YARDBIRDS ‘ON DOWN’ (a WCF pirate, #720) plus ‘I’ve Been Drinking Again’ (AR-1687)

Yardbirds On Down p.i.


First issues available in various two-tone color combinations for the insert and black title or blank white labels. The official 45 label from 1965 was included as its mirror image can be seen in the white one.

Mid-Western USA: 2nd half of 1971 – early 1972


Tracks credited to Jeff Beck:
1. I’ve Been Drinking – B-side of Jeff Beck non-US 45 “Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu)”, February 1968
2. Tallyman – 45 A-side, 1967
3. Hi Ho Silver Lining – 45 A-side, 1967
4. Rock My Plimsoul – B-side to # 2.
Tracks credited to The Yardbirds:
5. Stroll On – from Blow Up movie soundtrack?
6. Psycho Daisies – B-side to non-US 45 “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”, 1966
7. Ha Ha Said The Clown – 45 A-side, 1967
8. Goodnight Sweet Josephine – 45 A-side, 1968
9. Think About It – B-side to # 8.
10. Shapes In My Mind – (credited to Keith Relf) 45 A-side, 1966
11. Ten Little Indians – 45 A-side, 1967
12. Steeled Blues – B-side of “Heart Full Of Soul”, July 1965
13. Puzzles – B-side of “Little Games”, 1967
14. The Nazz Are Blue – album track left off the US version of their re-titled 1966 album Over Under Sideways Down
15. Rack My Mind – ditto
16. Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu) – (credited to Jeff Beck) see # 1.


Here’s the folder cover reissue ca, ’73/4:

Yardbirds ODYardbirds On Down


This material – plus another Keith Relf track “Blue Sands” but omitting “Psycho Daisies”, “Ha Ha Said The Clown” and “Rack My Mind” – was also released under this title:

  • Matrix # AR-1687-1/2


  • WCF/(pre) Berkeley also released their own version as part of their 20XX series, which started in late ’73/early ’74. The matrix was 2052-A / B

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