The Style Council




Japan: 1984 (I take the circled ‘P’ followed by that year on the label image as confirmation). Did you know that The Style Council were big in Japan? They toured Japan for the first time in late April and early May of ’84 for their first taste of Style Council-mania.

We got greeted at the airport full Beatles style and constantly followed around. They’d sleep in corridors and the lobby of hotels and wait for ‘photo and autograph’! In Osaka, there was a cat walk in front of the stage and Paul was on it, jestering to the audience to stand up and security were getting them to sit down […] so Paul kept getting them to stand up! In the end, a full-scale riot ensued that escalated into a stage invasion! Everyone apart from me and the two Steve’s legged it off the stage and one guy came up to (Steve) Sydelnik and said “Give me your sticks!” to which Steve said ‘No’ – The bloke then assumed a karate type stance and Steve gave him the sticks! Apparently, the last band to cause a riot were The Clash [during their Japan Tour in early ’82] and they were locked up for the night, so we were told to get the f*** out of there asap!’  From what I hear, Paul continued to sing on during the stage invasion and was surrounded by security during My Ever Changing Moods.” (Anthony Harty, quoted in Mr. Cool’s Dream: The Style Council : “probably the Best Group in the World”, By Iain Munn )

They would return to Japan in July of ’85 (part of it on a stadium-sized package tour with Culture Club, Go West and others) and in April of 1987.


2551 A: Meeting Over Yonder / The Big Boss Groove / Here’s One That Got Away / You’re The Best Thing / It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands / Mick’s Up
2551 B: Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse / Long Hot Summer / My Ever Changing Moods / Le Depart
2552 A: The Whole Point Of No Return / The Paris Match / Party Chambers / Money-Go-Round / Headstart For Happiness
2552 B: Hangin’ On A Memory / Speak Like A Child / Me Ship Came In! / One Nation Under A Groove / My Ever Changing Moods

Source: Supposedly taken from a recording from the Ritz in New York. KBFH did indeed record the band in May of 1984 (but this was at the tiny Savoy Theater on May 10 & 11, not the Ritz). Just as with the Big Country ETS release, I see a couple of differences here and confirmation is needed if this is perhaps an audience recording from one of the Japan dates after all (please leave a comment if you have a copy of the ETS album and can compare it).

Style Council
Savoy (New York, NY)
May 11, 1984
    1 Big Boss 05:00
    2 Here’s One That Got Away 03:02
    3 You’re The Best Thing 05:58
    4 It Just Came To Pieces In My Hand 03:13
    5 Mick’s Up 03:48
    6 Dropping Bombs On The White House 05:40
    7 Long Hot Summer 07:28
    8 My Ever Changing Moods 05:08
    9 Le Depart 03:06
    10 The Whole Point Of No Return 04:25
    11 The Paris Match 04:32
    12 Party Chambers 02:47
    13 Money-Go-Round 07:42
    14 Speak Like A Child 03:30
    15 Hangin’ On 07:43
    16 Me Ship Came In 03:45
    17 Headstart For Happiness 04:08


Their 4 May ’85 concert at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall was also filmed and recorded for commercial release:




The only other Japanese Style Council bootleg I am aware of:






Japan: 1987

Source: Audience recording from World Memorial Hall (Wārudo Kinen Hōru) or World Hall in Kobe, Japan from 02 April, 1987

Side 1: The Lodgers / Shout To The Top / (When You) Call Me / It Didn’t Matter / Walking The Night     
Side 2:    Angel / Homebreakers / The Cost Of Loving / With Everything To Lose / A Woman’s Song     
Side 3:    The Whole Point II / Down In The Seine / Money-Go-Round / You’re The Best Thing     
Side 4:    My Ever Changing Moods / Fairy Tales / Heavens Above / Internationalists