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Santana Live ColItem IISantana Live ColItemSantana Live ColItem III

Santana Live ColItem lbl

I believe this label might belong to the Japanese copy of this album shown here. It certainly differs from the clearer and stronger print in the image above it. Easily spotted is the difference between a laminated cover on the original and the wraparound large insert used on the copy.

Santana Live 104Santana Live 104 bSantana Live 104 detail

The artwork states: “This two-record set was professionally recorded at one of the finest concert halls in the nation. Eight microphones were utilized by the sound crew on stage to achieve the flawless quality of sound that is evident throughout the entire album. It captures the peaks of excitement and emotion that accompany a live Santana concert.”

Source: Soundboard recording recorded live at the Winterland, San Francisco, CA from one of these nights: December 18-21/1969

Santana Winterland 69

Side 1: Conquistadore Rides Again (5:40) / You Just Don’t Care (5:26) / Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries (7:10)
Side 2: Waiting (6:14) / Treat (9:16) / Gumbo (4:25)
Side 3: Evil Ways (4:31) / Shades Of Time>Savor Jingo (14:50)
Side 4: Persuasion (3:00) / Soul Sacrifice PT 1 / Shrieve Solo / Soul Sacrifice PT 2 (15:24)

The back of the album mentions the song “Singing Winds, Crying Beasts”, which is not present here and would not come out until September of 1970 (on their second album Abraxas), which helps us date this bootleg to ca. 1971.


Owner review:

“The Side One and Two record in this two-LP had dozens of small pimples on the surfaces, and if you saw what the record looks like, you’d be amazed that it plays this well, though there are occasional low-pitched thumps due to the pressing imperfections.

“Fortunately, Side Three and Four are free from this problem, and you get a scorching soundboard by the Santana lineup heard on their debut album. The group plays the entirety of their first album, plus three unreleased selections (Instrumental Introduction, Gumbo and Fried Neckbones).”



Selections were copied by CBM as # 3553 in 1972:

Santana Collectors Item 7


A European bootleg on blue PVC under the title Singing Winds, Crying Beasts (KURLY 5006/7) is also supposed to exist. Does anyone have an image of it? I have found no trace of it – neither have I of Volume 2 that is supposed to exist for the CBM copy.



Young N Collector's Item

Probably the first release of the Music hall Cincinnati, 25 February 1970 soundboard tape that I have already mentioned twice on this blog.


Again, selections were copied by CBM as a single album in 1973 (as # 3940):

Young N & Crazy Horse 3

and from there onto GLC’s ‘YOUNG & OLD’ ca late 1974/early 1975: 

Young & Old 2


Who LIVE! c.itemWho LIVE! c.item bWho LIVE! c.item detail

A very good audience recording of the middle of the set list at their show in Dayton, Ohio – 13 August 1971. As previously featured here.


The Who Collector's Item 2The Who Collector's Item 3

Copied in early 1973 by CBM as # 3669 – and the most obvious copy of them all, right down to the original art work.

Due to the very good recording quality, the recording was copied again by Berkeley – first in their fold-out cover design – designing new covers in red and green but keeping the font – and later with a b&w deluxe cover.

The Who Collector's Item

K&S released it again in 1979.


The original version was in a blue laminated jacket with blue labels with printed track listings [as shown above].  There are allegedly 500 pressed by someone in the Cincinnati area shortly after the concert.  I saw both this and Neil Young & Crazy Horse Collector’s Item in a record store in Muncie, Indiana in late October of 1971.  The originals were of better quality than the numerous later copies. ”


Were there any other releases by this “label”? I have never seen any. It would be nice to find out who was behind this ambitious project with an eye on quality releases in matching cover art.


the moody blues ‘october 1972′ / ‘LIVE ON A TUESDAY AFTERNOON’ / ‘ALIVE’ – Upgraded image + 1 new one

3903: PINK FLOYD ‘FILLMORE WEST’ – Main image upgraded + 1 more


Phonygraf 1106: THE ROCK & ROLL CIRCUS :King Kong / THE GREAT ROCK’N ROLL CIRCUS :Mushroom 4 – Image upgraded

Vicky Vinyl’s Mushroom Records Reissue Series – Part 1 – More images added for the Rolling stones’All Meat Music on Mushroom

PINK FLOYD ‘ECLIPSED’ – Ruthless Rhymes Reissues: Hendrix ‘BROADCASTS – Maui’ + ‘LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM 4-25-70’ / JETHRO TULL ‘FLUTE CAKE (MESS)’ / ROLLING STONES ‘HONOLULU’ + ‘SUMMER RERUNS’ – New images added for Ruthless Rhymes’ Rolling Stones Summer Reruns

Bruce Springsteen on Ruthless Rhymes: ‘Live at the Hammersmith Odeon’ / ‘ “E” Ticket ‘ and Fakes ‘BORN TO ROCK’ + ‘SMALL TOWN BOY’- 2 – images upgraded

K&S 056 – 060: LED ZEPPELIN ‘KNEBWORTH FAIR VOLUME ONE / TWO’ / Blondie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondie’ [never released] / Elvis Costello ‘HATE YOU LIVE’ / Bruce Springsteen ‘KING OF THE ALLEY’ [THE JERSEY DEVIL] – Finally a decent image for the K&S version of Springsteen’s King Of The Alley

K&S 001 to 010 – Introducing THE WHO “RAW” &amp ‘TALES FROM THE WHO’; JEFF BECK ‘BECKELECTRIC AT THE O’KEEFE – WHITE LIKE ME’ Plus: Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and The Kinks – Upgraded WHO Tales From The Who image

1904: CAT STEVENS  THE HOAXER`S MIDNIGHT DREAM – upgraded image, link added

3625: neil young ‘COMING HOME’ + 3644: ‘a bit more’ – Added large Instant Analysis version image for ‘a bit more’

1917: NEIL YOUNG ‘THE LAST ALBUM’ – Image upgraded + a lot more text added

Dragonfly / GLC 412: NEIL YOUNG *YOUNG’n OLD* – Several images of the original GLC release added

I don’t think I have posted these yet. First released by Dub on TMOQ in February of 1973 late 1971 – as a companion piece to Crosby Nash’s “A VERY STONEY EVENING” – and subsequently copied by CBM on the East Coast after that.

The original:

Led Zep G T Cali 1stCrosby-Nash Stoney Evening 2

The copies:

Led Zep GTC 2

Led Zep G 2 Cali CBM 3713

Led Zep GTC



Side 1: Immigrant Song (3:53)/ Heartbreaker medley incl. Bouree (7:38)/ Since I’ve Been Loving You (6:46)/ Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog (5:29)
Side 2: Dazed And Confused medley (20:58) incl. Back In The USA
Side 3: Stairway To Heaven (8:59)/ That’s The Way (6:06)/ Going To California (5:09)
Side 4: Whole Lotta Love medley (24:13) incl. Just A Little Bit, Boogie Chillun, Hello Mary Lou, My Baby Left Me, Mess O’ Blues, You Shook Me, The Lemon Song

Recording: Very good stereo audience. Source: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California Sept. 14 ’71. Comments: US bootleg. Not from LA Forum. Available on colored vinyl with numbered labels. Also available on following US labels: Contraband Music CBM 3713, Raring and Mammary Productions. At last there are also another two TMOQ pressings. One with deluxe cover with depicting band on a flying pig and another with insert and colored vinyl. Rereleased on US label Box Top on colored vinyl. Part of THE FINAL OPTION and TRADE MARK OF QUALITY YEARS box sets.


We will revisit this recording when the blog takes on the TMOQ output – I have excellent images for the variations of this title.


ZAP 7885: Archipelago / SIN CITY SOCIAL : K&S 001 – Updated ZAP image

Vicky Vinyl’s Mushroom Records Reissue Series – Part 1 – 3 images added for Led Zep’s Blueberry Hill + 1 for Neil Young

ZAP 7867: LED ZEPPELIN  ‘On Stage In Europe 1975’ / ‘EARLS COURT’ :LZL 19775 + I.M.P. 1107 – 3 images added

WR 201: BOWIE 74 LIVE – red Wizardo “Reissue” 7″ label added

The Doctor shuffles off & # 1999: BOB DYLAN BRIDGETT’S ALBUM – A VINYL HEADSTONE ALMOST IN PLACE – upgraded image

SODD 007: Bob Dylan  The Hurricane Carter Benefit – added much larger images for the 1978 B&W TAKRL 24910 reissue

dylan: ‘dylan / friends of chile (Forest Hills 1965)’ + ‘video chile’ – added 3 large images for what is one of the last titles ever produced by Contraband

Phonygraf 1101: AMERICA / EAGLES Live ‘On The Road’ – upgraded 2nd cover version + added one more

Grateful Dead ‘LIVE DEAD’ / ‘FILLMORE WEST’ : TMOQ 72014 – One more TMOQ image added

ZAP 7879: G.HARRISON & E.CLAPTON – DEAD STICK – Updated main image + added label

Flat 8245: JEFFERSON STARSHIP 1976  FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT : TAKRL 911 – Large cover & label image added

2927: ELTON JOHN (NO TITLE) – Added large front insert image

I collect a bunch of upgrade and additional pictures in one of my folders and today I started with the letters A to DEE:


ZAP 7870: THE BEATLES  Munich At Least / live in europe & us tvcasts :CBM 3571 / LIVE in GERMANY Marc EP

2950: THE BEATLES ‘HAHST AZ SÖN’ :Phoenix / ‘SWEET APPLE TRAX’ + ‘hot as sun’ + ‘HI HO SILVER!’ :CBM/wrmb 343 / ‘CAUGHT OFFGUARD’ + ‘MANUAL EXCITATIONS’ :Aftermath 4 + 12/ ‘The Very Best Of The BEATLES’ RAREST Number One’ :TKRWM 1985 / ‘APPLE TRAX VOLUME 1’ :GLC    [My 20th revision]

3316: the beatles ‘don’t pass me by’  [Rarely seen CBM / Comet label added]

Obvious CBM Copy Jobs 3: 1900 Tokyo Sixty Six & Budo Kan Hall  [Rarely seen CBM / Comet label added]

KK 1070: THE BEATLES ‘FIRST UNITED STATES PERFORMANCE’ / ‘LIVE IN WASHINGTON D.C.’ / ‘On Stage in Melbourne Australia and Washington D.C.’ WRMB 314 / ‘FIRST U.S. PERFORMANCE’ :WRMB 360

John Lennon & YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD & another CBM obvious copy job 4


CREEDENCE [CLEARWATER REVIVAL] – REVIVED: Dittolino # 0005  * July 4th, 1971 – Closing Night of the Fillmore West*

IMP 2-04: Crosby Stills Nash and Young ‘TRACES’ / “we waited 3 years for this” :GLC 415


Lately, I did think about the future of the blog again. I am happy with the way it’s going – we will hit a quarter million page views this month; the blog still has quite a bit of “gas left in the tank” – meaning lots more posts to come to take us into 2016, at least.

I wouldn’t mind expanding it and adding a forum, for example. I even wouldn’t mind inconveniencing myself and taking the blog back from the free hosting service I use know, even if it means to re-built every single post.

Has anyone ever done this? Any ideas/suggestions, etc.?