Pink Floyd ‘British Winter Tour 74’ – how many copies were produced?

Record Collector magazine, 04/1998

In contrast, Heylin’s book calls it a “huge seller” and floydboots “massive selling”. I do wonder if some include the copies made in the US by TAKRL & CBM & in Japan under different names? A look through past auctions documented on popsike does turn up an above average number of copies but plenty of these are the later copies made around 2007.

How many pressings were made in the 70’s? The originals have 17610 II 2-A / B in the matrix and the misspelling “Gotta Be Crasy” on side A.

Then there is this variant, supposedly with matrix 176102-A:

Finally, this one is listed on discogs as a 1975 original but I suspect it isn’t. I doubt any of the European originals included the name of the band on the label.

The copies have PFL 7501 A/B and I believe they don’t have laminated covers. Floydboots mentions a black label with silver writing but there is no image proof anywhere so far.

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