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Jam DiFFEReNt b

Jam DiFFEReNt det 1

Jam DiFFEReNt det 2

Jam DiFFEReNt lbl A

One eBay ad mentioned “First pressing (matte cover)” – I was not able to find an image showing a non-matte cover. The ‘cover as full wrap around insert’ seems also to have been discontinued.

Japan: 1980/81 (not a European bootleg as stated in HOTWACKS). Beginning with this release, UD changed to double (and triple albums) exclusively, even reshuffling the next already assigned release number (UD 6539 – Iron Maiden) to be merged into a double LP .

Source: One of the Tokyo concerts recorded during the Jam’s first Japan tour in July of 1980 – in order to avoid ‘complications’  the back cover only mentions “Summer 1980”, sufficient for Japanese fans of the group to draw their own conclusion. The date is usually given as July 10th but the tour dates I have show that there was no concert on that date – unless this was a change or late addition (see below). site states this is from the July 6 show.

03 July  Osaka (?) – if someone can confirm the city and venue (also correct me for the venues listed below, if there is a mistake I would appreciate it

04 July  Kyoto – Furitsu Taiikukan

06 July Tokyo – Nippon Seinenkan  (as this was a Sunday, the concert started at 1:30 PM)

07 July Tokyo – Nakano Sun Plaza Hall

08 July Tokyo – Nakano Sun Plaza Hall


There is a soundboard upload on Youtube under “The Jam Concert Live In Tokyo 1980”, supposedly recorded on the July 8 concert that sounds as good as an official live release.

Jam Japan 80 tour flyer

Jam Japan Tour 80 II

Jam Kyoto 1980 fl

Flyer for the Kyoto appearance on the 4th

Jam J 80 ticket

Ticket for the 8 July performance.

Jam Japan Tour 80

Jam Japan 80 III

The band would tour Japan in 1981 and 1982 again before breaking up.


Most likely the same recording was also issued later – perhaps 1983 or after – on this single LP U.S. (?) title, which fetched quite impressive auction results around 2009 (up to $300/ GBP 200). Based on one of the auction texts, this is appears to be an audience recording (rated “Vgs” in HOTWACKS.

Side 1 : The Modern World / To Be Someone / Burning Sky / Pretty Green / Start / Going Underground / Mr. Clean / Private Hell
Side 2 : Dreams Of Children / Smithers – Jones / But I’m Different Now / When You’re Young / Eton Rifles / Down In The Tube Station At Midnight / Strange Town / ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street

Version # 1 (numbered and with two inserts (this version achieved the highest prices)):



The back numbered insert. Supposedly limited to 500 copies, almost all will be on white PVC. Black copies seem to exist as well, as HOTWACKS does not mention white vinyl and I also found a past auction description that did not.

Jam BurSky wh v


Version # 2 (live shots insert + yellow title sticker):

Jam BurSky

Jam BurSky ins

Jam BurSky disc


Version # 3 (Single group shot insert):

Jam BurSky v 3

Some of these copies also have the same yellow title sticker, it’s just not visible here.