    [04:34]

Side 2:
5. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg    [03:35]
6. Fool to Cry    [05:12]
7. Hot Stuff    [04:18]
8. Star Star    [04:05]


Soundboard recording from the 7 June 1976 show at Pavilon De Paris. If I am not mistaken, this was the first time this particular tape had been released.

Rolling Stones Abattoirs 76


Beatles LS Bb 1

Beatles LS Bb disc


LS Bbee 45 back

The small text to the right says: “Fab Four 101 is the first of a series of limited edition 45’s intended for collectors only. Sound Quality: A-/B+ Front cover illus. by Scott”  

Matrix: FF 101-A/B

Surprisingly perhaps, not that many copies were pressed and this title is rather rare.

It does sound as if Lou had planned to issue more Beatles 7″ titles and I wonder if this release came out in 1977, following the Joe Pope debut offer of a colored Deccagone single in April of that year.

‘What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party’ had first been presented to the world in November of 1972 on Contraband’s The Never Released Mary Jane LP and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s 1967 45 ‘L.S. Bumble Bee’ pirated and wrongly attributed to the Beatles on the same label a few months later. Dub had also included ‘Mary Jane’ on his title by the same name (more commonly referred to as SPICY BEATLES SONGS – TMOQ 71076) and both titles appeared on Wizardo’s DR. ROBERT…? pirate album in 1976.



H.A.R. 169:

Wings Oriental NightfishMcCartney & Wings Oriental Nightfish 2

A companion piece to Wizardo’s releases # 500 – LIVE IN HANOVER – and 505 as material from the Offenbach, Germany 1972 and the San Diego 1976 was spread over two of these titles for each concert.

The Offenbach concert was discussed in detail here

Side 3 has ‘Jet’, ‘Magneto and Titanium Man’, ‘My Love’, ‘Beware My Love’ and ‘Soily’ from the 16 June concert at the San Diego Sports Arena. The Wizardo 3 LP box shown below has ‘Live And Let Die’, ‘Time To Hide’ and ‘Beware my Love’, the last one sounding better on the Wizardo box.


Wings Hanover 1972 500Wings box

There is a small error in the solo Beatles reference book EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU  where it says “[‘Oriental Nightfish’] was one of the first Linda tracks to make it out to the collecting world, via its appearance on the 1978 Beatles bootleg Indian Rope Trick.” when it really was 1976 and Lou’s double album of the same name, where it closes side 1.

The preceding five tracks were the first time anything from Wing’s August 1972 European dates became available – in this case the concert in Groningen, the Netherlands, on 19 August ’72, unfortunately, this is the worst sounding audience recording Lou would ever press onto vinyl. The tape Lou had to work with must have suffered from some substantial azimuth misalignment and have been a very high generation copy. Presented here is about half of the first set in rearranged order and the opening song of the second one, ‘Best Friend’.

“But collectors will recognize the performance, or at least, part of it. Sections of it appeared on the rare Oriental Nightfish vinyl bootleg [‘Eat At Home,’ ‘Mumbo,’ ‘Best Friend,’ ‘1882,’ and ‘I Would Only Smile’ on Oriental Nightfish (Hoffman Avenue HAR 169)], and a longer segment has changed hands on tape. In both cases, the show was identified as ‘Sweden.’ Actually, it appears to be neither Sweden nor Paris, although we cannot be entirely sure exactly what it is. McCartney makes no location references during the show, but us heard saying dank u – thank you, in Dutch. We have (at least) extractions from most of the 1972 Dutch shows, and the performances here do not match those. ” [Darth Disc liner notes for their Live In Groningen CD]

Wings Nederl 72

HAR 169 1

Matrix etchings on the ‘Groningen 1972’ side, spelling out “Lou”.


HAR 169 3

And “Sean” on the ‘San Diego ’76’ side. The remaining sides have “Char” and “Mark” just like the Dylan double “Hold The Fort For What It’s Worth”. It seems that this title was only pressed in this ‘yellow with black streaks’ pattern.

Collector’s opinions on this compilation:

It Is worth for the MINE FOR ME song alone, which is sung by Linda, Paul & Rod Stewart.Bare in mind that It can only be found here.Those were the times that despite the bad quality sometimes you’ve stumbled accross some gems like these….-:)

Well the yellow specaled [sic] vinyl is cool. The San Diego concert songs are decent sound. Side one will remind the “Older” folks just what the golden age of boots really were. Side 2 slightly better. I like the disclaimer, “like there’s only so much an equaliser can do!”

never get tired of listening to this bootleg!
A very fine one! (many core tracks!)
Side one is in quite terrible quality but the folks that made this record were kind enough to warn the collector (!) of the bad quality with a little note on the back cover!!
Side two is also not the best quality but still very enjoyable! Too funny to hear Paul speaking german! (“Wir machen eine Ausweiskontrolle – alle Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren müssen das Lokal verlassen” 🙂
Side three is really a quite good recording of a great concert!! And on
Side four we get a nice compilation of still rare songs, especially “Mine For Me”, although it lasts less than a minute, is a delightful gem! (I believe it originally appeared on one of Joe Pope’s SFF fanclub flexis.) The pirated b-sides ‘Zoo Gang’, ‘Country Dreamer’ and ‘I Lie Around’ are always nice to hear just like the J.P.M. songs.
All in all: A fine bootleg (above all for its age!) which you won’t listen to only once…



H.A.R. 170:

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz mc blu 2

Lennon Plop Plp Fizz Fizz lbl

Lennon PPFFizz LP

Lennon PPFFizz b detail

Released almost a year and a half after Wizardo’s first official offering ‘One – One Concert + More’ and surpassed by the official release of the 1972 Madison Square Garden material, the beautiful colored discs are now the main attraction here. The two “Salute To Sir Lew”TV special  tracks made their bootleg debut on this release.


Lennon PPFFizz green

Lennon PPFFizz green lbl

Repressed in green


Lennon Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Lennon PPFFizz Drag

A third pressing was on black PVC with Dragonfly labels.



Lennon AGAJ PPFF b

Repackaged in Japan together with Vicky Vinyl’s 10 inch A Guitar’s All Right John… after John’s murder created a renewed interest in his unreleased material.



Yet another repacking job from Japan coupled the material with Melvin Record’s In The 1970’s and took the liberty of renaming it Last Live Show

Lennin It1970s LLS b

Lennin It1970s LLS

Dylan HTFFWIW Dragonf 2

Dylan HtFfWiW b

Dylan HtFfWiW b detailDylan HtFfWiW b detail 2

Dylan HtFfWiW lbl 3

First pressing, b & w “swirled” wax

Dylan S 3

Second pressing: Clear with black

A few descriptions found on the web:

“The original was black and white splatter. A second issue had black and clear splatter. After this, there was an issue that had one solid gold, and one solid green LP [4th pressing ]. Lastly, the piece was reissued on black vinyl with blank labels [5th ].

“Record one: deep red, with black and white splatters coloured vinyl. Record two: yellow with red, white and green splatters coloured vinyl. [3rd ]”

“The vinyl here is blue, white and black.”

Dylan HtFfWiW red

Another in a series of important recordings in mediocre sound quality [the soundboard recording has since become available; 3-5 stars for the vinyl audience rec. bootleg vs 9 stars for the soundboard recording on CD], this time in a real classy presentation.

“I always tried to put labels on the records, always tried to use coloured vinyl when it was available at the plant… When I made a little bit more money and wanted to get fancier and wanted to improve the quality of the product, I took the artwork to professional album-jacket companies.” [Lou Cohen interviewed by Clinton Heylin]

Heylin also pointed out that while Dylan’s first leg of the Rolling Thunder tour had produced a number of titles – “including no less than six different releases from Ken’s family of labels” – the 1976 leg was mostly ignored until this set was released.

Dylan HtFfWiW red ora

bobsboots raves about the look of this set but I think almost all the Hoffman Avenue releases are gorgeous (and the Idle Mind ones, and Wizardo’s too…). Some comments from that site:

“It would be hard to produce a piece as nice looking as this without wanting to give yourself at little pat on the back. In the liner notes there is a section thanking certain individuals by first name. The first four names that the album is dedicated to are Lou & Char, and Sean & Mark. Each album side contains one of these names in the matrix area of the runoff. 
Side 1- Lou  Side 2- Char  Side 3- Sean  Side 4- Mark “

“An oddity to note is that side four of the album  is pressed on the reverse of side one.  This is a practice that a few legitimate manufacturers began in the 70’s to accommodate stacking the albums together on automatic turntables, and being able to play side one and two and/or side three and four without having to get up to flip the records. Convenient maybe, but hard on the vinyl. “

Dylan HTFFWIW Dragonf

Black PVC and with Dragonfly labels.


Dylan Ft Worth stub

“Conventional wisdom about the 1976 Southern tour was that it lacked the sparkle and spontaneity of the previous leg.  However, the recordings I’ve been listening to would tend to explode that theory. Baez and Dylan are in fine form during their duet segment and other highlights include T Bone Burnett singing a new song called ‘Silver Mantis’.  Overall,  the band sound coherent where they’d sounded a trifle ragged at times before.  Despite this, there’s no doubt that ticket sales for this leg were slow and the tour meandered westwards into May before grinding to a halt after a gig  in front of a half-full auditorium in Salt Lake City.

Dylan wouldn’t appear on stage again until The Band’s Farewell Concerts in San Francisco the following November.” [Taken from the ‘Learning to say nothing’ blog]



Dylan on stage in the spring of ’76 … ‘interesting guitar, Bob’


Stills Young Band 2

Stills Young Band light

Audience recording from the Philadelphia Spectrum on 29 June 1976, according to the book Neil Young: Zero to Sixty: a critical Biography

Actual photos from the concert can be found here:

I read on more than one website that Neil Young walked out on Stephen Stills on this tour, with one source I read claimed after only eight gigs but this can’t be true when looking at this Neil Young site:

“Recording is audience sourced, with pretty mediocre sound (C+ to B range, aesthetically speaking.) There are fades between some tracks, and this performance is most likely recorded from a single night’s concert.

Some copies were pressed on black, other copies were pressed on multicolored vinyl (this one). Includes both a front paper slip and a rear paper slip.” First issues were m.c. blue ones seen here. I did not find any other colors.

Matrix markings: HAR 167-A “To Ruth” and HAR 167-B “From An Old Friend”


This title also exists on clear mcv but with only the front insert, perhaps pointing to this variation being a later pressing.


Stills Young Band side 2

The back insert is the main attraction in this case. The text on the left and the SODD satire has been seen before but the cartoon was new to me:


Stills Young Band B


Stills Young Band B 2

Springsteen HCftFF red gre

For his third Springsteen release, Lou created another hodgepodge of live recordings from 1973 -75, taken from audience recordings this time and one of the few titles getting a detailed review in Heylin’s book: “… the sound was not on par with its predecessors but performances like the twenty minute ‘E Street Shuffle’, a heart stopping ‘Lost in the Flood’ and a fourth side of non-stop knock-’em dead covers – ‘Wear My Ring Around Your Neck’, ‘It’s My Life’, ‘Sha La La’, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, ‘It’s Gonna Work Out Fine’ and ‘Up on the Roof’ – made it perhaps the most authentic Springsteen boot yet produced.” [Bootleg, Heylin, p. 118]

If anyone has a close up of the back flap insert text, please leave a comment.

Matrix messages this time around:  not one of us is free   Until all of us are free  / To Karen innocent lover   Vivacious and kissable

Pink, orange or yellow inserts. The pink ones may have been the first ones, used on a pressing run limited to 300. Above is a first pressing with picture labels, also with two red mcv discs, as seen here below:

Springsteen HCftFF red red

and blue:

Springsteen HCFAFF blu disc

The following seems to be an example of the second pressing, described as “later issue, again by HAR … on red/yellow- black or red/blue- black vinyl with custom labels” on, which also states “Repressed also with TMQ 5468 labels (and matrix) in black vinyl (some coloured) and blank labels.“.

Springsteen Hot Coals red

Below, third pressing on plain red and yellow PVC:

Springsteen HCftFF red ora cl

And on black PVC:

Springsteen Hot Coals bl

Another label variation found via popsike:

Springsteen HCFAFF Storytime lbl



Mitchell J PAM 2

Mitchell J PaM

Lou rolls out another Vibrator Records title. Made in The Ukraine! Of all places… I have only ever seen this in multicolor blue and it may only have been pressed once. Technically, this should make it one of the rarer H.A.R. titles but this has not translated into higher prices. Not an easy to research title, popsike does not know it at all.

“For the sake of history let me clear up a few inaccuracies. I was the guy who interviewed Joni in the late 60s and it was my folk radio show (and some live performances from the Second Fret in Philly) that were bootlegged. The interviews from 1967 were recorded on my Sunday night radio shows on WHAT-FM (96.5) in Philadelphia (the station is now WWDB) My assistant, Ed Sciaky who was doing a show on his college radio station (WRTI at Temple) taped my interviews with Joni and then took his WRTI recorder to the Fret to get her in concert. Theses historic taped shows were first aired on WHAT-FM and WRTI-FM and played years later on WMMR when both Ed and I were DJs there. That’s when they were bootlegged.
During the first interview Joni’s husband Chuck was in the studio—they did “Circle Game” together, but the quality of that tape was bad and I rarely repeated it. Also during one interview she sang “Sugar Mountain” and told the story of how a friend of her’s in Toronto was unable to get into this folkie coffeehouse when he reached age 20  so he wrote this song to bemoan  loosing his teen status, and entre to the club. She said his name was Neil Young , but never went on to tell me that she wrote “Circle
Game” in response to “Sugar Mountain”. I heard her relate that story years later in the BBC radio concert she did with James Taylor.  Interesting stuff eh?
Just thought I’d set the record straight. On the back of one LP the bootleggers thanked the people at WMMR for playing the tapes they ripped off. They didn’t know the true origin of the tapes. Meanwhile that’s my voice on those snippets of interviews.
Gene Shay/ WXPN, WHYY, Philadelphia (Still doing Sunday folk shows after all these years!)”

These comments also apply to the WINTERLADY release on Ken’s Flat Records label, previously featured in this post.


Mitchell J PaM disc


Browne J rated X 3

Pressed on mcv orange, green and blue PVC.

A reminder why you should not (have) tape(d) the slip sheet onto the plain white cover if you removed the shrink wrap, a definite value reducer in most cases as the tape deteriorates and turns very dark:

Browne J rated X blu

Inserts came in yellow and white:

Browne J rated X b&w

Browne J rated X detail

It seems that there was another pressing on plain red PVC, which is not often seen:

Browne J rated X red

And on black vinyl and with a Dragonfly label:

Browne J rated X black


Jackson Browne live at the Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA, on 07 September 1975, as broadcast by WMMR. Part of this broadcast was also released on TAKRL 1993 THE RETURN OF THE COMMON MAN and in full on the Impossible Recordworks double IMP 2-14: Live At The Main Point  (follow the link)



Detailed information about he next in line release – David Bowie WISH UPON A STAR – can be found by clicking here.

Bowie Wish Upon A Star 2

Springsteen Jersey Devil

Springsteen Jersey Devil b


Matrix writing: HAR 147 and either THIS SIDE IS FOR CHAR – THIS SIDE IS FOR CAROL

Springsteen Jersey Devil lbl

Lou had two cassettes of live recordings taped back East (not all songs complete) and he turned this into the world’s first Springsteen bootleg. Here are the sources for tracks 2 – 8:
“The FM version circulated on boot vinyl in the 70’s: you can tell it’s broadcast cuz the station edited Bruce’s rap before #6 (deleted reference to the alcoholic and other odd characters); I believe other raps were also snipped, either for legal reasons or for time constraints.

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
The Main Point
Bryn Mawr, PA US
April 24, 1973

Bold tracks are on the LP

1. New York City Song aka New York City Seranade aka Jazzman
2. Circus Song aka Wild Billy’s Circus Song
3. Sprit in the Night
4. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?
5. Hey Santa Anna aka Contessa aka Santa Anna
6. Tokyo aka And Then The Band Played aka And The Band Played
7. Thundercrack

The last track on side 2 comes from a WMMR broadcast from the same venue on 5 February 1975 with the beginning taken from the official Born To Run album, since the taper missed the start of ‘Thunder Road’.


Originals have this silver label, listing the titles for both sides – later pressings left out ‘Thunder Road’ – the other side usually had a blank label or an Idle Mind logo label. claimed these were pressed on black, red and multi-color PVC but all the red ones I have seen where red and multicolored:

Springsteen Jersey Devil red mcv

Inserts / mini-catalogs further help date copies by what dates and releases are mentioned. The Italian Springsteen website has four of them. Here is the second earliest insert as a significant upgrade:

HAR catalogue


From eBay auction texts:



“bruce springsteen the roxy imp1105

this is by far the rarest bruce spring steen item even more than ain’t nobody here multicolor wax and box o’ rocks 1st edition.

also as idle mind production ths is by far the rarest even more than led zeppelin my brain huts on green vinyl

both cover(insert not glued)and vinyl are near mint, label is the same [as] my brain hurts(white label without any imp logo)

the H.A.R version is on black or multicolor vinyl with yellow H.A.R label the I.M.P. VERSION IS ON BLUE AND YELLOW  WAX AND IS THEREFORE DOUBT VERY,VERY RARE”

Springsteen The Roxy ora blu


Bruce Springsteen & The E street Band
1975-10-17a (early Show)
The Roxy Theater, Hollywood, CA
Radio Broadcast

A release where Lou felt he had to set the record straight in a latter to Kurt Glemser in regards to Vicky Vinyl’s actual involvement. The “cut up a poster that would now be worth $500” for the artwork – insert.

Also, with HAR labels. Matrix has the following phrases: 1: “Bruce I Want Your Billboard”; Side 2: “This Side For Melinda”; Side 3: “This Side For Sean & Mark”; Side 4: “Catch Me If You Can -V.V.”

Some inserts have “IMP 1005” added under the dangling shoes.

Springsteen 160 TANHFBT IMP lbl

Springsteen 160 TANHFBT green. ora

Springsteen 160 TANHFBT

Also in red & orange and two different greens:

Springsteen 160 green x 2****

Dylan Young Snack

Dylan Snack b2

Dylan Young Snack disc

Dylan Snack or discSo far I have found these two colored and label versions shown above. Re-pressings were on black wax.

Matrix (Side A: VIBE #160-A): “Dedicated To These Few People Who Truly Understand Me”
Matrix (Side B: VIBE #160-B): “For Love And Dave”

“Although the snack concert was a broadcast event, Dylan’s microphone was having problems and he is not as loud as he needs to be. ” []



Matrix: 1900 EP SIDE 1 DYLAN FOR PRES IN 76
Matrix: 1900 EP SIDE 2 NEIL FOR VP

bobsboots states originally released on red PVC:

Dylan Bigm red

Each side features 2 excerpts from  the Mary Travers interview 3 October 1975. In another continuation (after the typical matrix messages) the songs are from the 1964 Philharmonic Hall Helloween Show. The last track is not by Bob Dylan but taken from an official 45 by The Family Frog: 

Family Frog Help

The story is well known, a Cypress, CA school teacher becomes a huge Springsteen fan in 1974. Already buying bootlegs from Vicky Vinyl and Jim Washburn at record swap meets, he mentions one time too many that he’d really love to see a Springsteen bootleg and VV teaches him how to do it.  He names his label after the street he grew up on in Trenton, NJ: Hoffman Avenue Records.



BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     THE JERSEY DEVIL  HAR 147 / later switched to HAR 161   – Pressed September 1975 (original price $4.00)


BOB DYLAN / NEIL YOUNG    S.N.A.C.K.   HAR 163 (o. p. $4.50)

BOB DYLAN    BASICS IN G MINOR EP  [“TAKRL 1900 EP” on the cover; XXX 001 on the 2nd catalog] ($1.50 o.p.)

These four releases were available in the first ever mail order catalog, dated 31 January 1976. A second catalog from April or May 1976 lists the following titles:


JONI MITCHELL    THE POSALL AND THE MOSALLM   HAR 165 [on Vibrator Records labels, catalog says “formerly titled “Sugar Mt. And Other High Spots”]

JACKSON BROWNE    RATED X   HAR 166  [called “YOU ONLY WANT MEAT (YOU ASSHOLE)” in it’s first catalog appearance, which also states “… planned for release in late May…”]

DAVID BOWIE – The title that ended up being WISH UPON A STAR and announced as two volumes is announced in the same catalog. The first HAR release containing material taped in 1976 (9 February).

NEIL YOUNG / STEVEN STILLS    FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH   HAR 167 (recorded late June – July ’76)

BOB DYLAN    HOLD THE FORT FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH   HAR 168 (recorded 16 May 1976)

PAUL McCARTNEY + WINGS    ORIENTAL NIGHTFISH  HAR 169 (contains a live recording from 16 June 1976)


GENESIS   2 DOWN, 3 LEFT  on Dancing Disc Records D1001 [Cleveland, OH 15 April 1976, from radio broadcast]

YES  MARK’S LP  2 LP on Dancing Disc Records  [6 June 1976; Roosevelt Stadium, NJ, from radio broadcast, matrix: HAR-151 A-D]

ROLLING STONES    HOSTS TUFF     [WAR 1001, 4 – 7 June 1976, Paris]


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN    (THE BOSS) RESURRECTED    [Lonely Records, LR101 – 500 numbered copies]

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN    BOX O’ ROCKS     5 LP box set containing HAR 160-164-147: Jersey Devil, The Roxy + Hot Coals From A Fiery Furnace



BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN     HARLEY IN HEAT                  [Matrix: TMQ 5467, copy of THE ROXY]



NILS LOFGREN  LIVE (BACK IT UP) [pirate of live promo]


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