JL 100X copies

Starting around 1974 and until about 1976/77 U.S. made bootlegs by mostly TMOQ and Contraband, with the occasional other label release thrown in, were issued in Japan looking like budget editions of the originals. Any further information is, as always welcome. Most of them had the letters “JL” added to the copy of the original artwork (with the exception of a few pictured in this first post). The following order is not meant to be chronological as I do not have that exact knowledge.

The originals of the titles shown here appeared between 1971 and 1974.


JL 11 / 12: The BEATLES – YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD  [no JL #, textured cover]

Beatles YMC J 11 12

Beatles YMC J 11 12 detail


[No matrix #? – 108 mentioned in an eBay ad] The only Japan copy I have found so far that was pressed on colored PVC:

Stewart R Plynth J copy


The JL 100X Series:

Some have “JL” printed on the cover and some don’t; examples are shown below.

JL 1001  Kum Back  (WCF version)
JL 1002  Complete Christmas Collection  (TMOQ stamped/stickered)
JL 1003  In Atlanta Whiskey Flat
JL 1004  The Beatles On stage in Japan  (Pig’s Eye version)
JL 1005 Yellow Matter Custard  (CBM)
1006  Let It Be – Live  (Silver’s Greatest)
1007  Back in 1964 at the Hollywood Bowl  (Comic insert)

Thanks to Karl for the list and the two ‘side by side’ images from his huge collection.

JL 1001:

Beatles JL KB 1001Beatles KB 1001 lblMachine stamped matrices.

Beatles JL 1001 lbl 2

JL 1002:

Beatles JL 1002

beatles JL 1002 2


JL 1003:

Beatles JL 1003

Beatles JL 1003 detail


JL 1004:

Beatles JL 1004

Beatles 1004 lblBeatles (JL) 1004


JL 1005 Yellow Matter Custard  (CBM)

Beatles YMC 1005Beatles YMC 1005 bBeatles YMC 1005 lblBeatles (JL) 1005


(JL) 1006:

Beatles Let it be Live 1006

Beatles Let It Be Live detail

Beatles Let It Be Live lbl detail


(JL) 1007:

Beatles Bi64HoBo 1007Beatles Bi64HoBo 1007 det

Beatles Bi64HoBo 1007 lblAbove: The copied Shalom label vs an original below:

Shalom lbl

This is all I have found so far. Were there more in this series?