Who Backsrage Pass

Who Backstage Pass b

A copy of this European bootleg:

The Who live Swansea

Side 1

 1. Tommy (actually it’s Amazing Journey)
 2. Acid Queen
 3. Fiddle About
 4. Pinball Wizard
 5. I’m Free
 6. Baba O’Reily (sic Baba O’Riley)

    Side 2

 1. Squeeze Box
 2. Behind Blue Eyes
 3. My Generation
 4. Won’t Get Fooled Again (Edited)

Who Swansea 2

K&S copied the Euro boot as well, only to have their version pirated again in inferior quality with a fold-in-half cover (see below):

The Who live At Swansea

Who Put The Boot In ad

The Who’s last concert in Europe in their original line up took place on June 12 in Vetch Field stadium in Swansea, Wales, resulting in an excellent soundboard recording that the band has since released 11 songs from across four different official releases:

“Squeeze Box”, “Behind Blue Eyes”, and “Dreaming from the Waist” were included on the 1996 reissue of The Who By Numbers.
“Pinball Wizard”, “I’m Free”, and “Squeeze Box” appear on the Greatest Hits Live compilation album.
“Squeeze Box”, “Dreaming from the Waist”, “Fiddle About”, “Pinball Wizard”, “I’m Free”, “Tommy’s Holiday Camp”, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, and “See Me, Feel Me/Listening To You” were released on the View from a Backstage Pass live compilation album.
“Dreaming from the Waist” and “My Wife” appear on the Thirty Years of Maximum R&B box set.

The Who Swansea ticket


Onstage at Vetch Field

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