Stoned Records – Sweden

Black Sabbath Doomsday Recitation

Black Sabbath Doomsday Recitation b

A copy of this mega-rare Euro bootleg on the Stoned Records label:

Black Sabbath KYTD

Above: First pressing, wrong spelling. I guess bootleggers tend to be dyslexic.

Black Sabbath KYTD 2nd

Second pressing with corrected spelling.

Black Sabbath KYTD outer

Black Sabbath KYTD inner

Black Sabbath KYTD lbls

Source: Audience recording from April 21, 1977 recorded at The Olympen in Lund, Sweden

A1         Symptom Of The Universe         
A2         Snowblind         
A3         War Pigs         
B1         Black Sabbath         
B2         Dirty Women / Rock ‘N Roll Doctor (Medley)         
C1         Electric Funeral / N. I. B. (Medley)         
D1         Gypsy         
D2         Paranoid         
D3         Children Of The Grave       

Black Sabbath Lund 77 ad

AC/DC opened, until they were reportedly kicked off the tour, however they did play in Lund and there was only one more show after that, so it was not a premature departure by any means: “On April 5th 1977, AC/DC would begin a tour of Europe in support of Black Sabbath, taking them through France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden.

While in Sweden, Malcolm was involved in an altercation with Black Sabbath’s bass player, which led to AC/DC’s expulsion from the tour. Malcolm recalled the incident during an interview with UK music magazine Q in 2003 “We were staying in the same hotel, and Geezer was in the bar, crying in his beer, ’10 years I’ve been in this band, 10 years–wait till you guys have been around 10 years, you’ll feel like us.’ I said ‘I don’t think so.’ I was giving him no sympathy. He’d had many too many [drinks] and he pulled out this silly flick knife.” The last concert of the tour took place on April 22nd at the Scandinavium in Goteborg.”

05 April 1977 : Paris, France (Pavillon de Paris)
06 April 1977 : Colmar, France (Parc des Expositions)
07 April 1977 : Offenbach, Germany (Stadthalle)
09 April 1977 : Köln, Germany (Sporthalle)
10 April 1977 : Nurnberg, Germany (Messezentrum Halle)
11 April 1977 : Ludwigshafen, Germany (Friedrich-Ebert-Halle)
13 April 1977 : Geneva, Switzerland (Salle Des Fetes de Thonex)
14 April 1977 : Zurich, Switzerland (Volkshaus)
15 April 1977 : Odense, Denmark
16 April 1977 : Brussels, Belgium (Cirque Royal)
17 April 1977 : Amsterdam, Holland (De Nieuwe Rai Congrescentrum)
18 April 1977 : Hamburg, Germany (Ernst Merck Halle)
19 April 1977 : Copenhagen, Denmark (Falkoner Centret)
20 April 1977 : Stockholm, Sweden (Konserthuset)
21 April 1977 : Lund, Sweden (Olympen)
22 April 1977 : Göteborg, Sweden (Scandinavium)
23 April 1977 : Oslo, Norway (Njardhalle) [canceled]
24 April 1977 : Helsinki, Finland (Kulttuuritalo) [canceled]

A few comments from Sabbath collectors sites and an eBay listing, where this item usually goes for $100 – $200:

“The quality of this is good to very good the show it self is EX Ozzy and Sabbath at there best…”
“Sound: 9/10 (IMO)”

“Company and/or Label: Stoned Records, Schweden Catalogue-Number: STD 4 Comentarios: Excelente stereo in deluxe colour gatefold sleeve. Group shots, autographed on back by band. Available in two versions. First one has misprinting on front cover ‘Killing Yorself To Die’ while the second one is showing the correct title. One of the best Sabbath boots and also one of the most expensives. I did receive an e-mail from a guy who was involved in that bootleg. He said that the number of all bootleg-lps printed by Stone Records including Sabbath and Hendrix as well as others were 16.000! The ladder [sic] were the best selling. So you can judge yo(u)rself how many copies of “Killing Yo(u)rself To Die” were made!” [As they only ever produced six titles – and reportedly just under 1000 were pressed of the Queen title Invite You For A Night At The Warehouse – that still leaves more than 2500 copies per release on average. Not that rare really.]

“Black Sabbath: “Killing Yourself To Die” (2 LP) 1977, Sweden/Stoned 4.  Holy grail of Black Sabbath LPs, when this turns up it’s always a counterfeit edition with blurry label art or a colored vinyl re-press, this is a genuine first edition. Killer sounding document of the band’s appearance at The Olympen in Lund, Sweden in 1977. Long considered the best Sabbath live LP and the hardest one to get, this is the sh*t!

Hendrix Primal Keys

Hendrix Primal Keyes b

A copy of this Swedish bootleg, known for its excellent audio and performance quality:

Hendrix Guitar Hero

A1         Radio One Theme     1:37     recorded December 15, 1967 on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’+
A2         Experiencing The Blues     5:23     
recorded October 6, 1967 on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’**
A3         Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window     3:31
A4         I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man     5:24
A5         Drivin’ South     5:24             
A3-5 recorded October 17, 1967***
A6         Spanish Castle Magic     3:03
A7         Day Tripper     3:11
B1         Wait Until Tomorrow     2:52     
A6 – B1 recorded December 15, 1967+
B2         Stone Free     3:20
B3         Foxy Lady     2:53     
B2 + B3 recorded February 13, 1967 on BBC’s ‘Saturday Club’*
B4         Little Miss Lover     2:52
B5         The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp     3:37
B6         Hound Dog     2:39     
B4, 5, 6 recorded October 6, 1967 on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’**
B7         Hey Joe     3:54   
 recorded February 13, 1967*
B8         Getting My Heart Back Together Again     4:27 
recorded December 15, 1967 on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’+

“Catfish Blues” was entitled “Experiencing The Blues” for the session
“Hear My Train A Comin'” was entitled “Getting My Heart Back Together Again” for the session

* First Broadcast: 18th February 1967
Recorded: 13th February 1967
Program: BBC Light Program – Saturday Club
Studio: Studio 2, Sub-basement, Broadcasting House

** First Broadcast: 15th October 1967
Recorded: 6th October 1967
Program: BBC Radio One – Top Gear
Studio: Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue

*** First Broadcast: 13th November 1967
Recorded: 17th October 1967
Program: BBC World Service – R&B
Studio: Aeolian Hall, Studio 2

+ First Broadcast: 24th December 1967
Recorded: 15th December 1967
Program: BBC Radio One – Top Gear
Studio: Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue

All of these tracks have since been officially released.


Hendrix Guitar Hero b

K&S released their own b&w version:

Hendrix GH


Hendrix Guitar Hero lbl