Japan: 1984 or 85

1585 A: Somewhere Over The Rainbow 1:10 / Spotlight Kid 4:46 / Miss Mistreated 4:04 / Fool For The Night 3:38 / I Surrender 6:18 / Can’t Happen Here 3:37
1585 B: 16th Century Greensleeves 0:54 / Catch The Rainbow 10:15 / Drinking With The Devil 3:28 / The Orient 4:07 / Difficult To Cure 7:30
1586 A: Lazy 0:25 / Power 3:50 / Blues 3:40 / Stargazer 1:46 / Stranded 6:35 / Death Alley Driver 4:33 / Firedance 4:07 / Land Of Hope & Glory (not listed On cover) 1:05
1586 B:    All Night Long 7:25 / Maybe Next Time 1:32 / Since You Been Gone 1:18 / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 4:12 / Hey Joe 2:22 / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 1:46 / Smoke On The Water 2:32 / Kill The King 2:11 / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll 1:22

Source: Excellent analysis on by someone who has listened to the record: “Different release to the other Bootleg called “Stargazer”.

Sleeve says recorded at Madison Square Garden in February 1984 but they didn’t play in the USA in that year so…JLT says “Hello London” after MISS Mistreated and that they have a new record out called Bent Out Of Shape so that should make it one of the shows at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre, London, England on September 17th or 18th, 1983. JLT appears to say “See you tomorrow night” at the end of Track 1586 B9 which would make this the first night – the 17th September 1983. Track list certainly matches.

1585 B 1 16th Century Greensleeves is actually just RB messing about before starting Catch the Rainbow.
1586 A4 “The Orient” is really just an instrumental jam in an eastern style that leads into Track B5 Difficult To Cure proper.
1586 A7a is not listed on the sleeve and is prelude to All Night Long rather than part of 1586 A7 Firedance




Japan: 1984 – obviously times were good for you that year if you had money, lived in Tokyo, frequented the Kinney record store and liked Rainbow and Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads.


Source: I have found no other indicator that this is really the second show in London on 18 September, as indicated by the ticket image on the back.

1556 A:  Land of Hope and Glory / Somewhere Over the Rainbow / Spotlight Kid / Miss Mistreated
1556 B:  Fool For The Night / I Surrender / Can’t Happen Here / Old Greensleeves
1557 A:  Catch The Rainbow / Street of Dreams / The Orient
1557 B:  Difficult To Cure / Roger Glover solo / David Rosenthal Solo / Ritchie Blackmore Solo / CHuck Burgi Solo
1558 A:  Power / Blues / Stargazer / Stranded
1558 B:  Death Alley Driver / Desperate Heart / All Night Long / Sunny Day

HOTWACKS rating: ‘Exs







plus two more labels showing the same design as above: 1547 and 1548 A







(Completely incorrect) Claim from the back cover. Points for keeping up the German spelling of the month – that doesn’t make it any more true though. The real final date of this tour happened on December 1st 1982 at Pabellon De Deportes in Madrid,  Spain. Although the band performed 11 concerts in Germany that November, none of them were in Dortmund. The correct date is likely – as usual – from one of the Japan shows – in this case, likely the final one at the Budokan from 22 October ’82.
12.10.1982 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
13.10.1982 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
14.10.1982 Festival Hall Osaka Japan
16.10.1982 Kaikan Daiichi Hall Kyoto Japan
17.10.1982 Sun Palace Fukouka Japan
18.10.1982 Shikokaido Hall Nagoya Japan
19.10.1982 Shikokaido Hall Nagoya Japan
21.10.1982 Budokan Tokyo Japan
22.10.1982 Budokan Tokyo Japan
29.10.1982 Drammenshallen Drammen Oslo Norway
30.10.1982 Vejlby Risskov Hallen Aarhus Denmark
02.11.1982 Jäähalli Icehall Oulu Finland
03.11.1982 Icehall Helsinki Finland
05.11.1982 Brondby Hallen Copenhagen Denmark
06.11.1982 Isstadion Stockholm Sweden
08.11.1982 Ernst Merck Halle Hamburg Germany
09.11.1982 Deutschland Halle Berlin Germany
11.11.1982 Gruga Halle Essen Germany
12.11.1982 Neckar Halle Heidelberg Germany
13.11.1982 Hemmerlein Halle Nuremberg Germany
15.11.1982 Walter Kobel Halle Russelsheim Germany
16.11.1982 Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands
18.11.1982 Stadthalle Freiburg Germany
19.11.1982 Rudi Sedlmayer Halle Munich Germany
21.11.1982 Patinoire Des Vernets Geneva Switzerland
24.11.1982 Sporthalle Boblingen Germany
25.11.1982 Eilenriederhalle Hanover Germany
26.11.1982 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle Hamburg Germany
27.11.1982 Forest National Brussels Belgium
28.11.1982 Hippodrome Paris France
30.11.1982 Plaza Toros Monumental Barcelona Spain
01.12.1982 Pabellon De Deportes Madrid Spain


    Matrix SIDE A: V (B) XL-1546A 111 + I
    Matrix SIDE B: XL-1546B 111 +
    Matrix SIDE C: V (B) XL-1547A 111 + I
    Matrix SIDE D: XL-1547B 111 +
    Matrix SIDE E: V (B) XL-1548A 111 + I
    Matrix SIDE F: XL-1548B 111 +

Quality rating: ‘Exm’




A European bootleg from the first night at Budokan exists as well:




Rainbow Stone Cold

Cover image is a straight copy (front and back) of the official Stone Cold / Rock Fever 45/33

Rainbow Stone Cold III.jpg

Rainbow Stone Cold b

Rainbow Stone Cold det

Japan: 1983

XL 1517 A: The Land of Hope And Glory / Over the Rainbow / Spotlight Kid / Miss Mistreated
XL 1517 B: I Surrender / Can’t Happen Here / Tearin’ Out My Heart
XL 1518 A: Lazy / Woman from Tokyo / All Night Long / Stone Cold / Power
XL 1518 B: Blues / Difficult to Cure part 1 / David Rosenthal / Difficult to Cure part 2
XL 1519 A: Blackmore & Rondinelli / Bob Rondinelli part 1 / Bob Rondinelli part 2 / Long Live Rock’n Roll part 1
XL 1519 B: Hey Joe / Long Live Rock’n Roll pt 2 / Maybe Next Time / Smoke on the Water / Over the Rainbow

Source: (IF the back cover can be trusted this time) Madison Square Garden, NY, 19 June 1982 on the Straight Between The Eyes US Tour


There is another later, also Japanese single LP bootleg with the same title on Phonedoll Records containing seven tracks recorded in Harriesburg, PA on 21 June 1981:

Rainbow Stone Cold Phdo


Rainbow progr MSG 82

Rainbow MSG 1982


or “RAINBÖW” as they are called here – who says bootleggers don’t have a sense of humor?


Rainbow A Paris detail

Rainbow A Paris lbl 08 A

Japan: Second half of 1982, XL’s first triple set. Rainbow performed in Japan in August of 1981 and the artwork was ‘borrowed’ from the official tour book.

Rainbow Japan Tour 81 a


1508 A: Land Of Hope And Glory > Over The Rainbow / Spotlight Kid / Love’s No Friend / I Surrender        1508 B: Man On The Silver Mountain / Catch The Rainbow / 16th Century Greensleeves                              1509 A: Can’t Happen Here / Don Airey (keyboard solo) / Lost In Hollywood / R. Blackmore                             1509 B: Difficult To Cure / Bob Rondinelli (drum solo) / Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll                                             1510 A: Maybe Next Time / All Night Long / Woman From Tokyo (Excerpt) / Since You’ve Been Gone / Let Me Stay (Unreleased)                                         1510 B: All Night Long / Smoke On The Water / Maybe Next Time / Since You’ve Been Gone (Short version) / Since You’ve Been Away (Unreleased)


However, a popsike auction text calls the given sources into question:

“Sleeve lists Tracks from Paris and Lille but is incorrect.

FIRST Hammersmith Show!

London, 26.07.1981, Hammersmith Odeon and Japan 1981.”

As the audience recording from that night is a match and the one from Paris is not, I will go with London as well:

(CD) Title: Difficult To Reappear
Dates: July 26, 1981
Venue: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England.

Source: Ex Audience Recording

01: Over The Rainbow
02: Spotlight Kid
03: Love’s No Friend
04: I Surrender
05: Man On The Silver Mountain
06: Catch The Rainbow
07: Can’t Happen Here
08: Keyboards Solo
09: Lost In Hollywood ~ Difficult To Cure
10: Drum Solo
11: Long Live Rock’n Roll
12: Maybe Next Time
13: All Night Long
14: Woman From Tokyo Riff ~ Rule Britannia ~ Since You Been Gone ~ Fire ~ Over The Rainbow

Interesting quote here (plus samples): “Original cassette series of Kinney recording…” as this was the name of the Tokyo record store where UD and XL titles were sold – and then the second confirmation: “Its Kinney recording that was recorded live, the 3-Disc LP “A PARIS 1981 (XL 1508/1510)” the legendary ones […] (title is Paris, it is really Hammersmith).”

Now we just need to find the correct source for side six. Makes me wonder if the cover up happened to hide the real Japanese (if this was really recorded at a concert in Japan) source for the last side.


For comparison purposes:

Boulogne (near Paris), France
June 11th, 1981

Sources : complete show from combination of 2nd gen VG- audience and master VG+ AM radio recordings.

All tracks AM broadcast except (*) : AUD tape.

Part 1 (51:13)
101.Land Of Hope And Glory > Over The Rainbow (*)
102.Spotlight Kid (*)
103.Love’s No Friend
104.I Surrender
105.Man On The Silver Mountain (*)
106.Catch The Rainbow / 16th Century Greensleeves
107.Can’t Happen Here

Part 2 (40:02)
201.Keyboard Solo (*)
202.Lost In Hollywood (*)
203.Ritchie’s Solo (*)
204.Difficult To Cure (*)
205.Drum Solo (*)
206.Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
207.All Night Long

Total time : 1:31:14


Rainbow Difficult To Cure – Europe 1981:

Rainbow 81 EU Tour

Rainbow Hammersmith 81 III

Rainbow Hammersmith 81 II



Rainbow End of a Rainbow

Rainbow End of a Rainbow b

Rainbow End of a Rainbow det

Rainbow End of a Rainbow det 2

There is also a European (British copy) which looks identical to the above but has matrix number RB-816-A / B / C / D

Japan: Fall of 1980 (first issue) – another early UD label release, later even reissued on XL

Rainbow End oaR blue border t l

Quality rating: “Vgs” in HOTWACKS

From Darker Than Blue – DP fan club magazine, June 1981:
“As for the vinyl, the foreign collectors items continued to appear in ever greater numbers thanks to the success the bands were having abroad. Rainbow turned up on the Castle Donnington collection, albeit only a part of their set. If you wanted the full gig the Japanese obliged with a double bootleg LP audience recording of the show (with a jet plane ruining the start of one song!). If you weren’t careful, you risked getting stung by a home made UK bootleg which appeared at the same time, and which comprised the 25 minutes of the set aired on UK TV, complete with the sound of the microphone being moved in front of the TV speakers… .”

I can remember seeing a one-sided bootleg in a plain white cover with a small sticker  at a London flea market in ’81. That must be the “home made UK bootleg” mentioned above. Very limited pressing, never made it into HOTWACKS, the matrix is BLACKMORE No. 1.

Rainbow MM cover 1980


In 1983, the follow up label to UD, XL, reissued this title with a colorized cover, more in line with their current cover designs:

Rainbow End of a Rainbow red lbl

These look like XL label designs to me.

Then there was a second run with a changed color scheme:

Rainbow End ofa Rainbow 1st

Rainbow End ofa Rainbow 1st b

Those with keen eyes will have noticed the number on the front, lower right:

Rainbow End ofa Rainbow 1st det

Which we have seen before on this Ozzy XL release (LIVE! Long Beach Arena 1981, XL 1531/2) and the reason why I would file the ‘pink border’ version under XL as well):

Ozzy O Long Beach A XL blu b d


For discussion regarding which tracks were officially released:

Rainbow Mark 2

Rainbow Mark 2 b

Japan: 1978

Rainbow – 1977-11-04 Mark II
Venue: Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK
Source: Aud

Kill the King 6:08
Mistreated 11:42
16th Century Greensleeves 7:56
Catch the Rainbow 18:05
Long Live Rock-n-Roll 7:08

Lazy 0:53
Man on the Silver Mountain 13:07
Still I’m Sad 26:01

“…excelllent audience recording from November 4, 1977. Highly recommended early Rainbow show.”


Rainbow played two nights at the Liverpool Empire as part of their fall UK tour in 1977.

Rainbow Liverpool 77 II

Rainbow Liverpool 77 III

On the last night, Ritchie caused some damage to the old theater’s plaster work when he smashed his guitar at the end and as a consequence he and the band were banned from all future appearances at the venue, which also decided to limit the number of rockconcerts they would allow.

Rainbow Liverpool 77

Photo taken by Simon Robinson

“…during the encore, Ritchie appeared in one of the boxes, level with the balcony, playing guitar whilst his legs dangled over the edge, before demolishing the guitar over the edge. Unimpressed, the venue banned Rainbow after assessing the damage done. []

This was the infamous show where he disappeared from the stage during the encore, and reappeared in one of the first floor boxes, from where he proceeded to trash his Strat copy, dangling the remains over the rabid crowd below. He also did considerable damage to the ornate plasterwork too and got a life ban from the place! This also led to a reduction in the number of rock bands allowed to play there, and the Royal Court Theatre just across the road eventually took over as Liverpool’s premier live music venue – but that’s another story.
Simon Robinson
[as quoted on]

I was there that night and what the picture does not show is the crowd of fans climbing over each other to reach the dangling strat pieces. It was an incredible sight from an inspiring night. [audience member]

Rainbow Satisfaction

Rainbow Satisfaction II

Rainbow Satisfaction lbl

Japan: 1978

The only vinyl bootleg to be released from Rainbow’s extensive second Japan tour, recorded at Osaka’s  Koseinenkin-Kaikan on 16 January, 1978. The usual limited pressing run for Japanese made product have always made this LP a very hard to find collector’s item.

Side A:  Intro: Over The Rainbow / Kill The King / Long Live Rock’n’Roll / Man On The Silver Mountain / Starstruck

Side B:  Still I’m Sad

Matrix: BL-409 A/B


11.01.1978     Shi Kokaido     Nagoya           
12.01.1978     Kenritsu Taiikukan     Hiroshima         
13.01.1978     Kenritsu Taiikukan     Kumamoto            
14.01.1978     Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan     Fukuoka            
16.01.1978     Koseinenkin-Kaikan     Osaka           
17.01.1978     Koseinenkin-Kaikan     Osaka           
18.01.1978     Kaikan Daiichi Hall     Kyoto           
20.01.1978     Koseinenkin-Kaikan     Osaka          
21.01.1978     Budokan     Tokyo            
22.01.1978     Budokan     Tokyo             
24.01.1978     Koriyama Shimin-Kaikan     Fukushima             
27.01.1978     Nakajima Sports Centre     Sapporo             
28.01.1978     Budokan     Tokyo            
29.01.1978     Kenmin Kaikan     Akita             
31.01.1978     Kenmin Kaikan     Niigata            
01.02.1978     Shi Kanko Kaikan     Kanazawa             
03.02.1978     Budokan     Tokyo    

Rainbow Japan 78 tb

Japan ’78 Tour book

Rainbow Japan 78 hb

A handbill for the Tokyo concerts.


Rainbow 1978

Newspaper report about the crowd disturbance before the encore and fatality at the Sapporo show on 27 January ’78.

Subsequent shows included a short memorial ceremony:

“…The Rainbow is colored full red for the people of Japan as the silent prayer is read and observed…. “[ review of the Mr. Peach recording from the concert in Niigata]

“…Ronnie introduces a gentleman to speak to the audience and lead them in a silent prayer for Sapporo and for a minute the large crowd goes quiet…” “Ronnie then speaks to the crowd about something they would like to address and brings out an interpreter who then leads the audience and band in a silent prayer…” [ review of the Mr. Peach and Aquarius recordings from the last night of the tour at the Budokan in Tokyo]

Rainbow SoFBOF HE9314 II

Rainbow SoFBOF HE9314 b II

Rainbow SoFBOF HE9314

Rainbow SoFBOF HE9314 b

Is the title satire? Or was there a phase in Japanese bootlegging around this time where the rudest ones imaginable were picked (see the Bay City Rollers bootlegs recently presented)?

It seems that the green version is the first issue (the red version can be picked up for cheap these days). All came with blank white labels.

Matrix: H E 9314 A / B

Japan: 1978

Side A: Intro: Over The Rainbow / Kill The King / Long Live Rock’n’Roll/ Still I’m Sad / Beethoven’s Ninth / Dance With The Devil (*)

Side B: Do You Close Your Eyes / Stargazer (**) / The Man In Black (*)


The majority of this album comes from the German Rockpalast TV show recorded live at Munich, Germany’s Olymbiahalle on 20 October 1977. This was officially released in 2006. ‘Stargazer’ is an audience recording from Tokyo’s Budokan on 06 December 1976. The other two tracks (**) are Cozy Powell solo tracks.

HOTWACKS Quality rating: “Vgm”

Rainbow 22 Okt 77

Tour poster design for their second German tour.

Rainbow CTR 2

Rainbow CTR b

Rainbow CTR discs

Rainbow CTR inner

Japan: 1977 (not to be mistaken with the European bootleg from Oslo )

Side A: Intro / Kill The King (listed as “New Song” / Mistreated / 16th Century Greensleeves
Side B: Catch The Rainbow / Man On The Silver Mountain
Side C: Stargazer / Still I’m Sad
Side D: Still I’m Sad / Do You Close Your Eyes

HOTWACKS gave it an “Exm” rating and stated only 200 copies exist (auction sellers claimed only 100).

Tapio’s Ronnie James Dio site claims it was produced in Hokkaido, Japan. and recorded at the Osaka concert at the Koseinenkin-Kaikan on the 8th of December. However, states it is a compilation job and recorded at the following concerts, without naming individual tracks: 05 December: Osaka; 09 December 1976: Osaka; 14 December: Hiroshima. If anyone has a copy, this should be easy to verify as different sources of audience recordings tend to sound noticeably different at the edit points.

This release reminds me of the black double albums produced from Osaka concerts around this time, which I had previously mentioned in this post.

In past auctions, this item reached close to US$500


Rainbow Seven Bridge

Rainbow Seven Bridge lbl

Matrix: BR726A / B 1K

Japan: Most likely released in 1977, although still somewhat rare it has been easier to find than the above double album.

Side A:  Still I’m Sad / Man On The Silver Mountain / Starstruck
Side B:  Stargazer / Do You Close Your Eyes 

As above, Tapio’s RJD site states all tracks recorded at  Koseinenkin-Kaikan on the 8th of December while claims ‘Still I’m Sad’ is from the Osaka concert on the 5th and two tracks come from Osaka on the 8th, leaving two songs unaccounted for.