Beck, Bogart & Appice

TAKRL says: “I don’t think we ever got the song titles correct.”

“On January 26, 1974 the band played at the Rainbow Theatre, as part of a European tour. This concert was broadcast in full, on the US show Rock Around the World, on September 9, 1974. This was the last recorded work by the band and previewed songs that were intended for a second studio album, and became the bootleg At Last Rainbow . The medley which combined “You Shook Me” and “BBA Boogie”, was later included on the Jeff Beck compilation Beckology(1991).” Set list:

“Laughin’ Lady” (5:53)
“Lady” (7:05)
“Morning Dew” (12:22)
“Superstition” (6:07)
“(Get Ready) Your Lovemaker’s Comin’ Home” (7:40)
“Blues De Luxe – You Shook me” (5:34)
“Rainbow Boogie” (11:32) [“BBA Boogie”]