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Japan: Early 1982? Kraftwerk toured Japan in the first half of September 1981 but I doubt that this release was ready in time for these performances.

Kraftwerk J tour 81 fl

MATRIX: UD 6569A 111/B 111    UD 6570A 112/B 112    UD 6571A 113/ B 113

Source: Audience recording from the Hammersmith Odeon, 3 July 1981

6569 A: Intro 1:05 / Numbers 3:44 / Computerworld 5:09 / Computerlove 5:38 / Homecomputer 5:04
6569 B: The Model 4:05 / Neon Lights 7:44 / Radioactivity 5:33
6570 A: The Voice Of Energy 3:42 / Ohm Sweet Ohm 4:52 / Autobahn Part 1
6570 B: Autobahn Part 2 / Hall Of Mirrors 5:06 / Showroom Dummies 6:49
6571 A: Trans Europe Express 9:28 / Pocket Calculator 8:46
6571 B: The Robots 7:09 / It’s More Fun To Compute 9:08

THE first thing to mention about this set is the quality of the recordings, which are impressive to say the least,given that this was made at Hammersmith Odeon, which can sound like a barn at the best of times, you cant distinguish this from near CD quality even the audience sound great.

This is probably one of the rarest UD titles and it has in the recent past sold for $350 and up.

To the best of my knowledge this is only the second ever ‘original’ triple bootleg album released in Japan, following the famous Pink Floyd ‘Tokyo/Osaka Triple’ seen here:

Pink Floyd Osaka Triple

‘Original’ as I exclude the John Lennon Flower triple album, which was made from previously released U.S. bootlegs:

JL Flower b

Kudos to the bootleggers for taking this risk and presenting Kraftwerk’s complete performance.


kraftwerk London 1981.jpg

Kraftwerk Hammersmith O

At one of the Hammersmith Odeon shows, performing ‘Pocket Calculator’