Mushroom Label

Volume 07:


Interesting recommendation on the cover regarding the pitch change.

Hendrix Good Vibes

Hendrix Good Vibes yel

Also available in clear blue and without labels, as well as on black PVC. This title seems to be the easiest one to find of all the Mushroom releases.

MATRIX: 1850 A/B

Hendrix Good Vibes IM

Hendrix Good Vibes disc red mcv

Hendrix Good Vibes red

Hendrix Good Vibes POD


Hendrix Good Vibes mcv

This is the original TMoQ insert – did they ever produce this type of mcv record for this title? It also reminded me of the following find – definitely not officially a part of the Mushroom series but perhaps some Vicky Vinyl involvement here:

Rolling Stones Stoneaged mcv sm


Volume 08:


Jeff Airplane TftMS

Must be incredibly rare; also note the unusual color mix.


Volume 09:


Rolling Stones AiaRH cover

What we can see so far is that Mushroom sometimes changed the title of these mostly TMoQ sourced masters or the insert – or both as in this case. Photo taken during the ‘female semi-nude’ stage invasion at one of the four Paris Palais des Sports concerts in the fall of 1970.

paris1970 RS


Rolling Stones AiaRH stamp

Rolling Stones AiaRH green

There may be other variations but these are all I could find.

MATRIX: 1812 A/B

RS 1970 Paris


Volume 11 (I guess Mushroom skipped # 10):


For the last titles, Mushroom left covers and titles unchanged.

Beatles Hollywood Bowl vol 11

Beatles Hollywood Bowl vol 11 blu

Also found with Idle Mind labels and on mcv- red and on black PVC.


Volume 12:


Beatles OSiJ

Beatles OSiJ b 3

For this release, I could so far only confirm mcv-blue and black PVC (the later with ‘smoking pig’ labels).


Volume 13:

MORE GET BACK SESSIONS / GET BACK SESSIONS 2 is listed in HOTWACKS but no copy could be found so far. It likely does not exist.



Volume 14:

Deep Purple – Woman From Tokyo

Deep Purple Woman From Tokyo 2

Deep Purple Woman From Tokyo 3

Deep Purple Woman From Tokyo 4

Deep Purple Woman From Tokyo 5

It appears that this title was only reissued on black PVC. The original was previously featured in this post.



Volume 17:


Rolling Stones Get Your Rocks OFF 3

Matrix #: 2806-A / B / C / D


Rolling Stones Get Your Rocks OFF 2

Rolling Stones Get Your Rocks OFF mcv disc

My hunch was correct then.


Many thanks for the many extra images to my main contributor.

The inspiration for the Mushroom logo came from William Stout’s cover drawing for TMoQ’s Winter Tour 1973 / All Meat Music:

Logo inspiration MR

I would place most of the original multi-color releases from 1976 onwards, with re-pressings on Ruthless Rhymes following later.

Volume 1:

Young N w. CH Mushr

Re-issue of Phonygraf 1105, original review is linked here.

The first one in the series seems to say “with Wizardo” in the lower right, pointing at a Vicki Vinyl/Wizardo co-production.

These are most of the known variations:

Young with Crazy Horse red

Young with Crazy Horse blu

Young with Crazy Horse orange

Young with Crazy Horse pizza

Young with Crazy Horse RR


Volume 02:


Rolling Stones AMMusic MR mcvRolling Stones AMMusic MR mcv discs

Rolling Stones AMMusic MR mcv mat 2Rolling Stones AMMusic MR mcv mat 1

Rolling Stones AMM MR

Rolling Stones AMM MR blu gre

The Mushroom label designation was added to the bottom of the insert. Compare with original:

Rolling Stones A M M bot


Volume 03: Led Zeppelin Blueberry Hill

PVC variations:

Led Zep Blueberry Hill Mush red disc 1Led Zep Blueberry Hill Mush red disc 2

Led Zep Blueberry H mcv d1Led Zep Blueberry H mcv d2

Led Zep Blueberry H Mshroom disc 1

Led Zep Blueberry H Mshroom disc 2

Led Zep Blueberry H w lbl

Led Zep Blueberry H w. RR lbl

I wonder when the stamp was introduced (to let prospective buyers know that inside the shrink wrap was not a boring all black piece of PVC).

Cover variations:

Led Zep Blueberry Hill Mush red

Led Zep B H cv



Volume 04:

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus red 2

TGRnRCircus green

Shades of mcv-green

TGRnRCircus green 2

TGRnRCircus mcv

TGRnRCircus orange

TGRnRCircus RR lbl


Volume 05:

Matrix: 1826 A/B

Led Zep Mudslide

Led Zep Mudslide 2

Led Zep Mudslide blue


Volume 06:

Hendrix LA Forum 3

Hendrix LA Forum 2



I discovered this previously unlisted reissue of CSNY’s WOODEN NICKEL, which I would add to the Mushroom series as well. Both confirmed sightings were on blue m.c. wax:

CSNY Wooden Nickel 1833 II

Matrix reported as 1833 A/B.

Taken from the previous Canyon Records issue, also found with Dittolino labels and under the (earlier?) title BLUEBIRD LIVE

CSNY Wooden Nickel CanyonCSNY Wooden Nickel D

Also found with blank orange or green labels.

CSNY Bluebird Live

British Blue Jam

Note the two color insert.

British Blue Jam cv LP

British Blue Jam blublack 1

An almost two color variation, probably as a result of black PVC residue.

British Blue Jam blublack 2

Released in 1972

Side 1: Yer Blues/ Whole Lotta Yoko/ Love In Vain*
Rock and Roll Circus December 11, 1968 and * London Roundhouse, March 14, 1971

Side 2: Midnight Rambler / Dead Flowers / Honky Tonk Women / Satisfaction
London Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, March 14, 1971

One of only three CBM releases that I have come across that are on colored vinyl (vinyl colors described as “smoky” and “red with black streaks” exist but they only appear colored when held to the light).

One color slip sheets:

British Blue Jam 2

British Blue Jam green text

British Blue Jam green

British Blue Jam black


British BJ lbl 1

The copyright notice is the same as the one on the cover in the lower left.

British BJ lbl 2


TGRnRCircus mcv

On Mushroom

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus RR lbl

A1     Yer Blues Jam
A2     Led Zeppelin –     Riverside Blues         
A3     Cream (2) –     Hideaway         
B1     Who, The –     A Quick One         
B2     Cream (2) –     In The Bottom         
B3     Buffalo Springfield –     We’ll See         
B4     Buffalo Springfield –     Down To The Wire         
B5     Buffalo Springfield –     Come On

  • Side 1 (GRC-1883-A)-1383-A MEL
  • Side 2 (GRC-1883-B)-1383-B MEL writes “I checked the Side 1 source to see if it matched “The Rock & Roll Circus” on Trade Mark of Quality (TMoQ), Matrix: 1383 A/B. It doesn’t, the sound quality is much better than the TMoQ disc. The Roundhouse source is copied from the last track on Side 1 and Side 2 of the Trade Mark of Quality disc: “London Roundhouse” Matrix: 1812 A/B.”

Rolling Stones London Roundhouse new

All that could have been compared is the “Yer Blues” jam basically, as none of the other tracks matched. It would also be nice to refer to the second album as being on the correct label, Mushroom. I have never seen this on the classic TMOQ label. While it is very nice to see CBM come out on top and given this amount of attention at all, this comparison falls a bit short in the end.

R n R Circus PhonygWith a little help from John Wizardo, I am guessing.


A1     John Lennon –     Yer Blues         
A2     Led Zeppelin –     Riverside Blues         
A3     Cream –     Instrumental         
B1     The Who –     A Quick One While He’s Away         
B2     Cream  –     Everybody         
B3     Buffalo Springfield –     We Will See         
B4     Buffalo Springfield –     Down To The Wire         
B5     Buffalo Springfield –     Come On

Quality rating: ‘Gs’ and a notch below that for the King Kong/CBM release shown here:

R&R Circus

Mushroom reissues on colored vinyl – better artwork but why show the Rolling Stones, when they are not even featured on the album?

TGRnRCircus mcv

TGRnRCircus red

TGRnRCircus RR lbl

Young Neil w. CH

Young Neil wCH 2

Source: Cleveland Music Hall on February 25 1970

“Young played six shows with Crazy Horse in February 1969 at The Bitter End in New York, but Cincinnati is the first show on the first proper tour with his band as he explains before “Broken Arrow”, “This is the first of a series of concerts with Crazy Horse, mostly in the east. Only one west coast gig.  Even though we live there we play here.”

They played ten shows over a month and this is one of the longest with sixteen different songs performed over an acoustic solo set at the beginning and a full band electric set in the second half.  “On The Way Home” opens the show and is followed by the Buffalo Springfield tune “Broken Arrow”, which Neil sings in a very shaky and out-of-tune voice.” 

The original set list was: (acoustic):  On The Way Home, Broken Arrow, I Am A Child, Helpless, Dance Dance Dance, Sugar Mountain, Don’t Let It Bring You Down, The Old Laughing Lady

(electric):  The Loner, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Winterlong, Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown, Wonderin’, It Might Have Been, Down By The River, Cinnamon Girl, Neil talking

Also available as CBM 3940. The quality rating is ‘Vgs’ while Phonygraf’s is ‘Vgm’ but due to the differences in the track listing, no label copied the other. Track list for the CBM LP:

Side 1: Down By The River/ Broken Arrow/ Loner
Side 2: Crazy Horse Int./ Downtown/ I’m Wonderin/ It Might Have Been/ Sugar Mountain (another version)/ Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere/ Winter Long

Young N & Crazy Horse

Mushroom then reissued the Phonygraf version on red and blue mcv:

Neil Young with Crazy Horse red