The Yardbirds

Yardbirds On Down p.i.


First issues available in various two-tone color combinations for the insert and black title or blank white labels. The official 45 label from 1965 was included as its mirror image can be seen in the white one.

Mid-Western USA: 2nd half of 1971 – early 1972


Tracks credited to Jeff Beck:
1. I’ve Been Drinking – B-side of Jeff Beck non-US 45 “Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu)”, February 1968
2. Tallyman – 45 A-side, 1967
3. Hi Ho Silver Lining – 45 A-side, 1967
4. Rock My Plimsoul – B-side to # 2.
Tracks credited to The Yardbirds:
5. Stroll On – from Blow Up movie soundtrack?
6. Psycho Daisies – B-side to non-US 45 “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”, 1966
7. Ha Ha Said The Clown – 45 A-side, 1967
8. Goodnight Sweet Josephine – 45 A-side, 1968
9. Think About It – B-side to # 8.
10. Shapes In My Mind – (credited to Keith Relf) 45 A-side, 1966
11. Ten Little Indians – 45 A-side, 1967
12. Steeled Blues – B-side of “Heart Full Of Soul”, July 1965
13. Puzzles – B-side of “Little Games”, 1967
14. The Nazz Are Blue – album track left off the US version of their re-titled 1966 album Over Under Sideways Down
15. Rack My Mind – ditto
16. Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu) – (credited to Jeff Beck) see # 1.


Here’s the folder cover reissue ca, ’73/4:

Yardbirds ODYardbirds On Down


This material – plus another Keith Relf track “Blue Sands” but omitting “Psycho Daisies”, “Ha Ha Said The Clown” and “Rack My Mind” – was also released under this title:

  • Matrix # AR-1687-1/2


  • WCF/(pre) Berkeley also released their own version as part of their 20XX series, which started in late ’73/early ’74. The matrix was 2052-A / B


I tried hard to find the date of this German Yellow Press article but it’s just not possible. We do know that Jimmy Page had  legal issues due to drugs in 1981 (December “apprehended near the Swan Song Offices in Fulham and found to be in the possession of 198 milligrams of cocaine in his coat pocket”) and 1984 (“September 6, 1984 Jimmy was cited again for cocaine possession, this time by a suspicious bobby at a London train station”). However, the article above talks about Led Zeppelin disbanding in “summer of last year” (a date disputed by other sources but then again this is the yellow press, so don’t expect accuracy) and this lead me to the conclusion that this is an article from 1981 or ’82.







Japan: 1984

Sides 1 & 2: Audience recording; Vgm HOTWACKS rating

I looked all over but apart from the set list and this bootleg, this gig has left few traces on the internet.



44 minutes, 29 seconds; rated as ‘Gm’, except for Dazed And Confused; Black Mountain Side and Kashmir, which make up all of side 2 and are rated ‘Vgm’.

The final sides are a copy of this late-1970’s European bootleg:







Many months ago, I had created a post about a TAKRL Yes release that was based on this popular 1972 Dutch bootleg:

YES WYA 2Yes WYA lbl

As time went by, I had forgotten that this was on the Offshore label (A LION PRODUCTION). When collecting the OG Japan master list, I found several Offshore releases and logically assumed that it must be a sub label they had created, like they did with Ado Records and their Beatles titles.

I still believe that this Beatles title shown here was made in Japan by OG:

Beatles Shea OG 802

And the issues on white labels with the wrap-around insert and the printed covers, as well.

However, I now believe that the above Yes title was never copied by OG in Japan and have since removed it from the OG master list of releases.  So, how did OG get the idea to use that name for this Beatles album? And what a coincidence that the Dutch bootleggers in 1972 used a release number that fit perfectly into the three digit numbers (AND follows their first use of the Offshore name in BEATLES – LIVE AT SHEA STADIUM OG-718 – the Yes LP has 722) used by OG later? Not questions, I am expecting to find answers to anytime soon or perhaps even ever.

I would like to introduce the third Offshore LP I have listed at this point:

Yardbirds Offshore bYardbirds Offshore lbl

Coincidentally, # 732 also fits in nicely with all the other OG releases. This is the material I first reviewed as Ken had pirated it for his  LAST HURRAH IN THE BIG APPLE (TAKRL 1914). This Offshore version of the official-but-withhdrawn-right-away LIVE! FEATURING JIMMY PAGE Epic LP from 1971 is also considered to be a pirate copy. Likely made ca. 1972 perhaps? Which would bring us back to the WHITE YES ALBUM – is there a connection between the two?

And here’s another interesting connection. One rare version for the above Yardbirds pirate LP has this label:

Yardbirds bl lbl

Now, to me, that looks like it was done by the same folks who had produced the CCR bootleg copy, I am still listing as an OG release:

CCR Cosmo OG label 1

So, how does this all fit together?


Hendrix GHhendrix_guitar_hero_cover_backHendrix Guitar Hero lbl

Not on colored wax and not limited.  Reviewed in depth under this link.



Towshend TGoPT 012

Towshend TGoPT disc 1Towshend TGoPT disc 2

100 pressed from the TMoQ 71056 plates.



JIMI HENDRIX LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM – 150 pressed on mcv from the TMoQ 72003 plates of their ALIVE title. Does not seem to turn up often.

Hendrix LA Forum 013Hendrix Alive red + blu




150 pressed from TMoQ 71071 plates.

The Who Filmore East mcvThe Who Fillmore East discThe Who Filmore East mcv detail




Only listed in the Hot Wacks appendix. Reissue of TMoQ pressing plate 61003; 150 copies as well? Matrix: YB-555-A/B

Yardbirds G E 015



Another release of the ‘not limited – not on colored wax variety’

The Who live At Swansea

Previously included in context in this post



CLOSER TO QUEEN MARY – 150 copies pressed on blue PVC from TMoQ 71039 plates

Who Closer To QM



100 copies on green PVC for this reissue of TMoQ 71068 that presents a partial Let It Be movie soundtrack as an audience recording from a movie theater.

Beatles V+3 GBS 2Beatles V+3 GBS 2 gree



100 yellow discs made from the TMoQ 61002 plates

Dylan Melbourne A



150 green and orange copies for this 2 for1 budget reissue formerly known as TMoQ 7506 and before that individually as 71059 (HOT RATS AT THE OLYMPIC) and 71010 (200 MOTELS).

Zappa at Olympic bi

Zappa at Olympic

This title can still achieve significant auction results: $400+ for K&S, up to $400 for TMOQ colored or sealed and $1000+ for the clear splatter version shown here.

Zappa 200 Motels HRatO

Review from

“It’s important to know the difference between bootlegging and pirating. Bootleggers put out live or studio recordings that have not been released commercially; pirates steal recordings that have been available commercially. On rare occasions, a bootlegger will detour into pirating if something has been out of print for a long time or is extremely difficult to find. TAKRL, one of the top bootleg labels of the 1970s, did some pirating with Last Hurrah in the Big Apple. This 1970s LP focuses on the Yardbirds’ March 30, 1968, show at New York’s Anderson Theater, which had resulted in Epic’s 1971 LP Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page. The Led Zeppelin guitarist hated the Epic release with a passion, and it was withdrawn after Page (who was especially upset over the fake “applause” that Epic made the mistake of adding) filed a lawsuit. But TAKRL felt that the Anderson Theater concert didn’t deserve to be unavailable, and so, the illegal LP Last Hurrah in the Big Apple was born. Some would argue that because Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page was withdrawn so quickly, Last Hurrah is really a bootleg instead of a pirate. But whether you call it a bootleg or a pirate, this LP isn’t a bad listen.

TAKRL, which obviously had access to a master recording of the show, didn’t include the canned crowd noises that Epic added, noises that Page angrily described as “bullfight roars.” While Last Hurrah isn’t the ideal document of the Yardbirds on stage, it’s a generally enjoyable record that offers hard-rocking performances of favorites like “Shapes of Things,” “Heart Full of Soul,” “Over Under Sideways Down,” and “The Train Kept A-Rollin’.” Page is featured on the raga-influenced instrumental “White Summer,” and the Yardbirds really let loose during an 11-minute performance of “I’m a Man.” Also interesting is an early version of “Dazed and Confused,” which ended up having a completely different set of lyrics by the time Zeppelin recorded it in 1969. It should be noted that Last Hurrah isn’t the only illicit album that focused on the Anderson Theater show, but if you wanted to hear the concert without the “bullfight roars” of Epic’s impossible-to-find Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page, it was certainly an attractive option in the 1970s.”

A1                   The Train Kept A-Rollin’          2:56

A2                   You’re A Better Man Thani       5:11

A3                   Heart Full Of Soul        1:31

A4                   Dazed And Confused   6:09

A5                   My Baby          2:40

B1                    Over Under Sideways Down    2:14

B2                    Drinking Muddy Water             2:46

B3                    Shapes Of Things         2:24

B4                    White Summer 4:02

B5                    I’m A Man        11:34