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In 1979, Warner Brothers issued a limited edition promo-only Live At The Roxy album capturing a December 20, 1978 concert given by Larson at the Sunset Boulevard nightclub. This bootleg is likely a recording of one of these albums played on the air or a pirate of the promo. This recording was officially released by Rhino records on CD in 2006 in a limited edition.

Larson N WBMS

Larson N WBMS small

Since we are on the subject of these WB promo LPs. here is the most complete list I could find:

WBMS-101: Steve Martin (The Steve Martin Radio Show, 1979)
WBMS-102: Van Morrison (Live at the Roxy, 1979)
WBMS-103: Nicolette Larson (Live at the Roxy, 1979)
WBMS-104: Talking Heads (Live on Tour, 1979)
WBMS-105: Guy Clark (On the Road Live, 1979)
WBMS-106: Pat Metheny (Live on Tour, 1979)
WBMS-107: Neil Young (A Conversation with…, 1979)
WBMS-108: Climax Blues Band (Live from Miami, 1979)
WBMS-109: Dire Straits (Live on the Road, 1979)
WBMS-110: Monty Python (A Conversation with…, 1979)
WBMS-111: Robert Palmer (Band in Boston, 1979)
WBMS-113: Steve Kuhn & Sheila Jordan (An Interview with, 1980)
WBMS-114: Pretenders (Live, 1980)
WBMS-115: Devo (Live, 1980)
WBMS-116: The Who (Filling In the Gaps, 1980, 2 LPs)
WBMS-117: U2 (2 Sides Live, 1981)
WBMS-118: Ry Cooder (Borderlive, 1981)
WBMS-119: King Crimson (The Return of…, 1981)
WBMS-120: Tom Tom Club (Wordy Rapping with the…, 1981)
WBMS-121: Pretenders (Live at the Santa Monica Civic, 1981)
WBMS-125: Dire Straits (An Interview with Mark Knopfler, 1982)
WBMS-126: Gang of Four (1983)
WBMS-127: Christine McVie (On Tour with…, 1984)
WBMS-128: Rickie Lee Jones (1984)
WBMS-129: Depeche Mode/Aztec Camera (Live from Switzerland/Live from Scotland, 1985)
WBMS-130: The Smiths/The Blasters (198?)
WBMS-131: Joni Mitchell (Interview with …, 1985)
WBMS-133: Lloyd Cole/The Dream Academy (1986)
WBMS-134: Laurie Anderson (Home of the Brave interview, 1986, 2 LPs)
WBMS-135: Quincy Jones (interview, discusses The Color Purple, 1986)
WBMS-137: Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays (Interview with…, 1986)
WBMS-138: Siouxsie and the Banshees (Tinderbox Interview with Siouxsie, 1986)
WBMS-140: Paul Simon (Interview Show with Music from Graceland, 1986, 2 LPs)
WBMS-141: Gene Loves Jezebel (The Interview, 1986)
WBMS-142: Pretenders (Get Close interview, 1986)
WBMS-143: Bonnie Raitt (Nine Lives interview, 1986)
WBMS-145: Husker Du (The Warehouse Interview, 1987, 2 LPs)
WBMS-146: XTC (The Skylarking Interview with Andy Partridge, 1987)
WBMS-147: The Cult (The Electric Interview, 1987)
WBMS-148: The Replacements (Pleased to Meet Paul Westerberg, 1987)
WBMS-149: Emmylou Harris (The Angel Band Interview, 1987)
WBMS-151: Miriam Makeba (The Sangoma Interview, 1988)