For downloaders from file hosting sites

Mentioning this as I’m using it myself and it is not a “must pay” service (up to 4 free dl’s / day).

It’s been exactly what I was looking for for files hosted on filefactory, speeding up downloads from their throttled 100kb/s to my connection’s max dl rate. I hope some of you may find it useful.

  1. Erwin said:

    Can only express my gratefulness about your great website ! Thank You for keeping this available for people like me !
    I have some questions: You mention the label WCF. Where are those letters stand for ? Cannot find anything ..
    Second question: Your assumption about Norfolk 72 Stones (Going back to the roots) is a CBM release as Norfolk is their home turf. Can you give a few more leads ??
    THX a million!

    • I had overlooked your comment, my apologies. Happy to hear you like the site.

      WCF = White Cover Folks, aka the pre-Berkeley Records label

      Rubber Dubber was long out of business when “Going Back To The Rooots” was released and the bootleg design has all the tell-tale signs of a CBM release, f.e. the photo labels (see their Jethro Tull bootlegs).

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