Van Halen

Van Halen TiJoe

The original. Both records on clear vinyl?

With alternate stamp:

Van Halen 2ns st

The version shown below appears to have a printed cover and b&w printed labels (a copy made by someone else?).

Van Halen Joe

Van Halen Joe b

Van Halen Seattle copy

USA: 1979 (for the original)

Source: Audience recording of one of two performances at the Seattle Coliseum on either April 12 or 13, 1979

You can listen to the concert here:

Quality comment: “This is an audience recording that gets about a B/B+ rating.The source is definitely lifted from the original boot record as you can hear slight crackles. The sound on this cd is one of an “intimate” setting without the distant , hollow big arena sound. Ed’s guitar sound is basic and gutsy and along with Daves vocals both are clearly distinguishable. Mike’s bass is heard but there is no depth. This is not a “crank out” shitty audience recording. Audience noise is very minimal.” [] 


Van Halen Seattle 79 sign



Referring to XL’s earlier HALEN HEARTY release on the title side labels; both bootlegs come from the same tour (which one is better?). XL and ETS titles were made by the same person(s).

Japan: 1985

Source: Audience recording from the L.A. Forum on 13 May 1984 (indeed, it was Mother’s Day in the US on that day)

ETS 2565 A: Unchained / Hot For Teacher / I’m On Fire / Running With The Devil / Little Guitars
ETS 2565 B: Cathedral – House Of Pain /Michael Anthony Bass solo – Jamie’s Crying / I’ll Wait / Everybody Wants Some Pt.1 / David Lee Roth Chats
ETS 2566 A: Everybody Wants Some Pt.2 / Girl Gone Bad / 1984 / Jump! / Edward Van Halen On Guitar
ETS 2566 B: King Of Wild Guitar / Oh! Pretty Woman / Panama / You Really Got Me Really / Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love






Japan: 1983  for the first edition (2527/8 A/B matrix):  Black vinyl + title labels (as shown after the copied cover image). HOTWACKS and are incorrect here in calling these the alternate labels/reissue.

“The front and back artwork looks the same at first glance, but closer examination reveals that the artwork is compressed so that more of the image(s) appear at the edges of the sleeve. The “Van Halen” banner also looks more purple.” = this is actually a description of the cover for the first & second  Japan releases. Compare the shrunk version from the red vinyl edition here:





2527B label leaving out Dance The Night Away in the # 2 position


A second pressing with blank white labels (random numbering on one side -see below) was done in Japan, ca. 1984. The matrix # was now VH-619 A/B/C/D:


A third pressing on red vinyl was done in Europe, also ca. 1984. My claims are based on auction results showing the blank white copies being mainly offered from Japan and the red ones never from Japan but always from Europe. Any further info is welcome as always.


I have also come across these previously undocumented labels, which misidentify this as a performance from London while keeping the same cover design:


Quality rating and identifying clues: “Overall sound quality would rate about a B. It’s an audience recording, and the band sounds clear but there’s a “spacious” arena-quality to it.
Because the show was in LA, the boys were probably partying hard and it shows in a few songs; Dave doesn’t sing the entire second verse of “So This Is Love”. In the same song, Eddie plays part of the second solo during the FIRST solo. Also, Dave “makes up” lyrics in the second verse of “Unchained”. (just like “Romeo Delight” in the US Festival show). ” (Source:

Van Halen
Los Angeles Sports Arena
Los Angeles, CA, USA
June 19, 1981

Source: AUD, VG+

Bootleg Title: “Home Ground” (no label, vinyl bootleg)


Disc 1

1. On Fire 3:50
2. Sinner’s Swing! 3:40
3. Drum Solo 2:24
4. Hear About It Later 4:51
5. Dave Raps 2:35
6. So This Is Love? 3:25
7. Jamie’s Cryin’ 3:37
8. Bass Solo 3:43
9. Runnin’ With The Devil 3:17
10. Dance The Night Away 3:18
11. Sunday Afternoon In The Park 3:18
12. Romeo Delight 4:43
13. Everybody Wants Some!! 9:04

Total Time: 51:49

Disc 2

1. Sounds of Summertime 4:02
2. Ice Cream Man 5:45
3. Mean Street 5:16
4. Guitar Solo 6:57
5. Feel Your Love Tonight 2:56
6. You Really Got Me 4:37
7. Unchained 5:27
8. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 5:43

Total Time: 40:46

Lou’s notes: “I think the quality is more like a B+/A- myself.

The transfer is superior, as good a transfer as you’ll ever hear of this show. Hardly sounds like a vinyl to my ears. Exceptionally clean, so kudos to whoever transferred this. This copy should be the standard for this boot in trading circles.

I did not pull the track listing from, this is my own listing. The track listing on does not correspond to the vinyl>CD transfer.

Volume dips down a little bit in the beginning of “On Fire” but rebounds shortly.

There are I think 3 or 4 cuts between songs, nothing major. They just cut out audience cheering; no music is lost.

This is my personal favorite show from the Fair Warning tour and my favorite Van Halen bootleg period.

Dean’s notes: I could shed some light on the identity of the taper…but I just can’t! It sounds like mine did…but the gaps of missing audience…not my style. I know I traded this to a few people…Gregg was one. I also sold a bunch of them out of the back of Rolling Stone and Circus back in the 80s. Some of my closer acquaintances know a fire devastated the vast majority of my tapes. I’m lucky to have saved what I did. But for those who remember trading or buying from me…”






Japan: 1984/5

Source: 2nd night at NY’s Madison Square Garden, 31 March 1984 – no disagreement here to what the cover claims. Rock Solid Records from Canada would release the first night at MSG as Where’s The Beef, Dave?

1581 A:  Unchained 4:03 / Hot For Teacher 6:54 / On Fire 3:03 / Runnin’ With The Devil 4:38 / Little Guitars 6:12 (incl. ‘Cathedral)
1581 B: House Of Pain 3:53 (listed as Secrets) / Bass Solo 4:53 / Jamie’s Cryin’ 3:22 / I’ll Wait 6:45 / Everybody Wants Some!! 4:17
1582 A: Girl Gone Bad 6:02 / 1984 1:00 / Jump 4:19 / Guitar Solo 15:20
1582 B: (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:11 / Panama 4:44 / You Really Got Me 6:23 / Ain’t Talkin Bout Love 4:56

Quality rating: Excellent, stereo (by


I had always assumed that the UD/XL titles were usually pressed in a quantity of 200 copies (less perhaps for a few titles) but the website mentioned above claims “Under 100 copies produced”.

The title seemed to have struck a note as later there would be bootlegs named HALEN HEARTY 86 and HALEN HEARTY II (to be presented later when we get to teh Japanese ETS label)



If the date 22 April 1986 is correct, this would originate from Chicago’s Rosemont Horizon. Is this really a U.S. made bootleg?


Van Halen Special Offer J

Van Halen Special Offer J b

Van Halen Special Offer detail

Japan: 1981

Source: Audience recording from the Rainbow Theater in London – first nights of two dates there and the final European Tour dates on their World Invasion “Party ’til You Die Tour” Tour – 23rd of June, 1980

Side A Romeo Delight / Bottoms Up! / Runnin’ With the Devil / Loss of Control / Take Your Whiskey Home
Side B Dance the Night Away / Woman in Love / Jamie’s Cryin’ / Take a Break / Big City Blues
Side C Everybody Wants Some / And the Cradle Will Rock / Light Up the Sky / Eruption
Side D Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love / Ice Cream Man / You Really Got Me


The same recording was first released on this U.S. bootleg in 1981  (see the copyright notice on the label, which may actually be accurate in this case), so the UD release was either copied from this or came from the same source tape:

Van Halen TGTBaVH

One of the more embarrassing spelling mistakes in bootleg history. If you can’t even spell the name of the band correctly …

Van Halen TGTBaVH.b

Not made in Sweden as claimed here. Supposedly only 250 copies made, which sounds very low for a U.S. production.

Van Halen TGTBaVH lbl

From an auction description:

The quality of audio varies throughout, due to its recording method.  Generally, it sounds very good, especially after the first few tracks.  This is a quiet recording with very little surface noise, mostly only noticeable between the songs and during the quiet sections.

The labels are clean, yellow (I don’t know why they look orange in some of the photos), and centered with the words “Centurian Records Present Tumbleweeds.”  The matrix numbers are PL-47-APL-47-BPL-47-CPL-47-D.

The photos and text on the front and back covers are on paper glued onto the cardboard […].
At the bottom of the back cover, in the right corner, it readsPL47R.R.R. Records and Tapes72 Halston StreetOrebo, 41211 Sweden”